vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Total recall for 2012 : unconsciously remaking the "Gordian Knot", and no "Phoenix" in view yet !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Turkey is the real place the West values are really starting to be desacralised, with a strong and passionate French-Turk controversy involving a memorial law, about Arminians sad destiny in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. A total recall is going on for 2012 with unexpected outcome.
Turkey and France are at daggers drawn, because of a new French law, not yet promulgated : it is about penalisation of Arminian genocide negation, which became ultimately a more general rule about all genocides. And electoral reasons (the 500 000 Arminians' vote for next presidential elections) are pointed out as adventurous opportunism. Beside the resolution of diplomatic ties - established at the time of King François I (1494 -1547) against the Imperials' circling of France -, France is risking to lose access to public markets in Turkey, amongst announced potential reprisals. Problems may also arise for French residents, businessmen or travelers. Above that, Turkey was our third export market. And it's not anything as we have a general great trade deficit, when the one with Turkey was highly excedentary. Of course, it could be an opportunity to rapatriate Renault and Peugeot-Citroën (PSA)'s production chains in France, as symbolic relocalisations.
In their criticisms Turks are pointing out France's past in Algeria, taking on account the muslim vote for next presidential elections, and also the "Vendean genocide" in France itself.
And they recall to us that the very basis of modern France, was established on the ground of the great Terror of 1793 (till the surrender and execution of Charette in march 1796), which denied those royal supporters and their descendance freedom and life.
Turkey is engulfing in France's dark and sad past of the infernal columns of Turreau, but also the manslaughterers of Westermann and Carrier. The last one wasn't a general but a conventional, who was declaring : "We will make a cemetary of France, rather than not regenerating in our way and missing the target we proposed to ourselves !"
And those three men wanted to eradicate methodically faithfulness to the royal cause by all means.
So Turkey discovered that "Vendée" is the Achilles' heel of France, even more than Algeria in the imaginary of French people.
In present France, the population doesn't understand what is going on at all, in this awful time of impoverishment : every week is bringing strange things unseen before, and there is a feeling of big worry mixed with unsettlement and anger after politicians - who need its votes yet.
If not an unimaginable royal rejuvenation, the box of Pandora has been opened and it is almost impossible to close it down without some collateral damages, not to mention a NATO unsettlement between previous allies.

Very strangely, France seems unconsciously remaking the "Gordian Knot", only a descendant of Alexander the Great can cut...if he wishes it however.
As a matter of fact Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC) clearly cut this famous knot in Gordios (capital of Phrygia - present Turkey - in 333 BC), on his way to royal universal conquest implying the defeat of Persia (Iran), the apparantly allmighty superpower of that time. And nowadays Iran is still able to shiver the West with nuclear race, or the Straight of Ormuz threat game on oil trade.
Everybody knows there was a famous legend about this knot saying the one who will be able to undo it will become King of Asia, which meant already at that time King of the world. And Alexander, the invicible Macedonian (a European then) did it in an unforecasted but efficient way, because he wasn't very patient : after trying to untie it unsuccessfully, he over suddenly sliced it in two with his sword. And this symbolic gesture lead to the world we still know presently.
Archeologically, Gordios is situated near Ankara, the present capital of modern Turkey.
Nowadays, Turkey is the first economic power of the Middle East, before Saudi Arabia and Iran (which GDPs are rather equivalent till now). And it represents a little more than Saudi Arabia and Iran's joined present wealth.
It seems history is repeating, but it could be on a reverse way this time, and people have to be more cautious about what they actually want to do. It's not a time for unwise choices, mockery or despise. Roma disappeared over suddenly because Valentinian III did it for Attila's promised marriage with his niece, Porphyria, and Gaul as her dowry. But it happened to be a total farce. And we know it provoked Attila the hun's invasion of Western Europe (451-452), with Gaul and Roma as military targets, and after a short while the total collapse of the Roman empire (476).
Symbols are a very powerful driving force, and human beings are just obedient to them, as towards a "deus ex machina".

