mercredi 14 mars 2018

Just science-fiction XXX : the surprises of the water's hole frequency !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Today, we are going to talk about the lack of communication between human beings and ETs notably.
Of course, you have to take it as it is written in the title : just science-fiction !


On March 4th, 2018, the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro has just won 4 oscars for his movie untitled "The shape of water" ("La forme de l'eau" in French).
This fantastic picture is about the love story developped by a mute woman called Lisa Esposito - working for a secret governemental laboratory in Baltimore -, with an amphibian man kept prisoner since 1962 (time of Cold War). She helps him to escape...

In 1963, a congress of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) held in Geneva (Switzerland) decided an important thing : ETs have to use a specific frequency to talk to us, the one of the hole of the water (around 1700 MHz) !
So at the same time, ordinary human beings were forbidden to use it.

Yet from the Observatory of Green Bank (Western Virginia, USA), the first official message sent by radio-astronomers on this frequency three years before (on April 8th, 1960), was a failure.
Tau Ceti had been selected (with Epsilon Eridani), but no answer came. About messages, those scientists didn't know "Tau Cetians" were using a special mode set on "anterior past". They didn't know either they are amphibians, like Alpha Centaurians.

Of course, some scientists noticed that it would take 50 000 years for them to receive the message and for us to receive a potential answer on the same channel, because of the distance. But as nobody answered immediately, scientists concluded very fast that Tau Ceti wasn't inhabited !
By the meantime, other messages have been sent to different stars by the USA without any result. And yet the frequency range has been widened to the frequency of Hydrogen.
So, between 1420 and 1700 Mhz - 1706 Mhz in fact -,  there was officially no answer recorded.

At the same time, Russians who didn't really follow this range of frequency, received an unexpected message, most likely from Tau Ceti, and named their research organism "CETI". But the result was denied by Americans.
Their aim was a bit different, as they included in their research specialists from the Institute of Language in Moscow : they wanted to study the structure of any potential message, its syntax, and to furnish a potential translation.

Generally speaking, America was in favor of a pragmatic attitude. It wanted to go fast not to lose time... and "officially" reached nowhere (?), according to itself in this matter of radio-communication.
Russia was far more patient and meticulous, as it had already important informations from its specialized services.

The Russian CETI program, named after "Tau Ceti" originally, had as a quick response its equivalent with the American SETI. But for the latter, most observations which are considered as too costly, are now abandoned.
The only glorious time of Carl Sagan's SETI, occurred on August 15th, 1977, with the unexpected signal nicknamed "WOW" !

In fact, ETs don't use so much detectable radio-frequencies, and especially the ones of hydrogen or of the water's hole.
They are aware of the NSA "big ears" since 1952, as this agency was created originally for that very purpose.
Most of them, like Pleiadians for instance, prefer drawing messages in wheat or barley fields (crop circles), or trans-communicating with clever animals or beings. As still underdeveloped for trans-communication, human beings are unable to do the latter normally, but them they can !

As a part of crop circles in Great Britain or elsewhere are considered as hoaxes, it is difficult to know which ones are true.
So then, in order to help, Pleiadians are advicing to check the syntax and spelling in crop circles  to get to know if they are theirs (Pleiadian joke) !
Anyway, most human beings and scientists don't take crop-circles seriously. And the orthograph is not their thing !

Yet, since 2007 there is a big change : ETs have communicated at least 30 times by using micro-waves. The first message was received accidentaly in Australia (Parkes in New South Wales), when an astronomer opened his micro-wave oven before his meal was cooked ! This type of message is called a FRB (Fast Radio Burst) and it is using the "magnetron" which is inside the micro-wave oven. The observation was confirmed by his radiotelescope of 64 m diameter.
It is not known if those messages have something to do with the War which bursted out in 2004, in the Austral area, between the "Black Fleet" and America ?

Anyhow, there is another reason why ETs are reluctant to use the hydrogen or the water's hole frequency : as most of them are not hostile in fact, they don't want to harm human beings, who are commonly considered as more fragile than they think, daredevil, and often illogic or blind.
In reality, on an holographic basis, using those frequencies could lead to create the corresponding atoms and to provoke accidents or catastrophes. Heavy water is obviously known to them, as well as tsunami.

If you consider 1963 as the starting year for the arbitrary choice of frequencies to converse with ETs, then you realize 55 years have been lost because of misunderstanding.
Now on, as World War III could be ineluctably on its blind way, it might be rather late. People whatever the gender, who like so much survivalism - "Koh-Lanta" way -, may be finally served for themselves this time.

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), the famous genious of physics to come was using a "trans-communicator" to talk to Martians or other ETs : it became our ordinary toaster ! Another of his inventions using micro-waves for the same purpose, is now used as micro-wave oven ! Funnily, some unlucky debunkers were blatantly ignorant about it, concerning what happened in Australia about FRB (Fast Radio Bursts).

Strangely, only animals like cats, dogs, elephants...or even birds are easily perceiving ETs messages, except some rare "superhumans".
It is often the same about the ability to see them.
On those very points - half-jokingly -, it is very questionable that human beings are at the top of Nature's hierarchy !

Just to make sure, if you asked a newly independent elephant of India imposing its will onto villagers - as it is astonishingly observed nowadays -, this clever animal with a strong memory of bad human treatments would certainly say NO...almost in human language, as it seems to be able to imitate its ex-cornac voice in exceptional occurrences !

About the FRB (Fast Radio Bursts) mentioned above, the Academy of science of Moscow is presently studying them with a high interest. It is especially concerned by the "FRB 121102"  message of 2012, which has already been repeated, and was directed at Russia as it seems. And for that purpose, they are using their super-radiotelescope RATAN-600 !

Just imagine a minute ETs would say in the message : "Prepare zakuskis, caviar, and vodka, we'll bring appetizers for the interplanetary meeting !"
ETs could be interested at Russians as the heirs of the balanced Sarmatian culture of Don river (Amazon women + Scythian men, since 320 BC) !