mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Space news II : even human beings can be rather wicked and foolish, discoveries may be quite fascinating!

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

What is really strange about knowledge, including "classified one", is everything is written.
And yet just a few people on Earth seem to realize.
For instance, we often hear the following "lollipop" argument about ETs : if they exist, why don't they contact us ?
In first, even they would show us, almost everybody would deny with absurd explanations just good for basic human beings.
Secondly, at least a group of them may have tried in Roswell (New Mexico, USA), in july 1947. But one of the "flying discs" - already nicknamed "flying saucers" after the just previous observation of the pilot Kenneth Arnold (1915 - 1984), near Mount Rainier in the state of Washington -, fell down in a field. And the almost only survivor - with the famous Jarod - was a badly injured female, may be pregnant : a confusion was perhaps made between "an unknown organ" attached to the solar plexus and an egg.
As scientists seem to have made her autopsy alive, this contact is obviously terribly difficult to admit. One thing sure in that case, it was rather deadly.
For others, it wouldn't really encourage them to make true contacts with Earthians considered as cruel predators lacking ethics. Just imagine if those entities were treating human ambassadors the same way, what would be said about their barbary ! It's not them who are emotionless in front of the pain of someone else, but Earthians in fact. And this also is a perturbating discovery.
The skin colour of this female was said to be orange and not grey (the colour of skin-suit in fact). And she was a bit taller than 1,60m, and had 6 fingers on her hands - so four times 6 with the toes. This number 6666 was dismissed by some commentators, as showing a fake body, because "everybody knows they actually have got only 4 fingers on each hand and foot" ! What a funny and twisty way to deny and recognize at the same time their existence !

Mars has still got secrets as long as people want to ignore what is really known from Sumerian time on this planet called "Lahmu". Even at that very old time, life if not survival was said to be extremely difficult and especially boring overthere, except for the pharos-pyramids of Cydonia. That's why it was mainly a stopping place for gold transfer from Earth (Ki), even Mars has got also some mines. Strangely nowadays, we would like to underline gold recovered its full importance because of the international financial crisis. And this crisis stopped SETI (Search for an Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) program in april 2011, and also space conquest for a big while !
About ex-king Alalu's Face on Mars - where he was exiled to die by his competitor, king Anu -, according to Zecharia Sitchin's translation of Enki's tablets ("The lost book of Enki", 2002), we can just be amazed. He gives a fresh alternative explanation to a lot of mysteries. It is both simple and astonishing. And it's really abnormal so few people are interested in Sumerian past, which is also their past...and their future ! It explains so clearly a lot of human wanderings, and also why they can be so foolish, as un-conquerors of the universe.
Even Enki ("The lord of Earth"), also known as Prince Ea, who was made "the first God" by his created human beings, believed in "the universel Creator".
Of course, you can always find ones critizing Sitchin's masterpiece, but what did those people achieve in life actually. Maintaining people in ignorance with poor explanations of constantly repeated unusual facts, is not all that scientific. Above that, they are the same ones who naively think 2012 would be a neutral year : almost completely blank of unbelievable and shaky events. Even a child could laugh at them.

You can find people thinking those poor backward Mayas, or Incas also, didn't even know how to count well. The only problem is they were fascinating mathematicians and astronomers, in their special connection with planet Venus.
The reality is not terrificly great for our modern specialists : they are not still capable to understand how to read "quipus" for instance, after several centuries of Spanish conquest.
Human being's brain is really slow, isn't it ? And yet so many people think almost everything has been discovered, and nothing much remain to find. In fact, it is exactly opposite : almost nothing is really known of our past, and so much is to discover ! When you don't know how to solve a problem, it is certain that thinking reverse way is a great help, by opening new paths.
For instance, a lot of things are connected on Earth to Goddess Inanna (Venus), and yet a few people realize it. The universal use of star symbol is a good example, whatever it has got five or eight branches like Paul last year, this funny German "seer" octopus for soccer world championship.
Her cult is still alive in various ways and behind so many appearances.
Even North Korea has got the "red star" in her flag, which is one of the multiple names of Venus.
So it is not true it's so isolated in a way. And strangely the most modern hotel of Pyongyang, "Ryugyong hotel", looks very much like a shiny blue "rocket-pyramid" of 105 floors (330 m high). It has almost been completed for opening next year by Egyptian architects, after some important delays due to the collapse of USSR on december 25th 1991.

