lundi 19 janvier 2015

Space news VIII : a different Cosmos !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

An astonishing news agitated astronomers all over the world last december: it was about a newly identified asteroid, a "geocruiser", which means it crosses periodically our planet, Earth.
According to the Lomonossov Institute of Moscow (Russia), it almost threatened to destroy Europe.
Russia identified it on last October 27th. and it was a huge one.
At the moment, it's gone and will normally come back by 150 years according to the NASA (USA) - as long as it is an asteroid should we add.
By comparison the famous asteroid "2012-DA-14", which threatens to hit Earth every  February 14th. in a big "smack" since 2012 now, is a real dwarf with its 45 m of diameter.
As a matter of fact the asteroid "2014-UR-116" has got one of 370 m ! So, it's around twice as much the size of the awful one which destroyed the forest of Toungouska (Siberia, Russia), on June 30th., 1908.
And its impact would have been 1000 times more powerful than the one of Chelyabinsk (Ural, Russia) on February 14th., 2013 - on the very day the asteroid (?) "2012-DA-14" was (re-) passing by Earth !

About that, it is known that around 25 big asteroids already collided with Earth since 2000. But strangely people were kept in full ignorance of the details.
And the main point could be that Earth, like a pretty woman, is too attractive for cosmic bodies, or the Cosmos at large !
It has itself rejuvenated silently on February 4th., 2015 (5 : 47 PM - GMT).
Something very rare happened on that very day : a perfect alignment between Pluto, Jupiter and Earth. Some commentators predicted that the Earth's gravity would be modified, at least for four or five minutes after this unusual alignment. But they didn't know if it would last more. They just suggested a funny comparison with the Moon's gravity, and that some people could levitate unexpectedly, if they jumped.
Personally, we didn't observe such exaggerated things. But it's true, it created a curious sense of disorientation.
Pluto which is a real planet - and not just a "plutoid" -, represents ordinarily instant and huge transformation, when Jupiter symbolizes at the opposite what is established for long, and in this cosmic scenario Earth is then the receiver of the new reinitialisation (reset).

To give an illustration, under this crossed influence of Pluto and Jupiter a poor ignored person can become rich, famous and adulated over suddenly without any logical explanation - except the new cosmic impulse or radiations' flow of course.
As Jupiter represents also wealth, supreme power, and the creation of families or dynasties, the interaction of Pluto is tremendously powerful : "mini-planet" if you want, but it has "maxi-effects", and the way the world has already changed abruptly in just a few days, doesn't leave any doubt about Pluto's deep impact !
Just take the last one, on January 15th, with the very strange collapse of Zurich Stock Exchange, a rise of Swiss Franc towards Euro by 30% to reach parity, and a "Phantom money"'s display !
Swiss chocolate and Swiss watches, among other products, became over suddenly very expensive.
Who knows exactly the world consequences of such a Financial Crash, on the oil and gas markets for instance ? At the moment, the only thing we can observe is $ 1 values almost 1.20 Euro, and that oil and its derivated products are monetarily more expensive at once !

Strangely the alignment of Pluto, Jupiter and Earth has been partly laughed at, as if such a move was impossible : the weird argument is Pluto, the "Ice Infierno", is not now considered anymore as a full planet, but just as a "plutoid" (since 2006), a "dwarf planet" to speak clearly.
The Sumerians which strangely knew Pluto before its rediscovery in 1930, were calling it "Gaga" or "Dame Gaga" on clay tablets, by creating an hesitating and ultimate identification with another hypothetic planet, called Nibiru. Pluto was justly known as the Planet X, before its rediscovery !
Let's just quote that alignments of planets are occurring for ages, whatever they are big or small.
The Sumerians, which origin is far to be clear, if you don't want to take on account their suprising clay tablets, considered astronomy and astrology as a whole. It was for them a mean to stay in connection with the Annunaki's roots ...and to talk to the Cosmos !
Another more accurate argument about this alignment of January 4th, 2015, was that the Ephemeris just indicate for that day a conjuction between Pluto and the Sun, and not with Jupiter.
But, even we don't take on account a counter-parallel of declination between Pluto and Jupiter, this doesn't change much the effects or the interpretations, as both the Sun and Jupiter are royal planets. So, the argument is hollow and not relevant. Alignment, counter-parallel of declination, or conjunction, they all indicate a new start for Earth through a fateful reset : it is marked by a different flow of unstoppable cosmic radiations.

Presently, more than 100 tons of cosmic fragments are falling on Earth every day, and yet just a few people are aware about it , except the unlucky ones below of course !
And also, just several thousand of intelligent signals could have been detected from the interstellar space every month by the ex-SETI program, if it didn't obstinately stay "stuck" to the boring "hydrogen band", and its powerful radiotelescopes made almost useless then !
Its astronomers were not enough eager to make incredible and... unusually easy discoveries, outside the hydrogen band, probably due to a kind of self-censorship !
Sometimes for the advancement of mankind, you need to be much more opened and bold towards the vast universe, by not just repeating what you were taught as an untangible dogma. Curiosity and ingeniosity without fear, are remaining the keys.
As the Cosmos is different by now, with the intrusion of Pluto in human destinies, this will definitively lead to a change nolens volens.
Yet, who believes nowadays in the once unified science of astrology and astronomy (till 1666), except the World Elite ?

At his time, Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC), who engendered over suddenly the history and the epic of "Occident", used astutely the Sun and the Moon to triumph in battles which shouldn't have been won logically. He was victorious every time, even he was on a state of great numerical inferiority.
Nowadays, just a few people know he used very cleverly the astronomic informations of his astrologer and seer, Aristander of Telmessos, notably in the final battle of Gaugameles (October 1st,  331 BC) : he finally entered the fight against Darius at the issue of 11 days following a Moon eclipse, to benefit the psychological effect. And, the Shah of Persia was impatiently wandering what he was doing ?
As one of the greatest strategists of all times, he left people expressing their inner and useful talents. And he rewarded them generously, because him he was "Megas Alexandros" !