mercredi 1 juin 2016

Just science-fiction XI : the presence of Orion, from Cosmos to Earth !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This is a following of our mascot series untitled "Just science-fiction". Today, we are going to talk about Orion's deep influence on our nearby planets...and obviously on Earth too as it is not outskirt the galaxy. We wish you an agreable reading of this masterpiece of pure fiction of course.


The fact Orion itself is operating as an interdimensional portal is discussed nowadays by the boldest astrophysists.
Archeologists know from a long time, something extremely important has always been connected to Orion since the eve of human time - and even before.
And this is not only concerning the Egyptian Sphinx (or the Martian one), but also the pyramids of Earth (including in China), the ones of Barsoom (Mars) or...of our present Moon.
Whatever you consider Procyon, Zeta Reticuli or Rigel, all of their inhabitants are from Orion wide sphera of influence. And this is remaining true, even their physical appearance can be proximate or not from human beings.
The Horus eye is reigning from a very long time on Earth. And it is periodically reassessed.

If a great agitation is observable on the hidden face of the Moon, it is connected to the ultimatum Procyon set to the Greys after its last year victory in the galactical war.
So the Greys are moving from the Moon to Earth, in search of a new shelter. And this is completely unbalancing their system of control traditionaly directed to our planet, with antennas comparable to the Eltanin one pictured in the seabed of Antarctica in 1964 (near Cape Horn, - 3 904 m).
A great perturbation of the Earth magnetic field is then recorded, associated with a surprising moving of the magnetic North Pole, from Canada to England (London).
So France might find itself, in the next future, near the new magnetic North Pole !
But what can you do against climatic change ? In fact, "Greenhouse effect" could be paradoxically needed now ! And more prosaically, a reorientation of its mass tourism would be necessary too, as it has no fjord yet.

It means also that the axis of Earth rotation has been modified.
From the depth of the oceans, unknown creatures may rise to the surface.
Usual beliefs are going to be considered as irrelevant, when old ones are going to revive in search of a new Golden Age. Even the worshippers of Saturn on Earth whatever their churchs' various names, might feel lost and distraught in this new world.
One important point is about Saint John's Revelations and also Jesus Christ, seen as he was at the origin : a prince of Orion !
When he was talking about Love as the strongest force in the universe, he wasn't joking at all and never meant petty love.

Misunderstandings should be absolutely avoided with Orion, and especially with its new leading star, Procyon. As a matter of fact, it can be rather touchy and swiftly responsive to "azimute" you - and send you in another dimension !
Normally, one may think that the "gentlemen agreement" with Procyon - by words only - would go on and on this way. In fact, there would be no need of an hologramic attack using the "Blue Beam" technology and the "Solar Warden" fleet of two huge flying "cigars" and 43 triangular "TA3B" (an illusion then), if Procyon was angry after such a planned earthling hoax : not to get done by too crafty and shifty human beings, Procyon would act accordingly, but it would be totally real then !
As a matter of fact, it has to be quoted Procyon refused in 1950 and in 1954 to join the Greys in "The Corporative" for the "non existing treaties" signed with UN and America.

Procyon is considering Earth as a beautiful "Blue Star", populated with a lot of backward people, often malevolent to each other. It is very well known that understanding, or even perceiving are not terribly developped yet.
The pretty "Blue Star" girls - who have got the type of Mary Magdalene (AD 3 - 63) particularly -, and also beautiful earthling men looking like the ones of Procyon are exceptions in their global appreciation of Earth. So, beauty is more significant to them than to earthling beings. And that's very logic, if you consider the very long and terrible war they just won last year and the ugly things they saw. Nevertheless, as the Greys they are also interested in people possessing at least six senses or more like them, and in erudite or wise persons too (beautiful in mind).

Equally, they do appreciate when people are able to answer just a nice hello, independently of their hologramic level or gender in the sequential human society !
In truth, the people who failed in negociating with Procyon representatives any signed treaty since the fifties, were simply not considered as beautiful. As a matter of fact, this very light but allmighty concept of beauty (not only intellectual) shouldn't have been excluded. They just self-proclaimed coldly their fake power and quality, if not arrogance and masked inferiority in their eyes. It will still work for a while (up to July 4th, 2016) with the Greys, but not with them. In their eyes, human beings are not so creative, but just imitating by retro-engineering for instance what they don't fully understand. Then, they think they have to reach another step in the future. That's why they are so surprised, when someone from Earth can really create by himself...or better, read at a distance directly in their mind and whatever is the corridor of time they can be in !

