samedi 7 janvier 2017

Just science-fiction XVI : the day Pleiadians saved World Peace !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This is a new episode of our great saga "Just science-fiction", and an idea of movie scenario for Hollywood.
Today, we are going to talk again of Pleiadian influence on Earth destiny, for its safeguard.


On November 8th 2016, early morning, 300,000.00 soldiers of NATO were massed along the Baltic countries borders and on the border Poland is sharing with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. A so-called imminent attack of Russia was feared. The world was on the verge of Third world war, and yet almost nobody realized.
In the mind of American strategists, Hillary Clinton (born in 1947) was going to win the presidential elections in the USA. And the day of the announcement, which meant November 9th, 2016 (in memory of the fall of Berlin Wall on November 9th, 1989), a spark from Lithuania might have provoked the war against Russia. It was an up-to-date remake of the "Dantzig provocation" (August 9th, 1939) which lead to the Second World War, and started at first between Germany and Poland (Eastern Europe also).
In this new tale, the Russian Kaliningrad protected by Iskander missiles and troops, and landlocked between Lithuania and Poland - two NATO members, and two EU members as well - is replacing Dantzig.
Russia wasn't going then to attack the three Baltic republics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) on this precise day or on the day after - the incident having most likely to come from some heirs of the Teutonic Knights crossing the small Russian border of the enclave. And above that, Donald Trump (born in 1946) won very surprisingly the elections, as the Pleiadian final choice.
Thus, everything went down immediately, and World Peace was secretely - but also efficiently - saved.
For this time, the mechanical and cold ideology of the "West-East conflict" (also called "East-West conflict" in geopolitics) lost, and no massive destruction weapons were used or...exchanged !

This doesn't mean this feared war will never occur, but the important thing is that war failed at the end of the American presidential election process in 2016.
Before November 8th, 2016, some articles were released in the West about the new Russian missile "Satan 2", able to destroy at once Washington D.C., Texas or...the whole France.
In fact, the way this missile is called is a NATO nickname, not the Russian name : when the unusual performances of Mig 29 were disclosed in the eighties, it received also a nickname ("Fulcrum"), but it doesn't seem to be the case for the quite new "II-22PP- Porubshik", a Russian revolutionary electronic plane able to disconnect radars and satellites and to desactivate warplanes electronic devices. Coming back to the "Satan 2" missile, it is an upgraded version of ICBM, which real name is "RS-28 Sarmat" : it is a stealth unstoppable nuke, with 12 warheads and a range of 12,000 km, as a response to the US "Prompt Global Strike program" (2014). Its speed can exceed 25,000 kph.
"Sarmat" is just an historical recall of this original people, who came from the fusion of Scythian warriors and Amazon female warriors from 320 BC, as ancestors of Russian (but also Ukrainian) people, before the coming of Vikings.
Very paradoxically, about NATO this time, it could become the real core of European Defence, if America was withdrawing from it under President Donal Trump : some observers are already envisioning such a withdrawal, if Europe doesn't want to pay more for the presence of American troops - or cannot afford. But is it really the interest of America to do that ?
Anyhow, from January 20th, 2017, America will clearly enter into a vast phase of relocalisation (troops, companies...).
About multinational companies, the number 17 seems to be significant : let's just remember the role attributed to the survivor Louis-Charles Capet [Versailles, 1785 - Skelton (UK), 1794 - ?] - in their historical emergence, after the "Robin Hood" black operation !
The new triangle of power "Washington-Moscow-Beijing" wouldn't be easy to install. So in four years to go, it wouldn't replace the previous Trilateral Organization of the world set in 1973 (America, Europe, and Japan) : both troïkas will most likely coexist.

Truthfully, Pleiadians are fed up with the Earthling mania for war. With the development of new technotronic weapons, the next World War could erase mankind from Earth. And it would be wiser to prevent big conflicts or even medium ones, in their mind.
But next time never mind, too bad if they are not in the mood of being patient !
The binary way human beings are thinking since Charles Darwin (1809-1882), is also a major source of concern : struggle for existence.
Darwin created a new type of "genesis" of human beings on Earth. He just considered them as superior mammals, often aggressive and jealous towards each other, and fruits of fate and necessity through his theory of the evolution of species.
In the Pleiadian world or even in the one of Orion belt, when you want to take micky out at someone, you just tell him (or her), that he (or she) is as wise as an Earthling being !
As a matter of fact, wiseness is considered as rather rare on Earth. Usually, Earthling beings prefer following an easy gregarian behaviour around the strongest leader (or talker), by giving up most of their expectations. Thinking by oneself can lead to creativity and real freedom, but it is often seen as too tiring and demanding boldness !
That's why everything can appear so chaotic or topsy-turvy, on the Blue Star (Earth).
Humorously, a Pleiadian "Guidebook for the Misled" could be needed  !
It might include equally some informations about the massive flying object discovered by an Earthling satellite below ice, in the Antarctic continent...just recently (on December 27th, 2016) !
Debunkers consider it cannot be a big flying saucer, and in any case not a Pleiadian vessel, even it's not far from a hidden pyramid !
But may be, great discoveries will be made in 2017 in the scientific field, in ophthalmology for instance ?

The Pleiades, already known by the shamans of the Neolithic period, are going to play again a more and more determining role on Earth. They will show to anyone they are decisive, by creating a new paradigm.
As it is necessary now on, they are going to reshape and reboost world history, according to their own will. And for that, they can count upon the leader of the Galactic Federation since 2015, Procyon (Orion) !

A new history of the world is effectively on march.
For that purpose, it might be soon necessary for Pleiadians, to land with a mighty mother-vessel on Concorde Square in Paris for instance, at midday. So then, they will be sure to be taken on account by Cartesians with a weak sight, and in lack of imagination about their unbelievable military power !
Half-jokingly, it is not known if a delegation of its tall pilots, getting along with their blond Pleiadian Prince, would push their way... into the nearby Crillon Hotel, to take "offered" suites for guests then ?

Earth is made to be a brilliant planet and to shine into the Galaxy. That's the ambition of Pleiadians, and they want to make it true.
They want also to make disappear quickly the very irritating system of double standards on Earth, especially the one of those countries proclaiming equality or equity, while manifesting an unpolite disdain for them in everyday life ! They really dislike too this arrogant attitude those countries dare to show, while leading astray great principles. Thus, the latters are going to be mocked by surprising events as a response. And, they are going to pay a yearly tribute as a reparation to compensate their bad will !

In the Greek mythology, the Pleiades were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas and the beautiful nymph Pleione, and then connected to the foundation of Atlantis. They were in charge of real estate at that time, so they are going to take control again of this economic sector on Earth by actively re-imposing a monopole on it against tribute.
And in matter of astronomy, this stars' heap of the constellation of Taurus, is also called "Messier 45" or "M45", which distance from Earth is...variable according to the sources !

Sometimes some events will sound to be miraculous... just because they will be actually !
With their multiple senses, Pleiadians have got the power and the will to re-create the Golden Age of the past on our Earth.
And now on, the fantastic energy of their huge network of pyramids on the Blue Star is operational anew. So, it is going to be felt worldwide obviously.
Anyway, this is made necessary by the new interweaving of the worlds !