mercredi 29 février 2012

Space news III : Wow for Sagittarius ! Wow for Jupiter ! And Wow for Earth !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography

The signal "Wow" was registered by the radio-telescope of Ohio University on August 15th 1977 (day of Maria the Virgin for a Catholic follower) : it came from the constellation of Sagittarius and lasted for 72 seconds. The Big Ear as it is named was used opportuneously by the astrophysist J. R. Ehman for SETI program (Search of an Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, 1960), launched by Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996) : it was immediatly following OZMA Project concentrated on the listening of only one radio-frequency (~1420 Mhz), the Hydrogen's one, perceived a bit quickly as the most common in universe by Franck Drake (born in 1930).
This signal was named "Wow", because of the word of great shocking surprise written by Ehman beside the transcription of the signal using the range of Hydrogen radio-frequency.
It is recognized among scientists as the first and "only" time (?) Earthians were contacted by the cosmos.
Strangely, they would seem to ignore repeated signals coming from Jupiter everyday, when Jupiter is the master-planet of Sagittarius in Astrology .
It's hard to believe that only the Russians who identified this phenomenon in the sixties might have been contacted practically.
Nowadays, radio-telescopes are said to be able to detect a mobile phone on Jupiter with an accuracy of 2 meters distance only. We didn't know actually there could be mobile phones on Jupiter, but it means Jupiter is studied quite a lot including by America !

As a matter of fact Galileo US probe landed on Jupiter on december 7th 1995, which corresponds according to astronomical calculations to a very symbolic day, the anniversary of the mostly admitted birth date of Jesus-Christ (son of God the Supreme). And its mission (in cooperation with Germany) lasted till september 21st 2003 with the aim to study this planet and all its satellites like Europa : but Galileo was still limited as we know in 2012 that Jupiter has at least 66 satellites and not less, some smaller ones remaining to be discovered.
For memory, Galileo probe was named this way in honor of Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642), the famous Italian astronomer who observed Jupiter in 1609, which he discovered four satellites in 1610 he called "Medicées". He is famous in history and Christian religion for having been forced to follow the official beliefs of his time about the Sun and Earth.
Anyway, during those eight years (1995 - 2003), American astrophysists beside their strong interest for Jupiter's various radio-frequencies, observed a lot of unusual things amongst what was officially delivered to the public : an unknown superpowerful radiation belt stronger than the Van Allen belt, surprising abrupt vertical winds and strange thick clouds, a quite paradoxical good visibility yet, a thunderstorm activity quite different from Earth, and a unique and non uniform world... About water, the information was known before, just after the 21 thermonuclear explosions of Comet "Shoemaker-Levy 9" on Jupiter' southern hemisphere (from july 16th till july 22nd 1994).
What most people don't realize about Jupiter is that it protected Earth from dangerous asteroids or comets till now. Jupiter was called the great benefic in Antiquity, and this nickname was well deserved.
Jupiter (Zeus) in Greek-Roman mythology is also the King of Gods, reigning on our universe, from Olympus Mount in Greece.
To send its informations to Earth Galileo was using a band of 3880 Mhz.
By comparison, the plasma emitted by Jupiter produces radio waves ranging between 0.6 and 30 Mhz. But this is for Jupiter natural magnetosphere.
It means clearly the frequency of 1609 Mhz used in the sixties and detected by the Soviet Union astrophysists couldn't be a natural one.

What is important to know about SETI's research till now, is that it has been officially concentrated on the radio-frequency of Hydrogen (1420,406 Mhz), which seems the most adaptated to receive extra-terrestrial signals. So more numerous "big ears" have usually been set in between 1420,356 and 1420,456 Mhz to capture "messages", which appears quite arbitrary, extremely narrow, and self-limiting. And "Wow" signal never repeated since 1977.
But there is no doubt the scope has been widen discretely to establish contact, from a long time now. Human curiosity is far stronger than prejudice about a very doubtful supremacy and uniqueness in cosmos.
The "lonely Earth myth" has been abandoned anyhow, which is more clever.
It would be interesting then to know what astrophysists have been able to interprete from the Jupiter non natural signals in the range of 1609 Mhz, especially it was known as repeated everyday during 10 hours (so far more than 72 seconds) with a metallic sound working like a heart beat. To us it's easier to understand than the so-called "Kali Code" for dense stellar systems used in Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA).
As the 1977 signal was taken for an unexpected capture of a conversation between ETs, would the repeated Jupiter daily emission at the same hours be considered as a kind of "trans-cosmic" program then, if not a powerfully influential one ?
To be more precise, is it true that this Short Wave (SW) band of 1609 Mhz can affect human beings physically, as provoking a molecular skeleton regeneration and repair, especially when used in a certain supraconducting way ?
We must never forget Jupiter is 149 times bigger than Earth to understand and appreciate its enormous influence on Earth. So another "Wow" of enthusiasm might be privy to a very limited circle of people.