People of Procyon have got a similar appearance to beautiful Earthlings (men and women), and as for them they have a digestive tube unlike the Greys. Sometimes called "Venusians" - what they are not -,  it seems they know also some "Eurasian" variations. 
The ice cream they prefer is not automatically strawberry like Zetas for instance ; it can be raspberry or another kind of perfume. They could easily get on with Cuban people, as they do appreciate some of their products - but Zetas like them too, even it makes them discreetly coughing or deliciously turning greenish. They like fine food and also nice cocktails, without forgetting having a cool life. Their lifestyle has something to see, comparatively, with the delights of Capua in the ancient Rome. To succeed with men or females of Procyon, the quality of the envoys is quite important, or else they wouldn't even pay attention at them. It's a matter of respect in their eyes. And it has to be added, they can't stand people appearing as urban uncouth or hicks !

It is said that Procyon warned President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) not to launch the Challenger shuttle with nuclear waste inside - to get rid of in the space - in 1986. Procyon even provided an "ANT" (Anti Nuclear Technology) involving enzymes to "eat up" cleanly nuclear waste on Earth, but it was not used as a potential ET trap was feared...It's a pity because it works well.
The flight was postponed several times...due officially to bad weather conditions. But finally, the launching from Cape Kennedy (Florida, USA) was decided on January 28th, 1986. And 73 seconds after it started, the Challenger shuttle exploded in flight. The commission of enquiry showed there was a malfunction with toric joints of the propeller, which were not made to resist ice attack. As a matter of fact, the temperature was at the limit of what was admitted to set a launch on that very morning (- 0.5°C).

About the end of the US embargo towards Cuba dating back to 1962, nothing is proving Procyon finally intervened.
It's true that Procyon is leading the Galactic Federation since last year, and that the big change towards Havana started also in 2015 to be finalized this year. But it may be seen as just a coincidence.
Interestingly enough, Cuban products can be bought freely anew in the USA, after 54 long years, especially in the nearby Florida.
"El Che" (Ernesto Che Guevara, 1928 - 1967) might be very happy... to see that totally unexpected turn of events from the sky.
So the change since the time of JFK (1917 - 1963) is absolutely historical !

It is secretly known that people of Procyon could live 500 years on Earth - which they usually don't wish at all, and avoid normally -, so 250 years more than the Greys. This difference in their life expectancy is probably due to an inner adaptation of their body. It musn't be forgotten they are used to travel into the "Corridors of Time".
It seems also they know the secret of youth, which can make their girlfriend or their boyfriend quite fortunate : they can communicate them their youth through an active osmosis.
But it is not known if the common belief of Zetas, about a potential metamorphosis at their contact, is true ? One thing sure is that females Zetas can appear overjoyed when in presence of a beautiful man of Procyon, they almost see as a God now.
If people of Procyon can look amazingly young around 60, it is certainly due to their opening of mind, but also to the high rate of collagen in their skin.

Procyon people consider most Zetas (small Greys) as cute and often funny, like "Paul" in Greg Mottola's movie (2011).
At the opposite, they never got on much with Rigelians (taller Greys), who are terribly militarized both materially and spiritually - with their uncreative mind.
Yet, like Sparta finally lost the war for the lead of Greece in 362 BC, Rigelians have been defeated last year with Zetas by Procyon. But Zetas, in their high majority, are rather pleased to be freed now from Rigel slavery and a blind or even absurd obedience. A variant of Rigel in French is "Rigol", which is an euphemism as they didn't laugh ("ils ne rigolaient pas").

What Zetas like the most in Procyon people is the way they can forgive their small faults, when this gets on the nerves of Rigelians. And together, they can laugh friendly about it.
For instance, they never understood how "J.Rod" (a Zeta) renamed "Jarod" afterwards managed on the night of July 2nd 1947, to have an accident of "flying discs" over Roswell (New Mexico, USA), with the female ambassador of Andromeda. Was he driving too fast as usually when he took an abrupt bend ? No wander why he was nicknamed "the Crashboy of the Galaxy" by Procyon counterparts, coming from Vega of the Lyra as for them !