lundi 18 août 2014

Yazidis and Xwede (God) : the unexpected surprises of the Peacock Angel ("Malek Taous") !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

In spite of what might be misunderstood in the West, because of the curious confusion displayed by some media, Yazidis are not Christians of Orient. But they are helping Iraqi Christians (and Chiite Muslims also) to escape death in Iraqi Kurdistan, their Peshmergas being themselves under Djihadist attack. The word "Yazidi" seems to come from  the old Iranian word "Yazata", which means Angel, and underlines the pecularities of this cult.
And observers are saluting the humanitarian and military help of America, UK and France, as well as EU for promised weapons, to protect those people from new massacres by Djihadists in Iraq. 

Americans with their air military support have allowed Kurds to launch a successful counter-attack on Djihadists to retake Mossul and its dam so necessary for electricity, and to take over the very important oil-field of Kirkouk.
Yazidis themselves are pointing out the harsh and spiteful behaviour of the latters is connected to religious intolerance, as they are considered like "miscreants". But religion cannot explain all this madness, as even Chiite Muslims are killed by Djihadists.
Presently, after the Djihadists' offensive of the beginning of August, a remaining part of Iraqi Yazidis are still besieged in the Sinjar mountains (Northern Iraq), while Erbil, capital of the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan where 120 000 Christians took refuge (with numerous Chiites also), is the door of Western help. Sinjar Djebel is the same very place Yazidis protected Christians of Orient from massacres in the end of Ottoman era (1915 - 1918).

In fact Yazidis have got their own and unic religion, which can even appear quite unusual.
They believe God, they call Xwede, has finally forgiven Lucifer's rebellion : as a being of light, he just refused originally to bow before a creature of clay, Adam, and to serve him ; and he had to leave Heaven for that, and not because he was bad.
Since that time, treacherous human beings have made so much mess, and committed so many awful slaughters and ignominies as for them, that it wasn't so difficult for God to give his pardon to Lucifer, otherly denominated "Malek Taous".
Above that, Malek Taous defended himself cleverly towards benevolent Xwede (God), by quoting that it's him who ordered not to bow in front of anyone else.
His unstoppable logic lead him then to be completely forgiven, and to retake easily his position in the Sky at the side of God.

Malek Taous ("the Peacock Angel") is the chief amongst the seven Angels created by Xwede ("God"). This can refer analogically to the seven Elders of the galaxy, or more simply for human beings to the seven Archangels of the Bible.
As a matter of fact, Yazidi religion is a mixture of various elements taken from the three religions of the Bible (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim - Sufi), but also in a more entangled way from Zoroastrism and then the cult of Mithra.
The latter is important to quote, as Roman Christianism has also got historically strong connections with Mithraïsm in its initial edification.
The very old cult of Yazidis, with a calendar dating back 4750 years BC, has adaptated itself to a changing and unstable environment in order to survive. And that's why it appears so syncretic.
Yazidis have got two holy books : the "Kitêba Cilwe" (Book of Revelations, about Malek Taous), and the "Mishefa Res" (Black Book, concerning the creation of universe, with the seven Angels).

But saying it is in fact the old Medic religion updated might not be sufficient, as it appears to plunge its origin in Sumerian times, if following its calendar and clay tablets.
And the Sufi reform of Cheikh Adi in the XIIth century just gave it its modern and definitive shape. But we musn't forget it constitutes a religion on its own, as Yazidis practice endogamy and monogamy (not polygamy).
What might appear strange and paradoxical for a Westerner, is that Malek Taous in this unexpectedly "Unified Sky", is thus the top representative of God towards human beings !
He has to look after them even, according to the holy books quoted above, and to accomplish his divine mission in our galaxy.
If this breaking news was known in France in the XIIIth century, the tragedy of Cathars (Albigenses) might not have happened !