When astrophysists and radio-astronomers accept to concentrate on radio-frequencies different from the Hydrogen's one, they suddenly discover a lot of interesting things.
Of course, it automatically leads them to doubt and deny human uniqueness in Universe.
But what is the most important is the truth, and not to maintain a "suprematist" human prejudice of weak trembling predator.

Just imagine the huge number of signals existing everyday around us, when you stop concentrating on the range of 1420 Mhz for researching just a new very short "Wow".
The comparison we made with Jupiter, which started to be symbolic for human beings even before the Greeks is a striking example. And yet, it has got an obvious connection with Sagittarius constellation as its master-planet. De facto, in Sumerian time, Enki (Prince Ea, or Aquarius) was not considering planets as isolated celestial bodies, but as actual interlinked "living cosmic bodies" : the opposite simultaneous and interactive movements of "Lahamu" (Venus) and "Ki" (Earth, its sister planet), for instance.

In Sumerian Genesis ("Enuma Elish"), before mankind was created, there was the great disorder of cosmos created by a galactical war ; and this lead to the universe we still know presently, where certain planets have acquired a tremendous importance.
Without the gravitional "push"of Venus (so important in 2012 with its unusually accelerating "S whirlpool", provoking huge tornadoes on Earth as side effects), Galileo probe would have never been able to reach Jupiter in 1995. And who can say if the ceasing of Jupiter's daily emission on 1609 Mhz canal in 2012, coming with a structural subsidence, wouldn't mean the end of something very precious for human beings, their health and their potentially enriched life ?!

vendredi 24 février 2012

The Oracle of Delphi (Greece) is talking anew : lucidity is the key in the new chess game of 2012 !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Delphi (Greece), situated 150 km at the north-west of Athens, was the center of a highly energetic source coming from the heart of Earth, in a vaporous way. The telluric anomaly was so huge that a religious temple was established there.
It became the most famous Oracle of Antiquity, and a holy woman (called Pythia) was first dedicated to tell the words of Gaïa (Earth) and Poseïdon (Neptun) to human beings. But, after the death of the frightening great snake Python (origin of the word Pythia), it finally fell to Apollo's lot, the God of Sun who killed it - from VIIIth century BC.
Four centuries later, after the death of Alexander the Great (356 -323 BC), it started to decline. And at the end of the Roman time, in 392, it was forbidden to practice there the Apollo cult and Oracle by the Christian Emperor of Orient and Occident, Theodose I (347 - 395) who was from Iberian origin.
But it doesn't mean the "Omphalos" ("the world navel" as it was once considered) lost its power.
And to people who listen, even if talk is not coming from a woman with laurel fumigation - as "Branchides" were also using in Turkey -, Apollo, Gaïa or Poseïdon have got a lot of things to say.
So the question is what Delphi is casting for now ? Actually, different things which lucidity is the mark.

