vendredi 11 août 2017

Just science-fiction XXII : Rakshasas versus Zetas !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

This new article of "Just science-fiction" is going to talk about a very hot subject involving world peace : the traditional opposition between two ET races, Rakshasas and Zetas.
Of course, it is just a fictional narration, as usually.
We hope you a good and interesting reading.


Rakshasas, from Sirius, do more than disliking Zetas (the most famous type of ETs, coming from Zeta Reticuli, and popularized by the Roswell accident in 1947).
The present problem is that this common hatred is bursting out in the Cosmos between them : the war started anew !
Earthling beings may think : good for them, as long as they are fighting in the Cosmos, and not on Earth.
However, this expectation may not be fulfilled, because Rakshasas are supporting America since 1946 (the year Cold War started on Earth between Washington and Moscow), through a secret "non-existent" treaty.
And on the other side, Zetas are backing up North Korea ! Aha, will you think !

You are right to say so, because there is a real problem for world peace.
If President Kim-Jong-Un decided to really attack Guam island (USA) with four missiles, they will most likely be destroyed by the THAAD - Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - anti-missile system. But, President Trump would then retaliate by bombing Pyongyang (2.58 million inhabitants) or some supposed nuclear sites, with nukes ("fire and anger").
Using four missiles would be unwise from North Korea, as it has got around nine nukes only against 8 000 for the USA.
North Korea can certainly be enormously damaged, but not without retaliating itself on Seoul (capital of South Korea, 10 million inhabitants), which is the nearest target depending on America.
And nobody knows if the American nukes potentially launched on North Korea wouldn't fall at the border of Russia or China, by affecting them too.
The risk to provoke accidentaly an hazardous world war, is thus extremely high.

On their side, Zetas, who are also present in America itself (Roswell area - S4 -, and some other US bases), may play the role of a fifth column to fight back America and its Rakshasa ally.
Don't forget Zetas are unofficially doing technological transfer towards the USA since the "non-existent" treaty of 1950 (A UN treaty with the Corporative, among which Zetas) !
Above that, this "non existent" treaty is not anymore valid since July 4th, 2016.
Zetas may try to desactivate American nukes, and provide help for an unexpected incursion of North Korean volunteers on the Mainland of America.
But Pleiadians, Alpha Centaurians and Vegans are certainly also feeling concerned with this crisis.
From Saturn, Alpha Centaurians are presently activating their huge artificial "hexagon" in direction of Earth. They are trying to maintain its fragile balance. On their side, Pleiadians are trying to make Donald Trump subduing his warlike rethorics. And Vegans wander if America didn't go too far with the economic sanctions voted a few days ago in UN to deprive North Korea from 1 billion $ income, leading it to desire war by having nothing anymore to lose ?

About Rakshasas, they are known from very long in the true Indian mythology. Their flying vessels armed with heavy weapons were called "vimanas". Usually, they were considered as demons or goblins coming fro the sky.

Rakshasas and Zetas have got in common their dynastic ruling system. But there is an important difference, the first one being elitist and militarist, and the second one "communist" and militarist.

If in spite of all efforts from people of good will, war had to over suddenly restart really after a very long truce since 1953, a totally new world might arise, where America wouldn't be automatically n°1 anymore.

Where Rakshasas like demonstrating strength, Zetas are more like foxes : they can be extremely cunning, perserverant and fierce, when they decide to enter a war !

On an exchequer, human beings would just be like pawns, or sometimes knights and bishops, but not above in their hands if Rakshasas and Zetas were playing chess game together !