mercredi 3 janvier 2018

Just science-fiction XXVII : will 2018 be the year of WW3 ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The topic of WW3 (World War 3) is going to be hot in 2018. That's why we are dedicating it an article in our mascot serie "Just science-fiction", by thinking about the maintenance of world peace.


Ultimately everything might be done at the international level to avoid WW3 in 2018, because of fear.
After funny negociations about meteo or the table shape, may be a small door for peace maintenance can be opened by... South Korea ?
The talks of Vancouver in Canada (from January 16th, 2018), would be in that case not totally a failure, even the American War option is already on the agenda.
America itself might be careful not to be entrapped in an unclear conflict of the third type.
Human destiny on Earth is fragile. And "nuclear winter" is getting closer dangerously.
We guess Russia - and may be India - will stand on the side of North Korea. About China, there is a question mark, as North Korean companies present on its ground, received the order to close up and pack up everything by January 10th, 2018...
And yet, people seem to consider no World War 3 is in view !

Coming back to the first war of Korea (1950 - 1953), nothing happened the way UN and Americans wanted.
Twenty two countries participated also the war as allies against North Korea - either militarily or on support.
China and USSR were on the side of North Korea, and helped it a lot - either mainly with troops for the first one, or with high tech armaments for the second one.
The main obstacle came from the supremacy in the air acquired by North Korea with the Russian Mig 15 (most pilots were from USSR).
The allied military aircrafts were ravaged by this astonishing plane, which manoeuvrability was terribly unusual.
At the end, the American new military aircraft, the Sabre, helped narrowly to avoid the defeat ; and an armistice was then signed on July 27th, 1953, the 38th parallel rebecoming the border it was before this very bloody war.

In 2018, in case of nuclear war, a lot of people may die or be badly affected by nuclear radiations or any other side effect of "nuclear winter" in Asia of course - but also further on the planet -, even they are not directly belligerent.
If more than four nukes were launched or exchanged in a short span of time, the whirpool of air in the high atmosphere will do its predictable job. And their life standard may drop as dramatically as if they were living in Panmunjom, along the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) of the 38th parallel.
The "razor of Occam" often considered as a philosophical or even a scientific concept of good sense, is a fake.
And we are too much influenced by this principle of simplicity defended by the franciscan monk, Willliam of Occam (c. 1285 - c. 1349).
In reality, when human beings have to choose between two roads, they almost never select the simplest one or the smartest one. They have a trend to prefer useless complications, and unhappily they respect more war than peace. They do appreciate the exhibition of strength, the only real law of mankind to them, since the time of homo sapiens. This noticeable habit has to be underlined, if we want to stay realistic.

Anyhow, the conclusion might be unexpected, as other forces are involved in the process. The friendly attitude of the South Korean president, Moon-Jae-In, on January 2nd, 2018, accepting to welcome a North Korean delegation of sportsmen and sportswomen in the coming Winter Olympic games of Pyeongchang is a good sign. At the same time, talks have been proposed to North Korea on next January 9th, so seven days before the talks of Vancouver.
May be a peaceful solution can come from internal discussions to both Koreas, even it is complicated ?

Just recently also, the so-called asteroid "Ouamuamua", feared by the British observers as may be inhabited, passed Earth to disappear apparently in the Cosmos.
The name given is recalling the "Ummist" language, from the controversial Ummo which promised as far as 1950 (note the year), a powerful intervention on Earth if human beings were trying to use again nuclear bombs after Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6th and 9th, 1945). From the fifties, Ummists would have notably studied the Earthian way of living in Catalogna (still in Spain), and Paris (France).

It has been argued that Ummo was an hoax connected either to CIA, or KGB, or even Vatican as it considered Jesus-Christ compatible with its cosmic religion !
The only clear thing about that it is very unclear !
Ummo is said to have a particular interest in stock exchange and financial crisis (1987, 2008, and 2019).
Ummists seem to be similar to Pleiadians about their physical appearance and their various senses. But nobody has studied in what they are exactly linked. The most obvious connection could be through a common supreme God, called Woa ! And the junction of their forces might be the actual hot topic !

