vendredi 11 août 2017

Just science-fiction XXII : Rakshasas versus Zetas !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

This new article of "Just science-fiction" is going to talk about a very hot subject involving world peace : the traditional opposition between two ET races, Rakshasas and Zetas.
Of course, it is just a fictional narration, as usually.
We hope you a good and interesting reading.


Rakshasas, from Sirius, do more than disliking Zetas (the most famous type of ETs, coming from Zeta Reticuli, and popularized by the Roswell accident in 1947).
The present problem is that this common hatred is bursting out in the Cosmos between them : the war started anew !
Earthling beings may think : good for them, as long as they are fighting in the Cosmos, and not on Earth.
However, this expectation may not be fulfilled, because Rakshasas are supporting America since 1946 (the year Cold War started on Earth between Washington and Moscow), through a secret "non-existent" treaty.
And on the other side, Zetas are backing up North Korea ! Aha, will you think !

You are right to say so, because there is a real problem for world peace.
If President Kim-Jong-Un decided to really attack Guam island (USA) with four missiles, they will most likely be destroyed by the THAAD - Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - anti-missile system. But, President Trump would then retaliate by bombing Pyongyang (2.58 million inhabitants) or some supposed nuclear sites, with nukes ("fire and anger").
Using four missiles would be unwise from North Korea, as it has got around nine nukes only against 8 000 for the USA.
North Korea can certainly be enormously damaged, but not without retaliating itself on Seoul (capital of South Korea, 10 million inhabitants), which is the nearest target depending on America.
And nobody knows if the American nukes potentially launched on North Korea wouldn't fall at the border of Russia or China, by affecting them too.
The risk to provoke accidentaly an hazardous world war, is thus extremely high.

On their side, Zetas, who are also present in America itself (Roswell area - S4 -, and some other US bases), may play the role of a fifth column to fight back America and its Rakshasa ally.
Don't forget Zetas are unofficially doing technological transfer towards the USA since the "non-existent" treaty of 1950 (A UN treaty with the Corporative, among which Zetas) !
Above that, this "non existent" treaty is not anymore valid since July 4th, 2016.
Zetas may try to desactivate American nukes, and provide help for an unexpected incursion of North Korean volunteers on the Mainland of America.
But Pleiadians, Alpha Centaurians and Vegans are certainly also feeling concerned with this crisis.
From Saturn, Alpha Centaurians are presently activating their huge artificial "hexagon" in direction of Earth. They are trying to maintain its fragile balance. On their side, Pleiadians are trying to make Donald Trump subduing his warlike rethorics. And Vegans wander if America didn't go too far with the economic sanctions voted a few days ago in UN to deprive North Korea from 1 billion $ income, leading it to desire war by having nothing anymore to lose ?

About Rakshasas, they are known from very long in the true Indian mythology. Their flying vessels armed with heavy weapons were called "vimanas". Usually, they were considered as demons or goblins coming fro the sky.

Rakshasas and Zetas have got in common their dynastic ruling system. But there is an important difference, the first one being elitist and militarist, and the second one "communist" and militarist.

If in spite of all efforts from people of good will, war had to over suddenly restart really after a very long truce since 1953, a totally new world might arise, where America wouldn't be automatically n°1 anymore.

Where Rakshasas like demonstrating strength, Zetas are more like foxes : they can be extremely cunning, perserverant and fierce, when they decide to enter a war !

On an exchequer, human beings would just be like pawns, or sometimes knights and bishops, but not above in their hands if Rakshasas and Zetas were playing chess game together !

lundi 10 juillet 2017

Just science-fiction XXI : the (in) visible secrets of Jupiter and its Moons !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Here is a new article of our mascot serie, "Just science-fiction".
Today, it is dedicated to Jupiter, the biggest planet of the Solar System, and its unusual Moons.
And as usually, you have to take it as pure fiction, of course.


Jupiter has got sixteen Moons, among which the most famous are Europa, Ganymede, Io, and Callisto (discovered in 1610). The time of Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642) has really been a period of determining discoveries, when you think about it. About him, the controversy with Papacy concerning the heliocentric system is famous, but the one about the nature of comets in "the Assayer" book ("the Sagittarius" book) is often ignored nowadays.
Other Moons of Jupiter have been discovered since : Amalthea (1892), Himalia and Elara(1904), Pasiphae (1908), Sinope (1914), Lysithea and Carme (1938), Ananke (1951), Leda (1974), Adrastea (1979), Metis and Thebe (1980). They are apparently mysterious rocks or Carbonaceous rocks, except Amalthea which seems to have sulphur layer over rock, but keeps some secrets from human eyes. About satellites with Carbonaceous rocks, it has to be stressed that they have got deposits of sedimentary rocks, wherein the primary ingredient is Carbon deriving from residual plant matter !

