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Question mark : was Maximilien de Robespierre (1758 - 1794) just ugly...or incredibly ugly ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

The reconstitution of Robespierre's face by modern forensic methods in UK, very recently caused a kind of controversy about Maximilien. He is showing another face like a glove back to front.
We usually have in mind some paintings at his advantage, yet not hiding he was basically ugly.
Is it true his skin was so ravaged for instance, worse than his colleague Jean-Paul Marat (1743 - 1793) ? We know he used rice powder to conceal the multiple imperfections of his skin, after a witness account of Paul François de Barras (1755 - 1829), who visited him at Duplay's home where he was living (398 rue Saint Honoré in Paris). Barras wanted his acknowledgment after he had been victorious against the royalist revolt of Toulon supported by the British (september - december 1793), with the efficient help of Captain Napoléon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821) : Barras even nominated him General of Brigade after this milestone event.
Coming back to Barras visit, the latter just got Robespierre threatening disdain and ...his spits on his feet, as he was just cleaning his teeth, without answering !

Maximilien, Marie, Isidore de Robespierre was already famous at his time for his repulsive look.
And this idea wasn't coming only from Olympe de Gouges (1748 - 1793), Louis XVI's secret tender friend since he freed her from La Bastille - and the baron of Breteuil (1730 - 1807) - in 1785.
As a matter of fact, no affair and not even a girlfriend are practically known to him.
He was a despiteful man, haughty and molded with arrogance. This also convinced the viscount of Barras to create quickly his committee to overthrow him and his regime of Terror, with Joseph Fouché (1759 - 1820), other members of the Convention, and the financial support of a royalist banker, the baron Petit du Petitval (1747 - 1796) - a previous ambassador of Louis XVI to China. Barras became after the nine Thermidor (July 27th, 1794), one of the five Directors of the New Regime of Directoire (1795 - 1799). As soon as Thermidor 10th, 1794, Barras like Robespierre previously, wanted to play a role in the escape and substitution of Louis XVII (Versailles 1785 - Skelton [UK] 1794 - + ?) from the Jail Temple of Paris, and this was the main reason of the help of baron Petit du Petitval to finance the Thermidorian reaction. Yet, Barras finally realized thereafter, that a British "black op" (code name "Robin Hood"), had been already successfully lead to conclusion before him - by the count of Courtenay and his assistant of the British Secret Services, Miss Barett !

Anyhow, with his British version face, Robespierre looks awful and even frightening : the reconstituted image of his face based upon his mortuary mask, is clearly suggesting a real look of psychopath.
Coming back to the Duplay boarding house, the daughter of the joiner Duplay was always surprised to discover his real face, when serving Robespierre : when he was back home, he used to scrap his face full of rice powder during almost an hour, while by-passing accurately the outlines of his wig from the Former Regime ("Ancien Régime"). This a little bit artless girl always felt embarrassed, and also frightened to discover his real and naked face, without the subtelty of the make up !
Consequently now on, some specialists of the French Revolution dislike this reconstituted face, which wouldn't be his !? In fact, he looks worse than Attila the Hun, as it strongly suggest a physionomy of "a mass murderer". So, they cannot bear it.

By the way, just to give a clue without exaggerating, didn't World History recognize him as a mass murderer who influenced a lot of tyrants since, like Pol Pot (1928 - 1998) in Kampuchea for instance, in 1975-1979 ? We wouldn't quote more than Lenine (1870 - 1924) or Trotsky (1879 - 1940) also, who praised Robespierre in his ideological will for the creation of "the New Man" (and "the New Woman").
But it is clear that a lot of tyrants all over the world got their bloody inspiration from Robespierre, and his complete lack of human emotions which was chilling : without conscience !
Saying Robespierre wasn't alone as an excuse, not an excuse. And the fact Louis XVIII (1755 - 1824), who was deadly jealous of his sacrificed brother Louis XVI (1754 - 1793), even pensioned Robespierre's sister by recognition, can be quite puzzling.
Hence, praising openly such men, but the mean of education is highly disputable. It shouldn't be done. It is really questioning about the inmost depths of the human soul, and what some people would be ready to do still nowadays in the name of a mortiferous ideology - badly hiding the most basic instincts.

