samedi 26 mai 2012

2012 - II : Hot elections in sight in...Lesotho, "the kingdom in the sky" !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This year 2012 is more and more unsettled, when you think Japan and China are almost ready to make war for 8 desertic islets (Senkaku islands), even they may be a bit "oily". The question about war is not how to make it but how to end it then, after the mutually assured economic drop.
This unsettlement is also present in the world potential expectations surrounding the tiny kingdom of Lesotho, with the big question of the 2012 hypothetical Deluge.
Today are finally held legislative elections in the realm of Lesotho (30,455 sq. km, for around 2 million inhabitants).
Our present editorial is a following of our article written in French with a similar title on november 22th 2011 : "2012 : de chaudes élections en vue Lesotho, 'le royaume dans le ciel' !"
At first, Lesotho doesn't evoke anything particular for the world, except a beautiful landscape "in the sky", because of its altitude.
So you have to remind about the "2012" movie of Roland Emmerich (2009) to understand how this topic can be hot.
Lesotho is an independant country mainly populated by southern Sothos - with some Zulu, Afrikaner, British, but also Chinese and Indian or Pakistanese minorities. Its peculiarity is to be totally enclosed in the center east of the Republic of South Africa. And both of them are sharing the famous Drakensberg mountain massif, which appears at the end of the picture as an haven of peace and renewed hope for the saved mankind : every spectator can still visualize several arks arriving overthere, and recalling strikingly Noah's Ark after the Deluge sent by the God of the Bible.

The only problem is Lesotho is not peaceful at all after periods of legislative elections usually !...
The last "mini-civil war" of 1998 is there to recall it. South Africa itself lost several soldiers when it made an intervention to reestablish order overthere.
Nobody knows if it wouldn't have a fourth flag, since the ex-British Basutoland independance in 1966.
The sudden change of political party by the Prime Minister last february, modified somewhat the political agenda. Pakalitha Mosisili (born in Maseru in 1945) passed with 44 MPs to the newly formed Democratic Congress (DC), from the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD). His aim is not to lose elections, that's all. He has been Prime Minister since May 29th 1998. And the problem is everybody think that he will have to make a coalition with the other two main parties at least, the ABC (All Basotho Convention)...and his ex-one ! Unhappily, this possibility is far to be assured. So there may be high tension and heat in Maseru, the capital, rather quickly. As a matter of fact, the most unsafe situation overthere physically is to be "Minister", except when it's raining. And the motto of the country is actually : "Peace, Rain, and Prosperity"!

As anybody can guess, the rather predictable upheavals of Lesotho internal politics are not quite a good sign, for a potential welcoming of very wealthy immigrants from the West and the end of december 2012. Everything would fall in an hectic period, really.
So the possible "Survival Arks' coming from Himalaya (Chinese side, Tibet), should perhaps aim at going somewhere else, in case something terrific and frightening really occurs on December 21st 2012. The "new Deluge"would in that case be a prelude in a still more chaotic mess than expected initially. Let's add for information that life expectancy in Lesotho recently dropped from 40 to 34.5 years old, because of AID's scourge.
Of course, if the movie "2012" stays totally or partly an Hollywood fiction picture, things will be easier to sort out.
The unknown thing about God is his personal humor. Can he joke with human beings and take Mickey out of them the way they actually do at him ? That's a mystery which will be uncovered soon, in due time anyway !

If English doesn't present any difficulty for English speakers in Lesotho, Sotho language is more complicated to catch or pronounce correctly. But happily, both are official languages. Of course, leopards ("nkoe") would have to be approached with care, as they are carnivorious.

But it could be better to come back to reality and see things as they are, in order to prepare oneself well the way they should be. Half-jokingly, we could add that having some meat ready to apease leopards wouldn't be a waste for the "self-selected" very rich applicants to escaping.

Keeping cool, holding on, and having a good fun are certainly the best behaviour at the moment.
Everybody will certainly discover anyhow what's next in due time, and see an end to hidden angst and unwise displayed cupidity.

The problem of God in 2012 could be he doesn't see clearly enough who has to be saved or not, as he may be doubting more and more about human creatures' sincerity, devotion, and deep loyalty towards him. So like in the Euro song contest, people have to crack for him in time. Hence as in Roma "la verità viene a galla" (the truth is daylight) !

samedi 12 mai 2012

Just a new glance from Zeus : Athena is coming at his vanguard with Alexander !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

For so long centuries now Zeus (Jupiter) had disappeared from the mind of human beings, and unhappily from Greeks - or Romans'one. His temples are at ruin and his religion almost totally disappeared.
Zeus (Jupiter) was sharing his time in between the Olympus mount and the Hesperids' garden (the Greek equivalent of the garden of Eden in an opposite view, without original sin).
He was invisibly present in Olympia (Peloponnese, Greece) on last thursday when vestals took the flame for the next Olympic Games in London (UK) by july 27th till august 12th 2012.
But something unexpected happened this very time : one of the pretty vestal couldn't help crying at the sad destiny of Greece. And she even invocated him in an approximative Hesiodic way.
It echoed in his mind the very old hymn to Zeus written by the stoician Cleanthes from the Pontic Area (ca. 300 - 220 BC) :
" O God most glorious, called by many a name, nature's great king, through endless years the same ;
omnipotence who by your just decree controls all, hail, Zeus, for unto you Must your creatures in all lands call..."

