dimanche 1 juillet 2018

Uchronic history II : the greatest shams of History !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Geographic Economy, Ph. D

Get ready for something you probably ignore !
Get ready for your certainties to be shaken !
Let's start with the greatest shams of History about Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette !

Today, we are going to talk about an extraordinary man, who was both a kind of banker and a skilled secretary of  the King's secret cabinet in Tuileries till August 10th 1792.
After that date of the Tuileries' assault, he operated by himself in solo, and what he achieved for Louis XVI (1754 - 1793 ?) and Marie-Antoinette (1755 - 1793 ?) looks incredible.
His name was Jean de Batz (but often you can find on documents relating to him "Jean-Pierre de Batz", 1754 - 1822). He was a Baron, and as it seems from the same family as Charles de Batz - more commonly known under the name of D'Artagnan (1611~ 1615- 1673) !
He was born in the castle of Gouts, near Tartas (Landes, Aquitaine).
As a MP and a liquidator of the Constituant Assembly during the French Revolution, he pointed out that the cancellation of the only claim of the Parisian Water Company - which was as gigantic as doubtful - could have saved the Royal Treasure !
As a matter of fact, the Baron de Batz was a financial expert and a new type of banker, in link with other famous bankers of Europe.
He made a tremendous fortune with the Compagnie des Indes, and he was a specialist of Financial Magic.
In this regard, he remains famous in French history for two audacious and ultra-dangerous attempts of rescue concerning both Louis XVI and his wife, Marie-Antoinette.

The first rescue operation happened in the morning of January 21st, 1793 in the district "Bonne Nouvelle" ("Good News") in Paris. Normally 2000 of his men should have been positioned in the accesses of boulevard Bonne Nouvelle and the "rue de la Lune" ("the Moon street"). But most of them were absent, because of the impressive number of guards that Robespierre (1758 - 1794) had set on the King's itinerary from the Temple jail to the "Place de Grève" (now Concord Square). His spies informed him of an imminent attempt of saving from de Batz. The latter decided yet to launch the operation in the nearby "rue de Beauregard", in front of n°52 (a plate of the municipality of Paris commemorates that event). He was accompanied by several men, among whom one was very corpulent and tall (a double of Louis XVI). And they managed to open a breach in the security cordon, and to approach and open the door of the sedan transporting the King to the scaffold. They were shouting "To us French people ! To us those who want to save the King !" After that, they quickly withdrew and vanished in the crowd, while the sedan was tearing it up onboard in direction of the "Place de Grève". Years after, under the Restoration, a Belgian monk claimed to be the King Louis XVI and was denying "his brother" Louis XVIII (1755 - 1824) to reign on France, instead of him ! This monk was echoing the monk-king in gray of Varennes (1791 - Century of Nostradamus, IX-20).
It seems people didn't realize on January 21st, 1793, the man who was guillotined at 10:22 had arrived with his hair uncut, as it appears clearly on the engravings of the time !

About the second attempt of saving, it appears to be astonishing too.
The Queen was emprisoned in the Conciergerie jail after the official execution of her husband, Louis XVI, and separated from her children who remained in the Temple jail.
Everybody has certainly heard about the novel of Alexandre Dumas, "Le Chevalier de Maison-Rouge" ("The Knight of Maison Rouge", 1846) who wanted to save the Queen.
This book is inspired of two different attempts of saving, the one of the Chevalier de Rougeville (in the Temple jail, which didn't happen) and the one of the Baron de Batz (in the Conciergerie jail).
If we concentrate on de Batz, a woman who looked very much like Marie-Antoinette (a double then), asked him to advance her one million to bribe accomplices in the Conciergerie jail.
Her name was Cornélia de Galéan, Marchioness of Janson, and she wanted to take the room of the Queen in the Conciergerie jail !
Nobody knows exactly neither the way it happened, nor when it happened in 1793.
It is generally considered "Cornélia de Galéan", Marchioness of Janson wasn't the escaped Marie-Antoinette.
She said it herself to people who tried to check her identity during the Restoration, by explaining the latter refused finally her help, in the enactment of the Baron Jean de Batz. They believed her...or didn't want to make things complicated.
As an epilog however, it is known "Cornélia de Galéan" liked very much staying in her "Petit Trianon de Provence" (castle of Sauvan) : it recalled her so much the "Petit Trianon" of Versailles, dear to her heart !
Whoever she was in reality, Marie-Antoinette, Cornélia, or the "Baroness de Korff" of the Varennes escapade, she died of natural death - and not guillotined then - in 1834, in Paris !
It is said that the unlucky Robespierre postponed the execution of the Queen, at 12:15 on October 16th, 1793, to avoid the mishap of January 21st - most likely in vain !