Since Sumer (litteraly "the great observers'country"), the world has known numerous changes, but its basic structure remains unchanged. And that's quite amazing.

In this first empire human beings were the servants of Gods, their lords, made divine by their non-earthian origine, their extraordinary abilities, and an extremely long life connected to a secret elixir.

Gold was highly considered not only for jewelry, but according to Zecharia Sitchin (1922 -2010), also for its astonishing power of regeneration, including in the form of spread powder for reconstituting ozone layer breachs. This could ring in our ears in a time of dramatized climatic change !

dimanche 18 décembre 2011

The hardly forecastable 2012 : the only certainty could be divine fantasy !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Like 2011, 2012 may be a year of a lot of collective plans' failures. Nothing may really work the way it should. Visibility may become an hope more than being effective. The always greedy and fake God' believers wouldn't know where they are standing. And we will certainly see amazing individual successes and come back. But at the same time a lot of mistakes could be avoided because of that. And except for the ones setting them, bananas' skins wouldn't slip anymore. With the so-called "climatic change", they will intend to dry up rather quickly, which could seem extraordinary. And this will be true even if people are not in Iceland (103 000 km2 and 300 000 inhabitants), near an eruptive volcano.
As a matter of fact nobody knows if a new eruption will happen in 2012: Katla volcano for instance (south of Iceland, east of Eyjafjallajökull) or another one, following Eyjafjallajökull (april 2010) and Grimsvötn (may 2011).
But a lot of people may wander if the upheavals with their disturbing carry on will start again next year. One thing is sure, icelandic volcanoes can affect very much air flights and freight, and then the world economy if eruption last more than one week. Everebody still remembers the very surprising Eyjafjallajökull: Katla is just more powerful than it. Nevertheless, at the moment Myrdalsjökull glacier where stands Katla seems rather quiet. Let's hope it will stay this way, and that the main icelandic surprise will come from economic recovery: 2% expected growth rate, after a contraction of 3% this year for a GDP of 10.8 billion $ in 2010 !

As usually a lot of unforecasted events will occur, like a possible attempt of opening of North Korea (120 538 km2 and 23,9 million inhabitants) to the West. This potential timid u-turn will be a precious opportunity for everybody. It will depend on western countries like America or others to help and encourage this necessary progressive change, offering at the moment food in exchange of a good will nuclear apeasement. China - and partly Russia - will most probably play an important diplomatic role in between for the normalization of Pyongyang regime, and its wished peaceable integration to the world beside the one of Seoul. This might reinforce the Reconciliation Agreement of 1991 - since the end of a three years war (1950-1953) -, and the new Dialog initiated in 2000 with ups and downs. It would give a breathe to South Korea (99 268 km2 for 49 million inhabitants), and also to Japan, its other worried neighbour, while helping the economy and population in need of North Korea. The official name or North Korea, "Choseon", seems referring clearly to the last royal dynasty of the same name (1392 -1910) and "Mrs Kim legend", before Japan's occupation (1910-1945). No wander why it reestablished a dynastic system, even communist, from Kim Il-sung in 1948 : he was born Kim Song-ju (1912-1994). He was followed by his son, Kim Jong-il (1942-2011), and the next one to be since yesterday, his benjamin grandson, Kim Jong-un (age unknown precisely, 27 or 28). Let's quote that the South Korean GDP is around 84 times the one of the North (only 12.1 billion $ in 2010). So North Korea, which is also a mining and industrial country, beside a too low agricultural and fishing level, is representing anew quite a potential market for years.
At the same time people who didn't believe at all in God may totally change their mind, even surprising their surroundings. Hence dynastic " rainbows" may not be sufficient to them anymore.