Strangely enough in this cult, nobody is wearing clothes of blue color. Blue can appear only in the beautiful feathers of the Peacock Angel ("Malek Taous").
De facto, this syncretic cult is astonishingly confusing for Western people, when they have the chance to discover it through the present crisis in Iraq.
Yazidis are lead by a Mir ("Prince") and a Baba Cheikh (a kind of Pope). There are also numerous Cheikhs ("High Priests") or Pirs ("Elders") and Faqirs ("Dervishs"). And having God (Xwede) and Malek Taous on the same side, can be very puzzling for the Western mind.
Oecumenism we practice more and more in Europe and in France notably, even in its widest conception, has never gone as far as putting on the same side God and the most beautiful of all Angels, Lucifer, because of a divine pardon supposedly granted.
Such a revelation could really shake the very basis of belief, in the highest levels of the Church and of quite opposed structures if it was true...or not !
After all, human beings are far to be like Saint Thomas : even they can see something unusual, like a picture of an humanoid walking taken by NASA on the surface of our Moon full of tunnels last month, they will try to find any twisty explanation, not to admit that they are certainly not unic in their neighbourhood !

The estimations of the Iraqi Yazidis before the offensive of Djihadists of the so-called "Califat of Syria and Iraq", were numbering between 600 000 and 1000 000 people.
But the figures are too elastic according to the sources, to be taken strictly.
And a lot of them didn't wait for the Western help to escape abroad, anywhere they could, the nearest place being Turkey.
About the numerous victims of this new Iraqi crisis, it is very difficult to know exactly their precise number, as they include not only Yazidis, but also Christians of Orient, and even Chiite Muslims.
If you can find also Kurds (whom Yazidis are a part) in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaïdjan and Russia, there were also waves of emigration to the USA, Canada, Germany, France, and UK mainly.
Worldwide, Yazidis should represent all together around 2.5 million people.

In Yazidi religion, the problem of Evil is not properly connected to Lucifer, otherly called Malek Taus, or "Shams" ("the Sun"), the carryer of light. This ambivalent intermediary of Xwede (God) is mainly considered as good or even very good ; and this point is ignored by Djihadists, who are not aware of the pardon granted by God to Lucifer, or simply refuse this revolutionary revision - yet not new at all since the XIIth century.
Evil on Earth then, is straightly connected to human beings themselves, and particularly their out of control soul. In Yazidi view, only intelligence can finally overcome the bad aspects of human soul to choose Good instead of Evil. Strangely, they don't point out much the heart. So then, if a human being can take control of his soul, the Good is winning : consciousness is safe. Otherly seen, there is a constant fight inside human beings between cleverness and idiocy (being "as dumb as a sack of hammers") or stubborn ignorance, with strong obvious results at large !
Yazidis believe in metempsychosis. And the transmigration of the soul can reserve animalistic ultimate surprises. So if you have been bad, it could be really useful to know a secret mantra to escape it !

With Yazidis everything seems mixed up, and not only the precise number of them who actually took refuge in the Sinjar mountains (between 3000 and 5000, after an American re-estimation in the reduction). Americans are certainly aware that the Kurds may have a strategy for Kurdistan to pass from autonomy in a desagragating Iraq, to an idea of independence, even it couldn't be done on the whole territory of traditional Kurdistan (including also parts of Iran, Syria, and Turkey).
And Westerners particularly, might feel uneasy and lost when they discover that their beliefs are upside down. Perhaps they should leave the question to the Sky itself, or take it as a lesson of philosophy.
Saint John himself if he was still there, would be disturbed, and his "Apocalypse" a bit shaken.
Nevertheless, the prophet of Patmos is remaining quite right when you take on account the period of great confusion and chaos the world is knowing presently : as for what's happening with oceans and seas, or even funny weather, he didn't fail by predicting it !

The right answer lies probably in the Third Secret of Fatima (Portugal), delivered in 1917 to three children (Lucia, and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco), which leaked in 1963 in the German review "Neues Europa", with the cardinal importance of Russia, designed by Maria The Virgin as "the whip of God" ! Strangely, some Russian lorries of humanitarian help to Eastern Ukraine are displaying her image presently. Instead of stirring up squabbles, Kiev oligarchs could respect that at least, in between two bombings of unhappy civilians in Donetsk or Lugansk : by the way, isn't forbidden by the Conventions of Geneva of August 12th, 1949, to bomb civilians ?
A solution for the Russian humanitarian help could be for Ukraine to calm down for negociation, and to allow the white lorries blocked on the border to pass in several times, to master the flow ! Humanitarian rules are universal, and then have to apply everywhere and for everybody.
So then, the Sky is definitively not unified, and as Lucia of Fatima was saying : "Blind people started to lead others !"

samedi 2 août 2014

Just science fiction : could July 4th, 2016, be the festival of "Kissey Cheeks" ?

by Jean-Jacques Courtey, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

Here is an idea of scenario for a science fiction movie, to be directed in Hollywood, if possible... or why not in Nevada or New Mexico.
Our purpose is to help human beings interrogating themselves about their own humanity which will save them, but equalilly to realize what they might represent for intelligent beings of the vast universe.