The use of doubles by the Baron de Batz, is clearly echoing the one which entrapped the unhappy Marie-Antoinette, in spite of herself, in the notorious and so damaging intrigue for French Monarchy of the Diamond Necklace (1785).

We hope you enjoyed this article of uchronic history, even it has obliged you to think and rethink about what you took until now for certain. What you learnt will help you to think thoroughly, and to make freely your own opinion without the usual mythological pressure.

The Baron de Batz with his Financial Magic was able to remodel reality according to his royalist wishes. Yet, strangely he always denied any participation to those two rescues - probably to protect the safety of the royal characters he saved.

He also denied having any connection with the Orval abbey in Belgium, which was yet quickly ravaged and burnt down by French forces in 1793, as reprisals for the rescue of January 21st, 1793 (a so foggy morning in Paris). This abbey noticeably granted hospitality for Austrian troops !

And from his luxurious and opulent retreat of Chadieu castle (Puy-de-Dôme), till his death in 1822 under Restoration, he asserted with delight having nothing to do with the extraordinary operations, that revolutionaries had attributed to his modest person !

He died too of natural death (from apoplexia) and not guillotined, even he was once wanted under the dictatorship of Robespierre - who finished badly injured in the jaw and guillotined in Thermidor 1794.
History will retain the Baron de Batz succeeded well, in making brushes with humor and smartness to Robespierre during his "reign of Terror" !

mercredi 6 juin 2018

Rediscovering famous characters VI : the guitar player !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Our character of the day isn't easy to discover, in spite of the fact he is extremely famous worlwide since more than three centuries.
He was a guitar player, and it's him who made this music instrument so fashionable from the XVIIth century. This fretted stringed instrument is dating back to ancient Egypt, but our character made it extremely popular till nowadays.
He was equally known in his time as a great dancer, among other skills !

He invented too the "three eights" : eight hours for work, eight for fun, and eight for sleep.
You don't guess who we are talking about ?
He also dedicated his life to get rid of feudalism in any part of France - by imposing heavy obligations on it, which ultimately lead to its downfall seventy-four yours after his death. Above that, he created the first five special regimes (Public Works, Merchant Navy, Army, Royal civil servants, and French Comedy) - which are on the way to be suppressed very soon among others. You know now he was French.

His dedication to music and other arts was exceptional. "La Comédie Française" was given its very advantageous regime, to promote theater at a very high level. Do you start to have an idea about him now ? Well, let's go on !
He was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in 1638, as a miraculous child for his parents, after the dedication of the Kingdom of France to "Sainte Marguerite-Marie".

He was also very sentimental at the beginning, as he was madly in love with a young and pretty woman from Italy, called "Marie" in French. He could never marry her because of the opposition of her uncle and tutor Jules, as well as his mother. But he always protected her.
May be you already discovered his name, but you are still hesitating, as you never knew he was a guitar player ?

Well, let's give the final clues : Marie was the beautiful Marie Mancini and her uncle was famous also, as he was Mazarin ("Mazarini" in Italian), Prime Minister of France from 1643 till his death in 1661 !
That's it, you finally understood that our character of the day is Louis XIV (1638 - 1715), Sunking and Great Monarch of France !
At his time, France became for more than one century the First Economic Power in the world !

mardi 29 mai 2018

"Doppiezza-sopra-Senna", o come essere la sua stessa inganna !

per Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Dottore in Geografia Economica
Tradotto e adattato dall'francese all'italiano per sé,
di un articolo pubblicato il 18 dicembre 2009.