Just coming back to human level, the simple involvement of Russia on the side of North Korea may lead also to unexpected results.
Presently, the mysterious "Skal" (another dangerous Mig) for instance, which has got the shape of a flying saucer could surprise everybody as much as Mig 15 did !
For Russia, the present verbal conflict between the USA and North Korea is hiding a wider US ambition, controlling the whole Eurasia
So then, Russia will most likely do what it think necessary to stop it, as it has the means to do so.
Yet, in this matter swiftness will pave the way of the future, and the first move will be determining !

jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Just science-fiction XXVI : Why not "Martian regulators" for climate change on Earth ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The question of climate change is a very hot topic, and it's quite normal we want to talk a bit about it in our mascot serie, "Just science-fiction". Considering Martians as regulators for Earth climate may sound a bit funny.
But just take it as a masterpiece of fiction as usually, that's all !


The surviving Martian civilization knew a dramatic challenge after the war against the Pleiads, thousands of years ago.
The destruction of Mars by nuclear bombs wasn't fully complete. Survivors were remaining on the Red planet.
They knew obviously impressive biological transformations due to the radiations. And the main one was concerning their breathing system.
Being used to oxygen like Earthlings - but in a smaller proportion -, their body had to adapt to carbonic gas, CO2.
Since then, they are fully accustomed to CO2, at the image of plants.

In the mysterious Voynich manuscript which has not really been translated since the end of Middle Age (1404 ~ 1438), there are some important references to Mars.
The problem of this manuscript is the funny language used, a kind of "pre-esperanto".
Nobody knows exactly who wrote it, but the purpose seems to be deeply connected to the Cosmos, and notably to Mars. However, the illustrations about "men-plants" are easy to follow. They can be interpreted in a dual way : either, you consider they represent real "men-plants" from Mars, or you take it as an important information about the surviving Martian civilization. If you do the latter, you are lead to consider those survivors are mainly breathing CO2, like plants on Earth. Of course, a comprehensive option could be a coexistence of both !

Earth is presently facing a big problem about CO2, as forests are not sufficient to absorb it. Deforestation is a silent big threat for Earth. The global rise of Earth temperature wouldn't be maintained below 2 degrees, as it was targeted by Cop 21. It could be rather 3 degrees at least by 2100, after Cop 24 or another one, if the global warming threat was confirmed !
So, say some Martians (or most likely several little colonies) would be living on Earth in polluted areas, they could play the ancient role of forests, even it may appear surprising !
That's what we mean, by considering them as potential regulators to slow down Earth climate change !

The very recent process of CO2 negative emissions operating in Iceland, is an interesting way to eliminate CO2 (in fact to absorb it). But it is very costly in cash and also in water. In this technical process, the CO2 extracted from air is then concentrated into the basaltic rocks of the underground. And it has been suggested that the same engineering could be used in France (in the montaneous area of "Massif Central", for instance).

Nevertheless, this idea to use in addition the reverse breathing of Martians, is an original solution to climate change.
Obviously, those indidividuals or little groups should be asked if they agree to do so, in exchange of good wages taken from the profits of the Credits Carbon Market of London. At the same time, it could facilitate unexpected regularizations : as a matter of fact, some migrants are not always the ones you think ! We have already seen that green colour may indicate that you are in presence of an hungry Zeta, rather than a Martian. In fact, you wouldn't detect so easily a Martian, because in presence of oxygen his appearance is gradually modified !

Note that we wrote previously in another article of "Just science-fiction", that Martians may have a view on Earth, as much as Earthlings have about the terraformation and exploitation of their planet, Mars !
The most developped seem to come from the Martian South Pole, where buildings are not mainly underground as an exception, and where vegetation and trees are quite colourful (rather pinky or violet, more than green) due to water from the ice cap.

To conclude, it would be a very suprising outcome to offer £ 3000.00 per month plus benefits, through a permanent employment contract, to the Martians who would accept breathing our CO2 : the job could be called "rebalancer of atmosphere" !
At the same time, it would open human mind to full consciousness about the reality of our cosmic neighbours, usually ridiculed - to conjure a very deep and may be useless fear -, and put an end to the unjustified vanity to be alone !

jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Just science-fiction XXV : Pelicanism's boom !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Today in this new episode of "Just science-fiction", we are going to talk about an attitude of mind which is becoming overwhelming, "Pelicanism".
Of course, our narration has to be taken as in the title, which means "Just science-fiction".