Apollo, Gaïa and Poseïdon observe that things seem uneasy between European Union and IMF (International Monetary Fund) for the second Greek plan signed this tuesday, as IMF warned it cannot be put apart for the success of this plan with Private Sector creditors.
Anyhow, without flexibility and broad mindedness, this plan is already unapplicable as the Greek public deficit expected this year will be 6.7% at least and not 5.4 % (the hypothesis retained), as announced one day after the plan has been signed.
From the first plan involving IMF and European Union (may 2010), Greece got 73 billion Euros only out of 110 : 37 have not been given at the moment. And Greece has to pay back 14.5 billion Euros debts on next March 20th, not to be on bankruptcy.
The "PSI plan" signed in Brussels on february 21st 2012 is the second one : it involves a Private Sector creditors agreement (PSI = Private Sector Involvement), at the exclusion of ECB (European Central Bank) with a partial abandon of public debt up to 107 billion Euros (53.5% of the total amount for private sector which come up to around 70% - or even 75% - with the loss of interests), and a loan of 130 billion Euros. This loan can't be used freely at all : as much as 80% has to be dedicated to Debt repayments, and the rest cannot be used neither for civil services nor retirement pensions. And money will be given only by small bits anyway.
European Union inspectors will check in Greece itself everything : Greece is now on trusteeship.
On sunday, the Greek Parliament has to adopt this new plan, with a protective clausus of collective action to reach the rate of creditors fixed on last tuesday : they wouldn't be able to get away or change their word then for the exchange of bonds to come, with a range of maturity in between 11 and 30 years.
Like previous plan, the aim is to prevent CDS - Credit Default Swaps - to set in motion, and reassure ECB (European Central Bank). It's another "Euro crisis containment plan", more than a recovery one, even if growth is strangely expected to reappear by 2014. Who said financial people didn't believe in miracles ? !

The Greek population (11,3 Million people for an area of 132 00 km2) has again been sacrificed for this second plan of austerity, as counter-productive as the first one, Greece being just like the "cock" of a bottle to maintain closed.
Greece which harmful contraction of economy will reach this year 13.5% since 2010, may start to hesitate about its past and future alliances. As the eldest existing thalassocracy on Earth, it may become more and more attracted to China yet affected by European unofficial recession : Chinese investments in the great harbour of Pirea, near Athens, and elsewhere are uncomplicated. The same can be said about Russia, with whom Greece is sharing a strong religious link through Orthodoxy.
Hard help with hard money lended is a tiring carry-on for everybody now, and Greek threat for Euro and the whole economics might have been a bit exaggerated. Above that, there are some risks for Europe political future as a hopeful and prosperous economic zone, in treating Greece more and more as a "punitive colony", since it started to be declassified by notation Agencies in december 2009. An anti-European feeling may develop and lead to nationalistic imprevisible reactions. Already, a lot of people started to refuse paying taxes, as they will go mainly to (foreign) Debt repayment.
There should be soon legislative elections in Greece, which results are already jumbled with the acceptation of Brussels plan by a national union government. The only party to refuse to sign with Lukas Papadimos (born in Athens in 1947), the new Prime Minister - and previous vice-president of ECB -, was LAOS (Popular Orthodox Rally), the far right movement.
And the Greek people will certainly remember that in due time.
The Oracle of Delphi says equalilly that for presidential elections all around the world starting soon, there may be some unexpected gambits, and not only in France with its lures, or in America with "Tea time".

On that way, in Russia for instance, next presidential elections on march 4th, are transformed in a predictable chess game, even in case of a not so sure second round. Vladimir Putin (born in Leningrad - St Petersburg - in 1952) will most likely be reelected president for the third term, in front of four other candidates : Guennadi Zyuganov (Communist), Sergeï Mironov (Social-Democrat), Vladimir Jirinovski (famous nationalist), and a newcomer labeled Liberal who is also an oligarch, Mikhaïl Prokhorov. The last one, born in Moscow in 1965, is a billionaire once in Putin' surroundings. Prokhorov who is perceived by some specialists as a lure candidate (which he denies) is not as popular as him, in spite of protest manifestations. He wants to free Mikhaïl Khodorkhovski - the unhappy jailed ex-billionaire, born in Moscow in 1963 -, and take him as Prime Minister ! It looks provocative enough to demonstrate he is in opposition. He also plans to dismantle Gazprom and state monopolies (!), wishes to create a monetary union with European Union (something Putin may also wish), and would like to initiate a policy of great works.
Nevertheless, there is a "but" in the expected victory of Putin : Prokhorov challengeable game is revealing that oligarchs have started to become less silencious after so many years, even they are still discrete and cautious. Putin main supports are Russia's heartland people afraid of chaos directed by so-called "pro-American activists", and may be since very recently highly raised teachers.
Notwithstanding, his renewed beginnings as a president will be interesting to study in case of slight opening : he will have to take on account a growing anger and determination amongst big cities' population, whatever its occupation. As a matter of fact, Putin is preoccupied with the expansion of "Arab spring revolution", and not only abroad (in Syria).
And also the traditional opposition between the two capitals (Moscow, the present one, and St Petersburg, the Tsars' one) is rising.
Putin's trump card is growing oil price, as Russia is the second world oil producer after Saudi Arabia, and that's why his campaign can be cleverly oriented on political stability. The Iranian crisis with the West about enriched uranium destination, including a potential attack of Israel on Iran and a possible Persian retaliation of the Straight of Ormuz passage - so important for oil trade -, may well serve him.