E' notevole constatare il numero di persone che' amano a tramare in questa città di "Doppiezza-sopra-Senna". Cio` dà un senso alle loro vite che non ne abbia nessun, o non ne avesse mai. Totalmente impotenti nei confronti della vita, hanno l'impressione attraverso la cattiveria ed il disgrazie altrui di ovviare a loro rovina, facendo una spaccata di congiuro. Che errore magistrale per esseri che hanno tanto paura della loro parte di ombre !

A mente malinconica, vita similare ! L'incapacità a essere genuino priva molte persone dei benefici della franchezza (che non ha nulla que vedere con la brutalità verbale), e di gioie solide davvero comuni.
La complessità delle relazioni che ne deriva, sciocca ed inutile, altera per sempre il loro destino. La doppiezza porta solo l'amarezza e il vuoto di cuore più insopportabile.

Credere che in ogni caso avremo una nuova opportunità in un'altra vita, è un potente inganno. La dubbia reincarnazione sulla Terra serve soltanto a fare accettare a tutti il suo destino terrestre, senza rivoltarsi. Del resto, matematicamente questa convizione sia un no senso. Infatti, la popolazione della Terra è stata moltiplicata da sei di mezzo del secolo XIX ad oggi ; e un anima solamente terrestre che sarebbe resuscitata, non potrà essere suddivise per stare simultaneamente presenta in diversi corpi. E` assurdamente incompleto.

Questo significa che quello che è fatto nel bene o nel male dalla nostra vita, lo sia semplicemente per sempre. Allora dobbiamo saper provedere a cosa giusta, piuttosto che a il contrario, per non essere sua propria inganna !
Soffiermamoci al temibili effetti "boomerang" che si produrranno, non in un'altra vita ipotetica, ma in questa.


jeudi 10 mai 2018

Just science-fiction XXXII : right into the fifth dimension of Ama-o-Ama !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

In an article of last year, we were talking about the fifth dimension, which people think wrongly unaccessible, when they could be rightly inside !
As usually, what we write has to be taken as "Just science-fiction", obviously.


When you think everything is illogic or seems absurd in your environment or in your everyday life, it could be because you are in the fifth dimension without being aware about it.
Into the fifth dimension of Ama-o-Ama, what looks impossible usually... is totally possible !
The more contradictive or weird the situation may seem, the more likely you could be in this parallel dimension, just less 1 millimiter away from the third one, ours normally.

You can feel hectic about it, but personaly we would think more about all the possibilities opened for us !
It may appear your life is in stand-by...just because it really is !
Something happened which provoke a big tilt in your life, and to put you for your sake temporarily out of the game, intelligent beings set you apart into the fifth dimension.

People waiting for an alien invasion of Earth never realize that aliens preceded  human beings on our planet. Then, Earth has always been theirs ! And their obvious anteriority to their creation (human being, initially called "lulu" by Sumerians) should be honestly recognized. 
It's a point where Darwinism met over suddenly Creationism, through a genetic engineering (symbolized by the Bible's clay) a very long time ago.

Yet, there is a very fashionable theory presently saying that WW3 will burst out with any potential trigger (North Korea, Syria, or Iran again if not finding another one), and will be followed by an ET return on Earth - a kind of "Parousia". Until the revival of the Iranian topic, we didn't believe much in this theory. But now, things have quickly evolved.
We must never forget " Occident" has been created through the victory of Alexander the Great (356 BC - 323 BC) on the powerful empire of Persia, which was once the first Power in the known world : it had the very original belief in Ahura Mazda, the wheel-winged God, and his prophet of Good and Evil, Zarathustra.

Being yourself projected in the fifth dimension, doesn't exclude people around you to be unvoluntarily. A part of them around you, might not have stayed in their original dimension. Often, they follow you at their own expenses, because they chose deliberately to be too much involved into your life as foolhardy challengers. In that case, their destiny might have totally been modified, and they wholly lost control on it.
There, they discover that redemption (not the too large one of Saint Paul) is refused to them, because it is following the words of Jesus or his mother, Our Lady of Fatima.
This apply frequently to people whom behaviour is totally controlled by the reptilian reactions of their primitive brain - the limbic brain being entirely shunted.

