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Asperatus : the young "super-cloud" is claiming for its own existence !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

Asperatus is an un-ordinary cloud. It dares to exist in spite of a certain denial of most of our (too) Cartesian scientists. As a matter of fact, Cartesianism should be a method, and not a religion replacing the Church !
Asperatus has been named this way by England, as it was the first country to officially repertoriate it in 2007. Some observations were also made before in Canada in 2004, apparently. And this cloud is not yet recognized in the whole world, especially in France, which set a scientific controversy.
Asperatus means "brutal" in Latin, because this enormous cloud can come into being suddenly in the sky, without much warning, by totally ruining all the weather forecasts !
In France, meteorologists intend to consider it as a kind of altocumulus.

Yet, the peculiarity of "asperatus" is usually to stand lower than it, but it's true it is highly mobile.
Asperatus can start with altocumulus shape and cirrus humilis designs, announcing good weather or weather improvement, with a pressure above 1013 mb or a rising pressure. But, the sudden metamorphosis of the cloud can create surprise with pressure suddenly dropping. Here is the source of the confusion. And that's why a weekly weather forecast of sunday can turn completely wrong next monday, as it happened on June 17th, 2013 in Paris around 11 AM, when day was like night.
As a matter of fact, this "super-cloud" when coming to existence, is suddenly drawing another design around the cirrus humilis common shape and the altocumulus, becoming one. To be more precise, the final drawing is very different of both : it appears clearly from below like a frightening sea defused by the storm, except when it covers totally the daylight !

The aspect of an asperatus is dreadful to be quite honest, and associated with a kind of electrostatic wind, and heavy rain or gale. Electromagnetism seems equalilly significant. You have got eyes ? Well, use them and get away to find a shelter quickly. This "super-cloud" seems to be able to stop totally the light of the Sun in the concerned area. It can be night in full day, in exceptional occurences.
So, it can be rather panicky ! The only thing to do is to wait inside for the "super-cloud" to disappear after thunder and heavy rain or gale one hour, or more !
Generally, it lasts around one hour, but nobody knows the limits of this type of cloud, particularly if there are more than one. As it's a very young cloud, it hasn't be studied enough at the moment, especially in France which doesn't recognize it. So as a result, its specificities stay mostly ignored. They are just supposed, which doesn't help.

It has been said, it doesn't really blur the radio waves, but as you cannot hear anymore sound often, it's hard to sustain.
About the probes of planes, it's the same. It depends on its exact altitude. And, it may look better to wait that the sky gets free, by taking another plane just in case. If you are a daredevil, you can take your plane of course, after checking insurance is included in the fare.
Some people think there is a double meaning in the word "asperatus", as it's very near "aspirator".
But we don't know yet what this "super-cloud" can aspire exactly.
Thus, concerning a potential whirlpool effect, all the hypothesis can be uttered, the possibility of mini-tornadoes not being excluded for the least.
It is also remarkable that asperatus looks very much like Jupiter's "super-clouds" : the similarity and resemblance are absolutely amazing, or should we say striking. But nobody knows why this type of cloud came to being on Earth quite recently ? !

Until now, asperatus got recognition in Anglo-Saxon countries mainly. But this ambitious cloud wants more : it is desperate to be known in the whole world.
That's why you can find it not only in the North Atlantic area (America and Canada, or over the Channel for instance and possibly more inside lands now), but also in the South Atlantic one (Brasil)...and equalilly over the Pacific area.
New-Zealanders have got quite a growing knowledge of asperatus.

It is very likely that France will succeed in reassessing its knowledge, finally.
If René Descartes (1596 - 1650) was coming back now, and was at the end of a difficult process admitted amongst Cartesians - "de justesse" -, he might be surprised by the misinterpretations and misuses of his famous "method".
He would certainly be disconcerted by the strange lack of intellectual curiosity of our "re-obscured" and rather ignorant epoch, so "corseted" by stereotypes.

Stereotypes live long, and not only about clouds.
At the moment in France, there is one concerning the supposedly growing life expectancy, based upon outdated projections. This stereotype is totally ignoring a less rosy reality, where health has become a luxury difficult to afford for more and more seniors - or even juniors now !
So it's a bit strange to launch an important reform of retirement, from data which are changing quickly reverse way, with nobody taking notice.
France needs to reopen the eyes and wake up to the new reality, generally speaking.