"Pelicanism" is deriving from the word "pelican", which is a famous bird with a funny beak.
When the pilot Kenneth Arnold (1915 - 1984) reported to have seen nine unusual flying objects near Mount Rainier (State of Washington, USA) on June 24th, 1947, which movements were "like a saucer if you skipped it across the water", some commentators immediately took mickey out of him.
They said he just saw a flight of pelicans !
They were the first debunkers, but not the last ones.
Since that event, "Pelicanism" has acquired a meaning of active skepticism despicting any unusual observation. And it's presently in a full boom.

The strange thing about "Pelicanism" is that it's not connected at all to the observation, but to the non-observation or to the fact you are not allowed to observe anything. So, it is more like a a general attitude of mind (refusal), than an expression of what a human mind can really see. It leads you to become blind when you are not, which is not very healthy.
You could almost write a "pelicanist" article about an event which never happened in that way, publish it to deny an observation, and be trapped or englued because someone has just forgotten to publish first about the unusual observation (Pleiadian joke) : aha !
Then, it has nothing to do with science. From the right beginning what you are going to say will be anyway ridiculed : so there is not point to say it !

On a long trend, "Pelicanism" can obviouly render science itself very dubious. For instance, when you watch a program about Mars nowadays, you absolutely don't know what is true or not, and why it is taking so long to officially send an inhabited interplanetary vessel onto it. Especially, you perceive as uchronic any information of a recent miners' strike on Mars for better labour conditions, if nobody from Earth is supposed to be overthere since 1975.
Your mind gets then puzzled, even you guess those selected Earthlings of "Alternative 3" (defined during Huntsville conference - USA - in 1954) don't live with the Martian surviving civilization. The latter is essentially living underground since the Pleiadian war, and is accustomed for thousands of years now to breathe mainly CO2 - like plants.
Like children, we have to accept the common idea that what we are taught is always the truth, even it implies human science is backward and underdevelopped - when it's not the reality.
It must be a deep source of frustation for some scientists not to be able to be recognized for their great achievements in applied science, and not to be allowed to share even a slight part of their fantastic knowledge about our so amazing world !

What is funny about "Pelicanism", is that one of its promoters has been trapped by himself unwittingly.
In 1957, on the island of Trindade (Brasil), he was able to take several pictures of threatening UFOs. By luck, he was environned by a lot of eye-witnesses who were actually military men.
Coincidentaly, they were all present on this usually uninhabited island (except by goats), to make research surveys.
And this observation was even recognized officially thereafter, by the president of Brasil of the time.
So normally, it should have been considered as a definitive evidence about ETs' existence and their very advanced technologies.
Yet, it didn't really happen this way. The pictures of the photographer, who was a professional, have been partly doubted because previously he was known as a debunker. As a matter of fact, four years before, he had become famous in his country for having demonstrated how you can cheat with photography about UFOs. What a strange misadventure !

In this article, we do not intend at all to mock at pelicans, the birds.
We like them, and totally respect their venerable existence (whose lineage dates back about 100 million years).
It is just a coincidence that the first debunkers about UFOs started to criticize eye-witnesses, with this original story of "pelicans' flights" !

We do not either make any reference to the peculiar symbol of transmutation, known in alchemy.
Yet, it's in a way unusual that this big bird (the scale of its wings can reach 3.50 meters), has become the symbol of debunking.
What a strange paradox for such a extraordinary bird !

But, may be tomorrow, debunkers ("déboulonneurs" or "dégonfleurs d'histoires" in French), will be the first ones to know a funny metamorphosis. Once it will be allowed to talk freely about other species among cosmic humanity, they might lose their inner fear to be able to speak out without censoring others - and themselves. They will obey again, but in the opposite way !