Being, thinking, and behaving as a totally binary entity can be the source of inner nightmare in a way.
The matrix is then completely controlling you, and you have nowhere to escape whichever could be your rank in the society. And staying subservient to others, doesn't arrange anything, much to the contrary.

You are then in "Wonderland" like Alice, even the British mathematician Lewis Caroll (1832 -1898) couldn't write anything about you - as he died a long time ago.
You are on the other side of the Mirror, and you wander desperately how to come back to your original dimension ?

If his masterpiece, "Alice in Wonderland" (1862) looks apparently like a book for children, it's because the latters are more opened to fantasy. And we must never forget the character of Alice really existed through Alice Liddell and her white rabbit, in his seemingly "nonsense" novel.

Above that, in reality the psychology for children very often applies to adults, who didn't grow mature so much ! When they blindly want a war, they get it at their own expenses, and nobody can do much about it. It's not known if Lewis Caroll was influenced by the character of Loki, the trickster.
Anyhow, bunkers' price wouldn't be rising up so much in UK without any reason !

jeudi 3 mai 2018

A la redécouverte de célèbres personnages : qui connaît Arthur Wellesley en France ?

Par Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Docteur en Géographie Economique, Ph. D
Traduit et adapté de l'anglais par lui-même

Voici une traduction de notre article publié en anglais sur "Global Politics and Economics" le 4 mai 2015, sous le titre "Rediscovering famous characters : who knows Arthur Wellesley in France ?"


Si vous faisiez un rapide sondage à Paris ou même à Angers à propos d'Arthur Wellesley, personne certainement ne connaîtrait son nom.
Quelques personnes penseraient que c'est un joueur de football ou de rugby, vu que ça sonne bien à l'oreille pour ça.
D'autres songeraient qu'il s'agit d'un chanteur anglo-saxon encore inconnu, mais en passe de devenir célèbre.
Et ils pourraient même chercher à s'informer des dates de ses concerts, pour faire une réservation !
Pourtant, tous seraient dans l'erreur, car il est né en 1769 en Irlande (au Château de Dangan) !

En fait, Arthur Wellesley (1769 - 1852) était anglo-irlandais. Il avait étudié à Eton (Royaume-Uni) et à Bruxelles (à l'époque où la Belgique n'était pas encore indépendante), avant de venir en France, à Angers précisément.
Il entra alors à l'Ecole Militaire Royale en 1785, où il fut cadet jusqu'en 1786. Or à cette époque, la stratégie militaire était dominée en France par l'héritage encore frais du maréchal Maurice de Saxe (1696 - 1750), cousin de Louis XV (1710 - 1774).
A titre anecdotique, il est à remarquer que la célèbre romancière George Sand (Aurore Dupin, 1804 - 1876) était l'arrière-petite-fille de ce grand stratège ! Maurice de Saxe admirait Alexandre le Grand (356 av. J.-C. - 323 av. J.-C.), et il fut grandement influencé par lui - par un étrange mimétisme. Il est d'ailleurs important de savoir que les tactiques de Maurice de Saxe sont encore enseignées de nos jours à West Point (USA).
Pour en revenir au jeune Arthur Wellesley, il devint en 1787 lieutenant d'infanterie et même instructeur à Angers, avant de retourner en Angleterre.
Avez-vous présentement la moindre idée de qui était ce célèbre personnage ? Non ! Alors, continuons notre récit !

