lundi 3 octobre 2016

Just science-fiction XIV : Trump, the Pleiades' option and the message "RIVATIVJ" !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D.

This is a new episode of our saga untitled "Just science-fiction", which has to be taken as written in its title of course. It is just a masterpiece of imagination, and nothing else as you can guess.

Today, we will talk about the next US presidential elections which will be held on Tuesday, November 8th., 2016, by introducing elements of science-fiction as an idea of movie scenario for Hollywood.


Everything is changing very quickly now on, in order to clarify the final result : the winner might not be forcibly Hillary Clinton (born in 1947), but possibly Donald Trump (born in 1946). At the moment, things are very uncertain.
Some ignored actors of this very unusual election are not from Earth : we are talking about Pleiadians mainly.
If Procyon (Orion), the new leader of the Galactic Federation doesn't really want to intervene, by staying rather neutral, it's not the case of its Pleiadian allies.

As you can guess, the latters are originating from the Pleiades' system, which played with Orion a great role in Ancient Egypt and worlwide, including Central and South America or ancient China, but also more surprisingly Crimea, France and North Korea for other instances... with their known or extremely well hidden pyramids.
Pleiadians are looking like beautiful human beings (whatever men or women), mainly with fair hair, clear eyes (blue or green generally, but also sometimes violet and anyway colourful), and various sizes. As their cheekbones are high, a bit like the Slavs, they can stay beautiful for long, even it can appear still more unusual than the number of their senses or their heart performances to beat off solitude.

Pleiadians were once the leaders of the Galactic Federation till the end of 20th century, and in 1977 by taking over suddenly the control of a US TV network for six minutes, they gave America a deadline to announce openly their existence among others to the whole world : mid-October 1987 !
But America didn't do it...and on October 19th, 1987, Wall Street over suddenly crashed without warning. Officially, it was connected to the use of a bad software by this Stock Exchange....

Hence till now, the Galactic Decree has been constantly ignored, not without consequences. Pleiadians became specialists of direct contacts with selected human beings through abductions of individuals or even whole groups, to show their power. But they can do it also by telepathy or more commonly through real dreams.
Procyon is agreeing with the Pleiades, that America can remain n°1 on Earth if fulfilling at last the object of this decree.
And the successors of Egyptian Gods are becoming very impatient to be seen, and bring anew their clear light to the world. Data are contradictive about their life expectancy, even if the venerable age of 1.500 years is often quoted. If needed they will change their colour from white to green by "colourmorphism", like God Osiris. Or they will ressucitate King Scorpio or Pharaoh Aha.

Pleiadians and Procyonians are not very favourable to continue with the system of "satellite secret government" on Earth, and all its "Gladio" subdivisions worldwide.
To them, this was more suiting the Greys (Rigelians and Zeta Reticulians) : they have no problem of physical appearance as for them, and they are quite proud of their "magic" skin with its perfect moisture penetration !
Pleiadians are now back to bring funny and unexpected solutions to global warming (with their ingenious "vertical technology" involving thermosphere), or to resume malnutrition on Earth (Food flow and free access), and help most letal diseases to disappear (through an astucious use of "bi-carbon" and silver notably).

And even in their crop-circles in England or elsewhere (a pictural agrarian language called "Aridif" by some specialists), they are repeating constantly the word "RIVATIVJ" !
This means that a revision has to be made quickly. And they are not just asking human impeders to stop cheating, but demanding it by stressing they will stop being invisible on Earth if not followed !
As they are stubborn and strong-willed, they might short-circuit human leaders or more ordinary people anytime by now, if they decided to do so ! And they might too, make funny surprises to despiteful and boisterous people, to "azimute" their preconfigurated situations and to be taken on account !

If Hillary Clinton herself made the promise, once elected president, to disclose finally the truth about UFOs, Roswell (New Mexico) and ETs, it could have something to do with the Pleiadians' old decree. In fact, the Pleiadians seem to reproach her not to have done it yet until now, as a prominent human leader even not yet president.
But to take her defense, it was certainly not something easy to accomplish for a human leader, because of the huge changeover it is implying for mankind.

So this issue could be the real main hidden topic of the present election, which is making it so exceptional in intensity and unexpected surprises !
According to the Pleiadians the human beings they are awakening through an activation of their dormant DNA, will be able to discover their multidimensional self, and to travel free in space and time to start...
They want to recreate joy of life, and bring an enormous wave of hope on the Blue Star (Earth) !

The next president of the USA might be the one who can fulfill the Pleiadians' demands for their return on Earth (most of them left Earth around 1350 BC in Egypt, or 1130 AD for the Mayas), as an updating already delayed for too long.
And in that way, Donald Trump might have attracted their attention, by even looking a bit like an ET himself with his wayward strand of fair hair just above his eyes, and his unconventional messages. They are impressed by his resistance to all kind of criticisms, from the beginning of the campaign.

It has to be underlined that the election may be finally made by "the Millenials", this important group of people in age to vote, born from the beginning of the eighties. Whatever they are men or women, they are expected according to opinion polls to vote mainly for Donald Trump or one of the two alternative candidates : the Libertarian Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson (born in 1953), or the influential Ecologist Jill Stein (born in 1950), who was pro-Brexit and so critical towards EU.

The latter considers Democrats and Republicans are forming only one party now, making her candidacy a necessary alternative for democracy.
And this might totally disrupt the preficongurated logic of the election : Hillary Clinton might finally miss important votes in Colorado and some other key-states, in a messy election for only one choice.
"Ameropa"'s future or vanishing (with a TAFTA treaty possibly unsigned) is in their hands !

The American system for presidential election is a universal indirect poll, with the designation of great electors which number is varying according to the states concerned. Of course it could be a bit messy for this election, if some of them don't play the usual game with the majority gained. But a risky implosion of the system is not desirable, and should be avoided not to provoke the electors' anger.
Yet, "universal" is really the appropriate word for the poll in this circumstance as the populations involved appear to be bigger than expected, if including the invisible Pleiadian side-vote !

Anyway, whatever the result of this very disputed election, a lot of people might be dissatisfied, and the country difficult to govern, especially if one chamber of the Congress or both have got an opposite majority to the new president.
About the Pleiadians, nobody knows how they will react, as it seems they want to retake what was theirs in the past. But one thing is sure : in the name of Ptah, they discretely started to get back their homes worldwide, and already reactivated the pyramids' network on Earth to reset Golden Age !