Far more than Italy actually doing well with its new President of Council Mario Monti (born in Varese in 1943) and the new successful president of ECB imitating the American Fed', Mario Draghi (born in 1947 in Roma), Greece might have been exagerratedly considered as a "Pandora Box" by European Union. And it may push it to establish or renew stronger links with the larger East.

The world is changing dramatically without people really realizing it. If Greece is, and feels also, less and less considered as European (finally pushed to leave Eurozone in the final step), it weakens Europe on a long trend and Zeus - Jupiter - may glance at new things for the future. The strong ones may then become weak, and the weak ones strong !

The great power of Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC) was established notably through Orient's conquest and benefitted the West for 2 345 years till now. But nowadays Orient is winking anew at Greece more for an Eurasian benefit, which is quite the opposite long as an unexpected "draw" is not coming from Eurasia !

samedi 18 février 2012

GDP = C + G + I + X : in search of a new balance in 2012, especially in France !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

GDP is an American practical invention dating from 1934 which object was to be a permanent, quick, and easy macro-economic indicator of the wealth of the nation, at a time the Great Depression which started in 1929 wasn't really over. It's obviously expressed in Dollars.
In the economic equation standing in our title, GDP means Gross Domestic Product (National Wealth produced inside the borders of the country both by nationals and foreigners), C is Consumption, G stands for Governement expenses, I is Investment, and X represents the difference between Exports and Imports (either positive or negative).
It is a very basic equation but how interesting to study in this depressive time, at a period of multiple elections worldwide, like in the USA (next november) or in France sooner.
In America, C is very high (70%), G is a bit growing because of necessary social programs (from around 18% to 20 or even 21%), I isn't terrific (a bit more than 12%), and X is negative (- 3%). That's the reason why the USA are urging China, and so then now Mr. Xi, its vice-president (and probable next president at the end of this year), to reduce this unbalance.
With a GDP of 15 064,8 billion $ in 2011 (against 6 988,5 billion $ for growing China), America is and remains the 1st economic power of the world. And with an expected growth rate between 2.5% and 3% for 2012, it will surely manage as it always did till now, because of its eagle foresight ability.

On the opposite, the French eagle of Napoleon (1769 - 1821) has vanished from a long time : he died in Saint Helena (a British island colony between Africa and South America).
In France, things are less simple to analyse, because you have to make a difference between General Government expenses (31,6%), and Global ones which include social transfers (56,7% all together). It means the 49,7% allocated to Consumption are rather exaggerated in reality, and depending enormously on those social transfers, modifiying the way you count. So the figure of C can be effectively reduced to only half if you take this on account. I is maintaining against all odds at 19,7%, and "Great Paris" project for instance is helping a lot. But X (~- 1%) is negative also - with Germany certainly, but equalilly due to the rise of reexported French delocalised goods since 2004, which appears as a bad operation. As a matter of fact, delocalisations are both a nightmare for employment in France (in ghostly industry especially), and trade balance - with a growing abyssal deficit. Trying to take profit of it in a reverse way with a so-called "Social VAT" of 2% added to the normal VAT (19,6%) is cunning, as long as Consumption will be following. But as France tries so much to imitate Germany, one can wander why this extra-VAT planned for next october (if not cancelled before) is not used for Debt repayment then like our neighbour, instead of an help to private companies for an employment hypothetical growth ? Why not a "double headed eagle" (a creative mix of both) in that case, to be certain it wouldn't be vain, if really enforced ?!