Paradoxically, reincarnation (with its numerous lives) may be suddenly less fashionable both for logical and divine reasons.
On one hand, the always growing population of the planet may at the end cause funny interrogations about the implied demultiplication and ubiquity of souls.
And on the other hand, you never knew why you were punished, and only sometimes rewarded, as it would have come from the karma of a forgotten and supposed previous life. Nevertheless, for the ones bound to this mostly human explanation, possibilities of their soul going somewhere else than Earth, like Mercury's infierno or the marvels of Jupiter or Uranus for instance, might be opened by a less convinced God. And in this new unitarian vision of Universe, compassion which is a very positive attitude to be encouraged, will be more necessary than ever.
Indeed divine fantasy could be the only certainty of this very special year, so difficult to forecast.
The superbs will become humble because they will be lost. And the usually humble persons, always forgotten for good things, suddenly bolder and hence lucky.
Synchronicity, broadmindedness, and patience will be required from this "brave new world" - so was the nickname given by Aldous Huxley in 1931 -, in this economic, financial and political turmoil to ward off big war risks.

Cooperation and flexibility between countries and also people will be stressed by a tremendous and desperate necessity. Individuals may have to say their word this time, and to be consulted, recognized and honoured for some of them.
Also, some countries like Turkey (774 815 km2 for 76 million inhabitants), may suddenly appear through their real power. As a matter of fact, partly European for its territory (Istanbul western area), Turkey is strangely underestimated in Europe, when it has become the first economic power of the Middle East : it represented already around twice as much Saudi Arabia's GDP in 2010.
Free trade can be a more effective driving force than weapons to promote freedom all around the world, including in no more isolated "ideological islets".
Above that 2012 will be an exciting year because of London's Olympic Games.
Wiseness coupled with skillfulness
may not be really operative yet, but they will certainly have to be used to apease the crowd all around the world, and not only in Europe.
Political lapsus or "missed acts" may happily lead to new openings, which appeared impossible just before. So then, brilliant, original and generous ideas may succeed to hard, inappropriate and unfair ones. Also unexpected unlocking of preoccupaying situations or topics, may suddenly find unusual happy endings for everybody.
If 2012 is appearing for many as war carrier, including in the Persian Gulf area, surprising reconciliations or last minute compromises might also occur on the contrary.
Even people usually hiding in the dark, will be under the full light for God' and one' sake.
And at the end of this fateful Mayan year (between december 21st and 23rd), everybody will have suddenly a clear-cut opinion about" the new era", after such a quivering period : whatever will happen effectively, luminously, or through unusual "blue beams"...!

Even more than 2011 the year 2012 will be sobering down a lot of people, nolens volens. It will be a full Renovation one. If the world appears presently upside down , it will change over suddenly : at the very last, an unexpected order will emerge triumphantly from chaos in a gigantic spin.

Instead of being sad, may be should we see new opportunities coming to us, at the difference of the blind ones. As a matter of fact, a totally new world and universe also are winking at us. A running jump could be necessary to stick to them.

Jesus Christ was once adressing to the perplex Nicodemus about rebirth (one new life) promised to followers, in the kingdom of God through eternal life :
"If you don't believe me when I tell you about the things happening on Earth, how will you believe me if I speak of the things happening into the Sky ?" [Gospell of Saint John, 3-12]

samedi 10 décembre 2011

Space news : waiting for a mission launched with Vatican to prevent gossips against Earth !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