Like Jupiter - or our Earth -, Europa and Ganymede have got plenty water (under the form of ice from the outside, but liquid below). Then a civilization comparable to the one of Alpha Centauri, with intelligent amphibians humanlike is possible. Callisto has also got some ice, when Io's surface is made of sulfur compounds.
On Europa and Ganymede, an Earthling's weight of 100 kg would be respectively only 14 kg and 15kg (12 kg on Callisto, and just 9 kg on Amalthea).
We had the definitive evidence of an enormous amount of water on Jupiter, after the 21 thermonuclear explosions of  the comet "Shoemaker-Levy 9" on July 1994. Before this date, Jupiter, which has got an atmosphere, was dogmatically considered as not having water.
It is believed that Jupiter is a gazeous planet with an atmosphere made of Hydrogen (90%) and Helium (nearly 10%), and some Water Vapor (H2O), without any really solid parts : of course, it looks incredible ! The problem of Jupiter and its satellites, has always been a question of recognition from human beings. But the opposite is quite true also for Earth and its Moon !

It musn't be forgotten either Jupiter is the biggest planet of our Solar System : it is not meaningless for this super-planet, glowing at night !
And its misunderstood "Great Red spot" (with its drum sound and intelligent echo system) is having a very special function, not only for Jupiter itself of course, but also in direction of other planets in our Solar System, Earth and its Moon included : we should rather say the Moon and its Earth in matter of Control !
In his book, untitled "Cosmos" (1980), Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996), who became the famous head of SETI program also described by anticipation two types of huge flying - and then water drinking - creatures on Jupiter. Paradoxically, he became very skeptical towards Ufology at the end of his life, on the way human beings were seeing it. He knew that as they are essentially binary beings, Earthlings can easily go extreme in their interpretations, whatever they are believers or at the opposite, debunkers.

It's far to be certain that NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) will announce soon an historical discovery on one of Jupiter's satellites.
When God created the Universe, he generated billions of galaxies and planets of course. But, as he was a bit strange, he decided that only one planet could be inhabited according to human science, Earth !
If life exists somewhere else, it can be only under the form of bacterias then, which means nothing compared to human beings and their enormous ego...or fear to be competed. But this interpretation is wrong obviously.
Above that, Earthlings' technological equipment is not accurate enough. That's why they take pictures with anomalies (97 to 98% of the total). Thus, you understand easily why only 2 to 3% only can be published, with the common use of filters (usually orange).

Yet, the NPIC (National Photographic Interpretation Center) of the NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) from Fort Belvoir (Springfield, Virginia), is sometimes ready for some boldness about Cosmos.
This boldness is important for America to stay number one, the Russian knowledge about Cosmos being often more captivating and amazing.
So say, the NASA would be allowed to announce something mesmerizing about Europa or Ganymede's intelligent life, the USA could try to maintain their leadership and justify easily at the same time their huge spendings for a successful spatial conquest !
Of course, the US space probe Juno could be of a great help, as it circumnavigated around Jupiter for already one year, till July 5th 2017. Now on, it has to observe precisely the Great Red Spot, which is considered as an anticyclon (12,000 km long and 15,000 km wide) with winds running at the spead of 700 km/h. As it was discovered by the French astronomer Jean-Dominique Cassini (1625 - 1712) in 1665, at the great time of Louis XIV then, this tempest is lasting quite long.

Anecdotally, on a different register, whatever the seemingly previsible results for the granted Olympic Games of 2024 and of 2028, the NGA mentioned above will be in charge of security either in Paris or in Los Angeles.

Jupiter is around 318 times as massive as our Earth, and its structure looks rather similar to our Sun, if we follow the most recent astronomical data.
This means that this super-planet has got a very decisive influence on Earth physically. In the depth of Jupiter, it is also believed that Hydrogen is transformed from Gas to Liquid, after separating into layers.

But nobody is explaining from where Water Vapor (H20) is coming then and at what levels Oxygen can be found precisely, as it may appear illogical for a supposedly non-solid planet ? The interaction of comet "Shoemaker-Levy 9" showed incidentaly in 1994, that there was water on Jupiter itself, and not only in the Great Red Spot !

They are still some uncertainties in human knowledge about Jupiter and its satellites. And this understanding is still very basic, if not contradictive.
The Jupiter system is quite complicated to understand for Earthlings.
Could some parts of Jupiter be solid after all for "the Hunters" or "the Floaters" to land or take off, if we were following the determining hypothesis of Carl Sagan, in connection with the existence of Water ?

