jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Just science-fiction XIII : towards the end of Vegans' tribulations on Earth ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

As usually, what we are going to describe has to be taken as "just science-fiction" of course.
Today, we will study about another type of ETs which is too much ignored : Vegans !


Vegans are coming from Vega from the Lyra. They are as tall as people of Procyon, and can count also giants, with a darker complexion as for them.
Since Procyon won the Galactic War against the Greys last year, Vegans have got some difficulties to find what is their new position. They were used to stick to Rigelians (tall and sometimes very tall Greys), and to face mocking Zeta Reticulians (small Greys) obliged to be disciplined. But now, everything has changed.

To be discretely accepted on Earth by Earthlings, Vegans overdevelopped their physical abilities or performances. So, they can be easily champions in a lot of sports. But they know this is vanishing with time passing by, and they would like to be recognized also for their intellectual and scientific achievements.
Procyon people about them, are aware of their full abilities from a long time.
To neutralize Vegans, Procyon, as the new leader of the Galactic Federation has finally allowed Earth to colonize the Moon and Mars it freed from the Greys and alii's control. And Vegans were justly allies of Rigelians (tall leading Greys).

On their side, most Earthlings have always been more choosy and tribalist towards Vegans, especially the ones who consider themselves as the most advanced.
They just replaced the word "tribe" by "elite" to give a more acceptable cover-up to their basic and often rather exclusive conceptions. And this has resulted in a constant enmity.
In return, Vegans are trying to make the old plans of humans for mankind failing hopelessly : they suffered from them, and they don't want to be done again !

Humanity on Earth starts...and ends up very quickly with human beings, and too often not even the majority of them. Bombastic sugary words are obviously frequent whatever the gender, but they too often end up as "hearsays" !
ETs, whatever their various origins, are bursting out laughing as they know all that is just for show.
Human beings in their mind are mostly actors, even the movie of their life wouldn't get a palm from Cannes' festival usually. They easily jump from an idea to another, and forget what they said first !

Here lies the very reason why they are just approached carefully, without being yet fully accepted in the Galactic Federation. The "fair" colonization of the Moon and Mars, is the litmus test Procyon is imposing onto Earth now on. They will have to face what (or who) is expecting for them, "alone" in the universe anyway !
In the Cosmos, everybody is aware about Earthlings' predator instinct - often "teethely" outstanding. So it won't be easy.
Above that, it is widely known they like wars starting for nothing, which is not acceptable if you want to establish harmony in the universe.
Of course, this is a paradoxical appreciation from ETs, as they are far too be all that peaceful themselves !
Sometimes, they are wandering if they should erase or not the "Blue Star" (Earth) from the Cosmos ?

Vegans could live easily 250 years on Earth, like Zetas, but it doesn't happen this way in reality.
They have usually a very strong perception in matter of telepathy, but they don't control it very well.
As signals can come also from machines or computers, they often feel a kind of jamming.
And those interferences can still be higher when they are beside children : their noisy games can affect quite easily their internal ear and perturbate them, for instance. If it is lasting too long, it can even harm their balance and their health condition.
But often, for the ones directly born and educated on Earth, they have damaged by themselves this sixth sense, by listening to walkman, MP3 and alii too loudly.

Moreover, as they intend often to be overdevelopped physically from young age, their body can also suffer from nascent arthrosis and rhumatisms around 25 or 26. Their heart too is becoming easily fragile on Earth. So, they usually just end up to reach an average age, when living on the noisy "Blue Earth" !
For a Vegan, being pilot of one of their motherships, or even a smaller flying saucer, is really a top achievement : with this more authentic way of life, he can reach a venerable age.
The other possibility of course, is to be a pilot of the ultra-secret US "Solar Warden" fleet. But the new orientation of Procyon towards Earth, seems to make it useless : it was directed against Procyon's threat precisely until last year !...

Zeta Reticulians consider Vegans as very dependent : that's the very reason they are taking micky out of them. They always need to be directed or oriented.
In their mind, they are very efficient at taking orders, and that's all.
To make a comparison with human beings, they just appear for them as those people sitting in a train and waiting for a message with their smartphone or their IPhone : they look like "remocons" (a Japanese neologism for "remote controlled"). They don't seem to have a life on their own, or their say. Of course, it is largely exaggerated in reality.
Strangely enough, those two opposite species consider each other as  a "satellite" of a stronger specie.
And they don't appreciate much being together, or having to complete a task by being jointed.

In conclusion, Vegans have now to find a new way of life, in connection with or most likely against Procyon, the new leader of the Galactic Federation at the moment.
They cannot bear the often idiotic jokes of Zeta Reticulians, who became since last year very friendly towards Procyon people, by abandoning - or betraying in their eyes - Rigelians. In fact, they don't accept at all the consequences of Procyon domination in the Galaxy. And they are going to show it !

Another habit of Zetas is to play with the smoke of their cigarette, in order to make curls around Vegans' eyes and ears ! And a hidden reason of tobacco's limitations on Earth over the last twenty years, could be lying in this unknown point, when Rigelians were dominant.
Nowadays, Vegans are easily slapping little Greys' faces when they are exaggerating.
But to retaliate, Zetas made a special spray tickling - and finally irritating - Vegans' sensitive nose !

Zeta Reticulians are now benefitting from Procyon spatial medicine, and their technology of holograms too : it makes them able to modify their appearance, in order to look human, by even gaining somewhat in size.
Those cheeky ETs are really good at seizing opportunities, and that's really getting on the nerves of Vegans !
So Vegans are relying upon their mysterious allies of Alpha Centauri to strongly change the deal on Earth, and in the Galaxy again. And they just recently received the acknowledgment signal, also heard untranslated by some Earthlings in the Space field !