But sometimes, God's wrath can strike unexpectedly slaughtermen anywhere and anytime.
For instance, quite astonishingly, the "Comité de Salut Public" (Committee of Public Salute) which was sitting in the Queen's room of Tuileries, got a posthumous ironical wink from Queen Marie-Antoinette (1755 - 1793) during the Thermidorian reaction (July 27th and 28th, 1794), which ended up the Terror of Robespierre and his triumvirat !
As a matter of fact, it's not because a country is selling human rights like soap for washerwomen, that it means this country is respecting its own words. When a People has finally forgotten its dignity, if not waking up, it can lose easily its Liberty - almost inadvertently -, especially at a time of  programmed "virtual reality" !
Barras himself was declaring about his political action during Thermidor, and equalilly as a Director :
"The honor is reserved to the founders of the freedom of nations, the opprobrium to the tyrants and to the slaves. Can the choice be doubtful for a soul which has of the height ?"

And the answer about Robespierre, is he wasn't only incredibly ugly outside, but also inside, as a strange and odd pawn of History.
From a moderate royalist at the beginning, and never really a republican, he evolved quickly to a tyrant : on June 1794, after the festival of the "Supreme Being" (him and not God !), he was aspiring in fact to create his own royal dynasty with the prisoner daughter of Louis XVI, Marie-Thérèse de France (1778 - 1851), having most likely abused her in the Jail Temple of Paris.
She remained traumatized for life, even after she was freed and exchanged against six revolutionary MPs, with the empire of Austria on December 19th, 1795, after the intervention of Barras - him again ! 

Do people remember the lessons of History ? We would like to answer yes, but we have to be realistic, as we know very well the answer is very probably no !
Nowadays, nobody would be ready to defend his own values in the name of Saint Denis and Saint John, like the Chouans of Vendée and the West of France (1793 - 1796). People feel crushed instead and they prefer to settle down resignedly in a mediocre and flat life, by contenting themselves with economic "electro-breaking" news, going from bad to still worse in an entertained stagnation.
So, they just nod the head when stimulated by the funny square of power "Paris  - Brussels - Paris bis - Berlin", by highly ignoring "Ameropa" (a now very significant part of the 4,200 US companies have left, or are leaving for good France).

And there are not new Chouans, ready to stand up for their freedom and their dignity, but seemingly trostkysts or libertarians, ...half-concealed in their cosy comfort of real "Bourgeois". Neither any funny beatnik nor forgotten hippie are managing Economics, and obviously everything is falling down without any fantasy in this new "Big-Brotherland" ! The usual laughter goes down hard this time !
Through a little overplayed role of composition, the supposed "French province of Europe" would just do its economic and social "homeworks", and try to content Brussels, Paris bis, and the French People with the usual "Nova Lingua". Everything has apparently to change, so that nothing changes !
And yet since Barras, in a haunted, nervous, and stifling land still marked by the brand of ancient Terror, the Child of the Sacred Heart is alive, and the children of Brutus are not anymore !

samedi 1 novembre 2014

A Christianism often without Jesus : the human incomprehension !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This experiment of a God made human shouldn't be reinitiated. It creates confusion and human beings don't understand it. They start doubting about the power of God, or even about his own existence.
It's definitively not the best divine choice for the future.
Human beings are expecting from God to be above them, and certainly not to be at their level. Divine humility is thus to be disadvised.

The Christianism we were taught is far to derive only from Jesus Christ. Syncretism between holy Scriptures, antic Mithraïsm (transposition of the "Sol invictus" celebration on December 25th, for Jesus "official" birthday...), and the Egyptian religion of Goddess Isis (the image of Maria the Virgin with her infant in the arms), was at work. And is it so annoying ? Not necessarily !

But often, we can wander what is exactly coming from Jesus, directly and personally ?
His youth is known but completely ignored. He has not the right to be himself, but only what far exegetes decided he ought to a convenient instrument of their own material power on human beings. And finally, he is the one who has least say in Christianism !

The most annoying part is that human beings, who feel they are Superior to others - what he strongly disputed himself by often appearing as a rebel character -, are deciding who has to be forgiven or not, and who can get redemption or not. And that's terribly wrong. They should instead wander about their own pardon and salute ! Because at the end, only God is deciding, and certainly not them with their selfish and narrow minded vision and aims !

Was Jesus a man or a God ? In fact, both ! The only thing true about him, is himself considered he was the son of God : he recalled it to Joseph, when he wanted to behave as every father would do !
And the first time he ressucitated a human being wasn't with Lazarus, but far before with Zenon, in his childhood when he used to study Greek. People have forgotten the Holy Land was previously a Greek province, which fell under the control of the Romans afterwards.

So then Zenon was a classmate. And as they were playing once on a roof, the latter fell on the floor... stone dead. As Jesus was already notorious in the area, a small crowd was taking shape accusing him to have pushed the boy, and to have killed him. To stop any further problem, Jesus approached the lifeless body of his comrade, and said loudly in Aramean: "Zenon Khoum" ("Stand up Zenon") ! "Khoum" ("Stand up") ! "And tell them I didn't push you !" And Zenon did so, by ressucitating over suddenly !

