samedi 26 septembre 2015

Just science-fiction VI : Declaration of ETs and human Rights !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

Just in a science-fiction point of view of course, the next summit of Le Bourget about Climate (COP 21), near Paris (France), may provoke an adaptation of Earth to change.
One of its main aim is to reduce by 40% the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere in comparison with 1990, and this by only 2030.
This would make Earth more easily liveable for more intelligent beings.

After the summit "Paris Climate 2015" (November 30th - December 11th, 2015), it might be necessary to organize discretely the coming in number of ETs on Earth, mostly Greys. They are going to shelter on Earth, after abandoning to Procyon their basis of Venus (the one of seven Domes), Mars and the Moon. And Visitors of Procyon (Orion) would probably settle on our planet equally, to watch the Greys - and especially Rigelians, as Zetas are mostly considered as allies by now.

So then, to articulate peacefully the living on Earth, a declaration of common rights has to be ready to live in good intelligence, to try avoiding highly asymmetrical and dangerous confrontations or war. It would be a matter of exceptional wisdom, something unusual and extremely rare on Earth historically...

Let's remember the people of Procyon are the new leaders of the Galactic Federation, towards which Earth would extend then its eventual partnership !
In the galaxy, a lot of clever beings think most human beings are bestial, backward and unintelligent, which makes impossible to establish a clever and harmonious contact. But the Galactic Federation still think on the opposite, that contact is possible in certain ways. And on this point, Procyon and the Greys are agreeing.

A lot of human beings are basically boasters or posers, and the difference of gender has no influence on this. For instance, they don't take much into consideration their extremely high risk to disappear, just because a "Mega signal" would be sent electromagnetically to their very fragile "Cloud". In less than half a second, they may return anytime to Neandertal Age, but they don't mind !
And at the difference of Neandertal men, they are not prepared at all to that !

Anyhow, just in case they choose to be wise or are lead to be willy-nilly most likely, instead of following their predator instinct, a declaration of common rights can be envisioned.
So then, for the time being and to the present date, the declaration of ETs and Human Rights is the following :

       " Article 1 : ETs and human beings are equal.

        Article 2 : ETs are then granted the same rights as human beings on Earth, and particularly the freedom of speech and lead.

        Article 3 : In the measure of possible their obligations are also equal, except some specificities (inborn, metabolic, environmental, spiritual,...), or the accomplishment of biological vital needs to reconstitute and regenerate, would impeach them or make them touched by caducity.

        Article 4 : Inter-marriages are allowed if the species are biologically very proximate and compatible, in a way to enrich each other of their difference, and to produce children benefitting from both qualities.

         Article 5 : Love and affection are the predominant bases of inter-marriages in order to make them mutually fulfilling and harmonious, and to maintain lasting bonds.
                          Individuals of both origins are automatically recognized and guaranteed the right to have a normal family life, in all its understated aspects of civil and patrimonial rights with a putative effect.

          Article 6 : ETs are granted full access to the human social systems with a working right, and benefits in the Earthling country they are living.
                           Vice versa, human beings are granted the equivalent in the ETs social systems, and then can also obtain the same benefits from them by reflexivity.

          Article 7 : Dual citizenship with full political rights at the age of majority (18) is allowed, to facilitate inter-connection and free move between the civilizations involved.

           Article 8 : ETs are recognizing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10th, 1948 (General Assembly of UNO in Paris), and the European Convention on Human Rights of November 4th, 1950 signed in Rome, and by equivalence Earth is recognizing the Principles of Peace and Harmony Maintenance in the Galaxy.

           Article 9 : All the rights recognized to human beings by the above Declaration and Convention mentioned in Article 8, are applying equally and automatically, as natural and positive rights to ETs as for Earth.

           Article 10 : Children of both origins are entitled to get a comprehensive and free education, in their double original cultures and wherever it is needed, in order to develop fully their original personality and talents.
                              Equally, the parents of those children are entitled to get a complete and free upgrade, wherever they choose to get it."

Those 10 articles can obviously be completed, according to necessities and further implementations.
They would suppose a certain flexibility in their enforcement, as it would mean mankind to be at the beginning of a new era, and of an incredible re-start marked by a post-Biblical importance.
It would mean then a full revolution for human mind.

And initially, this would be extremely disturbing, or at the opposite funny and even amusing for the ones ready to take it this way. But instead of an announced panic, a very tired mankind might find in this, a new breathing with renovated hopes and expectations. And an incredible enthusiasm might also get along a never seen dynamism on the "New Earth", with a new way to see Cosmos !