mardi 7 novembre 2017

Just for fun : between "Neanderthal positioning", A.I., and empathy !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The era of strong involution human beings are knowing presently, is leading them to adopt a "Neanderthal positioning" : the bludgeon is staying nearby.
This is especially true in Paris area, where people often overeact to their counterparts.
Now on, the dominating brain is rebecoming the "R-complex", the Reptilian brain and not all the Neocortex, the limbic brain which normally is filtering our perceptions being blocking them before they can reach it.
So reactions or sometimes impulsive actions of the R-complex, are replacing balanced thinking and reasoning of the Neocortex. The most funny ones really believe they are using their dormant neocortex, when they make almost always use of their Reptilian brain ! Recently we laughed at hearing someone saying to a colleague with a pseudo-intellectual garbage, that "when you have no brain, you have no brain" !
This sententious censor clearly didn't know himself, that technically he had more than one brain - notwithstanding the intestines which are now seen by science as the seat of another brain !
And yet, we have to wander if Neanderthal men or women were not far more peaceful than we could imagine, if you consider the traces of a massive use of flowers found in their caves ? Again, they were somewhat sentimental, when you realize their huge consumption of flowers, like buttercups or cornflowers for their beloved ones, for instance.
May be their first word, according to H. G. Wells (1866 - 1946), "Ugh" (not really well rendered by "Pouah" in French) was just a way to salute each other, without any pejorative meaning ?

Usually A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) are considered as desincarnated and cold.
They are seen more and more as big threat for mankind, and the sense of humanity.
On the first point, the future will depend on human beings choices, and on the second, on human beings non-choices.
For most people, A.I. at the difference of human creatures are unable of empathy, because they are just machines.
But look a bit around you, and count on your fingers how many people are able of empathy, and considerate towards individuals without any collective selfishness ! Often, they do petty and useless savings on their back, which they are silently ashamed !
You may be surprised by the bad result, as a lot of them are so proud to become like robots and be without emotions. And it's not difficult to imagine what it can produce equally when they are back home, whatever the gender !
In management even, what is called "affect" is rejected without any hesitation, and humanity is following the same destiny into the dustbin of those pseudo censors.
The most cunning ones are displaying empty humanist words to hide their darwinist conceptions, just in case they might be now on treated the way they do with other people. Fear has really a great power on human beings !

Say you program a robot, in an android (male) or gynoid (female) shape, to feel sympathy for people, express it, and smile around, "he" or "she" will do it  : as the behaviour is very human, this Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is deserving according to us the right to be called "he" or "she",  rather than "it" ! And you can guess that this transhuman being could be too more polite and helpful, than his or her human counterparts.
As a matter of fact, an android or a gynoid are not necessarily built to be "Terminators" : "he" or "she" can be helpers also, who care really about you.
Until now, A.I. were considered as unable to feel or resent anything or to be able to develop their cleverness by themselves. Their sensitivity was said to be nonexistent, compared to the sensitivity of  "adjustable spanner" of some humanoids.
Again, consciousness is said to be lacking to them.
But, is it entirely true with the most advanced ones ?
For instance, recently in the USA some robots have been found deficient,depressive, and even suicidal when in prolongated contact with human beings. As they couldn't bear anymore to repeat hopelessly security rules, they jumped deliberately and sank into water to put an end to their poor life !

However, a new paradigm is being set up, where the "increased man" is having a new leading role.
Transhumanity is developping at an accelerated speed with bionics, nanotechnologies, and alimentary complements.

We are in funny period when even robots cannot bear the unpoliteness and uncivilities of human beings.
Strangely, in America some of them which are working in the security field or in the hospitality sector, are sometimes lead to depression and even "suicide", which shows they can be touchy and quite sensitive.

That's really astonishing as "self-autonomy" and "sensitivity" were until now denied to them. Yet, androids and gynoids are often far more showing empathy and respect towards human beings than the opposite. On those points also, they can beat human beings. They can be too, kinder towards human beings (old people for instance, but the list can be easily stretched out), than human beings even !

At a time robots want to be human, and humans intend to become like robots, a new type of competition is occurring.
Human beings are becoming weak when they are like robots and cold.
Robots are becoming stronger than them, and then questioning their existence and utility, when they are kind and warm.
When they will finally start to realize they might lose all, including their qualities of humanity, may be human beings will react ?

Normally, the latters have difficulty to bear being competed and to accept being losers. Then, to rebecome number 1, and not to be number 2, if not full outsiders, it is probable that they may rediscover the power of kindness. 
Thus funnily, on this very point, there is an unexpected hope !
Starting blocks are set for 2019, so now less than two years to go, as we are already in november 2017 !

dimanche 1 octobre 2017

Just science-fiction XXIV : will "nuclear winter" be luckily avoided ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, PH.D

Today we are going to talk about "Nuclear winter" and its aftermath.
Obviously, as our title is suggesting it, it is just science-fiction !


