lundi 24 mars 2014

- 2014 (2014 BC) : the road to the city of Zoara !

by Jean-Jacques Courtey,
Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

The road to the city of Zoara is an account of the last moments of Sodom and Gomorrah, which were  dependences of the Sumerian empire.
And Zoara (Zoar) is the place Lot and his family, had to reach in the near Jordan to be safe, before YHWH (Yahve) was going to start their full destruction.
Only one specialist was able to give a date about this famous event, Zecharia Sitchin (1922 - 2010) : by taking on account both the Bible and other sources (Sumerian and Akkadian), he reached the year of - 2014 (2014 BC).
Normally, if Lot, a nephew of Abraham of Ur (previously called Abram in the Sumerian empire), had been able to find only 10 fair people in the first town, nothing would have happened at all.
Lot lead hard negociations about this very small figure with two "Malakim" ("Angels", or "Envoys of God") : from an initial number of 50, and then 45, Lot was able to decrease progressively the divine demand to the last number of only 10.

Effectively, Lot was living in Sodom which name is still famous nowadays for its erasement of Earth, by God's "columns of fire".
It was considered as a city of extremely bad people all together, who dared to break the alliance with YHWH by worshipping another God, with a challenging attitude even. And Gomorrah was alike.
However, Lot didn't wish the devastation of those cities by the wrath of God. That's why he proposed him the deal of finding ten fair people to save them from annihilation.
But the wife talked outside about the two Angels staying at home, and just a few hours after at night, all the males of Sodom were surrounding their house : they wanted to abuse the two Angels !
Nothing happened their way, as finally all of them were made blind by the two "Malakim", which caused them an awful fright and lead to their dispersion. Above that, the two envoys of God decided to accelerate immediately the process of full destruction. Lot and his family left Sodom at dawn forever and the Angels warned them not to watch behind. But when arriving in Zoara, Lot's wife made the mistake of turning back the head in direction of Sodom as the destruction started, and she was transformed into a salt statue.

The "vaporization" of Sodom and Gomorrah under a terrifying heat was extremely quick and definitive.
It was at the origin of the creation of the Dead Sea, which is far to be explained otherly still nowadays.
In "The wars of Gods and men" (1990, 1991, 2002), Zecharia Sitchin, the famous Russian-American astrophysicist and archeologist, is giving another explanation of what happened.
According to his researchs and translations of old Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets, it's the God Erra ("Bad Wind"), also called Nergal, who actually destroyed those towns by using "the seven fearful weapons". And he did it with the help of another God, Ishum ("the Furnace"), more usually named Ninurta.
It was reproached to the condemned cities to follow God Marduk, and not being faithful to the Gods Erra and Ishum during "the war of Gods".
The cartesian attempts of explanation by a natural phenomenon, either volcanic or telluric, are far to be obvious. The precise chronology of events and the programmed devastation, according to Sitchin, cannot match a natural explanation. The destruction of those towns was deliberate : it was really a punishment ! And old clay tablettes are there to recall it as historical testimonies.
Again, according to his translations, it took 61 years before a good part of the Sumerian area could be inhabitable anew because of  "Bad Wind" (God Erra). And this length of time matches far more with a kind of nuclear destruction and contamination, than a natural catastrophe.

Whichever explanation retained (YHWH, or ERRA and ISHUM), Sodom and Gomorrah were really destroyed, which left geological evidences in the Neguev area (Israël). To be precise, two other cities were also erased in the same area at the same time when Zoara was safe : Admah and Zeboim.

Paradoxically in the Biblical version, it appears that those cities could have been saved by a more humble and wise attitude of just a few human beings. But of this they were unable !
In Sodom, where Lot received the visit of the two  "Malakim", males' crowd behaviour was incrediby stupid and madly challenging.

In fact, God knew very well Lot was wrong to place his hope in the heart of some supposedly good people of Sodom, as they were totally lacking heart justly. But, he wanted him to realize by himself.
After Lot and his family left Sodom with only a few luggage and reached Zoara, getting along with the "Malakim" themselves, God's will was accomplished !