In a recent article, we attracted public attention on repeated optical problems about Mars observations. But this can apply to other planets of our solar system like Mercury or Jupiter, for instance.
It seems the Earthian equipment is not very reliable, because more and more frequently observers can see what they shouldn't normally, whatever they are polar woods or forests of "taïga" on Mars, flying non terrestrial spaceships a bit everywhere including over Mercury, or alive "hunters and balloons" on Jupiter (in the Red Spot)...
And every time it obliges specialists to dismiss the "wrong" observation with a scientific creative explanation. Optical equipments are quite causing serious headaches to them. Pfff ! Pfff ! Pfff ! What a repeating nightmare !
Earthians are not going into the Space, or sending satellites or space-telescopes like the Heliospheric-Imager 1 for instance, to discover disturbing "new neighbours". The Cosmos has to be empty, except from them. They have no outsider competitors : that's what is right !
But what can you do with such a precise equipment - with its "faults" - and everybody staring curiously at it always, and jumping so quickly on extraordinary images ? What a problem !

Personally, we are waiting for a mission launched by NASA in cooperation with Vatican. It would really be the day.
We don't mean it to joke but for a serious reason. As a matter of fact, since "the Enlightened Era" ("le Siècle des Lumières" in French, XVIIIth century), Science is said to have replaced the so-called obscurancy of religion, especially the one of the Catholic Church. Everything has been overwhelmed by this invasive, intrusive, and apparently almighty new power. But even this has got limits, carrying the names of excessive "dogmatism" and too frequent misinterpretations.
So then, strangely nowadays the past criticisms are applying in a funny u-turn to Science. If you ask people what is their belief in Science and scientists, you could have the surprise to discover they doubt a lot on them. And they don't always consider what they say as the very truth, whatever it's in America or somewhere else, especially for Space.
And on this very point, the Church with its special knowledge and the secrets files of Vatican, is appearing more up to date. Above that, through the "Osservatore Romano", its official press organ, it recognized accessibility of ETs to the word of Jesus Christ in august 2008. And it looks very much like a recognition of existence.
That's why it appears more broadminded on this point. Hence, logically, people may trust more what would say a "priest-astronomer", or why not "astronaut" !
And one of the most important novelties for 2012, could be that the XXIst century will see the bellying of the XVIIIth !

Let's imagine a minute what the "Earth's disturbing neighbours" may think about human technology, just by following what specialists say to deny them. They could be laughing at us, and be also quite gossipy concerning human real abilities.
And those repeated optical problems, unsolved since 1947, show how backward we could be in their mind. In terms of marketing and export, the human technology may appear really at wreck like the present whole economics.
Above that, the question of human cleverness and ability to see through could be totally questioned. No wander why the Earth appears so abandoned and isolated in the Cosmos!
They may just very simply think what is following :
"'The slow ones' are trying to take off from Earth to visit us, but it will take a lot of centuries before it can happen with their carts. Poor them, above that they are completely blind, it seems ! Hey, the Snales, move on more quickly if you can, and buy glasses !"
Imagine also they visit from time to time "the Blue Star" (the name given to our beautiful planet) like a zoo to amuse their children : it must be extremely surprising and funny for them that we refuse so strongly to admit we sometimes recognize their presence. Their father or their mother may also say : "Watch out son, they could bite you if you approach them too near ! Beware daughter, they took your little doll for a weapon !"

Are human beings concerned or not by what is surrounding them in the near Cosmos ? The answer is clearly yes for most of them. Let's recall, if not below the seas, it starts from the sky. Often ordinary people have a bigger sense of the extraordinary, at the opposite of the ones who think too much they are able to reach higher levels than others, nothing existing beside them.

Of course, our "disturbing neighbours" may think human beings are dangerous predators who are always talking of humanity, and not even able to apply and respect their bombastic words with their own people. And worse, they are often abusing and misusing morals to manipulate and to drive them, uselessly trying to rebuild the implosed goals of a strange hidden agenda.

They may also wander why human beings consider themselves so clever, if they are never able to communicate or even to try ? On this point, Vatican could be almost the only major actor which ever really tried its own way, in spite of some misunderstandings.