Nowadays, a lot of people imagine the world is secretly lead by a "Satellite Secret World Government", which wants to reduce them to the state of slavery by using puppet states.
This is due to an invading type of litterature, but also to a developping Hollywood film trend.
And obviously, we are all influenced by this expanding and fast opinion, considerably facilitated by everyday news. And with the pressure of the "Vultures Funds" fed by the Debt crisis, the development of "democrature" (a mixture of democracy and dictatorship), where the citizen is just useful when he is voting, but deprived of any real power in between, doesn't help.
This allows ordinary human beings to think they would be terribly good, and real "white knights" or "white dames" at the opposite, even they just timidly fight to maintain the fundamental rights they were promised by forked and deceptive tongues or contemptuous heirs of bloody "headcutters" ruining their country !
And it's totally wrong of course, as a growing number of them are becoming unable to show any empathy in the daily life. This is especially remarkable in the countries "selling" human rights like if they were "washing powder" !

It is certain for instance that film industry, and mass media also, are shaping the way we are thinking. And often, they are also preparing us to accept new conditions in our environment. But this moulding cannot lead human beings to be absolved of their own tendencies.
Themselves, they don't need hatemongers to show very often an hideous face.
The way our modern societies - often ill - are developping, totally allows a wide development of psychopathology which includes more and more women, and the associated unability of acting with humanity and respect. And it is suicidal for them.
With a Darwinist background, psychopaths are even celebrated in private or public sector for their "achievements", their extremely cool blood and their total lack of emotions - which is strange if you start thinking.
So they are at the opposite of "Kissey Cheeks" : this nickname was given by the human staff of S4 (Basis of Groomlake, Nevada, USA) to the "Greys", because they like very much kissing human females or hugging friends.

Thus, there is no need to look for the funny explanation of an alien silent invasion, by the Greys for instance, to explain why our societies are accepting and even praising psychopaths in most fields.
Because, actually nothing could be further from the truth : the Greys might totally dislike them in reality ! And above that, they might also right now intrude in our human history to erase what is unwished, like a gum eraser for a cartune !
It is something the defunct Dr Michael Wolf-Kruvant (1941 - 2000) of S4 in Nevada was observing before he died of an accelerated cancer in 2000, at the time of his book publication about them ("The Catchers of Heaven"). Himself was quoting that they were unexpectedly warm and affectionate.
Astonishingly, they were admiring greatly the emotional capacities of human beings and our unusual creativity. So then, they were really desperate to be able to feel them also and to set free at last. That's why when they finally found the way to get rid of their sterility, a great joy invaded their grey face : their cheeks could blush this time !

Whatever there was or not a secret treaty in 1950 between the UNO and the "Corporative" ("Zetas")  following the great shock of 1947, forbidding "Zetas" to appear in public (like in the funny film "Paul" of Greg Mottola - coproduction of 2011), it doesn't change the fact human beings are in charge of their own humanity.
And the truth is nobody can deprive them of this humanity, just themselves very stupidly may be !
The new thing is the above officially "non-existent" treaty would end up on July 3rd, 2016 at Midnight (Washington DC time).
This means many "good and funny smoking Paul" might appear over suddenly, in American Streets or elsewhere, surging from nowhere. They may just look for a bar or a night-club to order a vodka-orange or a daïquiri, and have some fun dancing a lambada or a macarena asked to the DJ. And all that may just end up with big brawls for pretty Earthian girls, with other dancers, if they were suddenly igniting the dance-floor and every Pamela around !
Heavens, it would be more amazingly shocking than "Sharknado " in los Angeles and New-York !