This event which shook everybody, as well as him as a young boy, shaped totally his destiny to come. Now, he would help "crashed" or "crushed" people, and save them with his godly powers, by ignoring more often those who were getting on his nerves ... that he used to petrify !
Consequently people started to be less trembling in his presence : he was more easily accepted and even began to be highly praised.

About adult Jesus in front of Pontius Pilate, the Governor of Judea, it is remarkable the latter was impressed by him, and even liked his character. But Jesus behaved more like a son of God than a human being, and he didn't even try to make an alliance with the overthrow the malicious Caiph, and Herod Antipas, the usurper Tetrarch of Galilea, when him was an official descendant of King David ! Hence, Pontius Pilate really tried to spare him as the four Catholic Gospels are showing, the last failed try being with the choice given to the crowd between him and Barabbas !

An important reminder must also be made about Maria of Magdala. The Church considers since 1969 she could be a different person from Maria in Bethania, without proving it clearly. And this version could seem audacious as for the number.
In Bethania then, the latter Maria, in Simon's home, anointed spontaneously the feet of Jesus with a good quantity (one pound) of an extremely expensive perfume called "Nard". And to top it all, she dried them ...with her own hair (Saint John, XII-3) ! And those quite astonishing actions are showing that in her eyes, the human part of Jesus was definitively smaller than the divine one.

The exaggerated controversy about Maria-Magdalena is astonishing when you consider the way a lot of people are considering marriage as a pillar of the faith...except for Jesus, whose "wife" instead of her, would have been the Church, not existing yet at this very time.
Just recently during the last synod about family, the new Pope Francis (born in 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentine), who is an opened man, had a lot of difficulties with the assembly of Bishops, to help a significant general evolution, just for ordinary people...or people who wish to be so.

However, according to the Gospel of Saint John, Jesus was definitively married with a woman, and a beautiful one.
But, we don't know if John the Baptist who was clearly impressed and admirative of Jesus as "the Married Man" (Saint John, III-29) - like he is so explicitly quoting for any potential reader eager to discover the answer -, made an obvious parallel at that precise moment, with God Yahve himself and his Ashera ?!

Often, the Jesus we imagine is a just a convenient synthesis of several sources, which has been highly directed by Saint Paul from the beginning. Yet, Paul has never been his Apostle.
But, he has clearly rebased Christianity, and forgotten in the meantime about the role of Maria-Magdalena. On the opposite, Saint John who wrote one of the four Gospels admitted by Roma, and which reading should be more encouraged, ... was an Apostle of Jesus about him !

Redemption, with the access to the Kingdom of Heaven, which was the main point of Jesus is now confusedly seen through the eyes of Saint Paul (as the ex-Saül of Tarse who wanted to be saved for his mortal sins, like the deaths of Etienne or even James, Jesus' brother), more than through the ones of Jesus Christ : what an incredible paradox !

Of course, it is admitted Saül becoming Paul, had changed totally after his electrocution by a sudden flash of lightning on the road to Damascus, when he lost the sight temporarily.
Nevertheless, some people might have a big surprise expecting for them, when at the entrance of the Kingdom of Heaven, even they got the Paulinist absolution from a priest.
That is as the mistral, yet not a wind of aquilon : when it blows, it can be three sheets to the wind there.

In the "side-religion" of Mithra, after death, the deceased person is founding herself on a bridge connecting Earth and Heaven, where she is meeting a pretty girl and a beautiful man (in fact both are "Yazata", or "Angels"). And the person has to give the good answer to several questions. If she does, the beautiful Angel of the opposite sex is taking her hand, and she is admitted in the Kingdom of Heaven. And if she doesn't, both Angels are disappearing and leaving her alone : then, the bridge is suddenly narrowing and the person falling directly in Hell.

Amazingly, people who are sincere, uncomplicated, and good-hearted (what never meant idiot !), which includes far more than just Christians, can be "touched" by Jesus' light, and feel a great serenity. This goes thus beyond baptism, and gets back rather to the inner child still living in us, with his divine blessings as a reward !
His universal message really reached his target on every continent, ...printed with an ink called "Love" !

Presently, on the web there is a funny rumor about a mini-Doomsday coming very soon. This Fundamentalist prediction which seems to come from America, would be based upon a strange absence of Sun for three days to start from December 21st, which NASA would be warning of.
We are hardly believing in this which has to be confirmed, except if it is for Boreal areas where this is happening every year, and more than three days anyway !
Around 2000 years ago, only Jesus was able to "congeal" the Sun, by plunging temporarily the Mount Golgotha into darkness !