Human way to develop through crisis and chaos - often provoked by financial people and politicians -, could be at last something really puzzling for their straighter mind, if they exist. If they don't, complicated human beings may continue doubting their own greatness, without any problem !

samedi 3 décembre 2011

It's raining : Alexander is back with Amazons !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D.

People know a single butterfly "Monarch" can provoke with its tiny wings an hurricane over the Pacific Ocean.
But they think themselves, who are far bigger, not having any influence whatsoever on this world. The way their mind works is strange.
With exactly the opposite mind, Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC), who was after all the king of the tiny kingdom of Macedonia, conquered the known world at a high speed, and died at only 32.
He wasn't even yet king when he showed his extraordinary abilities for war and conquest at the battle of Chaeronea, twenty miles from Delphi (Greece, august 338 BC).
Without him his father, Philip II (382 - 336 BC) would have probably lost in front of the strong alliance between Athens and Thebes. But happily for him, his son who was only 18 could defeat rather easily the strongest reputed cavalry of that time, the Theban one.
With his first great victory, he broke down definitively the alliance against Macedonia. And he opened the path to what became an almost unified Greece (not including yet Sparta) through the League of Corinth. Macedonia took obviously the lead and could prepare for the conquest of Persia to come.

With Thalestris, the last queen of Amazons, a lot of things were connected with natural elements, like rain, and planets as Mars she was a daughter, or the Moon. It surprised totally Alexander she liked so much when it was raining. But the reason is she was practising an ancient cult of fecondity dating back far before the Egyptians. As a matter of fact, Amazons and their Scythian ancestors believed strongly their civilization was the eldest on Earth.
Thalestris (also called Minithya) is known to us through Quintus Curtius Rufus (most probably Ist century AD), the great Roman historian who wrote "The History of Alexander". Her "love" story with Alexander, to produce a "super-heir" is quite an astonishing one.
Curtius was not only the first Roman historian to open his mind to the foreign history of Greece, but he also thought he had a special role about Alexander's last descendance sake in Gaul (present France).
Let's say for people doubting of the Amazons existence, that there is an Amazon museum to visit in Rostov (Door of Caucasus, south of present Russia) : it includes princesses' tombs and weapons.
Curtius envelopped for the centuries to come (more than 2300 years) with the Amazons' legend the Thalestris-Alexander strong love episode in Zadracarta, beside the Caspian Sea (capital of Hyrcania, 330BC - probably the present Sari in Iran).
It was needed to avoid the definitive elimination of his offspring, half-Macedonian and half-Amazon by blood. [See our previous articles in French about it for more details : January 29 and March 1, 2010]

As a matter of fact, Alexander IV (son of his wife Roxana) was poisoned with his mother by Cassander (ca. 350 - 297 BC) in Macedonia (Amphipolis, 310 BC). And Roxana herself had made the quiet and good looking Stateira, daughter of Darius III (ca. 380 - 330BC), strangled by jealousy at the death of Alexander in june 323 BC : she had married Alexander in 324 BC (becoming equalilly his wife), and was pregnant of him. Moreover Herakles, the young son of Barsine was also assassinated. Barsine was a beautiful iranian princess Alexander knew from the time of her exile at the court of Philip II (354 BC) : a bit older than Alexander, she was an excellent greek speaker, and became his first concubine after the battle of Issos (333 BC). Indeed, Alexander was terribly fond of her from this long time. When he defeated Memnon of Rhodes (380 -333 BC), his love rival, in the great battle of the river Granique (334 BC), he had certainly her in mind. Memnon (380 - 333 BC) was her second husband after his brother Mentor. Alexander she knew ardent, impressed her a lot after his fiery victories. She and her son, died in Greece victims of Cassander and Polyperchon's plot (around 309 BC).

