mercredi 1 octobre 2014

Just science fiction II : from Atlantis and its mysterious "Mash Mak" to Agarthi's coming !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This story is a following of "Just science fiction" n°1, that we published on August 2nd, 2014.
It is equalilly a scenario of movie for Hollywood. We are trying to show Earth evolution and history (mythic or not) on an unexpected angle, by starting from Atlantis - "Atlantide" in French.
Atlantis was precisely situated where Plato (c. 428 - c. 347 BC) indicated in "Timaeus" and talar "Critias" dialogues. And there is no mystery about it. And it wasn't an idealistic display, because he described clearly the engulfing of Atlantis, according to a family tradition he got to know from his great-grandfather Dropides when he was a small child. Dropides got to know himself the story from Solon, a famous Greek legislator who held this story from the priests of Saïs in Egypt.
What is mysterious is that modern science couldn't find it, with a supposed "hi-tech" technology : perhaps, would it be easier to come back to something more basic, like in the Greek time, a time of discoverers and not only searchers ?!

Anyhow, the main point about Atlantis is not about its existence, but about the way it disappeared rather suddenly in the Atlantic not in the Mediterranean Sea, at the difference of Thera far after ! It is straightly connected to its warrior-like final organization and its excessive will of supremacy on other lands abroad. A trident, a bull, and equalilly the graceful Nereids of Poseidon (God of the Sea) were its famous symbols !
At the beginning, Atlantis was an island-continent of 10 united kingdoms, deliberating every five or six years about the important affairs of the empire and checking the respect of the unifying law, under the rule of a descendant of the giant Atlas : this period was more specifically the time of very impressive religious celebrations dedicated to God Poseidon and the nymph Clito, who produced five series of twins to reign on Atlantis. And Atlas who gave his name to the empire - and the Atlantic Ocean also -, was just the eldest.
Plato is describing the origin of Atlantis with a superb and suprising admiration for Monarchy, and all its benefactions. If following Plato's interpretation, or even other sources, it changed for the worse when the empire came into the hands of unscrupulously ambitious and utterly despicable sycophants from various parties, almost atheistic.
And from a real Paradise and a genuine model of civilization, it deviated to a warrior continent which finally dedicated to the supreme power of "Mash Mak" !

Atlantis was the biggest thalassocracy of the time, and if it was on very good terms with the sister-empire of Yu in Asia, things were different with Lemuria in the Indian Ocean.
The opposition between the two empires became obvious, and it lead Atlantis to use a supreme weapon to provoke the full destruction of Lemuria.
Atlantis couldn't stand the existence of a stubborn, and almost threatening rival, for the supreme leadership on Earth.
And to counter the power of Lemurian "Vimanas" ("flying chariots") and their aggressive moves, an extreme strategy was chosen : using the fearful cosmic ray called "Mash Mak" to explode... the second artificial Moon of Earth, which was nearer and smaller, above the Lemurian continent !
An ultimatum had been sent before to Lemuria where military strategists had laughed about it : the name of Mash Mak was too funny...and what this supposed secret weapon, if really existing, could do against their over-armed air-fleet ?! The reality was all of them ended up vaporizated in their final laughter ...of pain !
Many people will certainly be surprised to discover the existence of this second Moon, which presence was explaining why Earth inhabitants were giants at that time. This second Moon is still known nowadays by Astrologers under the name of the "Black Moon".

Atlantis seems to have ignored half-measures, just like our present time. It didn't listen to the warnings of His Highness Arkon, the Great Priest of the time representing God Poseidon (Neptun) ! Hence, the very advanced Atlant technology and the way it was used, caused a global catastrophe on the planet.
Of course, Atlants were successful in destroying Lemuria, even some parts are remnant today through well known big islands of the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java and so on). And it's not coincidental if some animal species are recognized as Lemurian nowadays in Madagascar, for instance.
So then, Earth geology changed dramatically. And at the same time, the use of "Mash Mak" totally modified Earth gravity, as well as its magnetism and its climate.
But consequently, Atlantis itself disappeared finally in a gigantic cataclysm which gobbled up this superpower which wanted to be unique (9564 BC) !
It sank into the Atlantic Ocean ...and its survivors either fled away to South and Central America on the Western side, or to North Africa and Europe on the Eastern side, not forgetting the main part which took refuge into the subterranean tunnels leading to a new sheltered kingdom to create : the legendary Agarthi ("Agartha" in French), that Tibetans monks of Potala in Lhassa are believing in, behind their "Red Door", in memory of "Mash Mak" !

An appearant war can hide another coming war, far wider, and lead to weird and totally unexpected results, at the image of a great "toboggan" for World History - risking to become a cock-and-bull Story !
Nobody seems to have paid a real attention to the very recent decision of present Dalaï Lama, Tenzin Gyatso (born of July 6th, 1935 in Takster - Tibet), not to take any successor, by ending up definitively the uninterrupted line of Dalaï Lamas since 1391 !
Yet, the XIVth Dalaï Lama said "No" on September 7th, 2014, confirming what he was suggesting since 2011 : the XVIIth Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje (born on June 26th, 1985 in Bakor - Tibet), wouldn't become Dalaï Lama after him !
Why has the present Dalaï Lama decided to finish off the institution of Dalaï Lama ?
What is exactly behind this "Red Door" of Potala ? Is Rigden-Jyepo (the "King of the World") coming to the surface from Shamballah, with all his fellow men and women, even he doesn't automatically need to use this very door - as there are many worldwide ? What to think about the huge Ocean discovered last March in the bowels of Earth below Brazil, down under the Earth's mantel ?

The world is certainly at a crossroad for its destiny, both because of what we know, but equalilly what we ignore.
If Earth was now partly member of the "Galactic Federation", through America for instance, it is clear that its future would over suddenly be different. It would totally change the level of our planet in the vast universe. And its coordinated aims also might totally change the whole prospects...which shouldn't be only to be controlled by - or from - "time-travelers" !

Coming back to Atlantis, making it visible could seem impossible, but it's not as the times have come. Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945), the great American seer predicted its partial reappearition from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean for anytime from 1968, in the present period then... and not in the XXIVth century.
Another way could be the intervention of Arkon, the Great Priest of aforesaid Atlantis, if he was already reincarnated, to unlock the "Ontal" disorienting mechanisms set so long ago in several places - amongst which an island of Azores (we wouldn't say which one at the moment).

But no sponsored expedition, called "HH Arkon Expedition", was planned yet.
A reapparition of Atlantis would problably unsettle some people. But it's true also, that unsettled people never needed Atlantis or Atlants to feel so !
At the same time admirers and believers, might really want the Golden Age of initial Atlantis to reappear, at least partly. In that case, they should start repeating the antediluvian mantra Arkon was using at the end of his religious "tridental" celebrations : "K-Ash-Om" !