2012 seems to be a fateful year when usual wordly power is vanishing.
Economically, even public works or construction will hardly be able to counter really GDP's contraction threat, with recession caused by a debt and a financial crisis hard to ignore.
Of course we may not realize immediatly it's decreasing because of a crafty new way to finance Social Security to come in France, the so-called "social VAT" (1.6% to add ordinary one) : it will operate as a transfer of social and familial charges from employers to consumers of mainly imported goods.
As a creative bet it may work, but there is a also an economic and social risk : just imagine what would happen to General Social Security and its Family branch, in case people just decide or are obliged to buy less, because their purchasing power is simply decreasing ! Following that certain "refuge-values" including national debts, may appear to be overevaluated with quick consequences.
The most important is to avoid a contraction of GDP first, and thinking about debts after, not to fall in the same situation as Greece, and second an unescapable policy of Eurobonds to save a more and more entangled Euro zone before too late.
The year of Black Water Dragoon which started on january 23rd is in fact seen as the beginning of a long new era for Asia in China. Some astrologists even pointed out the end of darkness on the world and the coming of a totally new "Golden Dawn". But those forecastings are not automatically a good thing for human beings in fact, considering Earth first.
Even it is also recognizing the Phoenix as an extraordinary bird symbolizing Rebirth, like Japan, China is not really ready for the "Phoenix world currency" announced by "The Economist" for 1988
["Get ready for the Phoenix !", The Economist, week of january 9th 1988]. But at the moment, it seems to be more likely in favour of a very progressively reevaluated Yuan, to catch up America from bits and bits, beside a bit slowing down growth mecanism (7.9% expected this year).
Nevertheless, nobody knows exactly what promises 2012.

We can already see that 2012 is not going to be a very peaceful year. Opening breaches of time can provoke totally unexpected and uncontrolled situations, even before people have time to fully set fire to matches.

At the Godly perils forecasted for the end of 2012, human beings want to add their own : they are so impatient to know what, and they get so bored by peace. So might it be in a full jeopardy and with boomerang effects !

As a matter of fact, it seems this year wiseness may "think" that it is safer and paradoxically "wiser" to take the first flying disc or vehicle avalaible, to leave Earth for Mars or further Cosmos !

Anyway God is very tired of too binary people who harass constantly others, by usurping his role and function, to say what is good and bad for their usual domineering need. In 2012, his sharp signs may show up unexpectedly !

samedi 21 janvier 2012

Really saving Yuliya Tymoshenko : countdown started in january 2012 !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

In Yuliya Tymoshenko's country, Ukraine, people are not terribly divided about her case. A part of them are content she is in jail as "the Gas princess", while another part is just indifferent to what can happen to her, because they distrust and dislike politicians generally speaking. She has still supporters in Kiev, but it seems it became risky to defend her in her own country. So they are less numerous. The central problem is the following : politicians whoever they can be, are evolving in a highly conflicting and temperimental milieu in Ukraine, including amongst allies or previous allies ! And this political "volatility", usually not seen anywhere else at this level, makes it quite complex, and so then extremely difficult to follow, especially in the West or even in Russia.
Worse, for his own safety, her husband Oleksandr felt obliged to ask political asylum to the Czech Republic. And it was granted quickly on the beginning of january 2012.
It means poor Yuliya - born in 1960 -, is quite alone since her transfer from Kiev prison to her new jail,"Kharkov penal colony" (just after she lost her appeal on december 23rd 2011).
Her daughter, Evguenia, warned she was already ill in the previous jail (she couldn't get up from bed without help, suffering a strangely hard backache, not to mention throat problems). And she pointed out unacceptable conditions of detention, including the question of an omnipresent video.
Yuliya Tymoshenko, the once super pretty and energetic Prime Minister of Ukraine, and notably leader of "Fatherland Party" (founded in 1999), was arrested on august 5th 2011 in Kiev.
At the beginning, the first charges against her were "abuse of power". She was accused of that first politically, because of the rupture of "the 2009 gas deal" with Russia. But people have forgotten she saved the country from desintegration and collapse, her who was able to maintain Crimea inside the borders of her native land, Ukraine, in front of a strong Russia.
However, even Russia itself became sympathetic to her dramatic case as it asked officially, in a fair and noble gesture to be underlined, for her release and an abandon of funny charges against her. And it's really something, because she was for several years under a warrant of arrest in Russia before.
So then outside of Ukraine, she is not defended only by European Union, and moreover America and the General Secretary of UN, Ban-Ki-Moon, amongst the most influent.
The problem is Yuliya Tymoshenko has been sentenced to seven years jail (and a huge fine of 188 million $). She is now also accused of multiple other charges involving money : following that, she was even "re-arrested"... in jail on december 8th 2011, trapped into a kafkaian situation !
So her stay in jail is more indefinite now, as a political death... for Parliament in 2012, and Presidential elections in 2015.
For someone who was a leader of the "Orange Revolution" for democracy (2004), with Viktor Ioutchenko (born in 1954), who left the presidency in early 2010 as an ex-ally, it has a very bitter taste. All this story is terribly sad and pathetic. January 2012 is a real start of countdown for her life. And people anywhere in the world should really worry for her !