Il servit dans le régiment du Duc d'York aux Pays-Bas contre la France (1794), et apprit là-bas selon sa propre opinion "tout ce qu'on ne devrait jamais faire" en matière de stratégie militaire, afin de ne pas perdre.
Quand il commanda lui-même une armée en Inde (1799 - 1803), il devint renommé pour ses talents exceptionnels et sa victoire finale contre la Confédération de Maratha.
En Europe, il mena le combat contre Napoléon (1769 - 1821), en commençant par le Portugal (1808), en continuant avec l'Espagne (1809 - 1814), et en traversant les Pyrénées pour finalement atteindre Toulouse - où le maréchal Soult (1769 - 1851) vit son front militaire s'effondrer face à lui au début du mois d'avril 1814.
Avez-vous deviné maintenant de qui il s'agit ? Pas encore !
Ne vous inquiétez pas, cela va venir à l'occasion de notre conclusion sur cet homme qui a créé un immense choc dans toute l'Europe et ailleurs, en changeant la destinée du monde pour deux siècles !

Napoléon le voyait comme "un mauvais général", pour sa stratégie et sa façon de combattre à l'Antique, alors que lui était plus moderne et plus efficace.
Or en réalité, Wellesley était déjà commandant en chef et maréchal !
Wellesley croyait encore aux géniales tactiques de Napoléon (à tort), et à l'opposé Napoléon n'avait guère de considération pour lui (à tort également). En effet, l'infanterie de Wellesley, tout comme des "Phalanges Macédoniennes", mit littéralement en pièces la Garde Impériale de Napoléon dans la bataille finale de Waterloo (18 juin 1815) dès 7 heures et demi du soir, donc bien avant que le Prussien Blücher (1742 - 1819) ne fasse sa jonction à 9 heures du soir.

Wellesley, qui était devenu Duc de Wellington en 1814 (ça y est, vous savez !), doutait encore la veille de l'issue de la bataille, qui se déroulait près de Bruxelles.
Après la bataille, il écrivit même à son frère, qui était Gouverneur Général de l'Inde :
"Je n'ai jamais eu autant d'inquiétudes pour une bataille, et n'ai jamais été aussi près de la défaite !"
Sa stratégie d'apparence défensive, mélangée à une soudaine et inattendue témérité furent pourtant victorieuses.

Du côté français, seul le maréchal Nicolas Soult osa mettre ouvertement en question la stratégie de Napoléon contre Wellington, mais cela provoqua la colère immédiate de l'Empereur et il dut se taire !
Ainsi, Waterloo ne fut pas perdue seulement à cause du maréchal Emmanuel de Grouchy (1766 - 1847), qui dégustait de délicieuses fraises dans une auberge de Wavre pendant le feu de la bataille !

Napoléon fut certainement un grand homme (beaucoup de Britanniques ont d'ailleurs de l'admiration pour lui de nos jours), mais il a clairement sous-estimé Arthur Wellesley, Duc de Wellington, qui lui paraissait si fragile - et presque diaphane même !
Pourtant, c'est ce même homme qui plaida avec succès, durant le Congrès de Vienne (1815), pour que la France ne soit pas exclue du concert des nations !
Enfin, en tant que conservateur, il devint Premier Ministre du Royaume-Uni (de 1828 à 1830, et pendant un courte période en 1834) !

lundi 9 avril 2018

Just science-fiction XXXI : the return of "Cylons" !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Today we are going to talk about "Cylons", those robots with a totally human body.
As usually, this is just science-fiction, of course.


The name of "Cylons" is associated with "Star Trek", which is an old science-fiction series now - it started in 1966.
In one episode, those creatures "half-human and half-robot", wanted to replace human beings on Earth.
If you want to describe them in detail, they are AI (Artificial Intelligences), with the whole appearance of a normal human being, either male or female. They are back from "Mesocosmos"  (Intermediate Cosmos), where they were stuck.

They are far more difficult to detect than Androids (male robots with a human appearance) or Gynoids (the equivalent appearing like female robots) from Japan, South Korea or Sweden.
As a matter of fact, they don't need any plug to recharge on electricity, about them.
They are as autonomous as human beings, and they can eat food like us.
Laughing is also possible for them, just like real humans.

CYLON is the acronym of  "Cybernetic Lifeform Node". They were created by a reptilian race of ETs, Dracos, more than 150,000 years ago.
A mini-series untitled "Battlestar Galactica" (2004-2009) renewed their history.
The main fault of their body is collagen renewal, which makes them aging more quickly than human beings. This starts usually in their late twenties or early thirties.