Of course, it would be totally paradoxical that the darkness of asperatus could provoke that. But, it would certainly be more useful and constructive to reconsider, or more simply consider, the mere existence of this young "super-cloud".
Descartes would have surely studied with passion this cloud, if he was still alive. He was broad minded enough.
In his honour and for the greatness of France, let's do the same, in search of a new sunshine !

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The secret legacy of Zadracarta IV : an Eurasian epic and descendance !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

In this fourth act of our scenario for cinema or television, we are going to explain why Queen Thalestris is known in history under two different names, the second one being Minithya.

Act IV : From Thalestris to Minithya 

Scene I : Magog is becoming "daddy" and "Grand daddy" !

Less than one year passed since the departure of Vanya for Gaul Transalpina. But impatient Mom Thalestris decided to visit secretly her son in Balma Cornillon, with Magog and Anya.
She is using the cover name of "Minithya" for the first time : it has various meanings, one being "Messenger" (of love in that case). And the message is also herself coming by surprise.
The trio is passing by the border of Thrace and Macedonia at night, where Magog, Andromache and Vanya got some quickly solved problems.

Bromellios and Acanthos :
Who goes there ?

They are discovering three faces in the dark with an oil lamp.

Acanthos to Magog :
Oh no, you again , with a very beautiful lady and a child, a girl this time ?!

Magog to the two Macedonian guards :
Yes ! How are you since last time ?

Bromellios :
Well, we recovered after four days sleep !

Acanthos :
Is it for a kind of pilgrimage ?

Thalestris :
Yes, a family pilgrimage !

Bromellios :
What's your name charming lady ?

Thalestris :
Minithya !

Acanthos :
What a funny name ! So you are a foreigner. Where are you from exactly ?

Thalestris :
From Cappadocia !

Bromellios :
It's not very safe to travel like that at night with a little girl, alone !

Thalestris :
We are not alone.
As you can see, my Dad accompanies us (showing Magog).

Magog hearing that feels suddenly so proud to be called "Dad" by Queen Thalestris.

Bromellios to Thalestris :
What is your bow for ?

Thalestris :
I use it against naughty birds !

Acanthos whispering in the ear of Bromellios :
I hope we are not the "naughty birds" she is talking about !

Acanthos, loudly to Bromellios :
Let them pass, Bromellios !

Bromellios watching with full surprise Acanthos :
Really ?!

Acanthos :
Yes !
And addressing himself the trio : You can go, and farewell to you for the pilgrimage !

The trio rides away, and they can hear in the dark that Bromellios is whispering something to Acanthos.

Bromellios :
Why did you let them go so easily ?

Acanthos :
Imagine what would happen if all the family or tribe was following them !

Bromellios :
I don't understand.

Acanthos :
Do you remember the last visit of General Antipater ?
He said something about an alliance of King Alexander with Amazons and their Queen. Queen Olympias, his mother, received letters about this amazing news.

Bromellios :
You mean the females were Amazons ?

Acanthos :
Of course, idiot ! They are coming from Cappadocia. And why do you want us to annoy King Alexander's allies ? Think a little bit !

Bromellios :
Ah, in that case, this time we did the right thing. He ! He ! We'll get promoted !

Furthering quickly from the guards, the trio is also whispering.

Magog :
You called me "Dad", Thalestris ! It's the first time in so many years !
And the very day you choose to rename yourself "Minithya" !

Thalestris :
I am at last free from the etiquette of my court here, Magog.
So, I say it as I feel about you from many years : you are "Daddy" for me !

Magog has tears of joy in the eyes.

Thalestris again :
Above that, I felt exhausted those last times by my duty of Queen, in this quickly changing world. And if I had to pass away, I want Vanya (or Janus Curtius as you call him now), to have a grandfather to protect him !

Anya, coming also out of silence :
So, you are also my grand daddy, Magog ? ! Aren't you ?

Magog to Anya :
Of course, my lovely Anya !

The little Amazon princess and her mother are smiling.

This memorable night will stay forever as a happy one in the heart of all of them, including funny Acanthos and Bromellios who narrowly escaped the arrows of the Amazon bodyguards hidden in the bush near them !