If a Jupiterian (from Jupiter or one of its inhabited satellites) wanted to enter in direct contact with an Earthling (whatever the gender), he might have half-jokingly to ask for an appointment, as the other one could be too much self-centered on creating useless problems !
Above that, a lot of human beings have unhappily lost the sense of Wonder !

dimanche 2 juillet 2017

The emergence of Vietnam : Le Havre's gardener got even, and the very pretty Marjolaine too !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D
translated and adaptated in English by himself

Here is an English translation and adaptation of our article published in French, on Global Politics and Economics on May 20th, 2010, and untitled "L'émergence du Vietnam : de la revanche du jardinier du Havre à celle de la très jolie Marjolaine".


Located in the center of Asia, and sharing a common border with China, Kampuchea and Laos, Vietnam has got the geographic  shape of a capital s.
You can distinguish from North to South, Tonkin with the delta of Song, Annam in the center, and Cochinchina with the delta of Mekong.
Its area is 326 797 sq. km and it is populated of around 82 million inhabitants.
If its most famous cities are Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville (Saïgon) and Hanoï, the previous capital of Huê is still benefitting of the nostalgic prestige from the glorious time of its old empire. The fantastic Halong bay about it, is a magic place. Hence, it is one of the preferred destination for tourists, who participate now on to the economic boom of this new emerging country.

However, Vietnam had to recover from two terrible wars of liberation, after having known the Japanese occupation from 1940 to 1945, which had scared off most of the great French colonists.
The first one started one year after its independence, proclaimed by Hô-Chi-Minh in 1945. He was its first president, and had to fight France which tried to take it back after a military landing (armed by the British) in 1946.
That's the famous war of Indochina which ended in 1954 with the victory of communist forces, just after the war of both Koreas (1950 - 1953) and their very long truce until today.
And the second Vietnamese war started in 1959 between the North (Hanoï) and the South (Saïgon), and America supported in a war-screen President Diêm of South Vietnam from 1962 to 1963. It has to be noticed President Diêm (1901 - 1963) was assassinated on November 2nd, 1963, twenty days before John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 - 1963) who wanted to withdraw from Vietnam.
Then, there was the frontal military intervention of the USA against North Vietnam in 1964. This horrible war ended with the fall of Saïgon in 1975, and a new victory of communist forces.

The emergence of Vietnam finds its source in the will of revenge of a man, who had been for a while garderner in the town of Le Havre during his stay in France, Hô-Chi-Minh. The latter participated in 1920 to the foundation of the French Communist Party during the congress of Tours.
We are never taught in France that the initial nationalism of Hô-Chi-Minh, by his real name Nguyên Sinh-Cung (1890 - 1969) - after having also been "Nguyen Aï-Quoc" for the soviet Komintern -, found its origin in his father's history.
He had indeed lived as a grave injustice, calling one day repair, the fact this one sank into depression after having been discharged of his mandarin role over the Protectorate of Annam, by the colonialist France of the IIIrd Republic.
Beside the right of peoples to self-determination, highlighted in his nationalist and then communist aspirations, it is rarely spoken out about the uneven treatment the Indochinese people was victim : they were denied the human and equal rights strongly proclaimed besides.

And it is allowed to wander humanely, if it's not the constancy of a clammy and stupidely condescending smirk, as much as the physical threat of the "small box", mixed with a persistent feeling of unfairness, that determined finally the loss of Indochina by France ?
This haughty and crushing attitude will have peaked in the end in the hallucinating blindness which lead to the "strategic mistake" of Diên-Bien-Phu basin, after a unilateral break of truce to try to force an outcome (end of 1953). In any case, history retained that it lead to the disastrous capitulation and final surrender of May 7th, 1954, to general Giap (born in 1911), after a battle of 169 days. During the last 57 final days, this enclave which had put itself voluntarily (!) in the position to be besieged, had to bear the fire of multiple rocket-launchers Katioucha.
General Navarre (1898 - 1983) and his headquarter completely underestimated the ability of Vietnamese soldiers to transport in separate parts the Russian artillery by moped Peugeot, on bicycle, or on foot in the jungle up to the heights overhanging Diên-Bien-Phu camp, as well as the Vietnamese art of tunnels - which was fatal to the Americans in 1975, by the way. Just respecting the truce would have lead to a different future.