The young woman was in tears and she dropped without realizing one on his right foot, reviving suddenly his old body.
It moved him very much, and erased over immediately the mixed feeling he had about human beings, made of love and bitterness.
It's the kind of sign he was just waiting to do something to help. For the first time, he doesn't feel anymore rejected and abandoned by a human creature, and that's something. So then, he has decided to send his cherished daughter Athena, foundress and protectress of Athens at his vanguard. She is in the company of  the soul of "his son" Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC), who once said he wanted to revive on Earth.
A famous dialog quoted by Lucan with his pilot on Indus river, Onesicritus, is recalling his strong wish for the newly coming time.

Again events are accelerating dramatically under Fortuna's fatum strange guidance.
The situation of Greece is quite newly intertwinned with the destiny of the US top bank JP Morgan Chase, which invented the controversial CDS (Credit Default Swaps) in 1994, and announced on last thursday fatefully a minimum loss of 2 billion dollars by a new gambler French trader (nicknamed "the whale") at his London branch. The latter played an hazardous game on the CDS derived market and lost. This is provoking upheavals on Wall Street and world stock exchanges like Tokyo and Paris.
JP Morgan Chase (JP Morgan + the ex-Chase Manhattan Bank of Rockfeller) are summarizing by themselves the Fed birth and history, from the secret agreement of Jekyll island (1910) and its following official creation in 1913... till now, one century after.
It seems anew human beings destiny is in the hands of the three Moirai or "Aportioners" (Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos) of the Hesperids' garden with its golden apples.

Athena (Minerva) is certainly the most mysterious Goddess of the Greek-Roman mythology.
The way she was born near lake Tritonis - most probably the one located in Libya - was unusual. Called "Tritogeneia" (born of Trito, geographically), her mere existence was alike. This African lake is also connected to the Libyan Amazons' history and Myrina their queen who conquered the mythical Atlantis, and finally gave it back its freedom.
Exclusive Defendress of Men, Athena was the most masculine of Virgins : she liked to be amongst them, and Ulysses is famous to have been under her strong protection...against women like Medea or Calypso.
Daughter of Zeus (Jupiter) and Metis (Intelligence), she got out of the head of her father literally, after the intervention of God Hephaistos (Vulcan) to open it. As a matter of fact Zeus had swallowed Metis in order to prevent a bad prophecy involving the end of his reign.

Athena (Minerva) was the beautiful but sensitive Goddess of Wiseness and Reason... and somewhat War.
Everybody knows the result of prince Paris' bad choice for beauty contest, between her and Aphrodite (Venus) in the bursting out of the Trojan War (XIIIIth century BC).
Zeus (Jupiter) was proud and fond of her. And sometimes, he was lending her his own weapons like Thunder and Flash. She wore an helmet, carried the Aegis on her breast, and bore on this goat-skin armor coming from Amalthea the horrible Gorgon face of Medusa. So then she was able to petrify enemies, while sheltering the snake of wiseness.
She is famous for having presided at the foundation of the city of Athens (derived from her name), after a contest with the God of Sea, Poseidon (Neptun), by choosing the winning symbol of olive tree in front of white horse.

In this Greek-Roman mythological variation, we intend to show alternative ways to take on account  and interprete fateful actual events.
The present era  we are still living in, was introduced effectively by Alexander the Great who expanded to the whole world the Greek historicity through his still marking conquests.

The new glance of Zeus, the intervention of Athena and the symbolic resurrection of Alexander the Great's soul - as himself deeply wished according to Lucan -, are opening a new era. If Greece was at the origin of the previous one, it seems it will announce also the new Western/Asian era on an original fashion.

"I begin to sing of Pallas Athene, the glorious goddess bright-eyed, inventive, unbending of heart, pure virgin, savior of cities, courageous, Tritogeneia. From his awful head wise Zeus himself bore her arrayed in warlike arms of flashing gold, and awe seized all the gods as they gazed. But Athena sprang quickly from the immortal head, and stood before Zeus who holds the aegis, shaking a sharp spear..." [Homeric hymn to Athena, VIIIth century BC]

samedi 5 mai 2012

Really saving Yuliya Tymoshenko III : from dark Ukraine to Fatima's most secrets accomplishment...and Svarog !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D


Everybody, including the Ukrainian Orthodox clergy seems to forget we are this very year in 2012, and not another year.
The main question which separated Catholics from Orthodox through the Great Schism of 1054 will certainly be resolved : the conception of Trinity the latters didn't accept, by considering that the Holy Spirit can only proceed from the Father and not from the Son, will be challenged by God and his Son themselves. A divine demonstration seems necessary to fully understand things. And presently, the Ukrainian Church should play an active role for the defence of political prisoners, who are strangely from Yuliya Tymoshenko's party "Bat'kivshchyna" (the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland"). As a matter of fact her party is representing a real threat for the "party of Regions" of Viktor Ianoukovych (born in 1950) in power at the moment, for the next legislative elections of October 28th 2012. On last May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day, Ukraine has even rose the first rank of countries not respecting it.
About Yuliya Tymoshenko's sake and freedom for instance -, do people playing a double game like politicians or others, really think if Jesus is opposing them to get any redemption from his father, they can get it ? Certainly not !
This country has got the peculiarity not to be fully converted to Jesus Christ at the difference of Russia, which it was the craddle. Because Jesus seems rather refused overthere, he might also refuse as Great Judge any salvation to the people concerned. That's quite clear.