Pleiadians who know very well about them, have a funny game about that with their children : they train them to count the wrinkles of Cylons' forehead !
In fact, Cylons are at the opposite of Pleiadians about their skin, as the latters are aging quite slowly.
That's the reason they have been taken for Gods or "Angels" -  from the Greek Aggelos, "Messenger" (which they are in a way, as "Sky Messengers").

The main characteristic of Cylons is their total lack of empathy. And their sudden return is quite significant for them and our world.
When an Android and a Gynoid are commonly programmed with this ability (if they look after old people for instance), Cylons are deprived of any real sensitivity towards human beings. Again, it has to be known they can hijack your spirit, by bio-electric shunt if you use far too much your smartphone or your I-phone. Then, they take control of your mind, and you may become one of them !

To conclude, deep down as ancient Artificial Intelligences (AI),  Cylons may look less developped than the Androids or Gynoids produced nowadays in Japan, South Korea or Sweden.
And yet the latters are also AI. The difference is that they are made to help human beings, about them, but not the Cylons !

Cylons have been created originally to replace human beings totally and definitively in the everyday life, at work or anywhere else...Themselves can be as mean as a lot of people, so you may not realize they are not human beings.
And this purpose is facilitated, by the fact more and more human beings behave themselves unhappily as mere robots - a bit like if they had lost their soul.

Cylons hope a great world war will occur soon on Earth. So they would do anything to create the opportunities of a big clash.
As human beings can be manipulated easily, given their poor critical faculty and their frequent lack of judgment to them, it is just a matter of time in their mind that they will overcome mankind.
However, a very long time ago, Pleiadians fought them successfully, and sent them into the intermediate world !

Before he died just recently (on March 14th, 2018) at 76, the British genious of physics, Stephen Hawking was extremely worried about the accelerated development of AI. He considered them as the biggest threat for human beings' survival, even before some types of aggressive ETs.
Yet, we don't know if he was himself making a difference between Cylons (who have got all the human faults, but not the qualities) and Androids or Gynoids, and if he knew about Dracos ?

mercredi 14 mars 2018

Just science-fiction XXX : the surprises of the water's hole frequency !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Today, we are going to talk about the lack of communication between human beings and ETs notably.
Of course, you have to take it as it is written in the title : just science-fiction !


On March 4th, 2018, the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro has just won 4 oscars for his movie untitled "The shape of water" ("La forme de l'eau" in French).
This fantastic picture is about the love story developped by a mute woman called Lisa Esposito - working for a secret governemental laboratory in Baltimore -, with an amphibian man kept prisoner since 1962 (time of Cold War). She helps him to escape...

In 1963, a congress of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) held in Geneva (Switzerland) decided an important thing : ETs have to use a specific frequency to talk to us, the one of the hole of the water (around 1700 MHz) !
So at the same time, ordinary human beings were forbidden to use it.

Yet from the Observatory of Green Bank (Western Virginia, USA), the first official message sent by radio-astronomers on this frequency three years before (on April 8th, 1960), was a failure.
Tau Ceti had been selected (with Epsilon Eridani), but no answer came. About messages, those scientists didn't know "Tau Cetians" were using a special mode set on "anterior past". They didn't know either they are amphibians, like Alpha Centaurians.

Of course, some scientists noticed that it would take 50 000 years for them to receive the message and for us to receive a potential answer on the same channel, because of the distance. But as nobody answered immediately, scientists concluded very fast that Tau Ceti wasn't inhabited !
By the meantime, other messages have been sent to different stars by the USA without any result. And yet the frequency range has been widened to the frequency of Hydrogen.
So, between 1420 and 1700 Mhz - 1706 Mhz in fact -,  there was officially no answer recorded.

At the same time, Russians who didn't really follow this range of frequency, received an unexpected message, most likely from Tau Ceti, and named their research organism "CETI". But the result was denied by Americans.
Their aim was a bit different, as they included in their research specialists from the Institute of Language in Moscow : they wanted to study the structure of any potential message, its syntax, and to furnish a potential translation.