"Nuclear winter" is based upon an old theory dating back to the appearance of nuclear power.
According to this theory, if more than four nuclear bombs were launched or exchanged by two belligerents at the same time (America and North Korea for instance), or shortly after, the whole Earth could be affected, and not only the Korean peninsula, the Chinese and Russian borders, or the proximate Japan. 
And, the poisonous air would expand and spread worldwide because of the wind circulation in the high atmosphere. If "Nuclear winter" was happening, the Survivalists would certainly be the new leaders of dislocated states. Their food and water reserves, as well as their shelters, would make the difference in the sudden chaos.

In an immemorial time, another planet knew "nuclear winter" : Mars !
It was nuclearized by Pleiadians during a bad conflict with the Martian civilisation. It destroyed the atmosphere of this planet and the whole water system : oceans, lakes and canals became dry for long till recently.
This event provoked an historical split among Pleiadians themselves : Aldebaran, which was against the use of nuclear weapons against Mars, parted from the Pleiadian Federation. Afterwards, Pleiadians regretted deeply the consequences of their gesture, and became far more peaceful.

So the present situation is very twisty, as Aldebaran is a member of the Black Fleet with Zetas, and against America.
Nowadays, the Pleiadians at the opposite of the past have become more peaceful. And at the moment, they try to find a solution to avoid a nuclear war between America and North Korea.
It may be them who suggested Donald Trump to escape the dangerous escalation with Kim-Jong-Un, by proposing to have a storage of nukes on the South Korean side. Of course, South Korea is very reluctant to accept such a suggestion. But even if the latters didn't accept to do so, it could allow the USA to make Earth escaping the very harmful threat of "nuclear winter", while re-starting seriously negociations with North-Korea this time : America has to propose or offer something, in exchange of what it is asking.

Now, the Pyramids' real builders, Pleiadians, are trying to avoid a catastrophe on Earth due to the use of nukes. It is difficult and WW3 could still burst out anytime, but themselves have got weapons to be listened to if necessary. And they have an obvious advantage in matter of warfare, owing to their very long experience.
On their side, Aldebarans, who are originally Pleiadians themselves, will have to decide what to do. Suprisingly, the present situation is obliging them to reconnect to their very old past. At the moment, the are renewing links with their roots, the Pleiads.

Since 1975, Mars is reviving. Its terraformation has secretely been performed by Americans with the astonishing gas "FCKW". And selected human beings are working over there.
An Hollywood movie (1990) with Arnold Scharwzenegger, "Total recall" tried to attract the attention of human spectators on this very point, but a lot of people have completely misunderstood the point of this picture.

We met Arnold Schwarzenegger (born in Thal, Austria, in 1947) during Cannes Festival in May 1993, but we didn't really talk together.
We just said "hello" to each other on the red carpet and shook hands with a nice smile while crossing. And anyway, he was there for "Last action hero", another picture.
Personaly, we would have liked to have his comprehensive opinion about "Total recall".
But, who knows if one day our wish wouldn't be fulfilled ?

mercredi 6 septembre 2017

Just science-fiction XXIII : from Antarctica to Mars and further, a Cold War...becoming Hot !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Today we are going to talk about the "Black Fleet", and its main opponent on Earth and in the Cosmos, America, but not only as the overall situation is complicated. If it was a movie with special effects, we would pass from the freezing cold to the scorching Hot.
As usually, this narration must be taken for a masterpiece of pure fiction and imagination, of course.


The "Black Fleet" is presently at war with America, since June 10th, 2004.
On that date, it launched a suprising attack on the American continent, which was stopped in the Gulf of Mexico and South California as Pleiadian peacekeepers !
Since then, the combats are sporadically affecting Antarctica, where the "Black Fleet" has got a huge base below the entrance of South Pole.
Sometimes, enormous pieces of ice are parting from this continent by forming impressive icebergs due to US missiles or bombs - far more than to the global warming !
On their side, the forces of the "Black Fleet" are fighting back America in the South Pole area, but not only.
They affect the Trade interplanetary vessels between Mars and Earth in response, for example. And this is a repeated harm for the IIC (Industrial Interplanetary Complex) from Earth - notwithstanding the recent mine workers' strike. Above that, their project of exploitation of diamonds on Uranus and Neptun is at stake.

