mardi 5 février 2013

"An-Ekpyrotics" : is an alternative "Bang Bing" a possibility for the Universe (s) ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The recent theory of "Ekpyrotics" is based upon the hypothesis of two parallel universes getting away from each other in the fifth dimension.
However their distance is not even a millimeter, but just an atom wide.
Nevertheless, at the end of the process a kind of stepping back along the fifth dimension is predicted by the Ekpyrotics' theoricist Neil Turok, a famous cosmologist born in 1958 in Johannesburg (South Africa).
"Ekpyrotics" is a Greek neologism : it indicates our universe...or universes, if your consider they are at least twins which have split and separated, were born from fire like a phoenix. Through expansion in the space, they furthered a little bit from each other, but in this theory they have to stick back together soon or later, by a spring effect.

Thus both universes have to get in touch again by collision, provoking a huge explosion and a reinitiated expansion through a new Big Bang. And the same phenomenon would happen periodically.
But wait a minute ! If the universes concerned were reversing to the past situation, the initial one, nothing is proving at all there would automatically be an explosion. We could have something totally opposite of a new Bing Bang through implosion-absorption : a "Bang Bing"  instead !
A return to unity... to "The Source of Everything" then, would be effectively possible this way. Thus, we would rather call that "an-Ekpyrotics".

Of course, this is an alternative option. Anyway, nothing can prove the solution otherway will happen either.
Theories are just hypothesis build on human logic, till they come true through actual events.
If the return to "The Source" was occuring against all odds, everything existing would instantly vanish and disappear. There would be only a single invisible minute point of black matter remaining : it would replace strangely what was existing before, including all living creatures.

"The Source" (a global word to designate both primal intelligent matter and God, by reference to the religious phenomenon widely considered, and physics unusually), was the key at the beginning of our universe...or universes. And it is remaining so, whatever may occur in a undeterminated length of time : it can be very long, just long or at the opposite quite short and almost immediate, by just following The Source's definitive will. And human beings have strictly no influence on that.

A lot of people wander why nothing happened apparently on December 21st 2012. Is it because all this story was made up...or concerning essentially the Sky and not Earth...or even affected by an unexpected last resort decision ?

Several volcanoes should have entered in eruption normally, and other natural unavoidable events should have followed. But the fact is they didn't happen, a bit as if an allmighty hand was stopping human science and denying or even challenging human logic and understanding.

The quantic waves of those supposed twin universes have to be entangled one day. But mankind might hardly realize what's happening then, as everything would either burst out...or vanish so quickly like the content of a bottle of Champagne !

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