dimanche 23 décembre 2012

A new "ICE" age : 2012 is extincting in Christian morosity !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

Today it's bitterly cold and freezing in Moscow, which might look normal for Westerners' eyes, except the temperatures of this beginning winter are far too low when compared with the seasonal normal ones. Ice is everywhere with the fateful Boreal lights.
It seems there was no change in 2012 from 2011, but it's not true.
Change is not always sudden, even it looks so ; often it's the striking result of a longer and ignored process.
For instance, the share of the USA in the world GDP (around 70 trillion dollars now), is dropping clearly in front of emerging countries, and singularly China. America is still number one, but China is expected to become earlier than thought initially : the forecasting moved quickly from 2030 to 2020 or even 2015-2017 !
Russia is clearly rising again in this share with Brasil, a bit like Indonesia and Mexico also, the new surprising emerging countries. And India is maintaining an ascending position in front of a Western Europe on minority now on. There is really the end of a world economically, and the emergence of a new unknown paradigm.

While everybody's attention was caught on the village of Bugarach (Aude, France) more than Yucatan (Mexico) till this friday, with its non-event, the American group ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) discretely took the control of NYSE-Euronext. It was bought on thursday for 8.2 billion Dollars (6.2 billion Euros). And this happened in the most total indifference. The main point of the operation was to rise to the third world rank in the market of financial by-products which amounts around 700 trillion dollars - 10 times the world GDP -, by acquiring at the same time Liffe, owned by NYSE-Euronext. The ICE platform of London is then immediately strengthened to be able to face the number one, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.
On this ground, France with the place of Paris (beside New-York, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon) definitively lost independence or even co-dependence. But as it didn't catch the attention of anybody, there was no resistance. Bugarach tale has been too strong. It was so astonishing to connect artificially this small lost place of  French Pyreneas with the Mayas (when it never had anything to do together), that everybody engulfed in it without thinking.
Europe's decay (with a special room for Spain) was more what the revengeful Mayan great priests envisioned. For instance, Spain that some are considering on remission now, is not if you consider about the potential illusion of its funny statistics - a bit similar to the Argentinian ones, which are questioned by IMF.

Christian religion looks exhausted after a 2000 years history, often controversial.
Paulinism and Augustinism can hardly catch the attention of people, with their funny limitations, not coming from Jesus Christ. The founding and translation of a new document from Egypt in 2012, "the Gospel of the wife of Jesus", Maria-Magdalena, seems to passionate only American specialists. And the Church is still in denial that Jesus Christ was calling her "ta-hime", "my wife" in public.
We know from the right beginning, with the Gospel of Saint John (III, 28-29), Jesus was effectively married. But no, this carry-on about the refusal of Jesus' marriage is going on blindly.
It's a bit like if marriage was hiddenly "dirty" for a part of the Church, and it looks so strange and absurd at a time of quarrel in France about the "marriage for everybody" (Gay marriage). But it's true at the same time marriage was conceived as a patrimonial weapon (from  the XIth. century, with its definitive prohibition for priests and monks), and a way to control people (to bind them clearly to a land and a lord from the XIIth century, with feudality).
In truth, Jesus himself didn't talk so much about marriage, because his aim was at the opposite to free people.
If you want to defend efficiently the classic institution of marriage for religious purposes, may be it would be better to recognize first the right of Jesus to have married Maria-Magdalena, and to accept his possible descent and its rights. It would be more coherent then.

In meteorology and economics equalilly, scientific data and facts are "stoneheaded", and nothing can change them. People cannot help accepting that, even they don't like it.

About religion, if human beings don't understand much about godly things, it's not astonishing that God is taking mickey out of them and their irrational expectations.

The great lesson of December 21st, 2012, could be that Earth has become very peripheral in his global view, and certainly not - or not any more  - a focal point of the universe !

samedi 1 décembre 2012

"Katun Cauac" VII : the secret "war" of Mayan Codex, between uncertainty and paradoxical end !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Presently, there is a funny carry-on in order to demonstrate the Mayas didn't write what they are known to have written for December 21st, 2012, and the day (s) after. In fact, the Aztecs would have done it, as the successors of the Mayas !
It looks a bit like a big joke for secretly frightened specialists. But there is clearly a distinction between Mayan Codex and others, even it's more artificial for the Mexican ones. The fact they are pre-Colombian remains the first criterium, beside the place of origin. In that case, beside Mexico and Guatemala, people should consider also about the ones founded in Honduras and Belize, in tumbs, which have not been translated yet due to their bad condition.
Thus, the above specialists intend to convince themselves the whole story of the end of a world - if not of the world -, is completely impossible. They hardly believe in God, and still less in Gods like the awful and terrible Huracan, coming divinity of the next "Katun" (an important period of roughly twenty years for the Mayas or  the Aztecs, in connection with the existing planet Venus, "Xux Ek").
Our everyday life is already full of tempests - precise meaning of "Cauac" -, but no, we are pushed to think paradoxically that nothing huge is happening throughout the world !

