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"Operation Resurrection" : the burning secret of Didymos (Thomas) in Christianism and...Catharism !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Didymos (Thomas), in connection with Jesus Christ is not secundary at all. It's a very hot topic, even burning.
And Saint John in his Gospel is giving him a very particular importance, at the difference of other disciples (St John XI-16, XX-24, XXI- 2)...
His last message about the survival of Jesus' beliefs is connected to a special announcement, shared with Saint John : the "Paraclet".
The "Paraclet", a bit too quickly rendered and translated by the "Holy Spirit", is in fact a new savior coming on Earth to indicate the right road to Jesus believers, for the "Operation Resurrection". He didn't say "Christians" because this word didn't exist when he was alive, and Cathars (between Xth and the middle of XIIIth century, with the Drama of Montségur's stakes in 1244 ) strongly believed in the "Paraclet" coming, as well as the Roman Catholics who knew about this word.
With his message, he wanted to show that there could be various roads about that after him...
He obviously thought in advance, about the multiple interpretations of Jesus' teachings. As it seems, he never met Saul of Tarsus who renamed himself "Paulus"("the small one"), after his fateful conversion.
So we don't know if he would have seen him, who had never been one of the Apostles of Jesus before his crucifixion, as following his precepts.
Let's recall "Didymos" which means "twin" in Greek, in fact Jude, was called "Te'oma" (now "Thomas") by Jesus : it meant very precisely "my twin" in Aramean, their original language !
Note that there is an uncertainty about who has to come back : Jesus or his twin brother, Didymos ?
And Templars (1119 - 1312), could for almost two centuries hold the Church... because of the secret maintained about Didymos' precise identity !

The way Catharism was seeing marriage is very interesting to study, as nowadays a majority of couples in France are not married. In the XIIIth century, Papacy estimated it was worth a bloody crusade in the South of France, to eradicate heresy ...and at the same time the brilliant and free civilization of Occitania.
Cathars had a rather negative view of marriage, which they were mainly considering as a selling. And it's true at that time with the dotal regime, wedding had something to do with business.
Love was often absent, and not necessary. And obviously difference of age wasn't taken as relevant. It was even considered better for the good conservation of the marital link...which after all could often happen to be wise.
Nowadays, who would think people are wedding in Paris area without much love, because of a frantic class concern, in a Darwinist more than Catholic run for the conquest of a family...before divorcing sometimes very quickly after to fight over a good alimony ?
Of course, Cathars about them didn't prevent people to marry, if they wanted to seal their love this way : they totally respected their freedom and common will.
But marriage wasn't especially encouraged...and this modernity from Middle Age is now dominant in our society, even if the reasons are different.

Hence, what is less known about the Cathar way of thinking, is that is was directly linked to the "Gospel according to Saint John "("Evangile selon Saint Jean" in French). But it has to be stressed that they also knew the secret maintained about Didymos, and they were clearly waiting for the "Paraclet" coming !
As we wrote in a previous article about Guillaume (Guilhem) de Nogaret (c. 1260 - 1313), the hidden revanchist Cathar who became from 1295 a prominent adviser of King Philip IV the Fair (1268-1314), this Gospel was the only one they admitted.
Let's recall too, that the ancestor of this King, Philip II Augustus (1165 - 1223) was entirely against the Roman idea of a crusade versus Cathars - he considered as true and funny "free" Christians about him ! As he was just human and a real christian without boasting about it, he was scared about the madness, full of hatred and greed, which would ensue such a crusade. That's why he appears to have protected them for long.
According to Saint John, Jesus was clearly married (St John, III-29), so it couldn't be ignored by the Church. It was known from the right beginning in fact. But with discarding this holy marriage with Mary-Magdalene, a big doubt about the Catholic marriage's value itself has been accidentaly introduced.
And what to say about Mary the Virgin and Joseph's marriage, which marital implications are not fully accepted  nowadays, weirdly ?
The position of the Church about marriage can quickly become incoherent, when you evoke Jesus or his mother.
In Middle Age, Cathars were already aware of such incoherence, seen as a deep hypocrisy. And there lies the very reason, they were against the Roman institution of marriage.

