mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Space news II : even human beings can be rather wicked and foolish, discoveries may be quite fascinating!

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

What is really strange about knowledge, including "classified one", is everything is written.
And yet just a few people on Earth seem to realize.
For instance, we often hear the following "lollipop" argument about ETs : if they exist, why don't they contact us ?
In first, even they would show us, almost everybody would deny with absurd explanations just good for basic human beings.
Secondly, at least a group of them may have tried in Roswell (New Mexico, USA), in july 1947. But one of the "flying discs" - already nicknamed "flying saucers" after the just previous observation of the pilot Kenneth Arnold (1915 - 1984), near Mount Rainier in the state of Washington -, fell down in a field. And the almost only survivor - with the famous Jarod - was a badly injured female, may be pregnant : a confusion was perhaps made between "an unknown organ" attached to the solar plexus and an egg.
As scientists seem to have made her autopsy alive, this contact is obviously terribly difficult to admit. One thing sure in that case, it was rather deadly.
For others, it wouldn't really encourage them to make true contacts with Earthians considered as cruel predators lacking ethics. Just imagine if those entities were treating human ambassadors the same way, what would be said about their barbary ! It's not them who are emotionless in front of the pain of someone else, but Earthians in fact. And this also is a perturbating discovery.
The skin colour of this female was said to be orange and not grey (the colour of skin-suit in fact). And she was a bit taller than 1,60m, and had 6 fingers on her hands - so four times 6 with the toes. This number 6666 was dismissed by some commentators, as showing a fake body, because "everybody knows they actually have got only 4 fingers on each hand and foot" ! What a funny and twisty way to deny and recognize at the same time their existence !

Mars has still got secrets as long as people want to ignore what is really known from Sumerian time on this planet called "Lahmu". Even at that very old time, life if not survival was said to be extremely difficult and especially boring overthere, except for the pharos-pyramids of Cydonia. That's why it was mainly a stopping place for gold transfer from Earth (Ki), even Mars has got also some mines. Strangely nowadays, we would like to underline gold recovered its full importance because of the international financial crisis. And this crisis stopped SETI (Search for an Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) program in april 2011, and also space conquest for a big while !
About ex-king Alalu's Face on Mars - where he was exiled to die by his competitor, king Anu -, according to Zecharia Sitchin's translation of Enki's tablets ("The lost book of Enki", 2002), we can just be amazed. He gives a fresh alternative explanation to a lot of mysteries. It is both simple and astonishing. And it's really abnormal so few people are interested in Sumerian past, which is also their past...and their future ! It explains so clearly a lot of human wanderings, and also why they can be so foolish, as un-conquerors of the universe.
Even Enki ("The lord of Earth"), also known as Prince Ea, who was made "the first God" by his created human beings, believed in "the universel Creator".
Of course, you can always find ones critizing Sitchin's masterpiece, but what did those people achieve in life actually. Maintaining people in ignorance with poor explanations of constantly repeated unusual facts, is not all that scientific. Above that, they are the same ones who naively think 2012 would be a neutral year : almost completely blank of unbelievable and shaky events. Even a child could laugh at them.

You can find people thinking those poor backward Mayas, or Incas also, didn't even know how to count well. The only problem is they were fascinating mathematicians and astronomers, in their special connection with planet Venus.
The reality is not terrificly great for our modern specialists : they are not still capable to understand how to read "quipus" for instance, after several centuries of Spanish conquest.
Human being's brain is really slow, isn't it ? And yet so many people think almost everything has been discovered, and nothing much remain to find. In fact, it is exactly opposite : almost nothing is really known of our past, and so much is to discover ! When you don't know how to solve a problem, it is certain that thinking reverse way is a great help, by opening new paths.
For instance, a lot of things are connected on Earth to Goddess Inanna (Venus), and yet a few people realize it. The universal use of star symbol is a good example, whatever it has got five or eight branches like Paul last year, this funny German "seer" octopus for soccer world championship.
Her cult is still alive in various ways and behind so many appearances.
Even North Korea has got the "red star" in her flag, which is one of the multiple names of Venus.
So it is not true it's so isolated in a way. And strangely the most modern hotel of Pyongyang, "Ryugyong hotel", looks very much like a shiny blue "rocket-pyramid" of 105 floors (330 m high). It has almost been completed for opening next year by Egyptian architects, after some important delays due to the collapse of USSR on december 25th 1991.

Since Sumer (litteraly "the great observers'country"), the world has known numerous changes, but its basic structure remains unchanged. And that's quite amazing.

In this first empire human beings were the servants of Gods, their lords, made divine by their non-earthian origine, their extraordinary abilities, and an extremely long life connected to a secret elixir.

Gold was highly considered not only for jewelry, but according to Zecharia Sitchin (1922 -2010), also for its astonishing power of regeneration, including in the form of spread powder for reconstituting ozone layer breachs. This could ring in our ears in a time of dramatized climatic change !

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