Scene II : A warm reunion of Janus with Mom Thalestris, Anya and Magog

The trio arrived at dawn. Almost everybody was sleeping in the wood exploitation, except woodcutters.
Flavinia woke up when she heard talks outside. She recognized the voice of Magog.
So she got up to open the door. But Andromache who heard noise preceded her.

Andromache, not too loud :
Good morning Magog ! Oh My Queen is here also with Anya !

Everybody greeted each other with joy.

Flavinia :
Magog, that's you talking ?

Magog :
Yes, dear Flavinia ! Janus Curtius' mother, Minithya, wanted to see him. She came with his twin sister, Anya.

Andromache :
Hey that's great ! Janus/Vanya will be so happy to see them again.

A very nice little girl arrived then, after hearing the happy noise. She was rubbing her eyes.

Thalestris/Minithya :
Oh, how lovely she is !

Flavinia :
Yes, she is my daughter, Sylvia. Her and Janus are unseparable, especially when they are watching squarrels.

Thalestris/Minithya :
Squarrels ?

Andromache :
Yes they love imitating them, as if one day they will found a family.

Magog and Thalestris are smiling. And Anya is taken the hand by Sylvia to Janus' room, to make him the surprise.

Janus is also waking up with the noise. He is yawning when the two little girls are entering his room.
He immediately recognizes his twin sister Anya and jumps of his bed to hug her. They kiss each other on the cheeks.

Janus/Vanya :
Anya ! Anya ! Oh, I'm so happy to see you here with me !

Anya :
Me also, my hero !

Sylvia :
Is he a hero ?

Anya :
Oh yes, he is called like that in Themiscyra, our capital, because he saved my life from a dangerous snake, when we were four years old.

Sylvia :
I felt also there was something extraordinary about him, because of the symbols on his right index.

Anya :
Are you his friend ?

Sylvia :
Oh, yes !

Janus is taking the hand of Sylvia and unite them with those of Anya, to make a reunion of the three of them.

Janus :
I'm so happy. The two little girls I love the most in the world are with me today, my sister, and my "girlfriend" !

Sylvia, smiling cheekily :
Am I already your "girlfriend", Janus ?

Anya supporting her twin brother :
Me, I can see you are, Sylvia !

The three of them are joyfully talking when Flavinia, Thalestris and Magog are entering the room, followed by Andromache. Janus/Vanya is immediately jumping in the arms of his Mom. Thalestris is caressing his head with mother care.

Thalestris/Minithya watching him delicately in the eyes :
Oh, my little boy, I missed you so much !

Janus/Vanya :
Me too Mom, and Anya also ! Oh, Magog, you are also here ! Hey, what a great day !

Magog :
Aren't they cute the three of them like that !
I'm really happy as a new "grand daddy" !

Thalestris /Minithya:
Yes, Janus, I asked Magog to be your "grand daddy" to protect you, and your sister also.

Sylvia :
And me too, beautiful lady ?

Thalestris/Minithya :
Oh yes, you too lovely Sylvia, especially if you marry my son.

Sylvia :
I'll marry him and we will have little squarrels, a male and a female at least. Er... I wanted to say babies !

Everybody is joyously laughing.

Thalestris/Minithya to Flavinia :
Magog told me you are a far cousin of Marcus Curtius, the patrician whose ancestor of the same names was a national hero in Roma. Aren't you ?

Flavinia :
Yes, Marcus Curtius is very proud about his renown ancestor.
And about your son, I agree also to a future marriage with my daughter, as I can see they love each other.

Thalestris/Minithya :
I know it may look a bit soon to talk about that. But after I returned to my capital, in Cappadocia, there will probably be little chance to see them again. I can feel it. So it's probably better for me to give them my benediction now.

Flavinia :
Oh, I can understand that. So, Janus is a prince, isn't he ?

Thalestris/Minithya  to Flavinia, and Sylvia also :
Yes, but this must never be mentioned outside our limited circle. It's a matter of security.

I promise !

Sylvia :
Me too!

Thalestris/Minithya :
I am the Queen of Amazons. Anya and Vanya (Janus for you), are the twins I got from my husband, King Alexander the Great !

Flavinia :
Wow ! The Queen of Amazons and Alexander the Great ! That's something ! Wow !
I am going to prepare breakfast for the prince and all his family. I can see his grand daddy is hungry.

