samedi 7 janvier 2012

Just call me Gold : I rebecame incidentally number one for "Golden Age", so take it or leave it !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Most of my qualities are known from a long time, but yet not all.
I'm a symbol of wealth (money), welfare and power. I'm also an often totally underestimated aesthetic rejuvenator (skin gold oil) and regenerator (remineraliser and repairer).
In a way, I'm magic and equalilly representing love, because people usually offer a Gold ring to get engaged or married with their better half.
I make people dream on Earth, in the galaxy or elsewhere, from the eve of Time.
My name is Gold (Aurum in latin, and for the elements table of Mendeleev).
The international and unconsequent financial crisis of 2008, and the subsequent Euro dividing crisis brings leading economies to rise up their Gold reserves dramatically. Even local weekly free magazines advertise second hand Gold buying by numerous specialized and itinerant offices. So then Gold, as a refuge value found back its antique trustful rank in a new frantic Gold rush : the "king of metals" rebecame number one, and this in multiple ways, including "trackers" in Stock Exchange.

Worldwide and above, nobody can really ignore it now. And Gold is "recruiting" everyday new sellors or investors, if not followers or admirors. It's not as harmful as Oil at a time a bothered Europe can't sell anymore its refined petrol, gasoline, or kerosene to Iran in exchange of Oil : as a matter of fact, this country just became self sufficient and is turning to Afghanistan for its main export market since January 2nd of this new year. But most western countries absolutely want 2012 to deserve its dreadful "warrior name" in the Straight of Ormuz (Persian Gulf). So might it be unconsequently, and in that case mind the inversion of Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC) "paradigm" which favoured the West for 2 345 years, and to be down-to-earth the price of petrol also (around 2 Euros or more a liter very quickly) !
On the western side of this Gulf lays Africa, and the previous kingdom of Sheba, famous for its Gold in Antiquity. But numerous countries in Africa have got Gold mines. Ghana was even nicknamed in the past, "the Golden coast" by the empire of Great Britain. So the unthinkable truth of present time is that Gold has finally reborn. Repeat after me : GOLD, GOLD, GOLD ! Can you hear its music ?

Above that with Gold, you can make not only aurichalcum (orichalch) and electrum (white Gold), but also electronic or spatial components with very special properties due to the conduction of heat and electricity.
Everywhere in the world old abandoned Gold mines are reopening. South Africa which may have been the first place chosen according to "the lost book of Enki" (Zecharia Sitchin, 2002), is still nowadays number 2 for Gold mines in the world. South Africa has got the particularity to share Drakensberg Massif with the tiny but high kingdom of Lesotho : it was viewed to welcome rescued elite people after the potential new Deluge of the very end of this year (december 21st), by Roland Emmerich in his famous picture "2012" - made in 2009 .
Drakensberg means litteraly "mountain of the dragon", recalling the Zoulou legends giving importance to the "snake's faces" who landed from the Pleiades in South Africa, in the very old time...for GOLD search and exploitation precisely. Of course, take it as something legendary only : it will be then far easier to consider.

Through the previous legends nevertheless, 2012 appears as the year of Orion's Canis Major, the famous "Great Dog" over suddenly determining Earth's destiny.
Let's stress Gold powder can be a regenerator of ozone layer breaches whatever the planet considered, so why not Earth too !
In that way, "alternative 3" (leaving Earth destined to self-destruction, for "elites") is certainly knowing a questioning in front of the "Golden Age solution" (Earth's protection and revival with Gold powder spread in the stratosphere). We would introduce it as an "alternative 4" : since the Club of Rome's Conference in Huntsville (Alabama, USA, 1957), has the time come for the "Adam and Eve project" (the Moon with Luna Basis imposing extension, and Mars with Cydonia and wide taïga's areas), or not after all ? "Alternative 1" with nuclear explosions in the stratosphere to pierce breaches (for heat and pollution evacuation) and "alternative 2" with its secret tunnels and towns spread all over the world, have already been taken on account with no terrific results.
Jesus himself was said to be in fact a son of Orion. And in mythology Orion was chasing after the Pleiades.

On this moving planet, Earth, nothing is really quite as it seems. So being up-to-date is very important to seize opportunities when they come, and obviously to be able to recognize the true ones.

Gold is not only famous for jewelry and ornaments but also as a great conductor, leading to its use in spatial industry.
So then with only one gram, you can produce a very long thread of 2,5 km and cover an area of 2000 m2, according to "Geo Minerals Magazine" (n°1, january 2012).

Moreover, in people's mind Gold has always been associated with Soar, especially in time of necessity. That's why "Golden Age"'s come back, is an irreplaceable dream for human beings. They never thought - if not foolishly disregarded -, it might come from its powder spread in our stratosphere, acting like the rings of Saturn !

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