Generally speaking, America was in favor of a pragmatic attitude. It wanted to go fast not to lose time... and "officially" reached nowhere (?), according to itself in this matter of radio-communication.
Russia was far more patient and meticulous, as it had already important informations from its specialized services.

The Russian CETI program, named after "Tau Ceti" originally, had as a quick response its equivalent with the American SETI. But for the latter, most observations which are considered as too costly, are now abandoned.
The only glorious time of Carl Sagan's SETI, occurred on August 15th, 1977, with the unexpected signal nicknamed "WOW" !

In fact, ETs don't use so much detectable radio-frequencies, and especially the ones of hydrogen or of the water's hole.
They are aware of the NSA "big ears" since 1952, as this agency was created originally for that very purpose.
Most of them, like Pleiadians for instance, prefer drawing messages in wheat or barley fields (crop circles), or trans-communicating with clever animals or beings. As still underdeveloped for trans-communication, human beings are unable to do the latter normally, but them they can !

As a part of crop circles in Great Britain or elsewhere are considered as hoaxes, it is difficult to know which ones are true.
So then, in order to help, Pleiadians are advicing to check the syntax and spelling in crop circles  to get to know if they are theirs (Pleiadian joke) !
Anyway, most human beings and scientists don't take crop-circles seriously. And the orthograph is not their thing !

Yet, since 2007 there is a big change : ETs have communicated at least 30 times by using micro-waves. The first message was received accidentaly in Australia (Parkes in New South Wales), when an astronomer opened his micro-wave oven before his meal was cooked ! This type of message is called a FRB (Fast Radio Burst) and it is using the "magnetron" which is inside the micro-wave oven. The observation was confirmed by his radiotelescope of 64 m diameter.
It is not known if those messages have something to do with the War which bursted out in 2004, in the Austral area, between the "Black Fleet" and America ?

Anyhow, there is another reason why ETs are reluctant to use the hydrogen or the water's hole frequency : as most of them are not hostile in fact, they don't want to harm human beings, who are commonly considered as more fragile than they think, daredevil, and often illogic or blind.
In reality, on an holographic basis, using those frequencies could lead to create the corresponding atoms and to provoke accidents or catastrophes. Heavy water is obviously known to them, as well as tsunami.

If you consider 1963 as the starting year for the arbitrary choice of frequencies to converse with ETs, then you realize 55 years have been lost because of misunderstanding.
Now on, as World War III could be ineluctably on its blind way, it might be rather late. People whatever the gender, who like so much survivalism - "Koh-Lanta" way -, may be finally served for themselves this time.

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), the famous genious of physics to come was using a "trans-communicator" to talk to Martians or other ETs : it became our ordinary toaster ! Another of his inventions using micro-waves for the same purpose, is now used as micro-wave oven ! Funnily, some unlucky debunkers were blatantly ignorant about it, concerning what happened in Australia about FRB (Fast Radio Bursts).

Strangely, only animals like cats, dogs, elephants...or even birds are easily perceiving ETs messages, except some rare "superhumans".
It is often the same about the ability to see them.
On those very points - half-jokingly -, it is very questionable that human beings are at the top of Nature's hierarchy !

Just to make sure, if you asked a newly independent elephant of India imposing its will onto villagers - as it is astonishingly observed nowadays -, this clever animal with a strong memory of bad human treatments would certainly say NO...almost in human language, as it seems to be able to imitate its ex-cornac voice in exceptional occurrences !

About the FRB (Fast Radio Bursts) mentioned above, the Academy of science of Moscow is presently studying them with a high interest. It is especially concerned by the "FRB 121102"  message of 2012, which has already been repeated, and was directed at Russia as it seems. And for that purpose, they are using their super-radiotelescope RATAN-600 !

Just imagine a minute ETs would say in the message : "Prepare zakuskis, caviar, and vodka, we'll bring appetizers for the interplanetary meeting !"
ETs could be interested at Russians as the heirs of the balanced Sarmatian culture of Don river (Amazon women + Scythian men, since 320 BC) !