Magog :
Yes, that's true. This happy family reunions or even projects of union, opened me the appetite !

Thalestris (under the name of Minithya), Magog and Anya stayed in Balma Cornillon around three weeks. They spent there the happiest time of their life. She gave Flavinia a purse of gold coins for looking so well after her son, and another one for the marriage to be in the future, but duty was calling the Queen of Amazons in Themiscyra !
Of course, she gave instructions to Andromache, and told her several Amazons were now keeping an eye on the house and the environment of Balma Cornillon : they would send her messages periodically, so she would be able to transmit her letters also.

Scene III : Spadines' proposition of their Kingdoms' merger to Thalestris

It's again the time of Spring Festival, and Thalestris has just returned from Gaul Transalpina, with Magog and Anya.
Spadines asked for an official meeting with her, through Phoebe.
Thalestris is receiving him in presence of Magog, her chamberlain, Myrto and Phoebe.

Spadines :
Good Morning, Queen Thalestris, you are always more beautiful every time I see you !

Thalestris :
Thanks for the compliment. But why did you ask for this interview with me to Phoebe, King Spadines ?

Spadines :
Oh, I see you know who I am precisely.

Thalestris :
There is a long time I realized, King Spadines. But we need strong baby girls also, to become great warriors !

Spadines :
Well, as you must have also realized not only Gagarians are participating the Spring Festival every year, but also more and more free Scythes.

Thalestris :
In spite of the funny disguise they try to use as a camouflage, it seems to be a fact.

Spadines :
Why funny ?

Thalestris :
Your strong allure and the one of your men is easy to distinguish from the one of our male servants. The clothes they use don't suit them at all most often : they are too short or too long. And there is something clumsy in their ordinary gestures.

Spadines :
I have to tell my men they are no good as actors !

Phoebe, laughing with Myrto :
Yes, tell them Spad ! Be their director !

Spadines :
Is there something more I should improve ?

Myrto :
Tell them to imitate your style, because to be quite honest, it took us some times before discovering you.

Thalestris, Myrto, Phoebe and Magog also are laughing.

Spadines :
Oh, I can see your great chamberlain, Magog, is here.
What I came to propose Queen Thalestris can interest you as a man, like me, Magog !

Magog smiling :
The Queen, and everybody here are listening to you, King Spadines !

Spadines :
Well, my proposition is very simple, Queen Thalestris. Let's unite or if you prefer "merge" our Kingdoms ! I propose that you and your Amazons keep all your privileges as females warriors. But at the same time, I think it would be easier for all the couples formed during the Spring Festival to marry and live from now, or at a date you decide, together !

Thalestris :
So, you want us to become ordinary Scythe women ?

Spadines :
You misunderstood me ! I meant precisely that all your Amazons would stay Amazon warriors, but in couples with my men, as husbands and wives.

Magog :
So what you want is a kind of smooth merger ?

Spadines :
Exactly !

Thalestris is asking Magog, Myrto and Phoebe to approach her. She wants to have a talk with them.

Thalestris to Spadines :
Can you close your ears for a while and sit down on this comfortable armchair, beside the entrance of my throne room, King Spadines ?

Spadines :
Anything you want.
And Spadines is going to further from them a bit, sitting down on the armchair.
He can hear them whispering in quattuor.

The quattor is talking about strategy, to prepare a good answer.

Thalestris to Magog  :
Do you think Spadines will attack us, if I refuse his proposition at the moment ?

Magog to Thalestris :
No, he wouldn't dare. He knows you are the wife of Alexander the Great. And recently King Alexander totally decimated a huge tribe of Scythes who dared to try blocking his advance to Afghanistan : not a single Scythe warrior survived finally to the multiple fights !

Myrto :
Really ! And I guess, as usually with Alexander, those Scythes were outnumbering by far his own troops.

Magog :
Yes, by far ! And now his strategy is definitively called the phenomenal "Strategy of  the Hammer and the Scythe" !

Thalestris :
Wow ! So, we are totally safe then ?!

Phoebe :
I think so, because Spadines told me he didn't want to die like the satrap Bessos.

Thalestris :
What happened to satrap Bessos ?