Reducing G as proclaimed by most political leaders in this Debt time isn't easy at all, and it may even provoke an unwished contraction of French GDP (2 808.3 billion $ in 2011), if C, I, or X can't rise at the same time. So beyond their pro-elective catchwords, our candidates for the next presidential elections have to be cautious with what they intend to do - and obviously what the final winner will actually do, not to cost too much on a long trend to everybody in France.
Or else it might propell the country nilling-willing from the 5th to the 8th or 9th economic rank, a bit like in 1950 when Argentine was before a France on reconstruction after the 2nd World War. In that way, the very beginning of the European Community in 1951 through the European Community of Coal and Iron ('CECA" in French), helped a lot France to recover its economic power, after the American Marshall Plan - 5/6 gift and 1/6 loan - for European recovery (1948-1951).
Nevertheless presently, a contraction of GDP would mean sudden dropping, and unability to pay back debts like present poor Greece, but without reconstruction this time. It must be avoided before anything else, at a time the expected growth rate for 2012 is only 0,5%. It's an imperative matter of independence, survival and possible recovery.
So then the people' s future is laying in our next president sense of responsability and common good, and also on his well advised choices - on a macroeconomic point of view.

GDP remains a very useful economic indicator, notably to stabilize Government expenses.
In France, social transfers are historically connected in priority with General de Gaulle's social and familial policy, involving a compromise with Communist Resistants at the Liberation time and Provisory Government (1944) till his departure of power in 1946, and his return from 1958 to the sunset of 1969.

Nowadays original Gaullism is dying, and France is in a way heavily suffering from it. We are lacking people who have a clear vision of the future. This absence of foresight and generosity also, even it might appear fathernalist (or "mothernalist" to be up to date) and once joined with "grandeur", might be quite damaging for the country.

Whatever people like him or not, sovereign General de Gaulle (Lille, 1890 - Colombey-les-deux-églises, 1970) has never been replaced, and his image is haunting present suffering France.
Political fight for next presidential elections in april and may 2012 is actually rather predictable, and not very exciting.

However, electors know about the little margin of maneuver left to political leaders, and they are aware the elected winner won't be quite a sovereign decider in Europe.
But whatever happens, nothing will prevent Saint John's eagle to take off showingly, staring at aquarius'angel !

mardi 7 février 2012

"Katun Cauac " IV (december 21st 2012) : a certain preparation for survival at the top, but fun in France !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Let's recall "Katun Cauac" means "Tempest time" in Maya language, in straight connection with their Venusian Calender for Earth.
It starts on december 21st 2012, but it is announced before by important winds, which origin is not only Earth. Earth is not an isolated islet in Cosmos as conservative science intend too much to suggest. The Mayas distinguished four types of tempest : white, black, red and green.
What they meant by this succession of colours is not just a fantasy, and human beings will certainly discover it in due time.
A lot of people think there are no answers about what must happen in 2012 : in fact there are, but they are too scary. For instance, we may be living without realizing the end of Gulf Stream at the beginning, especially if it's winter. Its thermoregulation effect is however terribly important not only for Western Europe but also for the whole planet. After its slowing down from 1995 with an important upheaval on december 26th 1999 and the Siberian weather on all Europe in 2009 considered as a corridor to engulf, Gulf Stream's potential stopping may confirm a new glaciary era.
We called it "Quintenary era", following Quaternary one, in the article for "Le" we were asked to write after a conference of GIEC in Enghien-les-Bains (Paris area), untitled : "FCKW : Earth is not the planet Mars" [february 10th, 2009].

