dimanche 24 février 2013

Papacy 2013 : God, Jesus, and Maria's claims might definitely win this time !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

On February 11th 2013 (another 11), the Pope Benedict XVI announced he was going to resignate the position next February 28th around 20 PM (Roman Time). This created a schock worldwide, and not only in the Catholic Church. The precise reasons are quite unclear for them, although he is claiming to be old and not strong or fit enough to carry on the duty. To us, he should have stayed to make some important reforms he seems to have in his modern mind.
So even some can consider it's very modern to resignate, in spite of the precedent of 1415, most people don't understand at all what's happening.
And Catholics - but not only them - are a bit worried.

We can understand it's difficult to lead such a power. And in a so huge entity or body, it is not astonishing to find divisions or differences in Gospels' interpretations.
Anyhow, it's very surprising to accelerate the conclave in order to start before the legal date of March 15th 2013, by a "proprio motu" decree.
It is also astonishing to discover the present Pope is fed up with the hypocrisy of religious people, and stresses the need to really find back the spirit and unfulfilled propositions of Vatican II (1962-1965).
Nevertheless, we agree fully with him about the fact "religious people" must ensure themselves, that they are authentically linked to God in order to represent him.

And in that case, why not a "proprio motu" decree of the last day to come back to regular marriage for priests and above, as before the eleventh century ? It would definitely cut the grass below the feet of a lot of opponents to Roma, and might solve some drastic problems.
On this point, it is remarkable the next speedy conclave will be held in the absence of Cardinal n°118.
We call him like that to recall he was the last one nominated by John-Paul II in 2003, with the title of "Cardinal in pectore" (secret Cardinal)...and also because it is his number as a potential elector.
If his nomination was connected to the third secret of Fatima, and was a way to conjure its unterminated translation from the full words of Maria the Virgin (1917), it's not very wise to ignore it. She warned clearly about a good listening.

Another surprise for a catholic is to discover a main preoccupation of Vatican seems to be about the Old Testament, and not the New one introduced by Jesus Christ.
Whoever will be elected pope very soon, and especially if he was taking or carrying the name of "Peter", he will be obliged also to take on account what wrote Saint John.
Of course, it wasn't about the Old Testament, but clearly a major Gospel of the New one, if not a vital pillar.
Jesus Christ has to be understood  and accepted fully now, by taking on account his youth and family or dynastic preoccupations also.
And he will be this time, whatever the way the holy spirit will choose to follow...even God had suddenly to step over human beings' bad will.

Ruling the biggest religion in the world, counting more than 1.2 billion followers, wouldn't be an easy task for the coming pope. Whatever the continent he will come from - especially if Europe was losing its preeminence for the first time in history -, he might be very conservative.
So instead of leading to a renovated Church to adapt present times, and stick more to Jesus original words and wishes, it might quickly result in the opposite. And being "Peter" or "not Peter" might not be so meaningful then, litteraly speaking.

Most commentators are excited by this accelerated election, in order to discover which continent will predominate this time.
But often, the election of a pope is at the opposite of classic logic, and has got little to see with a political election in its functioning. Being favourite is not a so sure sign of victory.
The pope finally chosen is usually an outsider proposed to reach a final consensus.
Said differently, a cardinal is not directly candidate by himself.

It is not known if France, which didn't introduce officially any candidate is supporting more the advent of an African pope, than a South American or an Italian one. But it might be, if you consider the media' s clues.
It is a bit a pity our country didn't seize this opportunity, to reaffirm its historical background of previous "eldest daughter of the Church". As a matter of fact, France's creation in the Vth century Anno Domini was consubstential to the Church. And it's so exceptional that it must be underlined. Its universalism is coming from that very fact first, even you don't take on account a descendance of Jesus Christ and Maria-Magdalena in our land.

We wouldn't conclude on Saint Malachy of  Armagh (1094 - 1148) and his last motto for the pope to come, which is absolutely devastating with "the Great Judge" promised : prophecies have always to be considered with some skepticism.
But the fact is there is clearly one, and if it didn't work it would be the first great time Saint Malachy is taken on default. Anyway, the only certainty is that God, Jesus and his mother, Maria, will definitely show their will this time !

mardi 5 février 2013

"An-Ekpyrotics" : is an alternative "Bang Bing" a possibility for the Universe (s) ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The recent theory of "Ekpyrotics" is based upon the hypothesis of two parallel universes getting away from each other in the fifth dimension.
However their distance is not even a millimeter, but just an atom wide.
Nevertheless, at the end of the process a kind of stepping back along the fifth dimension is predicted by the Ekpyrotics' theoricist Neil Turok, a famous cosmologist born in 1958 in Johannesburg (South Africa).
"Ekpyrotics" is a Greek neologism : it indicates our universe...or universes, if your consider they are at least twins which have split and separated, were born from fire like a phoenix. Through expansion in the space, they furthered a little bit from each other, but in this theory they have to stick back together soon or later, by a spring effect.

Thus both universes have to get in touch again by collision, provoking a huge explosion and a reinitiated expansion through a new Big Bang. And the same phenomenon would happen periodically.
But wait a minute ! If the universes concerned were reversing to the past situation, the initial one, nothing is proving at all there would automatically be an explosion. We could have something totally opposite of a new Bing Bang through implosion-absorption : a "Bang Bing"  instead !
A return to unity... to "The Source of Everything" then, would be effectively possible this way. Thus, we would rather call that "an-Ekpyrotics".

Of course, this is an alternative option. Anyway, nothing can prove the solution otherway will happen either.
Theories are just hypothesis build on human logic, till they come true through actual events.
If the return to "The Source" was occuring against all odds, everything existing would instantly vanish and disappear. There would be only a single invisible minute point of black matter remaining : it would replace strangely what was existing before, including all living creatures.

"The Source" (a global word to designate both primal intelligent matter and God, by reference to the religious phenomenon widely considered, and physics unusually), was the key at the beginning of our universe...or universes. And it is remaining so, whatever may occur in a undeterminated length of time : it can be very long, just long or at the opposite quite short and almost immediate, by just following The Source's definitive will. And human beings have strictly no influence on that.

A lot of people wander why nothing happened apparently on December 21st 2012. Is it because all this story was made up...or concerning essentially the Sky and not Earth...or even affected by an unexpected last resort decision ?

Several volcanoes should have entered in eruption normally, and other natural unavoidable events should have followed. But the fact is they didn't happen, a bit as if an allmighty hand was stopping human science and denying or even challenging human logic and understanding.

The quantic waves of those supposed twin universes have to be entangled one day. But mankind might hardly realize what's happening then, as everything would either burst out...or vanish so quickly like the content of a bottle of Champagne !