We, French people haven't got much connection with Ukraine (once included in the Amazon kingdom), except two exceptional occurences.
The first one is semi-legendary, because it's linked to the survival of a secret male root - "hidden for so long centuries" as quoted by the 16th century's prophet, Nostradamus -, of Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC) and Thalestris, the last Queen of Amazons. As a matter of fact, her kingdom disappeared by 320 BC, absorbed in the Scythian one. Its main spring is the extraordinary story of Vania (Jean in French, and John in English), the little boy who was separated from his twin sister, Anya, and left in Gaul (present France) at five. The love story of Thalestris and Alexander has been recalled with less details and more mystery, by Quintus Curtius (probably Ist century AD), the great Roman historian.
And personally, we recognize in brave Yuliya Tymoshenko the qualities of a true Amazon, deserving to be treated accordingly to her rank.
The second occurence is through the wedding of Princess Anna of Kiev (c. 1024 - c. 1075) on january 29th 1044 in Reims, with the King of France, Henri I (1008 - 1060). She was the fourth daughter of Iaroslav I, Great Prince of Kiev and Prince of Novgorod, and was said to be a direct descendant of Philip II of Macedonia (c. 382 - 336 BC). Her hairstyle was similar to Yuliya Tymoshenko's fair braids (which color changed in jail). King Henri I chose Anna amongst other princesses, even he wasn't speaking her language, because she was celebrated as the most beautiful and marvelous princess of that time. Marriage was made possible because it happened just ten years before the Great Schism between Orient (Orthodox) and Occident (Catholics), about the Pope in Roma and theological reasons (1054). Her grandson, Louis VI (c. 1081 - 1137), was strongly influenced by her charismatic and fair personality : he was taught about her greatness when a little boy. He then became a "Justice protector of the Weak", and notably created beside royal grace right, a general appeal to him which stayed till nowadays through the right of appeal.

Yuliya Tymoshenko's sake concern, is putting in question the planned Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and European Union (a union of democratic countries). And it could be the same with a potential "Custom Union" with Russia (which it was however the craddle at Principauties of Kiev and Novgorod's epoch, and the following one in Moscow).
Ukraine appears like a tough country of 603 700 km2 for around 49 million inhabitants, and the biggest one in Europe after Russia, and before France.
Of course, it can still move on Yuliya Tymoshenko's topic, and become over suddenly accessible to efficient freedom negociations with tough people.
But what could save everything and help everybody, including Ukraine itself, is the use of grace right by her President, Viktor Ianoukovych (born in 1950). Even Yuliya doesn't think this way, it's not so obvious from outside he is hardly and totally against her, with his Party of Regions.
In her case, it seems on the contrary there might be an underground logic of "political family quarrel" first, dating from her neutral attitude during the Georgian-Russian short conflict of august 2008. In life, whatever the country, it is always very difficult to know who will prove to be a real friend - and not opposite -, especially in time of need.
As a matter of fact, Viktor Ianoukovych himself was said recently to appear sincerely moved by his previous opponent's very bad situation - since she lost presidential elections in front of him. And he even tried to pass a law in order to abolish an archaïc "abuse of power's" conception and incrimination, to save her. It's not a so easy gesture to make when you are officially a political major adversary : but he actually did it. And unhappily it didn't work : a Parliament composite majority rejected the text on november 15th 2011.
So then, the only possibility remains now in his hands as a strong Christian, and little miracle great man : to give pardon to Yuliya Tymoshenko, according to the article 106 - point 27 -, of the Ukrainian Constitution. It would also be a chivalresque attitude, accomplished in front of the whole world, for a suffering valuable lady, before too late.
Who can say if he is not already thinking about it, and balancing ?
We don't know if some diplomat or not, asked him precisely to use his pardon power, so we think it's better to do it.

Magnanimity, pure ingratiated consideration or affection, and christianity, are alternative keys to unlock the tough situation of Yuliya Tymoshenko, whatever your are an Orthodox or a Catholic - even this previous economist was said once not to be religious enough.