Since the end of the eighties and the economic progressive liberalization of the country, Vietnam is booming unprecedently. From 1992 to 2002, in only ten years for information purposes, its GDP doubled because of a remarkable growth rate of 7% per year.
It became from then an emerging country, by opening to the international trade, what moreover allowed a lot of American companies to establish there durably : if the USA lost the war against this country in 1975, it is completely clear they won peace, contrary to what they are reproached so often.
And they have even been able to normalize their political relations while solving the thorny problem of buying back the war prisoners' freedom, supposed not to exist before the revelations intended for the Congress of the Ted Kotcheff movie (1982) : "The first blood" - untitled "Rambo" in France ! It was beautifully acted by Sylvester Stallone, but its real object wasn't always perceived in France to this day, as it seems.
Actually, an important American-Vietnamese agreement has been over suddenly concluded, allowing the Vietnamese exports to explode of 1000% in 2001 ! And 20% of Vietnam's exports are intended now on for the USA.

More recently, in 2005, Vietnam integrated the ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations). And in 2007, it entered the WTO (World Trade Organization).
In 2008, while Vietnam gave itself ten years to step from the stage of an agricultural country to the one of an industrial nation, its GDP reached around 51 billion Euros.
As well, France didn't want to be outdone and confirmed in 2009 its intention to retie the links, as it was the case in 2004, to develop its foreign trade with this country full of promises. But, at the moment the weight of the USA, Japan, Australia, China and Singapore is overemphasized.
It is necessary to tell to the discharge of our country, that the Vietnamese question always had internal consequences as strong as unexpected on its history, which explains its perceptible hesitation.
As a matter of fact, it is the arrest in the Faculty of Nanterre of a student from the "Committee Vietnam National" during a demonstration against the Vietnam war (March 22nd, 1968), which was the very starting point of what was going to become "May 68" ! This aborted revolution, of almost one month, was going to modify in depth the French society by provoking important social or educational steps notably, and by being a prelude to a deep political change : there is a "before" and an "after" May 68" !

On a quite different register, we have in France an eminent representative of this new Vietnam, with a smiling face, which embodies prosperity : the very pretty Marjolaine from "Greg the millionaire" (2003) , and from "Marjolaine and the millionaires" (2004) - where she got even on the previous TV program.
The presence of this young woman, dignous of Aphrodite and the noble Goddess Kwan Yin, are always a refreshing show. Through her attitudes, exquisite and smart, she incredibly exaltates, without being aware of, the beauty of the eternal femininity and a pleasant romanticism somehow sentimental.
It was visible she was surrounded by envious and dubious persons. The virtue and the disinterest for material things advanced by her protagonists of the reality-show, were not so obvious, in spite of the muddle of their sententious or wrongly moralizing objurgations, or again of their emotional and nervous breakdowns.
Equally, their will to devote themselves during their whole life to the loved one - preferably without bursting his eardrums -, was hardly perceptible. Also their fake sensuality, allegdly seductive at the image of a 4-star fridge, was overplayed and sounded terribly hollow.
And at last, after she was finally eliminated by a screaming candidate in the first program, she got even in the second one, with the power to choose her suitor this time.
But the boys were of bad faith, in their deceitful claim for the sincerity they were demanding from her in return !
And the artificial envelope of their hollow words, their personality or even their physical appearance of "standard womanizers", had something funny and pathetic, even it was not really the purpose of the program.
It is a good thing it was only a game, and that she didn't marry the "suitor", who stayed just for gaining 50,000 euros.
God, who might be her greatest fan, felt so good about that. May be, he even helped her, him who like to intervene in humans' destiny !
In any case, this allowed her to enter the closed world of television, and try a entertainment program of her own, with her so refreshing personality.

dimanche 4 juin 2017

Just science-fiction XX : into the secrets of Alfa Centaurians !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Here is another idea of movie scenario for Hollywood, with this new tale of "Just science-fiction".
Today, we will try to get into the secrets of Alfa Centaurians !
As usually, you must take our narration as a total masterpiece of fiction, obviously.


Not many people are speaking about the triple star system of Alfa Centauri (Alfa Centauri A, B and C, the latter one being also called Proxima Centauri). It is the most proximate Star system to the Sun, it may replace in an ignored future.
Science recognize now that life may exist over there, but with the usual "bla bla bla" about bacterias in their oceans. And to be quite honest, Alfa Centaurians are far from looking like bacterias, with their often impressive size : from 1.80 m to 2.40 m for men, and from 1.65 m to 2.10 m for women. Two types are coexisting, the first one looks like Earthlings, and the second is Reptilian with yellow eyes but no tail.
For the ones looking like us, their eyes are a bit similar to Asians (or sometimes round), with various colours - from blue to green, brown or dark. The hair can be blond, red, brown, hazel or black.
Their guttural language can appear at the ear, like a kind of German way of speaking Chinese.
It may take two centuries for human science to recognize their existence, supposing human beings wouldn't start to be clearly overcome by AI (Artificial Intelligences) from 2019. Those AI were autonomous and self-learning, in most fields human beings were operating before. But very soon - Android shape or not -, they might become over suddenly quasi-independent, by starting to confine more and more human beings in secondary roles or in decorum. They might then unexpectedly, beat off the Mantis strategy we were talking about in a previous article. 

