mardi 22 décembre 2015

Just science-fiction VIII ? A mild temperature for a new Earth and a new Atlantis ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This article printed in fantastic realism again, is at the border of science-fiction and coincidence.

At the moment in the South West of France, in Biarritz particularly, the weather is exceptionaly fine for the season (around 17-20°C). So everybody can enjoy it, even surfers, as if they were in the Southern hemisphere of the Globe ! And this mild temperature which will affect in fact all Western Europe till the end of 2015 at least - with an average of + 3°C or even more -, is also observable in Eastern Europe - as far as Moscow where flowers are blooming like in spring ! Ski resorts are desperately waiting for snow during winter holidays !
The specialists of meteo absolutely don't know what's happening, but they think it might not have anything to do with the "Earth heating" or an excess of carbonic emission. Of course, the Carbon print theory is rather a "Green Business" ideology, than a definitive explanation. Ironically, COP 21 just established a world agreement deciding boldly, a few days before, that the average of Earth temperature increasing musn't exceed 1.5 ° C by the end of the XXIst century. And in that case, even France has difficulty following its new rule of Le Bourget, because of a very capricious weather. But can it, at the beginning of the XXIst century ? Earth is a very powerful planet which own life is not up to human beings will, and God (or even Gods) can be so facetious sometimes, by joking with human beings just for fun !

Something different could be at work. And it is concerning first the Atlantic Ocean and the new way the Anticyclon of Azores (Portugal) is working : this could be able to modify the Gulf Stream process as well, but not only... We don't know if it has to see with the subduction of Earth, and the reactivation of Atlantis plate in the Atlantic Ocean. But amazing things may happen if it was. The partial resurfacing of a disappeared continent is always something unexpected and unbelievable. Let's recall the weather of the idyllic Atlantis of Golden Age, was known to be exceptionaly mild in winter !
We would be more coming back to the legend of the giant Atlas himself in that case. People have forgotten this character of Greek mythology, who was the first King of Atlantis, but Zeus, Poseido and Athena haven't about them !
The six main whirlpools of Earth should then be checked by scientists just in case, to see if a change is not affecting them : Skookumchuk offshore of British Columbia near Vancouver (Canada), the Old Sow whirlpool (Canada also), the Corryvreckan one in Scotland (UK), the Maelström one in the North-West of Norway, the Garofalo one in the straight of Messina separating Sicily from Italy, and the Naruto one in between Shikoku island and Awaji island (Japan) which is the furthest.

The three first whirlpools are not very famous in France, but the three other ones are more known.
About the Garofalo one, it is famous since the time of Homer (circa 850 BC), who wrote "The Odyssey" of Ulysses and his companions after the war of Troy.
The Maëlstrom one (Mosktraumen), between the islands of Moskenoya and Mosken in Norway, is operating four times a day. Jules Verne (1828 - 1905), the fantastic writer of Amiens - Picardie, France - made it famous in his novel untitled "Twenty thousand leagues below the seas" : the "Nautilus" submarine of Captain Nemo justly sank overthere !
And the Naruto Whirlpool with its colossal amounts of water carried four times a day at a high speed, is also known as "the devil's Whirpool" : it is located in a straight passage establishing a communication between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean.
Curiously, the "Devil's triangle" of the Pacific Ocean situated below, is making an echo to the Bermuda triangle of the Atlantic Ocean. There also, a lot of unexplained things are happening.
Astonishingly, since 1985 the discovery of an engulfed city - also called "submarine structure" by a timid science - in the very South of Japan archipelago has sometimes been connected to Atlantis : in fact, Yonaguni sank city (Ryu-Kyu islands, Okinawa prefecture) was not "Poseidonia", the capital of Atlantis, but a Far East establishment of this superpower. Anyhow, finding such remains is something noticeable enough to be underlined.

In contemporary times, it's the American seer Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945), who talked the most about the partial resurfacing of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. And as he quoted in his famous readings before, it reappeared in 1968 in  Bimini (Bahamas), not so far from the coasts of Florida. A "structure" of 570 m long with a "J" shape made of cyclopean big stones, and around 12 000 years old, has been clearly identified. Equally, he warned this resurfacing wouldn't happen at once, but in several times, especially about its capital situated further North-East !

In Azores, the Atlantis plate was between 120 m and 270 m below the Atlantic Ocean. So it would be interesting to know if it lifted up very recently, and to measure the magnetic field in order to know if it has been modified. Because it is obvious something has already changed about the Anticyclon of Azores (a high pressure area indicated by a big A on meteo maps), and the way it is operating with the Gulf of Gascony and the depressionary area of Western Europe (a low pressure area indicated with a big D on meteo maps).

By comparison what was discovered 30 m below Yonaguni island in 1985, is amazing. What is called the "structure", surrounded by traces of probable roads, is in fact a pyramid dated from around 12 000 years ago, in the shape of a Sumerian one (a ziggurat). And on Okinawa island, a very old tablet has also been found showing clearly this pyramid with two telescopic masts or aerials on the top !

So, what is waiting around and below Azores islands in the Atlantic Ocean - deriving its name from King Atlas - could be really thrilling.
Then, people who are aware of their surroundings, without being too much self-centered, or without having a group selfishness, may be able to perceive unprecedent changes in a good way for Christmas and after !