On january 7th of this new year, 2012, the Orthodox Christmas, President Ianoukovych wished peace and grace to his people in Kiev, in a message addressed to the Orthodox Patriarch during the religious celebration.

He said "Jesus is born today !" And we can add Jesus would certainly be pleased if he was granting official pardon to Yuliya Tymoshenko (something we would call "amnestying grace" in France). It could definitively make him a very noble and magnanimous great man in History, and serve as well their common patry, Ukraine !

dimanche 15 janvier 2012

2012 : funny weather, funny "ice", and funny time !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This new year, the environment and weather are very strange. Again shoals of fish ran mysteriously aground some seaside, like those unexpected tons of herrings in Norway.
And on this month of january 2012, there is a difference of temperature with normal season which is quite obvious because it's too high : an average of 4°C most likely, if not a little bit more sometimes. So then that's clearly above the 2°C or 2.5°C forecasted previously by 2050 or 2100, if we follow experts of the climate. It seems something is going wrong with previsions, if we want to analyse funny immediate occurences on Earth.
For instance, colza fields are already florishing in the South-East of France (Provence), when it's winter and not yet spring ! And this funny change is not affecting only France. In fact it's worldwide.

In the deep oceans or seas, and in the heart of Earth, lays "fire ice" under the scientific name of methane clathrates. Clathrate means "cage" (from greek, Klathron, closure).
Coming to the surface in multiple areas simultaneously and freed in the air, it would make it difficult for human beings and animals to breathe normally. A massive propagation could suddenly affect the whole atmosphere and climate.
Methane clathrates are methane hydrate, appearing like"ice" envelopping concentrated methane gas. Some specialists think it may start (or have started) to melt in Arctic and Antarctic, because ot the Earth heating. You can even set fire to this special "ice", which could be used as a rather anti-ecological source of energy. It might create a "Jupiter like" atmosphere, with the development and spread of asperatus : it is this new unpredictable type of cloud observed and identified on Earth since 2007. It looks like a tempest on the ocean when you watch it upside down, near Great Britain, Brasil, or elsewhere !

It recalls the famous final fight between fire and ice of the nordic mythology (named "Ragnarök" or "Gods' sunset"), in connection with Asgard (the kingdom of Gods).
A recent picture of Marvel Studios (USA, 2011) untitled "Thor" has revived this myth, by putting in image the malicious rivalry of Loki - a trickster God -, towards Thor (God of thunder), for becoming king of Asgard. And it shows unusual terrific clouds hiding what's happening above the sky, from Earth. But there is a difference with human reality in the scenario : Loffe, the giants of ice's king wants to kill Odin - Thor's father -, to control the universe, divided into nine cosmic kingdoms, including Midgard (Earth).
To come back to something more down-to-Earth, methane clathrates are not animated giants of ice, but a very special kind of ice which can burn, and affect ozone layer far more than CO2 emissions : its greenhouse effect is 23 times more powerful and faster !
Let's hope the final fight between Gods and giants, suddenly assaulting them in Asgard, which is a viking tale, will stay a mere legend like the rainbow-bridge between the worlds (Bifrost). Let's think it's not a kind of parable of the ancient ones, even we are not sure !

The fact is we are all living in a very strange period, where sudden changes are occuring at the same time, in an unescapable synchronicity, like fate.
Everything looks so unreal, and yet simultaneously so true. 2011 is just over, and yet 2012 shows already its special shivering power now.

Presently, a single letter of alphabet, A, can create huge upheavals and make economics and finance unpredictable - if suddenly missing once... twice... or three times. But it's also true a national Debt can become an unexpected "refuge-value", as for America since august 2011. This is due to the accelerated dependency of Creditors.

