mercredi 14 novembre 2012

"Katun Cauac" VI : towards the end of a mere utopia, Cartesianism !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

We want to recall first for clarity, that "Katun Cauac" means "the time of tempests". It has to cover the next twenty years roughly, as it is named after a Mayan period of time of this length basically.
It is known that the Mayas chose carefully places to establish in Central America, in order to protect themselves from the power of  the God Huracan, Master of winds and fire. Huracan is the one going to be in charge of the world according to their prophecies during "Katun Cauac", which is starting officially on December 22nd, 2012, with its day after also. His name gave "hurricane" in English, and "ouragan" in French.
The four colours of tempests associated (white, yellow-greenish, red or black) seem also to indicate winds' direction and destination, if you take Yucatan (Mexico) or let's say Central America as a conventional center, for their Earthian orientation towards North, South, East or West.

A change of "Katun" is always preceded by the type of events it is announcing. And this is even stronger, when at the same time a change of era - another "Sun" for the Mayas - is also coming simultaneously.
Too cartesian people, who didn't get the wind in the face yet, don't believe in this. But it is not anymore a question of belief.
Still, they intend to say blindly it's not true. And yet everybody is obliged nilling willing to open the eyes, and accept the new reality, even uncomfortable.
Hurricane Sandy in New York and the North-East of the USA, or recent tornadoes and flood in France or elsewhere show clearly there is a huge change at work on Earth.
Strict cartesianists can be strange visionless worshippers of "Goddess reason" : they intend too much to ignore facts and informations, whatever they are worldwide, national or local...only because - may be -, they had the chance to keep the feet still dry.

If you take the French "Journal Officiel" of  October 21st, 2012, you can find no less than 31 pages filled of departments, towns or villages in the whole France, showing that natural catastrophes are happening in mass and acceleratedly.
Two very long lists ("texts 8 and 9 upon 34") are covering the year 2012 not ended still and 2011, with the usual impersonal administrative style and without any comment.
Thus, all together there are 31 pages dedicated to the denumbering of natural catastrophes (ground movements whatever they were differential or not, floods and mudslides, plus the earthquake of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence from February 26th till March 25th, 2012).
But no, Cartesians would say nothing is happening at all, denying strong evidences like the candid Pinocchio of Gepetto. They preferred living in their utopic and limited world. But in fact, they won't be anymore able to do it. And this very fact is already destabilizing and unsettling them, behind or now before the screen. Their world and their ready made certainties seem to be trully collapsing.

At the opposite, Christian fundamentalists would exaggerate about it, and take for granted the time of their saving is quickly coming : they decided they are the elected ones and God has almost to obey.
But no, God doesn't obey anybody : he makes people obeying instead and chooses by himself !
And obviously they would quote some sentences of the Bible which evidence on a divine point of view is just "human". Nevertheless, as they are logic, they are preparing carefully their down-to-earth potential survival.
The Bible is first a collection of human writings and an expression of human understanding on God. At the origin, it describes the way priests in Judah kingdom, but coming from Ur in Mesopotamia, were perceiving God "made one" - through Hachem exactly - from the time of King Josias around 620 BC, in order to assert his power. Hachem can be translated as "the one who has got all forces", or more simply "the Name". But it is true the Bible, the New Testament included, is full of prophecies which can be taken as fulfilled or on the way to be yet.
So too rational and cold arguments are just echoing irrational and hot ones.
Whatever shall really happen on December 21st, 2012, another world will be born on December 22th., the day after. And that's the very meaning of "Katun Cauac", the time of colourful tempests !

On September 13th, 2012, the biggest volcano of Guatemala, the Volcan de Fuego - "Volcano of Fire" -, 16 km from Antigua city, erupted over suddenly : we don't know how the descendants of Mayas took it. Did they perceive this as a message from Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl), the "feathered snake",  connect it with Venus calendar and the prophecies of Chilam Balam, or none of them ?
On October 25th, 2012 at 8:45 PM (local hour), on the other side of the border, in Mexico then, there was a funny carry-on with the Popocatepetl, "the smoking mountain". This volcano is the highest summit of the Mexican state (5 465 m), and is situated 55 km southeast of the capital, Mexico city. Normally, it's so active that videocameras are constantly watching at it. So when a funny cylinder 1 km long for 200 m diameter entered at a high speed in its crater on that very evening, the scientific community, already nervous with the countdown of  the Mayan prophecy and ready to jump on any unusual event, became over suddenly agitated. But the so-called explanation of a "meteorit" getting into the crater is far to appear valid and convincing, as there wasn't any explosion.
When you pay carefully attention at the recorded images, it looks more like a landing or ...a delivery to us. Anyhow, this shows clearly how much human science can be quickly limited by what is appearing as a basic long tube with a regular shape, after all.
Why not going to Popocatepetl to check, then ?

