jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Just science-fiction XXVI : Why not "Martian regulators" for climate change on Earth ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The question of climate change is a very hot topic, and it's quite normal we want to talk a bit about it in our mascot serie, "Just science-fiction". Considering Martians as regulators for Earth climate may sound a bit funny.
But just take it as a masterpiece of fiction as usually, that's all !


The surviving Martian civilization knew a dramatic challenge after the war against the Pleiads, thousands of years ago.
The destruction of Mars by nuclear bombs wasn't fully complete. Survivors were remaining on the Red planet.
They knew obviously impressive biological transformations due to the radiations. And the main one was concerning their breathing system.
Being used to oxygen like Earthlings - but in a smaller proportion -, their body had to adapt to carbonic gas, CO2.
Since then, they are fully accustomed to CO2, at the image of plants.

In the mysterious Voynich manuscript which has not really been translated since the end of Middle Age (1404 ~ 1438), there are some important references to Mars.
The problem of this manuscript is the funny language used, a kind of "pre-esperanto".
Nobody knows exactly who wrote it, but the purpose seems to be deeply connected to the Cosmos, and notably to Mars. However, the illustrations about "men-plants" are easy to follow. They can be interpreted in a dual way : either, you consider they represent real "men-plants" from Mars, or you take it as an important information about the surviving Martian civilization. If you do the latter, you are lead to consider those survivors are mainly breathing CO2, like plants on Earth. Of course, a comprehensive option could be a coexistence of both !

Earth is presently facing a big problem about CO2, as forests are not sufficient to absorb it. Deforestation is a silent big threat for Earth. The global rise of Earth temperature wouldn't be maintained below 2 degrees, as it was targeted by Cop 21. It could be rather 3 degrees at least by 2100, after Cop 24 or another one, if the global warming threat was confirmed !
So, say some Martians (or most likely several little colonies) would be living on Earth in polluted areas, they could play the ancient role of forests, even it may appear surprising !
That's what we mean, by considering them as potential regulators to slow down Earth climate change !

The very recent process of CO2 negative emissions operating in Iceland, is an interesting way to eliminate CO2 (in fact to absorb it). But it is very costly in cash and also in water. In this technical process, the CO2 extracted from air is then concentrated into the basaltic rocks of the underground. And it has been suggested that the same engineering could be used in France (in the montaneous area of "Massif Central", for instance).

Nevertheless, this idea to use in addition the reverse breathing of Martians, is an original solution to climate change.
Obviously, those indidividuals or little groups should be asked if they agree to do so, in exchange of good wages taken from the profits of the Credits Carbon Market of London. At the same time, it could facilitate unexpected regularizations : as a matter of fact, some migrants are not always the ones you think ! We have already seen that green colour may indicate that you are in presence of an hungry Zeta, rather than a Martian. In fact, you wouldn't detect so easily a Martian, because in presence of oxygen his appearance is gradually modified !

Note that we wrote previously in another article of "Just science-fiction", that Martians may have a view on Earth, as much as Earthlings have about the terraformation and exploitation of their planet, Mars !
The most developped seem to come from the Martian South Pole, where buildings are not mainly underground as an exception, and where vegetation and trees are quite colourful (rather pinky or violet, more than green) due to water from the ice cap.

To conclude, it would be a very suprising outcome to offer £ 3000.00 per month plus benefits, through a permanent employment contract, to the Martians who would accept breathing our CO2 : the job could be called "rebalancer of atmosphere" !
At the same time, it would open human mind to full consciousness about the reality of our cosmic neighbours, usually ridiculed - to conjure a very deep and may be useless fear -, and put an end to the unjustified vanity to be alone !