Phoebe :
It's him who allied with this huge tribe of Scythes to stop Alexander in Bactriane and in the foothills of Afghanistan. As he assassinated King Darius III in Media to usurp the throne under the name of Artaxerxes V, Alexander chased quickly after him. When he was caught, Alexander sentenced him to the terrible punishment of quartering (with four flexible trees), as a regicide !

Magog :
You see, my Queen, he can't even try to kill you. So my advice is to answer no at the moment !

Myrto and Phoebe :
We totally agree with your faithful Magog, Queen Thalestris !

Thalestris, loudly :
Can you come now King Spadines ?

Spadines is advancing to her :
Yes, what is your answer ?

Queen Thalestris :
Your propostion is to be studied, but at the moment my answer, as Queen of Amazons and wife of King Alexander the Great, whom you must have heard as a Scythe, is simply NO !
Does it cause you any problem ?

Spadines :
Oh no, Queen Thalestris ! I totally respect you and your husband.
I'll wait then !

Queen Thalestris :
Yes, do that !

And Spadines is leaving carefully the throne room, watching from time to time behind him.

At that moment, cheeky Phoebe is approaching him and is saying loudly enough :
We'll see each other tonight, so you have to be fit !

Spadines, proud :
I'll be as usually, don't worry Phoebe ! You know me !

Scene IV : Marcus Curtius is visiting the "family" in Balma Cornillon

We are some times after the visit of Queen Thalestris, Anya and Magog to Janus Curtius in Balma Cornillon.
Marcus Curtius is coming to see how his wood exploitation is developping, but above all he is eager to have news of the family, including his "nephew" Janus Curtius.
He is entering the house's kitchen and seeing first Flavinia, his far cousin and her daughter Sylvia.

Ave Marcus Curtius !

Marcus Curtius :
Ave Flavinia ! Oh who is hiding behind the table ? But that's Sylvia !

Sylvia comes quickly to give a kiss to Marcus Curtius, and putting her index in front of her mouth, she says :
Chhh ! We are playing hide and seek with Janus !

Marcus Curtius :
Oh, sorry Sylvia ! I didn't see you !

At that moment, Janus is arriving followed by Andromache who is saluting Marcus Curtius.

Janus is running in the kitchen and he is seeing Marcus Curtius :
Ave uncle Marcus ! I am happy you are with us all !

Marcus Curtius, smiling :
Me too !

Janus :
I'm looking for Sylvia.

Everybody can hear a little Eh, Eh, Eh, below the kitchen table : it's Sylvia !

Janus :
Hey, I found you Sylvia !

Marcus Curtius :
As I can see, this is the house of joy ! Good !

Andromache :
They are so happy together !

Flavinia :
Just a few months ago, we received the visit ot Janus' mother with her daughter Anya, and Magog !

Marcus Curtius :
Really ! I would have been delighted to meet them.

Andromache :
They transmit their regards to you. They were impressed by Sylvia, and the attachment the children have got for each other.

Marcus Curtius :
I can see it also ! Sometimes, I feel they may get married in the future !

Flavinia :
Well, Marcus, you are just pointing out the right thing. Our visitors realized also, and the very important lady left even a purse of gold coins for their marriage to be.

Marcus Curtius :
Really ! So here is another one from me Flavinia !

And he is putting a purse, full of gold coins on the table.

Flavinia is approaching her cousin, and she is whispering :
The Queen of Amazons, Janus' mother, even gave them her benediction for their future wedding, in case she may not be able to see them anymore !

Marcus Curtius :
Oh I'll do that also ! Come here Janus and Sylvia !

Janus and Sylvia suddenly serious are approaching Marcus Curtius, who sat down on a chair.

Marcus Curtius is putting his both hands on their heads and is saying :
Janus and Sylvia, in this solemn moment, I give you my benediction for your union to be, as the paterfamilias of this house and "gens Curtius" !

Andromache who is equalilly watching the scene is very impressed by Marcus Curtius.

The children also are realizing something important happened to them together, anew.

Flavinia :
What are we going to do for their education, cousin Marcus ?

Marcus Curtius :
Considering the importance of Janus and Sylvia, I'll send soon from Roma a good preceptor.
It will be someone who is not too hard, because I want them to keep their joy of life.
It really makes me happy to see them so spontaneous !

Flavinia :
I totally agree with you, cousin Marcus. If Janus has to always hide his royal origin, and makes our Sylvia a princess, let's give them a happy life, without too many obligations.