To be more down to Earth, telluric activity might not spread so quickly all over the world as a great show, as long as huge volcanoes stay strangely quiet when they shouldn't be.
Human beings are easily bored by peaceful Earth and peaceful time, as they are naturally full of agressivity and have an incurable addiction to memorable and thrilling events, including in Aveyron. They may just act in order to avoid getting the opposite.

Whatever happened a very long time ago in Yellowstone for America (700 000 years), in the area of Lake Toba in Indonesia (62 000 years), in the "Atlant Ocean" off Antigua (9 566 years), or in the disappeared legendary continent of "Mu" (may be partly remaining still, through Japan archipelago mainly) at an unknown date, Earth show might go on variously. Yet "Xux Ek", the Mayan wasp-star also called "Venus" nowadays can be mistievous, when its time comes to say somewhere on Earth, "Ya ucu" ("Alas") !

To give a last counter-example to the "cartesianist utopia", Fuji San (Fuji Yama for Westerners) in Japan has presently got a very high magmatic activity : it is said to be quite higher than the one of December 16th., 1707, when it started to erupt till 1708, and caused big casualties. But it didn't burst out at the moment strangely : we read it's 16 times higher, but we don't know how such a number was estimated, so we prefer staying skeptic about this exaggerated measurement. Perhaps, the famous medium Allison Dubois should rather be asked about it. Anyway, this shows again that Cartesianism can't explain everything and may be sometimes not anything !

None of the expected scenarii discretely planned by specialists for December 21st, 2012, might match real occurences, as thrilling suspense is holding on.
And on his side, God could decide to be very cheeky also with the tricky ones who cock snooks at him, by destabilizing over suddenly and deeply their unfair, silly, and unwise cartesian standing to attention, seeming to say : "Get lost, it's you to carry the cross by now, because you are not welcome in the sky !"

jeudi 1 novembre 2012

Fumo bianco II : Santa Cecilia in Trastévere !

per Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Dottore in Geografia Economica

Santa Cecilia in Trastévere in Roma è un sede cardinalice vacante attualmente.
Ha avuto nel passato la sua ora di gloria con Simon di Brion (verso 1210 - 1285), questo francese diventato Papa sotto il nome di Martin IV (1281 - 1285).
Cio' puo' essere un punto importante a sottolineare, rispetto al nostro recente articolo dedicato al "Cardinale Segreto".

Il quartiere del Trastévere è  molto animato e illuminato la notte. Si trova degli eccelente ristoranti : possiamo attestare. Ne abbiamo custodito il migliori ricordarsi in iuglio 2004, mentre soggiornavamo più lontano un poco, Via della Conciliazione (a due passi del Vaticano).

Santa Cecilia in Trastévere ha la particolarità di essere annessa direttamente a San Pietro di Roma.
Durante il suo pontificato, Martin IV, il giurista, ha provato a mettere un termine al grande scisma di 1054 tra la Chiesa di Roma e la Chiesa di Oriente (Bizencia). Ma non è giunto, perché gli era contato ed il suo regno fu troppo corto.

Gli anatemi reciproci sono stati sollevati infine nel 1965 da Paolo VI ed il patriarca greco Athenagoras I. Ed il patriarca russo Alexis II è venuto alla Nostra Signora di Parigi nel 2007 per venerare le reliquie della passione del Cristo. Cosi' i rapporti tra le due Chiese sono essi di ordine oecumenico, verso la riconcilazione finale che resta tuttavia a compiere.

Santa Cecilia in Trastévere è un luogo altamente frequentato dai turisti francesi in Roma.
La delicata statua in marmo di Santa Cecilia - in posizione distesa - di Stefano Maderno (1600), li affascina in più alto punto.

Il suo corpo fu ritrovato in 1599 in occasione di perquisizioni archeologiche : miracolosamente era stato conservato intatto centinaia di anni. La commemorazione reiterata del suo martirio fatto della padrona della musica il simbolo del complesso dialogo con gli angeli.

Forse questo dovuto è alla musica celeste che desiderano sentire come Cecilia, quando incontrava un angelo diventato il suo amante divino, segondo "La leggenda dorata" di Iaccopo da Varazze (1260) ?

Del secondo o terzo secolo dove viveva Santa Cecilia nella Roma ancora pagana ai nostri giorni, tante cose hanno cambiato. Tuttavia, c'è al suo riguardo una permanenza attestata delle manifestazioni della fede che puo' sembrare propriamente stupefacente. Fa sempre dei miracoli oggi !