Life may appear as sparkling over suddenly, and so full of real magic ! Even Christian religion might benefit of this new creative universe, as it doesn't really contradict it.
And since August 2008 as we quoted before, Vatican recognized that ETs were accessible to the word of Jesus Christ. So everything is ready in a way, to enter the new change of era with a reasoned optimism.

A tremendous expansion of consciousness would obviously occur.
So then, people's mind would certainly have to be light, to adapt such a new world...yet in the same world.
And the elders might not be at all the last ones to agree, encourage, or support such a change - unexpectedly.
Good luck to Earth ! And Good luck to the Galaxy !

mardi 1 septembre 2015

Rediscovering famous characters II : the amazing surprises of "Didymos" !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The character we have chosen this time is very famous in all Christianity, but under a more common name.
Don't worry you know this name very well ! But we want you to guess by yourself !
His mother is extremely famous also, as she is the object of an holy cult for all Roman Catholics : Maria the Virgin !
What ? You may think we are talking about Jesus Christ character, but that's not the case !
Wow, what does that mean ? Is it an enigma you ignored or never realized about Christianity ?

Our character is not Jesus, but "Didymos". And he was an important apostle of Jesus, with a given mission.
So then, his destiny after Christ, was connected to different areas in the world : Edessa (now Sanli Urfa, Turkey), Egypt and Ethiopia, but also Afghanistan, Pakistan, India with his Church founded in Kerala, and an even supposed travel to China, for instance. But he is said to have been seen also  amazingly at the opposite of the globe, in ...Central and South America in the boldest hypothesis ! Yet to us, interlinking "Didymos" and "the real Quetzalcóatl's arrival", seems rather extensive as an extrapolation.

Anyhow this "globe-trotter of the faith" was honoured in 1972 by the Pope Paul VI (1963 - 1978), as "Apostle of India", and is celebrated every July 3rd.
And John Paul II reiterated such praise during his reign also (1978 - 2005).
Did you guess who is our character ? It's coming, but you are in doubt because of the above mention of Maria. And it cannot be "brother James" ("frère Jacques" in French), who is celebrated every July 25th !
You think you know his name, but you are totally confused by this weird precision.

To help you, "Didymos" was the apostle of Jesus known for his down-to-earth attitude : he believed only what he was seeing !
And you sometimes may quote him, when you are reluctant in believing something or trusting the real intentions of someone.
In modern time, he is considered as the model of someone difficult to convince, with a mind which is not in the Moon and doesn't like twisty or manipulative people that he was woving to Hell.
Ah, you have got his name on the tip of the tongue now !
Yes, you are right : he was "Thomas" - Jude Thomas more precisely -, now called "Saint Thomas" !

Thomas is coming from "Te' oma", which means in Aramaic language "twin", and was rendered by "Didymos" in the Greek translation of Saint John's Gospel (11:16).
And it was the nickname given by his twin-brother himself, Jesus Christ !
At the difference of Saint Marc, Saint Luke or Saint Matthew, Saint John is voluntarily stressing his cardinal importance towards Jesus. This is due to the peculiarity of his Gospel, which is above all to answer questions, rather than the opposite.
Thomas is notably famous because at the beginning, he didn't want to believe in the resurrection of Jesus. He was so skeptic !
But he totally changed his mind when he saw him alive, and could touch him at the difference of Maria-Magdalena initially !

Some exegetes made obviously hypothesis around those twins, by wandering if they could interchange them ? But they scarcely connected them to the less known of the last secrets of the Knight Templars, which could have more easily explained their strange religious attitude towards Jesus character.

About the latter, this unutterable variant of their secret and their plan to establish a Federated Empire of Templar States from Edessa (Minor Asia), Portugal, Aragon (now a part of Spain), and France to all Western Europe could give a more comprehensive explanation to their fateful destiny.

"Philippe Le Bel" (Philip the Fair), the iron King of France (1285 - 1314) just considered the story of Didymos as anecdotal and politically useful to bring Papacy to Avignon (1309 - 1376), as it gave him power over Vatican in Rome. But at the same time, he didn't want to be erased by the Knight Templars, and he was the fastest to react (from 1307 to 1314). And everybody knows what finally happened !

Anyhow, what we are saying about Didymos is not a total mystery for everybody : it's well known in the Church since the Ist century.
But it is clear that most Catholics aren't aware about such an important detail : two "Christs" otherly seen, and not only one !
Yet, we are not interested in the above secret Medieval controversy.
In truth I tell you : to achieve so much throughout the whole world, twins were certainly necessary as the Lord always works in mysterious ways !