If Jesus' marriage validity couldn't be recognized in spite of this canonic Gospel, why should it be for ordinary people, were they thinking ? And too, why anybody could end up to have more rights than Jesus or his mother, Mary the Virgin ?
The usual controversy about Saint Philip's Gospel, who described with precise details the amorous link between Jesus and Mary-Magdalene, is then rather empty. As a matter of fact, the "Gospel according to Saint John" is not an apocryph as for it. And in that way, the work of Saint Philip is just an excellent complement to the one of Saint John.
What had no value for the son of God, couldn't then have any either for common people !
And for all those reasons, Cathars were encouraging people who loved each other to establish together freely, without any sacrament.
By considering weirdly Mary-Magdalene just as the female companion of Jesus, to them the Church couldn't ask or demand Christians to have an official wedding. Above that, the fact that Mary the Virgin couldn't be seen as the full wife of Joseph the carpenter, seemed completely irrealistic.
In the way "Paulinian" religious teachings were introduced, there was then a very strong irreverence and a visible lack of respect towards Jesus and both Marys' s rights, in their eyes.
Nowadays, almost everybody is still ignoring Mary the Virgin and Mary of Magdala (Mary-Magdalene) were most likely colleagues, as hairdressers and perfumers ! Why always such a way to hide about the real life of Jesus' mother and his wife ? Nothing is wrong about their usual occupations !

Presently, the opposition between the Catholic Church and the almost defunct Catharism of Albi, Toulouse and Languedoc can seem anachronic and irrelevant.
Yet, even through laicity, the question of marriage is far to be neutral in France. And the agitated manifestations against or pro-marriage for everybody ("mariage pour tous") in the beginning of Hollande's presidency (2012) were just illustrating the observable and painful unsettlement of our society.
Nowadays, France is far to be certain to be on good tracks.
The ex-" eldest daughter of the Church" is terribly frightened by the future.
It became the adoptive land of the Darwinists, unable to feel any empathy...who are more and more asking for the understanding or compassion they usually refuse to others, without any shame.
Even an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), is able to feel compassionate if correctly programmed, and to behave better than an human being !
In France, the dice are often loaded from the start, and this is the very reason of its heavy and may be irreversible decline. Moreover, people don't appreciate much supermen, at the difference of the USA.
It prefers deep angst.
This Freudian expectation could explain why its political class is unable to indicate any clear direction, - which is paradoxical when this class wants to show off how much it is transparent... to become often too much translucid !
After the broken dreams, the time of anxiety has come and it is overwhelming the country, in the ferocious battle for the conquest of an only "delegated" power !

The really amazing news are coming from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) : last January a Dominican nun originating from Argentina like Pope Francis, sister Lucia Caram (aged 51), has created a shockwave into the Spanish Church - which reached Vatican.
It was about Mary the Virgin's normal marital life with Joseph the carpenter, as they loved each other. Until January 2017, she was just famous among the media for her delicious recipes for cooking (with her best-seller untitled "Las recetas de Sor Lucia Caram") !
Paradoxically, this normality in a marriage relationship, underlined in a TV program, made the Spanish Church topsy-turvy. And yet, there is nothing extraordinary to say that this marrriage was a real one. Or else, the teachings of Jesus Christ might not be made for human beings !
Of course, the comments of sister Lucia, could have been over-interpreted, as in parallel it has been known she was supporting the independence of Catalonia from Spain.
Yet, if you take an overview of the situation, Papacy might have adopted a step by step coming back to the "Q" source : the original teachings of Jesus-Christ by himself, kept in the Secret Archives of the Vatican !