Alfa Centaurians have to be brought closer to the Atlanteans, at the times of their glory.
They are both able to live under the sea, with their special organ allowing them to breathe below the water.
Being amphibians, they are obviously talented for swimming. Another similarity is their telepathic mind.
Alfa Centaurians about them can sometimes levitate, or more commonly being teleported, notwithstanding other secret abilities.
So, if you calculate well, the number of their senses exceeds easily the number of five. Their life expectancy can overcome 2000 years. But on Earth, due mainly to pollution, climate change and accessorily to the Earthlings' aggressive tendencies, it can drop easily far below. That's why they don't like much staying too long on Earth. Hence, twice a week there is a very special shuttle for them, to get back home in the galaxy by very long distance teleportation. At the same time, newcomers are replacing them by taking turn.
On Earth, Alfa Centaurians can be found in the Bermuda triangle (Atlantic area), and the Devil triangle beside Shikoku island (Pacific area, Japan), but not only. It seems they have also an important base in Argentina, below a bay.
Anyway, any living sea or great lake can be chosen to be inhabited if necessary. They fly USO (Unidentified Sinking Objects), which are an important category of UFO.

The history of Alfa Centaurians is originally connected to Venus, when it was inhabitable, a very very long time ago.
When the Sun started to destroy the possibilities of life on Venus, they emigrated to...Earth, by creating the Atlantean civilization, had bases on the Moon (s) and Mars, and finally found a haven in the triple Star system of Alfa Centauri.
When the Atlanteans exploded above Lemuria the second Moon of Earth (which is called the Black Moon in Astrology) by using the terrible weapon called "Mashmak", Alfa Centaurians moved to Central and South America, but also more safely to Cosmos. The side-end of Atlantis also provoked by this huge diluvian catastrophe, lead surviving Atlanteans to move worldwide. In France, few people realized the name of Pyrenees is directly coming from the last Queen of Atlantis, Pyrenee, who took refuge in this mountain range.
As "Venusians", before becoming Alfa Centaurians, those ETs are the ones who introduced potatoes, peas, tomatoes, apricots, and tobacco on Earth, as well as...bees which are then true tiny extraterrestrials from Venus !
Nowadays, Alfa Centaurians are using their high technology to recreate life on Venus : that's why unusual tempests and thunders can be periodically observed on this planet. The UFOs seen above Venus are then mostly Alfa Centaurians' ones.

It has to be added that they want also Mars back, which may cause a divergence with the IIC (Industrial Interplanetary Complex) from Earth. There are negociations at the moment, not only to improve the workers labor conditions, but also to establish a profitable coexistence on the Red Planet. Effectively, with their sophisticated terraformation engineering, Alfa Centaurians are able to give back to Mars its old glory by reviving it. They will rebuild Apollo's statue to the memory of Olympian Gods, they had connection with. On Earth, Zeus (Jupiter) seducing the marvelous Europa, daughter of an Asian king, wasn't  totally considered as mythology for them.
Alfa Centaurians don't share the Darwinist vision of life, involving often stupid competition which is totally stranger to them.
Yet, coming back to Mars, as they are superior militarily - a universal language -,  the peace talks could advance quickly with the support of Vegans, and of course Pleiadians.

Among Alfa Centaurians, there is neither rich nor poor people. Everybody can get what he (or she) needs without any difficulty. And in that way, living among them can be paradisiac. Their women particularly are quite romantic, blatanly coquettish, and ready to receive the nice compliments they deserve. On their side, men are rather gentlemen, and very good companions for women.
In the triple Star system of Alfa Centauri, they is no law the way we conceive it on Earth, but an efficient system of self-limitation - as Alfa Centaurians are very ethical due to their DNA. They have neither any "Ross" software system operating as an AI.
However you must beware with them, because what they call ethics is not a "facsimile" of morals, from the strongest upon the weakest like on Earth. Above that, they don't admire especially Earth, which is often inconsistent, blind, and backward for them.
Another point of opposition, is that they favour a kind of "dolce vita" as a "soul transformer" for a more natural life.
Their medicine too is "natural", and based upon apoptosis, plants, and the use of honey or royal Jelly (from "Venusian" bees then).
In the Middle Age, the amazing abbess, Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179), stressed clearly the importance of bees for an healthy and prosperous life on Earth.

Thus, if there is an influence of Alfa Centaurians on Earth, it is connected to individual freedom and really effective human rights, smart and efficient ecology to prevent Earth global warming, a specific concern about the influence of the Sun in memory of the brilliant Venus, and final peace.
Those four topics can make them calmly interventionists.

