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Just Science Fiction V : beyond the big laugh around "little green men" !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

In this new article, let's have fun with science fiction : let's talk about "little green men" !
Nowadays, "little green men" are a common subject of jokes. People are really proud not to believe in such a "stupidity" anymore. Ah ! Ah !
Human science is considered as advanced and mastered enough.
And since the episode of Roswell in 1947, everybody knows that ETs, if they exist, are grey !
The same people should watch more carefully at order to understand that there is an entertained confusion human beings are unable to clearly see - as the so-called "loners" of Universe !
The Greys (Rigelians and Zeta Reticulians) , which represent more than half of ETs' population on Earth -  beside four other different types of permanent species at least, among the 57 alien races identified in 1988 -, have got this usual color when they are well fed !
And they are green in the opposite case in fact, according to the "Cooper Document" (1989), which aim was to inform people !
So usually, they are the same people, everything depending on food access.

Their food might appear funny for human beings, as it is consisting in glandular secretions and enzymes. They get them from pills they put below their tongue usually.
But what they prefer, as a greater source of enjoyment is...swimming in vast cuves of glandular secretions, mainly coming from cows.
So if by any chance, you were happening to meet "little green men", it could mean they are desperately in search of food...and that they found you ! Tell them then that you don't believe in them, and you will experience a funny laugh seeming to come from nowhere !
When a Grey turns to be green, he can be very dangerous. And this is true whatever the size, varying from relatively tall for the chiefs (numerically more rare, with funny figures sometimes), small (the average known size, between 1.30 m and 1.50 m), or very small (around 45 or 50 cm high). On that point, it is important to quote that the tinest ones, which are not babies habitually but adult dwarfs, can be the most aggressive.
Something must be added to avoid a confusion the "Cooper document" may induce : there are other little green men, called Arcturians (from Arcturus), who are protecting Earth from very old ages ; but their size is varying from 0.90 m to 1.20 m. So you need almost to carry a meter, not to make a stupid mistake, if you don't want to lose unexpectedly the protection of their main vessel, called "Athena" !

Anyhow ,"little green men" of Rigel and Zeta Reticuli have got the colour of the "Martians" of the funny movie untitled "Mars attacks" (1996), when hungry.
The Greys have neither stomach nor digestive tube, so they are absorbing food through the skin. And for this, they need big solutions of hydrogen peroxyde (H2O2). Hydrogen peroxyde is in fact facilitating an externalized digestion, and helping an efficient elimination of toxins.
About cannibal Greys, the treaty of February 20th, 1954 with America is forbidding such behaviour.
Cows are the normal affected food. This explains why massive cattle of cows are surgically operated with lasers to take the organs they need for their feeding cuves.
And nowadays, even Vanuatu cannot shelter them, as cannibals retired over there, due not only to the Christian influence, but also to bad memories about indigestions and diseases.
So even angry and stormy "green" Greys have to respect the treaty fully, which is difficult since the beginning between deceitful beings and poker players.

Another important information about the Greys, is that they have got a supplementary organ by comparison with human beings. This is not mentionned in the "Cooper document", but it is situated behind the "psoas muscle" connecting the two parts of the body. It is like a viscous jelly under the fingers. It is all together a magnetic core, an inner center of telepathy and also a kind of universal translator : funnily enough about the latter, the Greys' multilingual dictionary seem to be oriented towards delightfully quaint words ! But they are deprived of the function people of Procyon (Orion) have got about multidimensional orientation, and at their difference they cannot travel either into the time ! Youthful appearance is yet a common point between them.
Given those peculiarities, it's not difficult to understand why the Greys don't care much about darwinist human beings, who appear so limited to them on those precise points : exceptionally, they have a very different attitude towards the Atlants' descendants and their special talents, or any other human being having six or seven senses at least, and not five ! They totally respect prodigy individuals, either children or adults, who are more and more numerous on the whole Earth !
So even turning green, they can lose their superiority complex in certain occurrences.

Since the creation of human beings by Enki (Prince Ea) and Nammu - of the "People of the Snake" according to Sumerian tablets, and remaining artefacts of Tell-el-Obeid in Irak - there were various hybridations. And their servants, the Greys who are rather "insectoid", imposed some religious beliefs to human beings considered as subservants, like the one of Reincarnation.
This is directly proceeding from  bio-genetical engineering in the R-complex (R meaning Reptilian) of the brain : through the death process and its crossroad choice, usually a definitive separation is happening between the soul and the etheric body due to the symbols implanted in human brain. And this is explaining why people don't remember their past lives, and remain obedient life after life to their "real masters" staying behind !
And Buddha himself (Vth century BC) smelt something was wrong about Reincarnation, which he had so much difficulties to accept, as if it was a human defeat in front of stronger forces called "Maya" (Illusion). That's why he proposed to follow his way to escape the Wheel of Reincarnations, through the illumination's sparkle of "Samadhi" ! Funnily, "Samadhi" (Nirvana) can be reached in seven years, or in seven months, or even in seven days depending on the effortless move you do !

If you take on account the importance of hydrogen peroxyde ("eau oxygénée" in French) for the Greys, you understand that Ozone (O3) can be a threat for their skin and then their metabolism, wathever they happen to be grey or green.
And if more Greys have to come to Earth for sheltering themselves from the tall and fair inhabitants of Procyon, which took control of the "Galactic Federation" recently, something has to be made to quickly reduce the Earth Ozone Layer in their mind !

The potential Visitors of Procyon consider the Greys as "little untrustworthy and invasive devils", originating from the surroundings of "Orion's heel" ! And they still remember how the Greys of Rigel, originally, have tried to eradicate them methodically with atomic bombs, by unexpectedly affecting themselves their own metabolism and body which mutated so badly : the Greys (sometimes turning Green), had a different aspect before !
However, the Earth Ozone Layer in that way is too protective of Earth for the latter, by acting as a natural Shield against an increasing of their proportion among human population.

