lundi 9 avril 2018

Just science-fiction XXXI : the return of "Cylons" !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Today we are going to talk about "Cylons", those robots with a totally human body.
As usually, this is just science-fiction, of course.


The name of "Cylons" is associated with "Star Trek", which is an old science-fiction series now - it started in 1966.
In one episode, those creatures "half-human and half-robot", wanted to replace human beings on Earth.
If you want to describe them in detail, they are AI (Artificial Intelligences), with the whole appearance of a normal human being, either male or female. They are back from "Mesocosmos"  (Intermediate Cosmos), where they were stuck.

They are far more difficult to detect than Androids (male robots with a human appearance) or Gynoids (the equivalent appearing like female robots) from Japan, South Korea or Sweden.
As a matter of fact, they don't need any plug to recharge on electricity, about them.
They are as autonomous as human beings, and they can eat food like us.
Laughing is also possible for them, just like real humans.

CYLON is the acronym of  "Cybernetic Lifeform Node". They were created by a reptilian race of ETs, Dracos, more than 150,000 years ago.
A mini-series untitled "Battlestar Galactica" (2004-2009) renewed their history.
The main fault of their body is collagen renewal, which makes them aging more quickly than human beings. This starts usually in their late twenties or early thirties.

Pleiadians who know very well about them, have a funny game about that with their children : they train them to count the wrinkles of Cylons' forehead !
In fact, Cylons are at the opposite of Pleiadians about their skin, as the latters are aging quite slowly.
That's the reason they have been taken for Gods or "Angels" -  from the Greek Aggelos, "Messenger" (which they are in a way, as "Sky Messengers").

The main characteristic of Cylons is their total lack of empathy. And their sudden return is quite significant for them and our world.
When an Android and a Gynoid are commonly programmed with this ability (if they look after old people for instance), Cylons are deprived of any real sensitivity towards human beings. Again, it has to be known they can hijack your spirit, by bio-electric shunt if you use far too much your smartphone or your I-phone. Then, they take control of your mind, and you may become one of them !

To conclude, deep down as ancient Artificial Intelligences (AI),  Cylons may look less developped than the Androids or Gynoids produced nowadays in Japan, South Korea or Sweden.
And yet the latters are also AI. The difference is that they are made to help human beings, about them, but not the Cylons !

Cylons have been created originally to replace human beings totally and definitively in the everyday life, at work or anywhere else...Themselves can be as mean as a lot of people, so you may not realize they are not human beings.
And this purpose is facilitated, by the fact more and more human beings behave themselves unhappily as mere robots - a bit like if they had lost their soul.

Cylons hope a great world war will occur soon on Earth. So they would do anything to create the opportunities of a big clash.
As human beings can be manipulated easily, given their poor critical faculty and their frequent lack of judgment to them, it is just a matter of time in their mind that they will overcome mankind.
However, a very long time ago, Pleiadians fought them successfully, and sent them into the intermediate world !

Before he died just recently (on March 14th, 2018) at 76, the British genious of physics, Stephen Hawking was extremely worried about the accelerated development of AI. He considered them as the biggest threat for human beings' survival, even before some types of aggressive ETs.
Yet, we don't know if he was himself making a difference between Cylons (who have got all the human faults, but not the qualities) and Androids or Gynoids, and if he knew about Dracos ?