In Europe, the too mild weather of the beginning of january 2012 was hiding the coming of a very freezing one at its end and in february. The sudden differences of temperature are too extreme not to be underlined. And the temperate weather we knew in the past seems in full jeopardy.
A lot of people may disappear more because of their unreadyness, stubborness and real naivety in fake realism, than directly from climatic change.
Science can predict only what seems previsible and not what is unpredictable.
By the way, great occurences of december 21st 2012 are previsible for science itself !
A lot of them have even been discretely forecasted for a long time, with emergency plans not only for elite, but also for "just in case guys" in the USA especially. Because, it's not so costly to be ready, with something you can still use after, whatever happens. But it may be quite dreadful no to be.
Another important thing might be with who you are, to feel protected and be safer on that special day and its aftermath. The great fun might not be on the same side this time.
If happening, it's not certain at all everything will be as accurate as some people think : 6 P.M. (Paris time) !

In Chichen Itza and Palenque (Mexico), everybody will certainly be ready for Venus rapture and vanishing by "the Pleiades". Even ex-king Alalu's face on Mars may be shaken, not to mention the Earthian Sphinx of Gizah (Egypt).
Indeed, if existing on Earth the climatic change is also affecting our galaxy, and especially our solar system according to NASA observations. Big changes are operating now on Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun and Pluto, in an obvious connection with the Sun activity (solar tempests and spots) and its enormous electromagnetism through plasma emissions.
So then, Earth could be just following the same trend, that's all.
What would happen to Earth if something unexpected was over suddenly altering the mere presence or existence of its sister Venus, at the end of this year for instance ?
What aftermath would almost immediatly follow on Earth, because of the missing Morning Star ?
Human beings are too isolated by mind from the formidable forces of Cosmos, not having the knowledge of important Universe missing rules. They are terribly lacking imagination and attention in fact.
Even on Earth, they explored only the most visible, which is masking almost totally what is invisible and rather ignored then.

2012 is the structuring year of this drastic change affecting universe, and as a consequence Earth. Most things won't have to happen, because they already do so. December 21st and 23rd 2012 also, might just be the final visible shocking move.
Nevertheless in cartesian France, the Maya "Katun Cauac" is mainly taken for a backward joke of an akward disappeared civilization. And in the media, a lot of people are taking micky out of it as a great fun, because it looks so ridiculous and vain to their supposed extra-realistic mind.
Here technology is widely considered as more precise and mastered as anywhere else in the world. Yet a lot of things never work well practically, or are periodically out of order if they are remote controlled or radioguided, and even ridiculous spots of water can defeat them, especially in Paris area. Above that installators and repairers are often not very good with their hands nor qualified enough, and sometimes make it worse because they don't care. But there is a constant illusion of supremacy on the matter, and natural elements are rather disregarded as insignificant - not to mention almost totally ignored cosmic ones.

The time our "ancestors" in France, the Gaulois people (Celts), were only afraid the sky may fall on their heads is quite over.
However our world has changed, but people just don't want to see it. Never again they will live on the same Earth : it seems definitively over and not only for economics and finance (including the Greek final default to come, because of an inappropriate over-pressure), which are putting a shadow on something potentially still more striking.
Their future is their further past, a past they have almost completely ignored because "conservative science" was too powerful. And it makes them terribly weak and lost in front of the unknown !
Nevertheless, the good point is this new Eve might have also good sides, if they are able to cool down and see through.
People like a lot to make noise, even remote controlled, so unexpected noise will get along with them this year, and some will really be unfamiliar and annoying.
Cosmos wants to invite itself on Earth in 2012, to be listened by Earthians : it certainly will this very time, even they can't set their radio short waves just above 1600 Mhz (usually not on public sale), to listen Jupiter metallic sound program at the same time everyday. This peculiarity often ignored by Earthians, was discovered in the sixties by Russian astrophysists when USSR was the most advanced on Space conquest.

Usually human beings never wander why God the supreme sent them the Deluge. They admit mecanically without thinking that it's fundamentally connected to their sins : not really or even not at all in the original Genesis, the Sumerian one (Enuma Elish). In fact, he just found them unfaithful, too noisy and far too irreverencious with him, and over suddenly decided : "that's enough now !"

Scientists and top people between themselves, are preparing seriously for the end of 2012 just in case, except in France where the Great Celtic worry is often mocked. They realize at least the climate of Earth is changing dramatically and natural catastrophes are too numerous and various to be disregarded. They don't automatically believe in prophets, but one thing sure is they want to survive with their family. Too many signs are indicating 2012 will not be a normal year to ignore them.