Often, they give shelter to human beings - or sometimes ETs, whichever their type -, in difficulty with the "Earth' secret satellite government".
So there are more and more hybrids between Alfa Centaurians and human beings, as they are biologically compatible for raising babies.

Another peculiarity about Alfa Centaurians, is their strong affective bond with the loved ones.
Astonishingly, if deceased, they are even able to recreate them by using the most secretive rules of reincarnation. On Earth, we would rather call that a processed engineering of resurrection !

samedi 13 mai 2017

Budda non ha detto tutto : che rivelare sul "Paradiso di lapislazzuli" ?

per Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Dottore in Geografia Economica, Ph. D
traduce dell'inglese ed adattato in italiano per sé

Ha la traduzione e l'addatamento in italiano di un articolo che habbiamo pubblicato su "Global Politics and Economics" il 5 gennaio 2016 ('Buddha didn't say everything : what's up with the "Paradise of lapis-lazuli" ?') .
Riguarda la preoccupazione maggiore di Budda, que non era affato la reincarnazione, ma la no-reincarnazione estrema ed il fatto di avere la fortuna di essere trasportato infine in un paradiso particolare al termine di questa vita terrestre, che denominava "il Paradiso di lapislazzuli" !
Pubblichiamo questa traduzione in occasione delle celebrazione del centenario delle apparizione della Vergine Maria, a Fatima (Portogallo) a partire del 13 maggio 1917.
Jacinta e Francisco Marto, due dei tri piccoli pastori di Fatima morti in basso età dell'influenza spagnola, hanno appena canonizzati, mentra il caso di Lucia aspetterà ancora un poco. Lucia de Jesus dos Santos (1907 - 2005) era l'ultima depositoria del famoso terzo segreto di Fatima, che cerca sempre disparatamente di scongiurare (Apocalisse riguardo Roma e la sua ragazza maggiore, per cio' che è conosciuto). Il primo segreto dava una visione precisa dell'inferno col suo mare di Fuoco che trasporta le anime perse ed i demoni, ed il secondo segreto avento munto ad una guerra più terrible che la prima guerra mondiale.


Il vero oggetto di Budda (il Principe Indiano Cakyamuni), non è stato mai spesso la reincarnazione e le sue leggi illogiche.
Sé ha perso a più riprese dei discepoli quando gli fu chiesto se credeva nella reincarnazione : ad ogni volta, impiego' molto tempo a rispondere ...per dire finalmente "Non so" !
E questo è conosciuto molto dalla scuola di buddismo Chan in Cina, che è diventata il buddismo Zen in Giappone.
Alla sua epoca (Sesto secolo anteriore Gesù Cristo), il suo scopo era di raggiungere lo stato di "Samâdhi" (il risvelio nella no-identificazione).
Diventando un Budda, questo essere-a-dire un essere sveglio, potera raggiungere il "Nirvana" (l'estrema beatitudine).
Si sa tutto cio' grazie a su cugino Ananda, che era capace recitare tutti i suoi sermoni prendando in prestito la forma dai testi sacri.
Ma Ananda, non riusciva  a sapere quale era il contenuto preciso della seguente tappa.

Lo stato di Budda ha, difatti, qualche cosa a vedere col "Paradiso di lapislazzuli".
Questo paradiso è chiamato il "Paradiso dell' ovest", ed egli tira le sue radici in una molto vecchia credenza asiatica - una credenza antidiluviana.
Per i vecchi cinesi, questa credenza era legata per esempio, direttamente al Cielo. Ed i loro imperatori come "Figli del Cielo" conoscevano evidentemente questo segreto bene custodito.
In effetti, "il Paridiso dell'ovest" è popolato di milioni di Buddas che vivono di una felicità rifinisce dopo la loro morte terrestre.
Comunque sia, Cakyamuni in quanto budda sé, voleva oltro che trovare una via accettabile per sfuggire alle fatidiche sofferenze umane, abitualmente spiegate da una non verificabile reincarnazione.

Buddha non  ha descritto mai completamente il radioso paradiso di lapislazzuli, chiamato "il Paradiso Occidentale".
Ha detto appena que si deviva recitare una parola (un nome principiante per "Am...), per rendersi in questo luogo maraviglioso.
"Amithaba" è stato trattenuto spesso come potendo aiutare a questo risveglio, attraverso l'uso di un sesto senso se ne avete uno.
Ma c'è una più vecchia tradizione con una parola principiante dello stesso modo che è estremamente potente, si avete almeno sette sensi, e che permette di trasportarvi anche certamente laggiù ancora vivente. Ma vi occorre trovarlo col vostro settimo senso !
Cio' che si sa a proposito di questo luogo paradisiaco, questo è che è riempito di alberi che sono "alberi a gioielli" !
E' il paese dove i vostri sogni più pazzi possono realizzarsi, quasi instantaneamente.
L'esistenza di questa vita idilliaca, cinto di esseri e di creature meravigliose fu narrato prima, all'epoca antidiluviana. 