Mary the Virgin, who is definitively refusing to be quartered to the
role of "Be beautiful, make miracles and shut up !", had already intervened strongly in Fatima (Portugal) in 1917. And her last message, which has been truncated - when she warned with gravity not to even try - was clearly announcing big waves arriving on Roma, "Paulinian" Christianism and the world !
According to the third message of Fatima to the little shepherds Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, she will clearly show that her, and her Holy Family, are staying very potent !
That could be the very reason Papacy has already completely changed, by becoming far more tolerant and excusing for the past.

But, just to reveal something original and unexpected, even Cathars were convinced that the twins (Jesus and Didymos), were the sons of God and Mary the Virgin, the other children being about them from Mary and her husband, Joseph, both coming from the line of King David. So there was no doctrinal  problem about that in their mind.
Thus, the issue of a Catharism rebirth by 2025 as a coming perspective, shouldn't normally put the Church upside down for this matter.
By an extraordinary coincidence, this belief was commonly shared !

After that, people will have also to worry about their afterlife.
Since the Egyptian time, things haven't change : their soul will be weighted (either feather or lead) and their destination will be made according to that.
For instance, if a person had a petty behaviour it won't be forgotten, and in Purgatory she will have to suffer herself undoubtedly from pettiness. It's the same for people who have been wicked, stupidly disrespectful or underhanded, and who dare to take themselves wrongly for paragons of virtue or fairness.
It has to be added that calling Purgatory under another name, involving a technical explanation about low vibrations, doesn't change anything !
So mote it be in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Paraclet !

mercredi 1 février 2017

The surge of nostalgy in the "new" France : a uchronic history for fantasy from 2017 !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The title of our new article is a bit surprising, but it is just describing what may be on the way to occur in France from this year.
In 2017, a seemingly tired People, is going over suddenly to find a new energy, and to express itself openly without taboos.
The "Gaulois" spirit will be in honour, and the old soul of France will overwhelm politics, a lot of people appearing mesmerized and stammering ! For some people, an individualized spirit materialized in a "Super-Goblin" ("Super-Gobelin" in French) which name must stay secret, would be strongly presiding over the country's destiny.
It may look like a fantasy for children, a tale then, but he would be living in Normandy, in Mount Saint Michel and sometimes spending holidays in the nearby Etretat (inside the Hollow Needle).
Half-jokingly, try to imagine this secret entity totally bilingual - as Normandy was English for a long time like Aquitania - going to Paris just for fun, by bus for instance ! He might just, funnily, take over people who are going too fast to reach nowhere !
This powerful chtonian being symbolizing France as "Super-Goblin", wants a tremendous metamorphosis to surge in French politics, which could provoke an enormous change ever seen since 1789, or even before.
The People who is eager for something very different, might get it in an unusual manner, and everything might be topsy-turvy anew.
Strangely, it could put France on its initial tracks again, as it was already topsy-turvy from a long time.
France has always been a country of strong paradox, but deep down it is a country of nostalgy.

Less than two years ago, the only politician to have a surprising contribution about Kingship was Emmanuel Macron (born in Amiens - France  - in 1977).
When he was still minister of economics and finance, he declared to "Le 1 hebdo" on July 7th, 2015 (interview published on the day after), what is following about the French main source of nostalgy :
 "In French politics, the absent is the character of the king, whom I think fundamentaly the French people didn't want the death. Terror dug an emotional, imaginary, (and) collective void : the king isn't anymore there !
It has been tried to reinvest this void, and to put in other characters : those ones are the napoleonian and gaullist moments, notably. The remaining time, French democracy doesn't fill the space. One can see it with the permanent interrogation about the presidential figure, since the departure of General de Gaulle. After him, the normalization of the presidential figure reinstalled an empty seat in the heart of political life. However, what is expected from the president of the republic, is that he occupies this office. Everything has been built upon this misunderstanding."
Now Emmanuel Macron, who resigned last year and left the government, is running for the next presidential elections in April and May of this year.
So, say by chance he would be elected President with an ingenious and progressist program, it could be interesting then to renew the interview.

