vendredi 1 avril 2016

April fool : theatrical feudalism just for fun, bad headache, or oddity ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Let's take an imaginary land where most people like theater, and almost worship it !
They are dreaming their life could be like a play.
That 's why their everyday life is more and more oriented on theatrical attitudes.
Living not for art, but art itself is very exciting : it is quite a fun to forget problems, and create a more suitable environment.
Hence, this induces a role play to gain in importance. They want to make a dramatic entrance in their new life, with a lot of histrionics. They feel their life is so empty and absurd. As they like to fool around, they want to mock at their usual values, without thinking if they are getting up to mischief. April fool !

The period of history they secretly prefer is not XIXth century, even the rules they want to introduce for labor seem to be inspired by this ultra-capitalist time. Workers and poor artists were then forgetting their problems by drinking absinth (note the similitude with the name of Saint John's fateful star). But for the time being, it is creating surprise worldwide as far as Malaysia, where cartoonists and writers of comics are taking micky out at this bold weirdness : one may think, this decadence can justify the global movement of dewesternization which is at work presently.
However, what our imaginary land appreciates more particularly is to play at "Game of thrones", and the era it is wishing to recreate is Middle Age, with its lords and ladies, or its servants and its villains. This fantasy is also full of fabulous and dangerous animals like Dragons or even a Griffin, but no Anaconda. April fool !
Surprisingly for this parable, the golden age of Feudalism is to come, and not anymore Middle Age !
We are invited not to think in this fantastic come back, which has been made without any visible revolution, or counter-revolution to be more accurate. And this eccentricity getting along with naughty tricks seems to be euphoriant for some people - as long as they don't get done by themselves under a boomerang or a spring effect humorously...with a bad headache !
Things are extremely subtle and skillfully made. And most people agree almost unconsciously : they like so much to be led by big mouths whatever their gender. To oppressing situations generated by uncontrollable events they just answer by oppression very illogically, making almost everybody down including themselves.  There is an unwise temptation of an unceiled totalitarism, which is risking to swallow up almost anyone, from "vassals" to "suzerains". April fool !

Most people, considered as simple tools, are incredibly accepting to lose their freedom at a speed almost never seen in history, under various pretences. And usually, they are totally controlled by their computer at work as "microservants" (servants of micro-computer), and their smartphone or their tablet in their spare time : they intend to become "remocons" (a Japanese neologism deriving from "remote controlled"), commonly buying aspirin for their bad headache. They are transformed in appendixes of high technology to complete this painting, when they could in reality master its use - as it can be effectively very useful if you are at what you want to do.
But it is as if the "Horus eye" was divided in three, because this imaginary land has become like a satellite, operating with an odds and ends organization. Thereby, the oddest thing is that it seems to be working more like a common satellite guided at the same time by three different forces, which are trying to neutralize each other as a moving hydra finally splashing down : an incomplete "Gladio" system, a partial "Desert Sand" one, and at last a "Great Void" one dominated by "Crawling Chaos" (rendered in ancient Sumerian by "Nyarlathotep", a weird God's name). And all this is noticeably sinking.
A King's fool might even be himself surprised at the surface, by this improbable occurrence. April fool !

The bad news it that the numerous "vassals" have to submit to their "suzerains", without the Middle Age protection normally induced by this link. In the beginning of the XXIst century, the recreation of a vassalic link in a lot of fields is incomplete. Tough, cool, and charismatic people are really in need. April fool !

People in need to be domineering are not ready to defend their "vassals", at their own expenses if necessary, like in old time. They just desire anxiously to be "stilted" in the social stratification ; and in their view, it is their "vassals" or the People who have to defend their new "gentry", scarcely hidden by bombastic and misleading catchwords. So modern feudalism with its "Nova Lingua" is far more unbalanced than the Middle Age one. April fool !

Astonishingly, all this is is taking place when a shift in the world historicity is presently questioned.
As a matter of fact, this is happening very paradoxically at the time Asia is still trying to imitate some equalitarian past values of our imaginary land, to generate a new world paradigm in the transhuman chirpily coming time by 2019. April fool !

And it can create some unexpected problems, like in Japan with the huge crisis arising now with female workers, in a protest demand of the child care centers missing for 850 000 babies.
So while our imaginary ex-democratic land is destroying all its values - once admired - with "bulldozers" to create an undisputable tacky landscape, other countries are trying to solve their nerve-shattering problems for the good of their people. April fool ?