Bisogna sapere che "il Paradiso di lapislazzuli" resta chiuso definitivamente alle persone meschine ed a queste che si dilettano di malevolenza e di manipolazioni dileggiatrici. Per essere salvato, bisogna essere "salvabile".
Ed egli occorre fare attenzione al tempo che passa, perché la durata della vita umano è equivalente solamente ad alcuni minuti nell'unita divina di misura temporale, anche se sembra lunga o talvolta molto lunga su Terra.
Gesù sapeva anche cio', quando ha attirato l'attenzione delle persone sul riscatto divino nel regno dei cieli, la sua concezione che è differente della revisione che ne ha fatto il Santo Paolo che modifica il senso delle sue parole, dopo la sua crucifissione e la sua ascensione.

Entrare nel "Paradiso dell'ovest" è dunque al tempo stesso facile per le persone buone e sincere - che hanno saputo restare semplici -, ed impossible per gli altri se essi o esse danno o prova di grande falsità con gli attegiamenti sprezzanti impronte di grande ipocrisia - pure affigendo una morale manipolatrice e fin troppo dogmatica.
E' un luogo dove è accordata la gioventù eterna. La bellezza, l'amore et la pienezza regnano armoniosamente. Non vi avete non notato al contrario intorno a voi, il numero de persone che invechiano molto rapidamente, e talvolta molto troppo rapidamente rispetto alla loro età reale ?
Comenciare ad avere capelli bianchi a 19 anni per esempio, o una pelle troppo secca spessa un poco più tardi, n'è non anche molto normale.

Oltre il bisogno di un' estetista, fare sparire le sue polveri mentali, o recitare dei canti consacrati per ricevere l'aiuto di "Nam" o di "Nammu" non puo essere sufficiente. Occorre che le persone cambino profondamente nel loro spirito e nel loro cuore. Molto non hanno notato del resto che "Nammu" è un nome di dea, e non una semplice interiezione di inizio di canto.
Comunque sia è probabile che certi abbiamo reincarnato in effetti in animali e dunque non automaticamente in esseri umani, se si spinge al suo termine la teoria della trasmigrazione delle anime che esaltano. Ed in questo caso, "il Paradiso di lapislazzuli" puo essere solamente difficilmente accessibile.
Se riuscite a raggiungere al contrario questa magica contrada, cio` vuole dire che la sconcertante domanda della reincarnazione è diventata senza oggetto !

vendredi 5 mai 2017

Just science-fiction XIX : the strange world of "Ama-o-Ama", Pleiadian way !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

In this new scenario of science-fiction, we are going to interrogate particularly the Fifth Dimension, Pleiadian way.
The blow-by-blow account of this tale for fun is, as usually, totally fictional of course.
We hope you will like entering in the strange universe of doubt.


Let's be direct : if you want to enter the Fifth Dimension, you just need to repeat enough times a mantra, "Ama-o-Ama".
When you are in this new dimension, it can be too fast. You feel at the beginning everything is similar, and then similarly similar. But very quickly, you realize it's not the case : over suddenly, usually in matter of half a second, everything is different and unknown. And even simple things are disturbing to handle.

In the world of "Ama-o-Ama", your Earth has become an "Anti-Earth", which means a lot of things are incredibly operating in a reverse way, but not only. Your mind is here and overthere at the same time, and this is very confusing. Obvious things or behaviours are abruptly becoming completely illogical and weird. Nobody seems to listen to you or to understand you.

You try to think you are dreaming, or that it's a nightmare. You pinch yourself, but it hurts. You are clearly in the Fifth Dimension. And you don't know what to do.
"Ama-o-Ama" is the world of all possibles, which are...simultaneously possible.
So if you can keep cool, you realize it can help you to succeed where you usually fail.

In "Ama-o-Ama", nothing is binary. The binary language "0 - 1" doesn't operate. A thing can be true or wrong, but also true and wrong at the same time, or even both not true and not wrong, which can be extremely puzzling for the mind.
At the beginning, you would hope most likely to know which mantra can help you to get out.
As we are helpful, the suitable mantra is "IAXOT".

"Ama-o-Ama" is a different world from the one of "Alice in Wonderland", which is still operating on a binary way. As a matter of fact, the Fifth Dimension is working on a "quaternary mode", so not just a reverse one.

