mardi 1 mars 2016

Just science-fiction X : the funny nightmare of MIb ("Men in beige") with ETs' Revolution !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

As a prominent Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton (born in 1947 in Chicago, Illinois - USA), finally won determining primary elections in Nevada and South Carolina, just preceding Super Tuesday of March 1st, 2016 (today). She is the only candidate who promised to disclose at last the truth about UFOs and ETs, if she is elected President of the USA next november. Of course, this parallel issue in the 2016 Presidency campaign may look anecdotal, but it would have an historical impact for the whole world if happening : a new era may open for mankind and global politics !
Anyhow for today, let's come back to our science-fiction story with our mascot series ("Just science-fiction") : this pure fiction is about MIb ("Men in beige") and their incredible nightmare with ETs' Revolution !


If MIB are "Men in Black", MIb is standing for "Men in beige" to indicate an historical change.
"Men in beige" are lost "Men in Black". A lot of counter-orders are now coming from everywhere, to indicate that truth about parallel alien life has to be better known.
The ETs are fed up to live underground of Earth or to hide below the sea for any reason.
As Infra-Terrestrials (rather than Extra-Terrestrials) living in one of the 300 earthling bases worldwide - with only a minority located in the USA -, they cannot enjoy everyday life like human beings : it's becoming too heavy for them.
They want to have fun and flirt with "Pamelas" around, or just do shopping in Los Angeles, Paris or Tokyo for instance, like the other pains in the neck and "Sellotapes". So, their high command has decided to give them a break.

If anyone can see them, it doesn't matter anymore. Their earthling servants will do as usual : they will serve the public common desinformation. After all, people are so accustomed now to nonsenses, that it has become their "ordinary" in daily life. Between the first and the third degree, human beings have anyway difficulties to follow.
But for "Men in Black", it means that they cannot anymore act as they were used to. And a big part of them are falling into depression. They are livid - including "Women in Black" that nobody is never talking about. So definitively "Men in beige", as a generic denomination, is suiting more their new concern. To mock at human science absurd explanations, ETs decided to make a funny strike : their stealth technology is going from time to time to be entirely visible. And after, they will enjoy in a big laugh listening human news with all their twisty comments, while drinking vodka or a good beer with pretty singing girls. Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! So with their fantasies, they are now more than ever difficult to control by the absurdely Orwellian Earth.

Yet, the so-called "meteorite" observed above Isère (France) and seen also from the North-West of Italy, on last February 17th at 6:20 PM, might have been surprising for them too.
The speed was far too high (100 000 km/h), and the green colour not ordinary for a simple meteorite. Above that, the size of the falling object, if true, is quite strange : surprisingly only around 10 cm, according to debunkers !
Three different impacts would have been felt in the areas of Autrans, Saint-Vincent de Mercuze and Gières. But no artefact was found yet in the ground as it seems. And the illustration seen on internet, is coming from previous files. But right now, the event doesn't exist anymore.
If green, it is clearly indicating an unexpected positive message was transmitted.
Being helped by debunkers lacking curiosity in their convenient flat life, is not a surprise for "Men in beige". But it's not very good for their self-confidence to be too much dependent on such people, who just recently discovered that Earth was round, finally !

They would appreciate if someone on Earth was able to have a see-through comment, at last. Pfouh !
For instance, he could quote that in the scenario Orson Welles used for the radiophonic program of "The war of the worlds" in 1938, everything started also with the fall of a meteorite. And debunkers were also making their mechanic comment so brain-dead and empty, before the vessel started to open for the "tripods".
ETs are persuaded that the famous second brain of human beings is definitively in the intestines.
And it's an important appreciation from beings who are deprived of digestive tube, if you consider only the Greys (small Zetas and taller Rigelians).
However, about the above "meteorite", the Greys are thinking more about something extremely unusual : the intervention of Arcturians from the super-vessel Athena to introduce an historical change on Earth.
They send "green capsuls" very rarely, but always to modify the course of history, in order to reestablish harmony on Earth. To challenge their holy principle of non-intervention, something has certainly to be rebalanced immediately to give back human beings their lost humanity, if not empathy. But this event is creating a never known atonement and fever among the Greys worldwide...

Now on, ETs want to have a more ordinary life on Earth, just like human beings. That's why they are claiming for being able to marry the female or the male of their choice, by following their heart inclination.
They are ready to make couples for that purpose, while "Men in beige" are reduced to pull their hair out - when they have !

Hence, they are seizing the rare opportunity of the coming caducity of the "non existing" treaties of 1950 and 1954 by July 4th, 2016. As a matter of fact, their renegociations with UN and America are delayed and postponed.
It is now or never for them, and that's worrying "Men in beige" !

Anyhow, the Greys' females are not the last ones to revendicate freedom and equality of rights on the "Blue Star" (Earth), by having chosen a funny symbol : a strawberry ice cream in the shape of heart is their love rallying flag ! And "Men in beige" are not kidding around with their sentimental humor !

To go further, they are rather provocative with their high command, by saying they are even ready to live and have a family with the tall blond men of Procyon (Orion) they fancy !
And nobody knows if this funny agitation, has also got something to do with the newcomers of Barsoom (Mars), since the war is over !