Then, only three Mayan Codex are said to be existing amongst strict specialists...if you forget about others : the ones of Madrid, Dresden and Paris. They are not all in a very good condition, and pages are missing especially in the one of Paris which was found in the past...in the dustbin of a Parisian library ! This was already showing an obvious lack of consideration for the Mayas and their writings.
Anyhow, one cannot take for certain that none of those Codex is quoting about December 21st, 2012 as nobody was really able to translate them fully, and without any controversy.
If you consider with attention the Codex of Paris, it's obvious it appears heavily deteriorated and not integral, by way of the bad souvenir of the dustbin mentioned just above.
So even, you deciphered what can be, it's totally impossible to assert with a certainty of 100% what was or not in the missing or deteriorated part, or even what is completely in the remaining numerized 24 pages (especially page 1, 12 or 15). It's just a matter of describing what you see, and not to fall in the "make believe".
Thus, you have to say that you strictly don't know if this book of Mayan prophecies is considering the crucial date of December 21st., 2012, and the period of twenty years (Katun) coming also. Doing opposite would be divination !
For God sake, the Codex of Paris is presently well kept in the "Bibliothèque Nationale de France".

Above that, there is a trick concerning the Codex of Paris, as two Codex in fact were carrying this name in the beginning. Effectively, two are kept in Paris and not one ! And the second one, is actually called "Codex Pérez " after the name of the same ancient owner, to distinguish it from the previous one !
Beyond this entertained confusion, Codex Pérez is the one containing the famous revengeful prophecies of Chilam Balam. And it concerns quite notably December 21st. 2012 (or 23rd for some). It could be considered as an hybrid document (Mayan-Aztec), but nothing is clear about the Aztec percentage of other Codex. Nothing is proving they are 100% Mayan. It was just deducted from their probable datation with carbon 14 (around XIIIth century most admittedly). In fact, there is a margin of error which is about almost one century (83 years).
Anyway, all of them have in common the Mayan calendar, Gods, and numeral system.
How to understand precisely the meaning of the following translated sentence for instance about December 21st. 2012 : "the Lord 7 will overcome the Lord 9 on Earth" ? Was the Great Priest talking about "the Lord 7 Sun", Ah Uuc Kin, who is "the cigar of Katun" ?
It might be the correct interpretation if you take on account the change of era (another "Sun" for the Mayas and the Aztecs), on December 22nd., 2012. The cigar can of course be just a cigar, but equalilly indicating a comet or more basically any kind of long cylinder. By the way, there was one actually, which was filmed on October 25th, 2012 entering at a high speed the crater of Popocateptl (Yucatan, Mexico) !

In fact, the peculiarity of those religious writings is that even translated in our language, they evoluate in another world - a Venusian world, as their Hell included is Venusian.
So it's often extremely difficult to render that for Earthian modern world, but not impossible.
In this Yucatecan-Mayan version, the Great Priest is warning translators to come not to take him for an idiot writing nonsense, by threatening them to go quickly to Hell for any lack of consideration.
This type of malediction was also frequent in Antic civilizations, when you just think about the Egyptian one for instance, with "the wings of death" for the malediction of Toutankhamon.
Is it fear which can explain why the thrilling "Codex Pérez" seems put aside, when it's the twin of the Codex of Paris n°1 ?
Chilam Balam" means exactly "the Jaguar Seer" (in fact Seers, as it was a title shared by several in Yucatan, Mexico). Those seers saw and forecasted accurately the end of the autochthon civilization with the coming of Cortés (1485-1547) on the very day he arrived in Cozumel (April 22nd, 1519). So it would have been hard to believe they couldn't predict anything about December 21st, 2012, the very last day of their Venusian Calendar, and the day (s) after.

The Mayas (and Aztecs) had a cyclic conception of Universe and civilizations. In their humility, they knew all of them, including the condenscending ones, are falling down one day. And who can assert ours - Eastern for them - will not, and certainly not on December 21st, 2012 ? Are there so strong signs it's not already collapsing catastrophically in confusion, mainly because of a blind sillyness ?

So the secret "war" of Mayan Codex, which seem too narrowly listed if you add also the controversial Grolier Codex of New-York to the Pérez one, neither lead anywhere, nor demonstrate anything about the potential inexistence of December 21st. (or 23rd), 2012. And in the case of the end of just a world, it would in that case be lost, putting paradoxically an end to uncertainty !

How to understand for instance the strange reference to the reign of  a certain Pochek-Ix-Dzoy on Earth, but near the well of Hell - Venusian Hell -, with his quite astonishing demands, if you consider again the fateful prophecies of Codex Pérez (Codex of Paris n°2) ?
Would that apply to all the "Nunob", the ones not speaking Maya ? Why wouldn't it then ?!

Say the environment was suddenly becoming very shaky or blowy, or both, on the fateful date, with a funny and heavy red sky for instance, it would be possible to get an unusual "coffee-tomato" at a coffee-shop, without having even asked for it - half-jokingly !
It can just be hoped the most powerful forces of Universe will stay rather quiet and not enter in the human scenario, as nobody can beat them. And whatever will happen, this will remain true on December 21st., 2012, December 22nd., 2012, and the day after also !