dimanche 4 juin 2017

Just science-fiction XX : into the secrets of Alfa Centaurians !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Here is another idea of movie scenario for Hollywood, with this new tale of "Just science-fiction".
Today, we will try to get into the secrets of Alfa Centaurians !
As usually, you must take our narration as a total masterpiece of fiction, obviously.


Not many people are speaking about the triple star system of Alfa Centauri (Alfa Centauri A, B and C, the latter one being also called Proxima Centauri). It is the most proximate Star system to the Sun, it may replace in an ignored future.
Science recognize now that life may exist over there, but with the usual "bla bla bla" about bacterias in their oceans. And to be quite honest, Alfa Centaurians are far from looking like bacterias, with their often impressive size : from 1.80 m to 2.40 m for men, and from 1.65 m to 2.10 m for women. Two types are coexisting, the first one looks like Earthlings, and the second is Reptilian with yellow eyes but no tail.
For the ones looking like us, their eyes are a bit similar to Asians (or sometimes round), with various colours - from blue to green, brown or dark. The hair can be blond, red, brown, hazel or black.
Their guttural language can appear at the ear, like a kind of German way of speaking Chinese.
It may take two centuries for human science to recognize their existence, supposing human beings wouldn't start to be clearly overcome by AI (Artificial Intelligences) from 2019. Those AI were autonomous and self-learning, in most fields human beings were operating before. But very soon - Android shape or not -, they might become over suddenly quasi-independent, by starting to confine more and more human beings in secondary roles or in decorum. They might then unexpectedly, beat off the Mantis strategy we were talking about in a previous article. 

Alfa Centaurians have to be brought closer to the Atlanteans, at the times of their glory.
They are both able to live under the sea, with their special organ allowing them to breathe below the water.
Being amphibians, they are obviously talented for swimming. Another similarity is their telepathic mind.
Alfa Centaurians about them can sometimes levitate, or more commonly being teleported, notwithstanding other secret abilities.
So, if you calculate well, the number of their senses exceeds easily the number of five. Their life expectancy can overcome 2000 years. But on Earth, due mainly to pollution, climate change and accessorily to the Earthlings' aggressive tendencies, it can drop easily far below. That's why they don't like much staying too long on Earth. Hence, twice a week there is a very special shuttle for them, to get back home in the galaxy by very long distance teleportation. At the same time, newcomers are replacing them by taking turn.
On Earth, Alfa Centaurians can be found in the Bermuda triangle (Atlantic area), and the Devil triangle beside Shikoku island (Pacific area, Japan), but not only. It seems they have also an important base in Argentina, below a bay.
Anyway, any living sea or great lake can be chosen to be inhabited if necessary. They fly USO (Unidentified Sinking Objects), which are an important category of UFO.

The history of Alfa Centaurians is originally connected to Venus, when it was inhabitable, a very very long time ago.
When the Sun started to destroy the possibilities of life on Venus, they emigrated to...Earth, by creating the Atlantean civilization, had bases on the Moon (s) and Mars, and finally found a haven in the triple Star system of Alfa Centauri.
When the Atlanteans exploded above Lemuria the second Moon of Earth (which is called the Black Moon in Astrology) by using the terrible weapon called "Mashmak", Alfa Centaurians moved to Central and South America, but also more safely to Cosmos. The side-end of Atlantis also provoked by this huge diluvian catastrophe, lead surviving Atlanteans to move worldwide. In France, few people realized the name of Pyrenees is directly coming from the last Queen of Atlantis, Pyrenee, who took refuge in this mountain range.
As "Venusians", before becoming Alfa Centaurians, those ETs are the ones who introduced potatoes, peas, tomatoes, apricots, and tobacco on Earth, as well as...bees which are then true tiny extraterrestrials from Venus !
Nowadays, Alfa Centaurians are using their high technology to recreate life on Venus : that's why unusual tempests and thunders can be periodically observed on this planet. The UFOs seen above Venus are then mostly Alfa Centaurians' ones.

It has to be added that they want also Mars back, which may cause a divergence with the IIC (Industrial Interplanetary Complex) from Earth. There are negociations at the moment, not only to improve the workers labor conditions, but also to establish a profitable coexistence on the Red Planet. Effectively, with their sophisticated terraformation engineering, Alfa Centaurians are able to give back to Mars its old glory by reviving it. They will rebuild Apollo's statue to the memory of Olympian Gods, they had connection with. On Earth, Zeus (Jupiter) seducing the marvelous Europa, daughter of an Asian king, wasn't  totally considered as mythology for them.
Alfa Centaurians don't share the Darwinist vision of life, involving often stupid competition which is totally stranger to them.
Yet, coming back to Mars, as they are superior militarily - a universal language -,  the peace talks could advance quickly with the support of Vegans, and of course Pleiadians.

Among Alfa Centaurians, there is neither rich nor poor people. Everybody can get what he (or she) needs without any difficulty. And in that way, living among them can be paradisiac. Their women particularly are quite romantic, blatanly coquettish, and ready to receive the nice compliments they deserve. On their side, men are rather gentlemen, and very good companions for women.
In the triple Star system of Alfa Centauri, they is no law the way we conceive it on Earth, but an efficient system of self-limitation - as Alfa Centaurians are very ethical due to their DNA. They have neither any "Ross" software system operating as an AI.
However you must beware with them, because what they call ethics is not a "facsimile" of morals, from the strongest upon the weakest like on Earth. Above that, they don't admire especially Earth, which is often inconsistent, blind, and backward for them.
Another point of opposition, is that they favour a kind of "dolce vita" as a "soul transformer" for a more natural life.
Their medicine too is "natural", and based upon apoptosis, plants, and the use of honey or royal Jelly (from "Venusian" bees then).
In the Middle Age, the amazing abbess, Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179), stressed clearly the importance of bees for an healthy and prosperous life on Earth.

Thus, if there is an influence of Alfa Centaurians on Earth, it is connected to individual freedom and really effective human rights, smart and efficient ecology to prevent Earth global warming, a specific concern about the influence of the Sun in memory of the brilliant Venus, and final peace.
Those four topics can make them calmly interventionists.

Often, they give shelter to human beings - or sometimes ETs, whichever their type -, in difficulty with the "Earth' secret satellite government".
So there are more and more hybrids between Alfa Centaurians and human beings, as they are biologically compatible for raising babies.

Another peculiarity about Alfa Centaurians, is their strong affective bond with the loved ones.
Astonishingly, if deceased, they are even able to recreate them by using the most secretive rules of reincarnation. On Earth, we would rather call that a processed engineering of resurrection !