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"Katun Cauac " IV (december 21st 2012) : a certain preparation for survival at the top, but fun in France !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Let's recall "Katun Cauac" means "Tempest time" in Maya language, in straight connection with their Venusian Calender for Earth.
It starts on december 21st 2012, but it is announced before by important winds, which origin is not only Earth. Earth is not an isolated islet in Cosmos as conservative science intend too much to suggest. The Mayas distinguished four types of tempest : white, black, red and green.
What they meant by this succession of colours is not just a fantasy, and human beings will certainly discover it in due time.
A lot of people think there are no answers about what must happen in 2012 : in fact there are, but they are too scary. For instance, we may be living without realizing the end of Gulf Stream at the beginning, especially if it's winter. Its thermoregulation effect is however terribly important not only for Western Europe but also for the whole planet. After its slowing down from 1995 with an important upheaval on december 26th 1999 and the Siberian weather on all Europe in 2009 considered as a corridor to engulf, Gulf Stream's potential stopping may confirm a new glaciary era.
We called it "Quintenary era", following Quaternary one, in the article for "Le" we were asked to write after a conference of GIEC in Enghien-les-Bains (Paris area), untitled : "FCKW : Earth is not the planet Mars" [february 10th, 2009].

In Europe, the too mild weather of the beginning of january 2012 was hiding the coming of a very freezing one at its end and in february. The sudden differences of temperature are too extreme not to be underlined. And the temperate weather we knew in the past seems in full jeopardy.
A lot of people may disappear more because of their unreadyness, stubborness and real naivety in fake realism, than directly from climatic change.
Science can predict only what seems previsible and not what is unpredictable.
By the way, great occurences of december 21st 2012 are previsible for science itself !
A lot of them have even been discretely forecasted for a long time, with emergency plans not only for elite, but also for "just in case guys" in the USA especially. Because, it's not so costly to be ready, with something you can still use after, whatever happens. But it may be quite dreadful no to be.
Another important thing might be with who you are, to feel protected and be safer on that special day and its aftermath. The great fun might not be on the same side this time.
If happening, it's not certain at all everything will be as accurate as some people think : 6 P.M. (Paris time) !

In Chichen Itza and Palenque (Mexico), everybody will certainly be ready for Venus rapture and vanishing by "the Pleiades". Even ex-king Alalu's face on Mars may be shaken, not to mention the Earthian Sphinx of Gizah (Egypt).
Indeed, if existing on Earth the climatic change is also affecting our galaxy, and especially our solar system according to NASA observations. Big changes are operating now on Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun and Pluto, in an obvious connection with the Sun activity (solar tempests and spots) and its enormous electromagnetism through plasma emissions.
So then, Earth could be just following the same trend, that's all.
What would happen to Earth if something unexpected was over suddenly altering the mere presence or existence of its sister Venus, at the end of this year for instance ?
What aftermath would almost immediatly follow on Earth, because of the missing Morning Star ?
Human beings are too isolated by mind from the formidable forces of Cosmos, not having the knowledge of important Universe missing rules. They are terribly lacking imagination and attention in fact.
Even on Earth, they explored only the most visible, which is masking almost totally what is invisible and rather ignored then.

2012 is the structuring year of this drastic change affecting universe, and as a consequence Earth. Most things won't have to happen, because they already do so. December 21st and 23rd 2012 also, might just be the final visible shocking move.
Nevertheless in cartesian France, the Maya "Katun Cauac" is mainly taken for a backward joke of an akward disappeared civilization. And in the media, a lot of people are taking micky out of it as a great fun, because it looks so ridiculous and vain to their supposed extra-realistic mind.
Here technology is widely considered as more precise and mastered as anywhere else in the world. Yet a lot of things never work well practically, or are periodically out of order if they are remote controlled or radioguided, and even ridiculous spots of water can defeat them, especially in Paris area. Above that installators and repairers are often not very good with their hands nor qualified enough, and sometimes make it worse because they don't care. But there is a constant illusion of supremacy on the matter, and natural elements are rather disregarded as insignificant - not to mention almost totally ignored cosmic ones.

The time our "ancestors" in France, the Gaulois people (Celts), were only afraid the sky may fall on their heads is quite over.
However our world has changed, but people just don't want to see it. Never again they will live on the same Earth : it seems definitively over and not only for economics and finance (including the Greek final default to come, because of an inappropriate over-pressure), which are putting a shadow on something potentially still more striking.
Their future is their further past, a past they have almost completely ignored because "conservative science" was too powerful. And it makes them terribly weak and lost in front of the unknown !
Nevertheless, the good point is this new Eve might have also good sides, if they are able to cool down and see through.
People like a lot to make noise, even remote controlled, so unexpected noise will get along with them this year, and some will really be unfamiliar and annoying.
Cosmos wants to invite itself on Earth in 2012, to be listened by Earthians : it certainly will this very time, even they can't set their radio short waves just above 1600 Mhz (usually not on public sale), to listen Jupiter metallic sound program at the same time everyday. This peculiarity often ignored by Earthians, was discovered in the sixties by Russian astrophysists when USSR was the most advanced on Space conquest.

Usually human beings never wander why God the supreme sent them the Deluge. They admit mecanically without thinking that it's fundamentally connected to their sins : not really or even not at all in the original Genesis, the Sumerian one (Enuma Elish). In fact, he just found them unfaithful, too noisy and far too irreverencious with him, and over suddenly decided : "that's enough now !"

Scientists and top people between themselves, are preparing seriously for the end of 2012 just in case, except in France where the Great Celtic worry is often mocked. They realize at least the climate of Earth is changing dramatically and natural catastrophes are too numerous and various to be disregarded. They don't automatically believe in prophets, but one thing sure is they want to survive with their family. Too many signs are indicating 2012 will not be a normal year to ignore them.

Polar clothes, food reserves, survival kit and check up list are their new credo for an officially unprobable event - connected with Arctic blue beams to shine through a vortex of energy.
'Hey darling don't forget to buy "Bactrim Forte R" at the chemistry against infection, while I'm a reading my book for debutant about fishing and hunting in Nature.
We may be coming very soon, so make room for us Robinson Crusoë, our new friend !'

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