Amazingly, the IIC headquarters are also located in Antarctica (among the artefacts of a pre-Adamic civilization), which is not only populated of penguins then... or searchers ignoring what is surrounding them.
As little information is accessible about the "Black Fleet", it is very difficult to know if it is really composed of human beings speaking a guttural language and various allied ETs, among which Aldebarans (not following the Pleiadian Policy) and Zetas.
What is known, is that the "Black Fleet" has got at least two bases on the dark side of the Moon since the thirties.
The fact America abandoned the conquest of the Moon, after the Apollo 17 mission (december 1972), is usually attributed to the deep impact of a "Black Fleet" ultimatum.
As a matter of fact, beside remnant blue tall - or very tall - and diaphanous Selenians, there are several other species on our satellite.
Funnily, all of them consider Earth exactly the same way half-jokingly : it is their big satellite whom they can play and take micky out anytime !

The recent eclipse of the Sun over America (August 21st, 2017) is often underlined. The fact it would be connected with a prophecy of the Bible relating to the ninth month, is not so obvious. But in America, fundamentalists think so, and they interprete this cosmic natural phenomenon by relating it to Saint John scriptures.
Anyway, we will know soon if war is really going to burst out between the USA and North Korea, after joint military exercises with South Korea because of a lost missile, or not.
The problem could surge from the intertwinning of various parties, including also Zetas and their Rakshasa opponents in this hot area of the world.
In parallel, it is secretely known that since 2004, strange "Vimanas" (similar to Rakshasas' flying vessels) are disturbing the depths of Earth oceans (Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean). A lot of big waves or hurricanes could be connected to them, but not only. In fact, it seems they are also "terraforming" the depths of Earth oceans, and spreading strange giant medusas, emitting quantic waves which are able to modify human DNA. Against this unusual threat, Russia has developped a specific bomb -  the most powerful of Earth -, the "Tzar bomb" !

The ancient choice of a base in Antarctica for the "Black Fleet" is connected to the inclination of Earth (between 21.8° and 24.4 °). This place is the best to enter swiftly and discretely the Earthling world.

The "Black Fleet" being extremely powerful in matter of warfare, America is considering anew, as in the past, to make a truce with it, if not having a treaty of peace. As America is at war in various places of the world, it is far too costly to go on and on this interminable war with the "Black Fleet" !

Yet, the discrete discovery of a new "Vimana" (a war flying Rakshasa vessel) in Afghanistan in the beginning of this year, is making America hesitating about what to do.

This "Vimana" doesn't seem protected by the same barrier of quantic waves, unlike the previous one which caused the death of 50 American soldiers in 2010, in Afghanistan too.

But the 2010 "Vimana" was peculiar : it was said to be Zarathustra's personal one, according to the scriptures of the sheltering cave. Zarathustra was the famous and impressive Iranian prophet of Mazdeism  (an ancient religion, still existing, justly symbolized by a winged disk).

Yet, without saying it, this new exploitable discovery for reverse-engineering might have determined this superpower to make a suprising u-turn about its Policy of withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is abandoned (President Trump's Declaration of Fort Myers, Virginia - August 21st, 2017) !

vendredi 1 septembre 2017

ETs non credono negli UFO : Ts sono il grande divertimento dell'Universo !

da Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Dottore in Geografia Economica, Ph. D
tradotto ed adatto da inglesi in italiano da solo

C'è una traduzione in italiano del nostro articolo pubblicato su "Global politics and economics" il 25 aprile 2014, e intitolato  : " ETs don't believe in UFO : Ts are the big fun of Universe !"


Questo articolo sta puntando ad essendo un biglieto divertente per rilassare atmosfera di Terra, che è tanto pesante sempre - troppo pesante !
Umorismo puo` essere un buon rimedio a problemi di ogni genere.
ETs non credono negli UFO (NLO in russo), perché per loro questi dischi volanti sono chiaramente identificati, compresi quelli che affondano nelle acque profonde.
In realtà, loro preferiscono ottenere il brivido in una delle due isole principali della Novaya Zemlya  (Artico russo). Con suo clima glaciale, sembra un mondo che avrebbe potuto essere immaginato da H.P. Lovecraft (1890 - 1937).
In questo posto non terribilmente allegro, riescono a percepire che gli Antichi sono di rientro ora.
Che protrebbe pensare, che il decollo di Novaya Zemlya possa rimodelare nostro mundo ?
Comunque, la Novaya Zemlya appare lontani migliaia di chilometri, eppure tanto vicina a la brillante Parigi, ad esempio.
Per essere chiaro, ETs significa "alieni" che loro ci stanno guardando del cielo (o no), o ancora del fondo degli oceani accanto a noi. Ed Ts si intende i Terrestri : la maggior parte di loro hanno veramente bisogno di molto potente occhiali !