There is actually a funny quotation of Quintus Curtius which needs to be translated in connection with an offspring survival in Gaul : "Id consilium non ratione prudentius, quam eventu felicitas fuit". It means that "the enterprise was as wisely conceived as it was executed".
And one can think Alexander was so intensely overwhelmed by Thalestris, that he could never forget her - with her breast half topless on the left. This may have lead him to marry the Asian Roxana, at the total surprise of his men. Her wild behaviour reminded him so much of Thalestris. He got even terribly angry after Cassander, son of General Antipater (ca. 397 - 319 BC), the regent of Macedonia in his absence, who dared to criticize during his council his choice of a non-Macedonian queen.
Thalestris always haunted his dreams after their surprising encounter, when he was angry his horse Bucephalus was stolen in Zadracarta. Precisely, he recovered it just before Thalestris left for Themiscrya, her capital in Parthia (near the river Thermodon, Cappadocia). She never gave any news about her pregnancy, for the sake of this precious root. It seems he learnt through a spy of confidence there were actually twins, one daughter with the mother, and one son lead far from his dangerous surroundings to the extreme West, Gaul, at the age of five. Their very secret offspring could be the reason why he wanted so much marching to Gaul through Italy, after the planned conquest of Arabia, and the crossing of North Africa to Carthago (presently Tunis). But he died just before this big journey.

The story of Thalestris is not a real legend, as Alexander himself recalled this daredevil Scythian princess he narrowly escaped to marry. The "son of Zeus" could never forget her actually. Their relationship was short but tremendously intense (13 days and nights, almost half a moon for a maximum fecondity).
This pregnancy story is also reported by Plutarch of Chaeronea himself (46 - 125 AD).And another historian, Justin the Roman (3rd or 4th century AD), gave the key about the Scythian Amazons' origin in his "Universal History" (book II).
The great italian painter Francesco Primaticcio (1504 -1570), made a painting of this hymen, untitled "Thalestris getting in the bed of Alexander".
Nowadays, the heiresses of Amazons are mainly in Ukraine, under this reborn name. But it could be also through a feminist movement including a few men, called "Femen" (Kiev, 2008). Even it doesn't claim it officially, one can wonder as the name of "Amazons" derives from their breast and their belt. It is becoming famous in the world because of its special protests and demonstrations, with pretty topless protesters, and the main aim is to bring a world women's revolution by 2017 !
They made a special tour in Italy last november not only against Berlusconi they didn't like, but also in front of St Peter of Roma to protest anti-feminist policies of Vatican.
And those young women are quite unforgettable as fiery activists. But this didn't involve the character of Jesus Christ, as himself quite admitted the importance of women around him. The examples of Maria, his mother, and his spouse - if following the Gospel of Saint John -, Maria-Magdalena, are clear on this point.

Lets's recall that historically the kingdom of Thalestris was including a part of Turkey and extending to the south of Russia (Rostov area effectively), and Ukraine. It disappeared around 320 BC, so quickly after Alexander's death. It was absorbed in the Scythian kingdom, as it was before their extraordinary story started : it means after the slaughter of two exiled Scythian royal princes, Ylinos and Scolopitus, by crual enemies, and the way their fiery wives (Marpesia and Lampedo), and women followers fought back. Thus, after Thalestris, the last Amazon princesses married with Scythian princes and noblemen.

Nowadays Greece is totally shaken by the Debt and Euro crisis, just before Italy and other European countries. The world changed a lot since Alexander and Amazons' era. And yet, when you look just below the surface, Antiquity seems so surprinsingly near.
Its fiery and bold solutions to present problems could be also interesting after all, if we want to think about it a minute !

At the time, and just after Alexander the Great, the Macedonian currency, was able to expand through the world without crisis. It went this way almost naturally because of the free hellenization which occurred. Nobody was forced to be Greek or to speak Greek, but it just became fashionable through this extraordinary king.
In the present period, we miss a lot the cry of victory of this "half-God" : Alalalalai ! Alalalalai ! Alalalalai !