mercredi 28 février 2018

Just science-fiction XXIX : Green and blue for ultra-special effects !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

In this new article of "Just science-fiction", we want to talk about green and blue, which are in a way magic colours for cinema and television. Their common use can totally modify your perception of things.


Green or blue are particular colours for cinema and television. They are generally the colours dedicated to special effects, even red can be also used for a similar purpose in music shows for instance. But you have to know that green neutralizes red.
Blue was used first in cinema in science-fiction movies. But nowadays, due to the development of numeric video-cameras which sensors are very sensitive to the green, this colour is more frequently chosen. However, blue is still in use for weather forecasting.

Technically, a coloured cloth is used as a backdrop for the researched purpose. And you can buy yourself this type of cloth, for photography for instance. You may not think you can do it yourself for fun, as it may look not so obvious to manage.
In fact, the use of green or blue is depending on the environment.
If you are in a forest, blue is better than green for instance, because it can be distinguished from the colour of leaves.

Another possibility, far more rare, is to use both colours at the same time. But you have to be extremely skilled to do that.
Of course, if the articulation of those two colours is given by a seemingly "natural frame or set", like the "Lake of seven cities" in Sao Miguel (Azores) for example, it can be a good help. And in that case, you can have the feeling that the way this lake has been drawn, shows how much its creator knew about the secrets of green and blue for ultra-special effects !

Normally, you choose only one colour for special effects. But in the case of the "Lake of seven cities", which has got two different parts united by a bridge, with blue and green, it should be possible to make "ultra-special effects" with a good professional software. Of course, it would require from you, as a director, a terrific skill to use simultaneously green and blue, as nobody does it usually. We already pointed out in the previous article that with its special design this lake... is nothing less than an "anterior past clock" !

Blue and green are typically chosen for special effects, because their pigmentation is far from the colour of human skin.
Above them, it is possible to make a flying saucer appearing for instance.
If you want to insert a green character, you will have to use the blue backdrop. And if you wish to show smurfs for instance (which are blue), then green colour is the one to use.

The simultaneous use of green and blue, if well made, can create a strong impression of movement, as if you were in another dimension - just because in a way, it is like if you were really entering... the 5th one !
Green and blue are the colours of Poseidon (Neptun), the famous God of the Sea.
In Greek Mythology and in the lost history of Atlantis, water was using the magic of their specific radiations, through its waves.

Astonishingly, in sophrology those two colours - or radiations - are associated with inner peace or serenity (green), and love (blue). Thus, it is also possible to use those two specific waves with a psychological retro-action, in order to squeeze and reduce drastically collective selfishness and meanness. You just need to use at a distance the "anterior past clock" we were talking about above, by inducing a reflexive impulse !
So the topic of redemption to come (or its potential disclaim on the opposite) is unnecessary for the time being.

To summarize, the blue or the green are used as backdrop for the subject. And in the assembly inlays can be made on it, either live (weather report for instance) or in the post-production (movie for example).

By using green and blue at the same time, you may create the appearing of a "portal", when a movement has been initiated.
The most troubling one is the movement towards the left - "anterior past"-, which is inducing an almost immediate hypnotic effect on your eyes. It works also on the other side, but with less power.              

Hence, it seems that the use of green and blue is the most effective... in the asymetry of an invisible "clock".
So then, the reality our eyes is perceiving is different from what it is really, when you realize how it works.

From that remark, just imagine the difference between what you perceive ordinarily with your eyes and your true environment, which you do not even notice most often !

In truth I tell you, your everyday life is not as boring as you imagine : it might be in fact, far more extraordinary than you could suppose if you were taking habit to hold your breath for just six seconds - to gain a wider consciousness !

vendredi 2 février 2018

Just science-fiction XXVIII : blue and green in Sao Miguel (Azores) !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Here is another article of our mascot serie, "Just science-fiction".
As usually, just take it as a masterpiece of imagination !


Prince Arkon was the last Great Priest of Poseidon in Atlantis, a title similar to a kind of pope for this antediluvian civilization.
Arkon is the one who organized the saving of many people from Atlantis, as he knew about the coming catastrophe. He became their "shepard".
He especially went to the Eastern part of this thalassocracy (in an area which is now Sao Miguel island, a remain of the lost continent) to accomplish the last rites.
He had in view a brightened future, which could bring one day the rebirth of Golden Age !

The "lagoa das sete cidades" (called "the lake of the seven cities" in English), is nowadays a peculiar witness of this accomplishment.
This place is very singular, as the lake has got two different parts united by a bridge.
Those two parts haven't got at all the same colour : one is blue, and the other one clearly green. But strangely, you have to be proximate to the lake to be aware of that.
Normally, from a plane you would see both parts blue !
We have been able to realize about it during last Christmas holidays, on site.
Which strange clock of the "anterior past" was installed overthere by Arkon, in april 9564 BC ?

Prince Arkon, who was from the royal family of Atlantis, is also the one who saved its last Queen, called Pyrenea. During the catastrophe, they passed together from what is now Sao Miguel (Azores) to the European proximate continent, in what is presently Spain.
Queen Pyrenea established first in the heights of Gerona (present Catalogna), and ended up by giving her name to the chain of mountains now called "Pyreneas", lying between Spain and France.
Nowadays, Azores islands are famous worldwide for the existence of a powerful Anticyclone, affecting the weather of whole Europe.
On weather forecasts maps, it is indicated by a big A.
The existence of this hot air Stream could be a direct and observable consequence of Atlantis sinking, into the Atlantic Ocean. In the end of december for instance, the local weather is quite agreable, with a mild temperature (17 ~ 18° C).

The "lagoa das sete cidades" is in fact a volcanic crater, a caldeira. It is situated in the North-West of Sao Miguel, around 32 km away from its capital, Ponta Delgada - equally capital of the Azores archipelago. A small town, called "Sete cidades" is on the border of the lake, where you can buy a nice house if you are ready to live overthere - in the "parish" of Santa Claus. With its natural park, it's a protected area of Portugal since 1980.

The difference of colours of the "lake of seven cities" is attibuted in a legend to the tears of a princess and a shepard, which love was impossible because of the king's opposition. And the bridge is a way to keep them united against all odds, perhaps till the great day they can at last express and live their love freely !

Astonishingly, this singular lake can recall also the devoted love Arkon and Pyrenea were feeling for each other. Due to his position in the kingdom of Atlantis, Arkon wasn't allowed to show his love for his Queen. But the final catastrophe strangely bound them in the escape.
This anterior explanation is more connected to the geological accident which occurred in 9564 BC, with the undefinitive disappearing of the Atlantean continent into the Atlantic Ocean.

It was the time an extremely powerful weapon, called "Mashmak" - a kind of Death Ray -, was used by order of the last king of Atlantis in a terrible war against Lemuria, the opponent empire of Indian Ocean. Lemuria was destroyed by the fall of the second Moon of Earth (now called the "Black Moon" by astrologers), but soon after Atlantis disappeared too into the deep water !
What is happening now is still mysterious, but the anterior past will most likely make a strange reappearance soon, with the involvement of Alpha Centaurians and Pleiadians from the "T3 submarine complex" !