dimanche 15 janvier 2012

2012 : funny weather, funny "ice", and funny time !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This new year, the environment and weather are very strange. Again shoals of fish ran mysteriously aground some seaside, like those unexpected tons of herrings in Norway.
And on this month of january 2012, there is a difference of temperature with normal season which is quite obvious because it's too high : an average of 4°C most likely, if not a little bit more sometimes. So then that's clearly above the 2°C or 2.5°C forecasted previously by 2050 or 2100, if we follow experts of the climate. It seems something is going wrong with previsions, if we want to analyse funny immediate occurences on Earth.
For instance, colza fields are already florishing in the South-East of France (Provence), when it's winter and not yet spring ! And this funny change is not affecting only France. In fact it's worldwide.

In the deep oceans or seas, and in the heart of Earth, lays "fire ice" under the scientific name of methane clathrates. Clathrate means "cage" (from greek, Klathron, closure).
Coming to the surface in multiple areas simultaneously and freed in the air, it would make it difficult for human beings and animals to breathe normally. A massive propagation could suddenly affect the whole atmosphere and climate.
Methane clathrates are methane hydrate, appearing like"ice" envelopping concentrated methane gas. Some specialists think it may start (or have started) to melt in Arctic and Antarctic, because ot the Earth heating. You can even set fire to this special "ice", which could be used as a rather anti-ecological source of energy. It might create a "Jupiter like" atmosphere, with the development and spread of asperatus : it is this new unpredictable type of cloud observed and identified on Earth since 2007. It looks like a tempest on the ocean when you watch it upside down, near Great Britain, Brasil, or elsewhere !

It recalls the famous final fight between fire and ice of the nordic mythology (named "Ragnarök" or "Gods' sunset"), in connection with Asgard (the kingdom of Gods).
A recent picture of Marvel Studios (USA, 2011) untitled "Thor" has revived this myth, by putting in image the malicious rivalry of Loki - a trickster God -, towards Thor (God of thunder), for becoming king of Asgard. And it shows unusual terrific clouds hiding what's happening above the sky, from Earth. But there is a difference with human reality in the scenario : Loffe, the giants of ice's king wants to kill Odin - Thor's father -, to control the universe, divided into nine cosmic kingdoms, including Midgard (Earth).
To come back to something more down-to-Earth, methane clathrates are not animated giants of ice, but a very special kind of ice which can burn, and affect ozone layer far more than CO2 emissions : its greenhouse effect is 23 times more powerful and faster !
Let's hope the final fight between Gods and giants, suddenly assaulting them in Asgard, which is a viking tale, will stay a mere legend like the rainbow-bridge between the worlds (Bifrost). Let's think it's not a kind of parable of the ancient ones, even we are not sure !

The fact is we are all living in a very strange period, where sudden changes are occuring at the same time, in an unescapable synchronicity, like fate.
Everything looks so unreal, and yet simultaneously so true. 2011 is just over, and yet 2012 shows already its special shivering power now.

Presently, a single letter of alphabet, A, can create huge upheavals and make economics and finance unpredictable - if suddenly missing once... twice... or three times. But it's also true a national Debt can become an unexpected "refuge-value", as for America since august 2011. This is due to the accelerated dependency of Creditors.

But lack of basic logic and chaos wouldn't stay forever in this upside down world. If classic logic has vanished, it might be to open the path for a new one, requiring to cool down and to be very flexible for a new welcome understanding on Midgard (Earth) !

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