You may think "Ama-o-Ama" is very far from you in the normal life, when you have to decide, but it's not true at all.
Just a distance of 1 millimeter is separating you from this supplementary dimension.

If you want to make a joke to people who like to joke about you and to make your life absurd, "Ama-o-Ama" is the best to puzzle them, dive them in full absurdity and make them lost.

Oh, by the way, if "IAXOT" didn't work in some cases to get out, try the opposite word or a different stacked combination ! It may help !

Pfew ! You did it and could escape finally from "Ama-o-Ama" !
What did you think about this game, Pleiadians like to play with so much ?

lundi 10 avril 2017

Rediscovering famous characters V : the Baron of Tilton and the mysterious letter "k" !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Our character of the day is extremely famous worldwide.
At the moment, we just gave the title he received for his great achievements.
So, try to guess whom we are talking about, along the progression of our narration !
He didn't survive the twentieth century, but his renown is still very present and litteraly haunting world economics. He made a "theory of preference for Liquidity".
Our Baron to come in 1942, was a very successful speculator in London Stock Exchange.
But his life was also marked by Aesthetics, and his attraction for Art he even supported financially.
He became an influent member of Bloomsbury Group, and married with a beautiful Russian ballerina in 1925 as he loved opera.
He was also a passionate collector of books, as he was eager to enrich constantly his knowledge on everything. Hence, it has especially to be stressed he studied a lot ancient times.

The mysterious letter "k" we are talking about is important in economics, and it is equal to 1/1-c, where "c" is representing the propensity to consume.
Let's give a clear explanation : the propensity to consume is equal to 0.8 (80%), when the propensity to save is representing 0.2 (20%).
And in this case k = 5 .
But let's take the French example, as it is very interesting : from 1992 till 2016 , the propensity to save of households has decreased from 12.8 % to
11.7 %. With those new figures, c = 0.883, which shows at the same time the importance of Consumption in our national economy.
So k = 1/1-0.883 = 8.547. In fact, k increased as in 1992 it was equal to 7.812.
If the State was making an Investment or Injection of capital (I) in our economy of say 100 Euros - which would mean spending obviously, any kind of allowances included -, the resulting income generated for the overall economy (and its GDP) would be equal to 100 x 8.547, so 854.7 Euros.
As you can see, the equation "Y  = I x k" is very important in economics and finance, as it implies a powerful "Leverage effect".

And to unveil the name of our character of the day, the mysterious letter "k" is called "the Keynesian multiplicator".
At this stage, you guessed we are talking about Lord John Maynard Keynes, Baron of Tilton (1883 - 1946) ! He warned about "The economic consequences of Versailles Treaty" in 1919, and published "The general theory of employment, interest and money" in 1936, with the idea to put an end to the Great Depression which started in 1929.
As a high representative of the British Treasure, he participated to the negociations of Bretton Woods (USA) in july 1944.
Unluckily for him, the new World Monetary System he dreamed with his creative idea of "Bancor" wasn't accepted by Americans : Dollar became the n°1 world money instead, the Pound staying a reserve currency of reference. Equally, the newly created institution of IMF (International Monetary Fund) was based in Washington, when he would have preferred New York, to be symbolically less dependent on the US Federal State.

To be comprehensive, the Leverage Effect is known empirically from Sumerian times, and the wealth of Babylon has been built upon it.
The opposite of a Leverage Effect is called a "Bludgeon Effect" : it can happen when you refuse to invest or to do the necessary spendings ! Instead of creating wealth and growth, you generate poverty and contraction of the economy, as an economy is working in a rather reverse way to a grocery !

The "Providence State" system set under the influence of Keynes in UK at the end of his life, and also in other Western Countries in search of full employment, has often been critized and even denied since the Eighties : this new contra-cyclic posture got along with the rise of new poverty wordlwide, and repetitive crashes and depressions, notwithstanding the illusions of Debt about virtual money.

And it is sure that if a political leader isn't interested in creating expanding wealth and prosperity - or misunderstand econometrics -, he will not encourage Keynesian economics. But if he wants to do opposite for the good of his country and its inhabitants, he can then use the magic letter "k", the "Keynesian multiplicator"...of Wealth for most people !

Coming back to Bronze Age and Iron Age - or even before -, it is amusing to realize that "Financial Magic" is needing to be rediscovered in present times, marked by a too much preconfigurated "Dark Age of Involution".
We call it this way, because "k" has long been unidentified in economic science as a key factor to enrich a country and its People.
Now we know it, it may look weird not to use it in a way or another. Anyhow, let's be smart and wise enough to praise Lord Keynes for his achievements !