Janus and Sylvia are approaching again Marcus Curtius.

Janus :
We'll go to school soon, uncle Marcus ?

Marcus Curtius :
Yes, but in fact the school will come to you, in this house !

Sylvia :
Will I study with Janus ?

Marcus Curtius :
Exceptionally yes, my lovely Sylvia !
I want to prepare you to be a very cultured couple due to your unusual destiny and rank, even you have to stay apparently as ordinary people !

Andromache, a bit moved, not too loud :
Thank you so much for them, Marcus Curtius ! My Queen would appreciate !

Marcus Curtius stayed for more than one month in Balma Cornillon, showing Janus how to behave as a master with the woodcutters. They accepted with curiosity the authority of their new "little master", Marcus Curtius often stepping back behind him for his training.
Sylvia helped Flavinia for the household. And very often, the children could play together or do what they really liked : watching squarrels' life, while Andromache was keeping an eye on them !
Marcus then had to go back to Roma, as he was an important patrician participating political life.
But just before going, he explained Janus and Sylvia the meaning of SPQR, Senatus PopulusQue Romanus : the Senate and the Roman People !

Scene V : A new compact is established between Amazons and Scythes (320 BC)

It took almost three years for Spadines to get to know about the news of the death of Alexander the Great in Babalon (323 BC).
But now he was ready to negociate again the Kingdoms' merger with Queen Thalestris. And for that, there was no better opportunity than Spring Festival in Themiscyra.
He again asked his lover, Phoebe, to meet Thalestris, who accepted to receive him in presence of Magog and Myrto also.

Spadines :
Good morning, Queen Thalestis !

Thalestris :
Good morning, King Spadines !

Spadines :
First of all, I want to present you my condolences for the death of your husband, Alexander the Great !

Thalestris :
Thank you ! But I guess you are also coming for something else !

Spadines :
Yes, it's true. I came to renew my proposition of merger between our two kingdoms, on the same conditions as last time. I know it's hard to be a widow, so I am not going to exaggerate. I'll try to be as smart as Alexander, in your eyes.

Magog :
That honours you, King Spadines !

Myrto :
Yes, I am impressed by your diplomacy !

Phoebe :
Spad is not a bad man !

Thalestris :
So you propose me to enforce a new compact between Amazons and Scythes, your Scythes, King Spadines ?

Spadines :
Exactly ! And as a King talking to his equal, I swear in front of the Gods, and especially your God Ares, to respect the traditional right of Amazons to fight at war. You just will be on our side this time. And it will be easier to look after and educate children, whatever they are girls or boys, this new way.

Thalestris :
Well, I guess I opened the door to such a merger by letting free Scythes participating the Spring Festival for years, and also by abolishing the crippling of young boys at five !

Spadines :
I think my men are honouring you for that, Queen Thalestris !
They consider you are a great and wise Queen.
You see your husband changed the world we are living in. So I just ask you to go on his masterpiece, with this historical merger.

Magog :
It's really well introduced. You improved a lot to our contact, King Spadines !

Spadines :
We are all learning everyday how to improve and make our world better for our children, Great Magog !

Myrto :
Me, as first lieutenant (e) of the Queen, I want to know what you propose for the status of our Queen, and Anya, her daughter ?

Spadines :
You are stressing the delicate point of the negociation.
If  I was asking Queen Thalestris to marry me, I bet she would answer no !

Thalestris :
You are right King Spadines. I'll die faithful to the memory of my husband, Alexander the Great !

Spadines :
It's all to your honour, great Queen Thalestris.
So I think the best is to decide the merger, with a dyarchy, you and me, Roman way !

Magog in alert (thinking Thalestris was right to leave behind her Amazon spies to melt the population around Balma Cornillon) :
Roman way ?!

Spadines :
Well, I mean Queen Thalestris will rule till the end of her life on her Amazons, me on my Scythe people, but when a question will interest both sides, we'll decide together equalilly.

Thalestris :
It looks fair, King Spadines. But what about Anya ?

Spadines :
I think after the merger a new kind of society is going to emerge among us. So Anya, as a princess will of course be entitled - if she wants - to marry my successor, who will have to respect our compact about the warrior role of female descendants of Amazons and Scythes.
But you can do as last time : talk with your council, I'll just sit down on the comfortable armchair at the entrance of the Throne room.