Polar clothes, food reserves, survival kit and check up list are their new credo for an officially unprobable event - connected with Arctic blue beams to shine through a vortex of energy.
'Hey darling don't forget to buy "Bactrim Forte R" at the chemistry against infection, while I'm a reading my book for debutant about fishing and hunting in Nature.
We may be coming very soon, so make room for us Robinson Crusoë, our new friend !'

samedi 4 février 2012

Really saving Yuliya Tymoshenko II : a "graceful" grace, as Alexander the Great would have done it !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

When he took possession of the Persian empire, after the defeat of Darius III (c. 380 - 330 BC) at Issos (333 BC), Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC) was introduced to princess Stateira, the Shah's daughter.
She was confused about him as she took his friend Hephaestion for him (they looked alike).
She was frightened with her family to be badly treated by Alexander, as he was the winner. But nothing wrong happened at all. He neither took her life, nor tried to enslave her or humiliate her. As a noble character, he treated her accordingly to her rank, and also as a Lady. So then there wasn't any mistreatment, jail or health fragilization.
As a king, he granted his royal grace to her and all her family : his grace was "graceful", and connected to the godly image he wanted to give himself as a "son" of Zeus (Jupiter).
He did it by magnanimity and generosity, without her having to bend down to him pressurized by his force, and his glory remained through ages : Alexander was really great !

Ancient time had humanitarian and gentlemen's rules also, more simple than the modern ones, but often far more immediate and efficient.
We are living in a world of "blablablablabla" where words are more and more often meaningless.
The cry of Alexander was "Alalalalai, Alalalalai, Alalalalai", and it has been meaningful for 2 345 years till now.
At the moment, Yuliya Tymoshenko (born in 1960 in Dnipropetrovsk), once super pretty and energetic Prime Minister of Ukraine, is in jail in the penal colony of Kharkov, for a minimum of seven years. And she has claimed to be innocent of the funny charges she is accused of, comparing the present Ukraine with Staline time.
Her health seems to be damaged and her life is at heavy risk.
She was very recently unconscious in her cell, and her co-prisoner tried to reanimate her for twenty long minutes. It was the time needed for a doctor to finally come...
She narrowly escaped death by body exhaustion. So then something is really wrong about medical and human care in Kharkov.
As a matter of fact, it seems also she is prevented to sleep normally, to force her signing a certain document recognizing her faults. And this is neither graceful, nor fair at all !

To be accepted by European Union, Ukraine has to be a democracy and to respect the European Convention of Human Rights of the Council of Europe it signed.
There is certainly no possible compromise about that, and a huge - but not impossible - progress has to be accomplished.
A sign that this progress is actively running would clearly be a "graceful" grace given spontaneously by her president to Yuliya - which in Ukraine is called "pardon"-, for humanitarian reasons and equity also. King Alexander's way is the best to do so.
In our previous article of january 21st 2012, we asked for her grace, and we reiterate that for Yuliya Tymoshenko's quick freeing.
She will certainly need a certain time to recover her health.
But care, affection, and love will help her to readapt herself in a better life and environment.
And joy will reappear on her beautiful face, radiating like a little sun.

Even in France, which is classified as a democratic country, it's not so easy to express personal thoughts : it strangely seems always on the verge of civil war with words. There is officially a freedom of speech like in Ukraine. But generally people don't accept so easily original independent expression, especially if it's not binary (yes/no, good/bad, won/lost and so on), and standardized - not to be illogically pointed out as a mole under a slipping away ground.

So the gap Ukraine has to fill to become a democracy and show it by freeing Yuliya Tymoshenko is not so huge. In fact, this target is quite atteignable with good will and an absence of prejudice, just by following the way inner soul indicates for a luminous solution. Beyond words, saving her really should be the most important, even for Viktor Ianoukovych (born in 1950 in Enakievo).

Ukraine can make an unexpected and superb move about her for its own greatness, recalling the glorious past of Anna of Kiev (c. 1024 - c. 1075), at the very beginning of its history.
In the hands of its very tall present president, Viktor Ianoukovych, lays the unique possibility to make an unbelievable and very noble gesture by himself, to remember through ages as glorious !