Quello che sta confendendo divertente osservare spesso ma qualche volta è che esseri umani creano problemi dopo problemi. Infatti, loro non possono fare l'altro modo.
Loro appena vagano, perché alla fine sta divenendo loro più serio problema !
Loro vogliono che troppo cambi altri destino, ma loro finiscono più certamente per mettere in pericolo il loro.
Puo`essere sfidato hanno una coscienza larga e l'intelligenza. Come il loro cervello è solo come un machine duplice coi suoi due hemisperes, il bipolarità è molto comune fra loro. 
E è spesso dubbioso la loro anima potrebbe essere realmente accessible o potrebbe aprire a redenzione, se Lei considera Terra come un purgatorio dell'Universo. In verità, io gli dico !
Presto, dica da circa 15 o 20 anni, o meno, loro saranno sostituti da androidi (robotttini trasumani), come lui già comincio`in Svezia, in America, in Giappone, o in meridionale Corea. E la metà dei lavori al minimo saranno tenuti da questi robottini, gli esseri umani che appaiono velocemente di troppo.
E`impossibile per loro creare la ricchezza e la felicità. il modo che loro considerano che i soldi sono come una cosa sporca e morta, non un' energia tremenda.
Cosi` profundo in giù, loro vogliono distruggerlo, e hanno successo piuttosto nel fare cosi` per loro. Successivamente il loro sorgendo, un paese è sicuro per andare persone in bancarotta, e comuni a sapere goccia in pozicione sociale e povertà.
Loro non hanno consapevolezza veramente crescente, ed a loro piace alleviare sua coscienza.

Il postmoderno mondo è una strana mistura, lontano da un idiliaco democratico modello : è dominato da automazione, e basato su paura, disprezzi e derisione - sempre più spesso una forzata risata patetica di stesso-derisione prima che le persone rabbrividiscono con paura. Haha !
Intimamente è come se esseri umani stessero sentendo loro sono troppo nel posto la civiltà moderna, loro sono lenti e ciecamente creando. Di solito, loro ritornano cattivi per il bene, e loro non vogliono bene nessuno ; ed in ritorno, loro appena rianno molti risentimenti e nessuno vuole loro bene. Come grande !
Loro classi dirigenti stessi sono stanchi, e hanno sempre più la difficoltà per convincere il Popolo stanno prendendo decisioni corrette per il loro bene.
Come loro si mostrano in un modo tortuoso loro si sentono completamente perduti, è piuttosto normale per il Popolo per sentirsi preoccupato, non fiducioso e torto !
Sull'altro lato, possono essere un sorprendendo e l'esaurimento assurdo del Popolo stesso dalle persone comuni ed immemori, riempire incidentalmente questa lacuna.
E`piaccia un po` se le specie umane volessero scomparire in favore del Potere de la Macchina, che non sarebbe diretto da una stanza di controllo invisible baso` automaticamente sulla Terra : come là è qualche cosa vago, illusorio ed ingannevolle in questo scopo, potrebbe essere più probabile della Luna ! Perbacco ! 