"Penitence, penitence, penitence !" Those words were the motto of Fatima's third secret given by Maria the Virgin, during her repeated and spectacular appearances in 1917 (Coimbra area, Portugal, from May 13th).
This last secret had to be released to the public not before 1960.
Because it was done by Vatican far after, on May 13th 2000 in this very place of Fatima, human beings blindly intend to think everything is over. Certainly not ! A digest is just a digest, and nothing more.
The identity of the "bishop suited in white...killed by a group of soldiers...with a firearm and arrows",  with John Paul II's attempt of assassination by the Turk Mehmet Ali Agça (Roma, May 13th 1981), doesn't really match the prophecy.
If Maria, mother of Jesus, wanted her full message to be transmitted to the world, it has to be so.
And a message for the future is not a message of the past !
Being too down-to-earth in religion, especially when this very religion is based on miracles, is a non-sense which can lead to misunderstanding if not apostasy, as reproached by Maria herself in her last warning message.
She wanted All Russia (in fact Russias, including Ukraine of course), to be consecrated to her immaculated heart to avoid divine evils to fall on Earth : this is not done.

But in her great benevolence, she can admit it's done very quickly, like other kind things. So the choice is still outstanding for a quite narrow window of time.
People musn't joke too much with God, because he is giving signs of tiredness and impatience about them : he can cancel any time any possibility of so-called "reincarnation", or even any promise of resurrection for instance. They always intend to think God is existing only because they believe in him, but never about the real point : they are continuing with their world to exist because God is believing in them, and only for that reason ! People should read carefully what St Maria said about nations' future in Fatima. But we will let them discover it by themselves.
So Ukraine (but not only it) has obviously to get out of darkness to access the light. It means clearly it has itself to save and free its ex-Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko (born in 1960), before too late. This dangerous and hazardous carry on is enough now.
Mistreating a weak woman in jail (or hospital) for a dark question of political rivalry and revenge, is coward and inglorious. And nobody can just play either to be "Pontius Pilatus". History will remember.
If a fair and humanitarian gesture was made utimately, Ukraine destiny shouldn't be to become "the North Korea" of Central Europe, boycotted for the next Euro Soccer Championship or finally banned economically by America and European Union, in spite of its gas pipelines.

Too often in "Christianity", Jesus and his mother Maria the Virgin are considered as brought back patches.
In their names a lot of things are said and proclaimed which result is to assert the power of very down-to-earth institutions, frightened by mysticism. And "poor them", they have to stay like stuck images on paper, nothing more. Because in truth not many people are really expecting Jesus to come back as he announced himself, and secretly a lot of people hope he wouldn't do it. They really worry it could be true after all !

So we are accustomed from our childhood to hear that for instance St Paul, St Mark, or also St Philip for the Orthodox, said so and so in their epistles.
St John is far less quoted as he warned mankind just like Jesus. And people are quite afraid of his message called "Apocalypse" (Revelation). They are certainly right to be, because it is all about the wrath of God and his Son not to be followed and neither understood. St John was even making a clear reference to the Gaseous Star Chernobyl (8:10-11), as translation of Absynth or Wormwood in the Ukrainian version - and everybody knows the Ukrainian place of the same name. So Yuliya Tymoshenko's fateful protest by hunger strike from last April 20th, about being beaten in her Kharkov detention has to be heard, and her freedom being given back swiftly.

This carry on of deaf and blind "followers" is Over by now. In the New Testament, the question has never really been ultimately "sin" or "not sin" like in the Old one, but sincerity of the heart, love, fairness or equity, generosity, and useful forgiving. And patronizing with pettiness towards God or his Son, might provoke a terrific boomerang effect this very year. If a lot of people will have to go to Hell which awful description is given by St Maria to the three little shepards (Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia) in the first Fatima's well known secret, it will be because they can't understand that or they refuse to accept it. She was not joking actually. 
Let's give a quick overview of it to help people realizing : "...Our Dame showed us a great sea of fire, which looked to be underground and, plunged in this fire, demons and souls, as if they were transparent, black or tanned embers, with a human shape..."

This leads us to talk about what the Slavs are really worried of, from the eve of time : not the four headed God Sventovit actually, but the frightening ancient God Svarog above all. The name of the latter one is so terrible that it was never pronounced openly usually, except in case of extreme emergency as a ultimate invocation.
But this is one, and the fixed stars are going to be correctly aligned very soon, after so many millenium. Svarog (also called Svarizic) was justly the God of Fire, the Flash Creator and Master of the World. As a "watcher of time", he was the supreme God of all the Slavs before Christianity was established... in Kiev fatefully !