mercredi 8 avril 2015

Just science fiction IV : from the amazing surprises of "Bubble-universes" to JFK !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D
Our universe is participating what now scientists (after the Vikings), are calling the "Multiverse".
"Multiverse" is compound of what we usually name improperly "Parallel universes".
Human perception is effectively approximate.
In reality, we are surrounded by an infinity of "Bubble-universes" !
"Bubble-universes" are interpenetrating each other, and then rarely parallel.
They allow equalilly travels in space and time. This looks theoratically extremely complicated, but in practice it is quite easy to do for travelers of the outer, on a daily basis. "Fractals of the time" and "wormholes" are of common use.
Can a "Bubble-universe" make "blop" as a soap bubble ? In fact, yes ! And everyday some bubble universes are disappearing, while new ones are appearing.
We can be, without knowing it, the lucky survivors of such funny moves.
The feeling of "déjà-vu" for instance, is coming from this creation/disappearing affecting our "bubble universe", more than from the uncomplete theory of reincarnation.
On Earth, we consider sometimes about the existence of "Parallel universes", by stressing the existence of various "stargates" all around our planet : in Egypt and some other African locations, in UK, in the Bermudas and Bahamas, in the USA, in South America, in "Mesopotamia", in India, in China, in the "Japanese Devil Sea", in Russia and Ukraine, in France or in Belgium, and so on. UFOs are often circulating all around, whatever they are Unidentified Flying Objects, Unidentified Floating Objects, or in fact "08-4".
For outsiders observing the "nice Blue Star" (the name of Earth for new or ancient Universe comers), those gates are very useful.
They allow hyper-accelerated space and time travels, through "worm holes".
For any visitor of the belt of Orion for instance, "tourism" on Earth has always been an exciting experience. It is facilitated by the usual and funny blindness of human specie, especially when among cartesians and their "blindness-teachers". 
Of course, you may fall on autochtons with free unalterated minds who are still highly perceptive as their Atlant ancestors, and can still see you. But they are now a minority and easy to be taught, ...even they could be considered as funnily eccentric by their more ordinary counterparts of Earth. 
All this could be connected to the dodecadrian structure of Earth that Pythagoras put on evidence in the VIth century BC : it affects brains with its telluric waves, known from a long time, and yet so misunderstood.
Coming back to "Parallel universes", they are based on a groping understanding from human beings.
And even a child of Orion knows that we should instead talk about "Bubble-universes", which are far to be always parallel. The misconceptions of human beings in this field of knowledge - or others also -, are often subject to half-jokes at that stage. In reality, it's benevolently understood that they cannot approach fully the realities of the vast universe.
A "Bubble-universe", or two or even more at the same time, can litteraly touch your aura without you realizing. In fact "Bubble-universes" are crossing each other, and intermelting.
So then an Earthian can exist in several universes at the same time, with various and very different destinies : the best way to explain this is "co-existence".
In conclusion, can we communicate with our alter-ego (s) then ?
In theory it seems impossible, but in practice it can be done very simply, as we do when we breathe...
A simple way is to use a coin with a hole in the middle, a Japanese one for instance, as it is functioning as a "Moebius belt".
The theory of double is then underlined, even our replicas are actually more than one.
If we realize the keys to get in touch Khamsa with our alter ego (s), our destiny on Earth could even be improved.
But sometimes very funny occurrences can also happen : a group of people can be seen from the outside in the "Bubble-universe" of a given observer, while being in fact pupet-prisoners of a different "Bubble-universe". And this is possible because of the laws of Quantic Intrication.
But it's just a temporary observation, as finally they disappear from his view and stay far away in the new "Bubble-universe" !

Sometimes, it is the opposite : a "Bubble-universe" can be a shelter from a dramatic destiny, again because of the laws of Quantic Intrication.
For instance, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917- 1963) wasn't shot in Dallas (USA), on November 22th, 1963, into one. On our Earth, he was assassinated mainly for having dared to use a drinkable bulb that the previous President left in a ciffer of the White House, which made him the first modern "bionic" man by curing his bad war-injury of the back. And this, with his decree of November 12th, 1963, ordering US Secret Services to share informations about UFOs and ETs with the Soviet KGB, were not appreciated by the so-called "Satellite Secret Government". Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890 - 1969) got this drinkable gift on February 20th, 1954, from Zeta Reticulians (called "Zetas" or "Greys") during the meeting held on Muroc basis in California... after the signature of a wide secret treaty of cooperation. The expected tall ETs from Procyon (Orion) didn't want to come as for them, before 2015-2016. The gift was most likely a drinkable bulb of Indratium - or another name alike recalling India -, also famous in India justly, for its semi-legendary use by God Indra.
Anyhow, on a different "Bubble-universe", Kennedy survived, and spread the cure among the world population.

In his book untitled "The great secret" ("Le grand secret", Presses de la Cité, 1973), René Barjavel (1911 - 1985), also connected the deadly plot against Kennedy to the absorption of such a drinkable bulb, coming from his predecessor. But he was more classic, as totally ignoring "Bubble-universes" and connecting the origin of what he was calling the drinkable bulb of "JL3" to the India of Nehru (1889 - 1964) from 1955. Strangely, he was showing that at his time, spreading the highly "contagious JL3" worldwide by just using it, was considered as a global threat by most world leaders.
So curing various illnesses or any kind of incurable diseases was taken as a bad thing by most human leaders, if following his slightly different hypothesis ! With a permanent philosophy of domination through sufferings maintenance, it could be why research on Earth is never able to find any definitive cure against cancer, aids, ebola, or anything else. Thus, it wouldn't be just a down-to-earth question of money !
At the opposite, Zetas would almost appear nolens volens as "saints" - which they never claimed to be because they are not, even they are more peaceful than their counterparts of Procyon !
In any case, the catholic John Fitzgerald Kennedy was clearly a hero and a sincere humanist, by daring to break such an officious rule for the first time in the history of mankind !