A period of 66 years and 6 months is a funny length of time, but there is a reason to this choice, based upon an affectionate will of rememberance. Of course, if they wanted to imitate human behaviour towards just a piece of paper (the treaty), like "Paul" they could start right now breaching in space and time what is is said not to exist, after all. Hey ! Hey !
On July 2nd, 1947 then, late night, there was a very bad meteo on Roswell area (New Mexico), with big thunders, and an unexpected accident happened : a collision between two flying discs (called after that episode "flying saucers"), which fell apart at several miles distance.
In the first one, there was an indemn survivor of hardly 1.50 m, but in the second one, all were dead except a "biological entity" (measuring around 1.60 m) who was badly injured. The first one, a male, was said to be a Grey, from Zeta Reticuli, a Zeta then. But the second one, a female, was said to be Orange, and now identified as coming from somewhere else (Andromeda). They were coming together as allies to negociate with America Earth's future.

The first ambassador, nicknamed Jarod, was made prisoner and had to deliver for years his knowledge about the making of "flying saucers" : he pointed out the unknown "element 115", instead of the unknown "element 114", explaining why America is now so delayed on Russia ! Gosh !
The stay of the second ambassador, at the opposite, was very short : did they misunderstand her physical state (?), ...but she had to endure an alive autopsy by American military doctors, before finally dying.
And nowadays, the whole story of Roswell is denied - but funnily not S4, since 1994 with the official stealth bomber "F-117-Nighthawk" -, mainly because of this act of extreme inhumanity. And the observation she had six fingers at each hand instead of four like a Zeta is dismissing her existence : "everybody knows ETs have only four", has been the almost lapidary explanation of this voluntary oversight !
Anyhow, the figure 6 chosen in a repeated way three times for the end of the "non-existent" treaty of 1950 (66 years and 6 months), is a way to remind human beings about her awful death.

If what is written above is altering your Cartesianism, just imagine that's a masterpiece of human imagination. And go to sleep peacefully, with the reassuring certitude that you are just like Saint Thomas ! You believe only what you can see, which actually is not much.
You live in this world without any logic as a materialistic creature of flesh and blood, with a big doubt about the very existence of your soul, and when you pass away absolutely nothing survives. It is like you never existed in the vast universe, by rebecoming a minute part of the Great Void.

If you don't think this way, which is the case of a huge majority of human beings, then it can lead you to understand better your quickly changing environment.
If the plastic bags we talked about in a previous article ('"Supernature" against human science : the curious disappearing of the VIIth continent !') are so fastly disappearing now from Oceans and Seas, it could be because something huge is in preparation : for certain beings, the planet needs absolutely to be cleaned up, as they don't want to live in a vast dustbin as for them, even they seem to like smoking tobacco !

Actually, not only human beings are not convinced in the "economic truths" of the present human medicine, and its big limitations.
Zetas for instance, may know very well what dangerous illnesses can be cured or prevented, for almost nothing !
And as the Greek Doctor Hippocrat of Kos (460 - 377 BC), they might totally be aware of the secret magic of Apoptosis on the living body !
Thus, if the festival of "Kissey Cheeks" was really happening on July 4th, 2016, beyond just imagination, terrific discoveries or instant cures could be over-suddenly made in the medical area.
And it really needs it, to be at last at the service of human beings' health and not the opposite, without any misuse !

But presently, the reality is far more flat : the only Zetas that Americans are un-secretly worried, are the ones of Mexico : it's the name of a famous Mexican Cartel, far more powerful than the one of Medellin in Colombia.
If you add a strange rumor spreading nowadays in America about a so-called "plan" of invasion of the South of the USA, for Mexico to recover seven of its previous provinces, you will understand that a potential Zeta Reticulian day of freedom is not the cup of tea of the protagonists - at a time a "De-Dollarization" of the world economic system just started.

So then, the paranoia which is surrounding the continuing edification of an 1100 km wall at the southern border of the USA with Mexico (from 2006), might not be connected only to a big concern for controlling Mexican immigration, but also to this very diffuse and exaggerated fear !
The checkpoint of Tubac (Insterstate 19, Arizona) and the enormous traffic jams it is provoking everyday, may get on the nerves of car or lorry drivers for long still !
After all "El Zorro" -  "The Fox" - of Los Angeles (California), we admired in our childhood, was in fact a Spanish hidalgo, and Hollywood has been build on the hacienda of family De la Vega as it seems !