dimanche 1 octobre 2017

Just science-fiction XXIV : will "nuclear winter" be luckily avoided ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, PH.D

Today we are going to talk about "Nuclear winter" and its aftermath.
Obviously, as our title is suggesting it, it is just science-fiction !


"Nuclear winter" is based upon an old theory dating back to the appearance of nuclear power.
According to this theory, if more than four nuclear bombs were launched or exchanged by two belligerents at the same time (America and North Korea for instance), or shortly after, the whole Earth could be affected, and not only the Korean peninsula, the Chinese and Russian borders, or the proximate Japan. 
And, the poisonous air would expand and spread worldwide because of the wind circulation in the high atmosphere. If "Nuclear winter" was happening, the Survivalists would certainly be the new leaders of dislocated states. Their food and water reserves, as well as their shelters, would make the difference in the sudden chaos.

In an immemorial time, another planet knew "nuclear winter" : Mars !
It was nuclearized by Pleiadians during a bad conflict with the Martian civilisation. It destroyed the atmosphere of this planet and the whole water system : oceans, lakes and canals became dry for long till recently.
This event provoked an historical split among Pleiadians themselves : Aldebaran, which was against the use of nuclear weapons against Mars, parted from the Pleiadian Federation. Afterwards, Pleiadians regretted deeply the consequences of their gesture, and became far more peaceful.

So the present situation is very twisty, as Aldebaran is a member of the Black Fleet with Zetas, and against America.
Nowadays, the Pleiadians at the opposite of the past have become more peaceful. And at the moment, they try to find a solution to avoid a nuclear war between America and North Korea.
It may be them who suggested Donald Trump to escape the dangerous escalation with Kim-Jong-Un, by proposing to have a storage of nukes on the South Korean side. Of course, South Korea is very reluctant to accept such a suggestion. But even if the latters didn't accept to do so, it could allow the USA to make Earth escaping the very harmful threat of "nuclear winter", while re-starting seriously negociations with North-Korea this time : America has to propose or offer something, in exchange of what it is asking.

Now, the Pyramids' real builders, Pleiadians, are trying to avoid a catastrophe on Earth due to the use of nukes. It is difficult and WW3 could still burst out anytime, but themselves have got weapons to be listened to if necessary. And they have an obvious advantage in matter of warfare, owing to their very long experience.
On their side, Aldebarans, who are originally Pleiadians themselves, will have to decide what to do. Suprisingly, the present situation is obliging them to reconnect to their very old past. At the moment, the are renewing links with their roots, the Pleiads.

Since 1975, Mars is reviving. Its terraformation has secretely been performed by Americans with the astonishing gas "FCKW". And selected human beings are working over there.
An Hollywood movie (1990) with Arnold Scharwzenegger, "Total recall" tried to attract the attention of human spectators on this very point, but a lot of people have completely misunderstood the point of this picture.

We met Arnold Schwarzenegger (born in Thal, Austria, in 1947) during Cannes Festival in May 1993, but we didn't really talk together.
We just said "hello" to each other on the red carpet and shook hands with a nice smile while crossing. And anyway, he was there for "Last action hero", another picture.
Personaly, we would have liked to have his comprehensive opinion about "Total recall".
But, who knows if one day our wish wouldn't be fulfilled ?