They do so, by whispering to each other.

Thalestris to Magog, Myrto and Phoebe :
What do you think of the renewed proposition of King Spadines ?

Phoebe to Thalestris :
Whatever happens, I want you to know that I wouldn't marry King Spadines, Queen Thalestris.
I'll remain your loyal second lieutenant (e) to avoid causing difficult dynastic problems.

Thalestris :
Thanks Phoebe, but you were not obliged !

Phoebe :
You are my Queen, and you will remain forever !

Magog and Myrto are admiring Phoebe's nobility of soul, with Queen Thalestris.

Thalestris :
All right thus ! I am going to accept the proposition of King Spadines. But I think I have to change my Queen's name to indicate such a change : I'll be called then Minithya.

And addressing to Magog, the Queen is adding :
Do you agree Dad?

Magog is nicely shocked and his voice is full of emotion :
Yes, my Daughter !

Myrto and Phoebe have got tears of joy after this unexpected, incredible, and moving turn of events.

Thalestris, loudly :
Can you approach King Spadines ?

Spadines is advancing to the Queen.

Thalestris :
Here is my decision ! I accept your proposition on the added condition, you recognize my faithful Magog, who is a man like you, as my Father. I'll continue reigning on my Amazons, even in couple with your warriors, till my death, under the new name of Minithya, which means in this precise case "the Conciliator". You and me will decide together important things concerning both females and men, and of course children. But I choose my Father, Magog, to be our Referee in case of difficulty.
Do you accept my conditions, King Spadines ?

Spadines is completely bewildered : Thalestris' revelation is rather destabilizing for him. He is winning, but he never expected Magog to get such a new importance.

Spadines watching the Queen, and staring at Magog is hesitating for a short moment, but finally he is taking his decision :
All right ! It's a very surprising compact, but all right ! I accept for the good of our two Kingdoms becoming one, Queen Minithya, widow of Alexander the Great. And I'll respect also the new status of your Father, great Magog who is a man of honour.
Even I wholly accept to recognize it, I'll just need time to get accustomed to this ultimate revelation of paternity !

Fourth epilog : The new people of Sarmats (320 BC - end of IInd century AD)

As the Amazons kept the right to fight beside their Scythe husband, and were living together this time, with their children, they gave birth to an astonishing society for more than five centuries, the Sarmats.
Very quickly they predominated upon the original Scythe (or Scythian) civilization, overwhelming it from Caucasus to the Western side beyond Tanaïs river (Don river), in the South of Russia and as far as what is called now Ukraine.
The life was going on simple and quiet. But sometimes it was rather rustic !

Lazygues :
What did you say Mom ? I cannot follow well your funny accent !

Lampedo :
Hey, son, you know very well I'm speaking a mixture of Scythian and Amazon language.

Lazygues :
Some Scythe friends are laughing about me, as I am speaking like you.

Lampedo :
Tell them your Mom will visit them with her bow, they will quickly calm down !

Lazygues :
Oh, that's sure ! Last time you did it, Jassics was so frightened that he did wee-wee in his trousers.
Ah, Ah, Ah !

Lampedo :
Really, you didn't tell me, and neither Roxelane, his mother, who is just a ordinary Scythe woman.

Lazygues :
Mom, could I ask you a favor ?

Lampedo :
Yes, my son ! What is it ?

Lazygues :
Could you stop setting traps for the noisy neighbours ? When they are caught, they roar with pain, so it wakes me up all the time !

Lampedo :
I'll see what I can do. But you know, I need some training for war. And rabbits are a bit too small for me !

Lazygues :
Mom, please ?

Lampedo, pouting :
All right, son ! I'll try to content myself with rabbits! May be some birds also ?

Lazygues :
You see, Mom, when you want you can really improve our relationship with our environment.

Lampedo :
Are you sure you wouldn't regret my bow ?

Lazygues :
Oh, about your bow, you can still use it to frighten my nasty comrades, Mom.

Lampedo :
Good son, come here !

And she gives him a kiss on the forehead !

The Sarmats were first a society of warriors, men and women. They needed at least some exercise from time to time. A specificiy is that women warriors were bellied with their weapons, like their famous ancestors, the great Amazons !