Anyway, the "scientised" ideology of Carbon Print which is overwhelming the world presently, is a real windfall for them.
This modern credo is making them overjoyed. They don't understand why Earthians are believing in this, but it doesn't really matter, as they consider them as basically irrational about science and even simple arythmetics ! And actually, it's not them who cheated, but human accountants of Carbon with their hidden agenda !
Anyhow, they can celebrate this masterpiece of creativity, from their luxury accommodations in S4 (Nevada, USA), when making their noisy "hive" festival beside the more Spartiat rooms of soldiers.
Yet meanwhile, other ETs are more worried for ...Earthians !

Is a truce possible between the Greys and the Tall Blonds of Procyon, which they have failed finally to destroy at their own expenses ? In fact, there was already a truce recently ! The Procyon ultimatum demanding them to hand over their basis of Venus (the "seven domes" one), Mars and the hollow Moon has expired ! And now the question is "What if the moon didn't exist anymore, or was badly damaged ?"
To understand better this antediluvian war continuing on and on, you have to take on account, Procyon could survive nuclearization because of its people ability to escape in "Time Corridors", and that it has finally fought back triumphantly from ...the XXIVth century !

Hence, "Agenda 21" might have already transformed itself unexpectedly in "Agenda 24" ! 
If you sense you will meet one day "little green men", keep in mind the Greys like very much strawberry ice creams so easy to digest, and they may let you go free ! Since the Procyon ultimatum, a part of the Greys (Zetas) fell into dissidence, and they have difficulty to find food also. So gelatin is a good substitute.
Our Universe is far more fantastic than we are taught, whatever it is far...or more proximate than expected. By the way, far before human beings were created, "Procyon" meant litteraly "the home  of those who can travel through Time"  to modify it!

lundi 4 mai 2015

Rediscovering famous characters : who knows Arthur Wellesley in France ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

If you were making a quick poll in Paris or even in Angers about Arthur Wellesley, nobody would certainly know his name.
Some people might think he is a soccer or a rugby player, as it sounds well for that.
Others might think he is an Anglo-Saxon singer, still unknown but on a good way to become famous !
And they might even ask for the dates he would appear on stage to make a reservation for the show !
Yet all of them would be totally wrong, as he was born in 1769 in Ireland (Dangan Castle) !

In fact, Arthur Wellesley (1769 - 1852) was Anglo-Irish. He had studied in Eton (UK) and Brussels (non independent Belgium at that time), before coming to France, in Angers precisely.
He entered there the Royal Military School in 1785 till 1786. And at that time, the military strategy in France was dominated by the recent inheritage of Maurice de Saxe (1696 - 1750), a great field-marshal of Louis XV (1710 - 1774), and his cousin also. Nearer to us, let's quote anecdotally that the female novelist  "George Sand" (Aurore Dupin, 1804 - 1876) was his great-grand daughter ! Maurice de Saxe was an admiror of Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC), and he was very much influenced by him - under a funny mimetism. It's important to know that the tactics of Maurice de Saxe are still taught nowadays in West Point (USA).
About the young Arthur Wellesley, he became in 1787 lieutenant of infantry and even instructor, before coming back to England.
Have you got an idea of this famous character now ? No ! Well, let's go on then our narration !

He served in the regiment of the Duke of York in Netherlands against France (1794), and learnt over there according to his own opinion, "everything you should never do" in military strategy not to lose.
When commanding himself an army in India (1799 - 1803), he became renown for his exceptional talents and his final victory against the Confederation of Maratha.
In Europe, he lead the combat against Napoleon (1769 - 1821), starting with Portugal (1808),  continuing with Spain then (1809 - 1814), the Pyreneas after and finally Toulouse - where the field-marshal Soult (1769 - 1851) couldn't hold in front of him in the beginning of april 1814.
Do you guess now who he was ? Not yet ! Don't worry, it's coming through our conclusion, about a great man who created a great shock in all Europe and elsewhere, by changing the destiny of the whole world for two centuries !

Napoleon considered him as a "bad general", for his strategy and his antic way to fight, when him was more modern and efficient. Actually, Wellesley was commander-in-chief and field-marshal !
Wellesley still believed in Napoleon's genial tactics (wrongly), and at the opposite Napoleon didn't consider him much (wrongly also). As a matter of fact, Wellesley's infantry, like "Macedonian phalanxes" torn the Imperial Guard of Napoleon to pieces in the final battle of Waterloo (June 18th, 1815), from 7 : 30 P.M., so before rejoining the Prussian Blücher (1742 - 1819) at 9:00 P.M..

Wellesley, who became Duke of Wellington in 1814 (you got it !), was still doubting till the evening of the battle's issue, which took place near Brussels.
He even wrote to his brother, who was General Governor of India, after the battle :
"I have never had so many worries for a battle, and I have never been so near to the defeat !"
His seemingly defensive strategy mixed with an unexpected sudden boldness was yet victorious.

On the French side, only the field-marshal Nicolas Soult openly questioned Napoleon's strategy against Wellington, but he just got the anger of Napoleon as an answer, and had to shut up !
So Waterloo wasn't lost for Napoleon only because of field-marshal Emmanuel de Grouchy (1766 - 1847), eating delicious strawberries in an inn of Wavre during the main battle !

Napoleon was certainly a great man (a lot of British people even admire him nowadays), but he clearly underestimated Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, who looked so fragile - almost diaphanous - to him ! Yet this same man pleaded successfully, during the Congress of Vienna (1815), for France not to be excluded from the concert of nations !
And as a tory, he became later twice Prime Minister of UK (in 1828 - 1830, and for a short while in 1834) !