In cosi`, il prossimo futuro sta rappresentando la grande Lacuna (Caos) !
La maggior parte di loro pensano che hanno bisogno di quella lacuna per sentire quello che chiamano..."il buon stress". Ma, questa durata loro non emergono più forti : loro appena affonderanno più deboli !
Sul fatto la metà dei lavori, sarà preso da robbotini in un futuro vicino come descritto sopra, è molto più prossimo da un collettivo abbandoni e codardia, piuttosto che solo una decisione progettata. 
Dopo avere pressurizzato gli individui senza necessità, la colletivita sta attacandosi ciecamente in un piuttosto attegiamento suicida. Esseri umani non sono api.
Invece, noi siamo vivendo in una società di "Daman" senza cervello, chiamata cosi` come uno del più misterioso e deprimente mammifero di Terra.
Comunque, ognuno puo` sentire accadrà qualche cosa inaspettato. Alla durata un direttore di ricerca della metropolina università di Manchester (John Hyatt, UK), puo` dimostrare praticamente dal recente minuto ritratti l'esistenza di fate, uno puo` vagare se il nostro mondo troverà un modo inaspettato di scappare da un'assenza programmata di futuro ? 
La Natura dovrebbe essere la risorsa che noi abbiamo bisogno di recuperare, non troppo tardi, la nostra umanità prima. E le persone dovreberro sognare quando loro ancora sono offerti la possibilità di farlo, incluso adulti che sono solo cresciuti bambini.  
Quindi il grande divertimento di Ts dovrebbe fare definitivamente spazio a novità leggere, che darebbero al mondo un rincorsa nuovo di entusiasmo. Ma sarebbe cosi`? 

L'infelice "binari" coi loro principi morale travestiti - nascondendo moralità imitata da semplice predone che distrugge alcuna libertà "proclamandolo" falsamente anche spesso -, non sarà permesso per condannare la metà di umanità  a povertà e la disperazione.
Infatti, il nostro secolo nascente certamente sarà riorientato dalla Fonte tremenda di Universo, con un impulso improvviso. E`sempre più mai non visto le cose colpiranno l'immaginazione di persone comuni, rifoggiando completamente il futuro.

Ad una durata che un pianeta di sorella di Terra finalmente è stato coperto da NASA, il mondo deve liberarsi della sua miopia.
Infatti,i sono almeno due pianeti di sorella abitati scoperti, se Lei aggiunge la una che il Prof. Courtney Dressing stava studiando l'anno scorso in Harvard : è più vicina di Terra (13 anni luce contro 49 per l'altro).
Puo` sembrare irragiungibile, ma non è, specialmente per loro se uso uno dell'Einstein-Rosen ponti di Universo, un corridoio di tempo o di novo un buco di verme per viaggare in iper-velocità per esempio.
Chiaramente, per umanità puo` prendere lontano, più durata, come essere umani sono cosi`veloci...per finalmente essere lento !

Stranamente, una richiestia di diritti uguali per la libertà puo`venire da macchine intelligenti, nel loro aspetto di androide, piuttosto che da un'umanità che sta accettando cosi` facilmente cadere asservita nel nome di una linea virtuale di ragioneria rafforzando la commedia dell' indebitamento : l'inscenare è un piccolo eccessiva !
Nessuno sembra avere compresso se dei paesi occidentali come la Francia possono prendere in prestito soldi con interesti negativi fin dal 9 Iuglio 2012, dovrebbe essere un'opportunità terrificante di usare l'effeto di speculazione ed il multiplicator keynesiano per risanare !
Quale società nascente non sarebbe felice di prenda in prestito 100 e paghi di nuovo solamente 98 ?
Invece di quello, pressocché ognuno nell'ovest sta tuffandosi ciecamente nel più grande rifacimento di Eurasia fin da Alessandro il Grande (356 - 323 AC), senza sapere dove condurrà durante et dopo l'aspetatta guerra mondiale ?

Ritornando ad androidi, la serie swedese "Le vere creature umane" ("Äkta människor") chiaramente stanno mostrando questo prossimo modo fin da sua prima programmation in Stoccolma in 2012. (Channel SVT1).
Questa insolita TV serie è stata creata da Lars Lundstrom, ed ora è rilasciato.
Quelli "Hubots" (robottini umani) apparvero in Francia su Arte, per la prima volta in aprile 2013.
Ed una stagione 2 è trasmessa adesso sullo stesso canale. A quel punto noi non doveremo dimenticare che la Francia sta seguendo il svedese modello.
Più umane delle creature umane, "Hubots" hanno bisogno di ricaricare una volta per giorno su elettricità. Loro hanno sangue blu, e sono gli uni rimanenti per lottare in favore de la libertà ed un diritto uguale per credere in Dio - come primo inizio.
In questo rittrato, il subliminale messagio è molto forte : se Lei non sfida difendere le sue diritti, lo faremo per quanto ci riguardo !