But lack of basic logic and chaos wouldn't stay forever in this upside down world. If classic logic has vanished, it might be to open the path for a new one, requiring to cool down and to be very flexible for a new welcome understanding on Midgard (Earth) !

samedi 7 janvier 2012

Just call me Gold : I rebecame incidentally number one for "Golden Age", so take it or leave it !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Most of my qualities are known from a long time, but yet not all.
I'm a symbol of wealth (money), welfare and power. I'm also an often totally underestimated aesthetic rejuvenator (skin gold oil) and regenerator (remineraliser and repairer).
In a way, I'm magic and equalilly representing love, because people usually offer a Gold ring to get engaged or married with their better half.
I make people dream on Earth, in the galaxy or elsewhere, from the eve of Time.
My name is Gold (Aurum in latin, and for the elements table of Mendeleev).
The international and unconsequent financial crisis of 2008, and the subsequent Euro dividing crisis brings leading economies to rise up their Gold reserves dramatically. Even local weekly free magazines advertise second hand Gold buying by numerous specialized and itinerant offices. So then Gold, as a refuge value found back its antique trustful rank in a new frantic Gold rush : the "king of metals" rebecame number one, and this in multiple ways, including "trackers" in Stock Exchange.

Worldwide and above, nobody can really ignore it now. And Gold is "recruiting" everyday new sellors or investors, if not followers or admirors. It's not as harmful as Oil at a time a bothered Europe can't sell anymore its refined petrol, gasoline, or kerosene to Iran in exchange of Oil : as a matter of fact, this country just became self sufficient and is turning to Afghanistan for its main export market since January 2nd of this new year. But most western countries absolutely want 2012 to deserve its dreadful "warrior name" in the Straight of Ormuz (Persian Gulf). So might it be unconsequently, and in that case mind the inversion of Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC) "paradigm" which favoured the West for 2 345 years, and to be down-to-earth the price of petrol also (around 2 Euros or more a liter very quickly) !
On the western side of this Gulf lays Africa, and the previous kingdom of Sheba, famous for its Gold in Antiquity. But numerous countries in Africa have got Gold mines. Ghana was even nicknamed in the past, "the Golden coast" by the empire of Great Britain. So the unthinkable truth of present time is that Gold has finally reborn. Repeat after me : GOLD, GOLD, GOLD ! Can you hear its music ?

Above that with Gold, you can make not only aurichalcum (orichalch) and electrum (white Gold), but also electronic or spatial components with very special properties due to the conduction of heat and electricity.
Everywhere in the world old abandoned Gold mines are reopening. South Africa which may have been the first place chosen according to "the lost book of Enki" (Zecharia Sitchin, 2002), is still nowadays number 2 for Gold mines in the world. South Africa has got the particularity to share Drakensberg Massif with the tiny but high kingdom of Lesotho : it was viewed to welcome rescued elite people after the potential new Deluge of the very end of this year (december 21st), by Roland Emmerich in his famous picture "2012" - made in 2009 .
Drakensberg means litteraly "mountain of the dragon", recalling the Zoulou legends giving importance to the "snake's faces" who landed from the Pleiades in South Africa, in the very old time...for GOLD search and exploitation precisely. Of course, take it as something legendary only : it will be then far easier to consider.

Through the previous legends nevertheless, 2012 appears as the year of Orion's Canis Major, the famous "Great Dog" over suddenly determining Earth's destiny.
Let's stress Gold powder can be a regenerator of ozone layer breaches whatever the planet considered, so why not Earth too !
In that way, "alternative 3" (leaving Earth destined to self-destruction, for "elites") is certainly knowing a questioning in front of the "Golden Age solution" (Earth's protection and revival with Gold powder spread in the stratosphere). We would introduce it as an "alternative 4" : since the Club of Rome's Conference in Huntsville (Alabama, USA, 1957), has the time come for the "Adam and Eve project" (the Moon with Luna Basis imposing extension, and Mars with Cydonia and wide taïga's areas), or not after all ? "Alternative 1" with nuclear explosions in the stratosphere to pierce breaches (for heat and pollution evacuation) and "alternative 2" with its secret tunnels and towns spread all over the world, have already been taken on account with no terrific results.
Jesus himself was said to be in fact a son of Orion. And in mythology Orion was chasing after the Pleiades.

On this moving planet, Earth, nothing is really quite as it seems. So being up-to-date is very important to seize opportunities when they come, and obviously to be able to recognize the true ones.

Gold is not only famous for jewelry and ornaments but also as a great conductor, leading to its use in spatial industry.
So then with only one gram, you can produce a very long thread of 2,5 km and cover an area of 2000 m2, according to "Geo Minerals Magazine" (n°1, january 2012).

Moreover, in people's mind Gold has always been associated with Soar, especially in time of necessity. That's why "Golden Age"'s come back, is an irreplaceable dream for human beings. They never thought - if not foolishly disregarded -, it might come from its powder spread in our stratosphere, acting like the rings of Saturn !