With the Socialist reform of contracts of last year, the French Civil Code has been almost totally renewed. And even Napoleon Ist (1769 -1821), if he was reviving, couldn't recognize his Code after this change !
The new article 1210 of the French Civil Code particularly, is absolutely unexpected and amazing.
It is putting an end to a more than bicentenial controversy, since October 1st, 2016. And it is too discretely marking the end of the "Common Advent", and its delusive or even mocking illusions.
Now on, perpetual engagements or contracts are still prohibited, but...the fact they are put on evidence doesn't anymore provoke their cancellation.
In its second paragraph, this absolutely historical article is saying that those conventions will be considered as undeterminate.
And to put an end to them, one of the parts has to claim for it.
It means they can be cancelled as other ordinary conventions with an undeterminate length, but that's all. The validity of the perpetual engagements for the past is then recognized.

It's really revolutionary or more accurately counter-revolutionary, as many people didn't - or couldn't - buy back feudal rights from their lord or ultimately from the King as supreme suzerain, at the end of the Old Regime.
From 1789 to 1793, serves started to pay the compensation voted in the night of August 4th, 1789 with the abolition of privileges, but they stopped definitively four years later : all the procedures of payment were abandoned because of Jacobines. Another obvious reason was that instead of being arrested, mistreated, and guillotined, a lot of nobles chose to emigrate, usually to England, Holland, the German side of the French border, ...or the USA like Dupont de Nemours - but not the ancestors of Walt Disney (D'Isigny) who got along with William the Conqueror to England in 1066.
The reason of this strange and suicidal gesture of French nobility which initiated this vote, was connected in fact to the heavy debts of this order and the urgent need of fresh cash.
The year 1793 was marked by the execution of the King, the Queen, and their cousin aspiring to be King instead of Louis XVI, "Philippe Egalité", and too by the French civil war.

As a matter of fact, there was the uprising of Vendée against Jacobine Terror, and then the extermination campaign of Jacobines against the "Chouans" : they were simply catholic peasants (bold men and women), who demanded their few remaining lords to lead them for the defence of the King Louis XVII, in the name of the Holy Heart of Jesus.
They were nicknamed "Chouans" because of the whistling noise they were making at night to communicate, by imitating owls and then frightening the "Blues" ("les Bleus", after the color of the uniforms of Jacobine troops).
The plan of extermination of Vendée from General Louis-Marie Turreau (1756 -1816), implying the use of "Infernal Columns", was approved by the Convention and the Committee of Public Salute on January 19th, 1794. Coincidentaly, it was on the very day Louis XVII (Versailles 1785 - Skelton [UK] 1794 - c. 1860), was exchanged by the Count of Courtenay and his busty assistant, Miss Barett, from the jail Temple against the retarded son of the Marquis de Jarjayes, through the Black Operation "Robin Hood" : it is remaining as one of the greatest successes of the British Secret Services, for an ultra-dangerous and Impossible Mission !
This war seemed to be finished in 1796, with the final arrest and execution of the "Chevalier de Charette" (1763 - 1796).

As a conclusion, nostalgy is a secret key to understand French people. It can overwhelm everything anytime and anywhere : it is as unstoppable as the strong Wind coming like a freed Griffin from Mount Saint Michel over an out of breath political and social system. Another symbol could be used again, recalling by a strange coincidence Goddess Athena Nikê, the one of the Great Owl : "la Chouette" in French, very origin of the "Chouans" ' nickname !

The "Chouans" of Vendée, Brittany, and Normandy, or from Poitou and the South-West of France are considered to have disappeared totally at the end of the XVIIIth century. And their equivalent in the Eastern part of France, on the way to Switzerland, in Bourg-en-Bresse area (situated between Lyons, Mâcon and Geneva), the "Companions of Jehu" lead by the nicknamed "Morgan", vanished about them in the very beginning of XIXth century - as a prolongation.

Hence officially, no movement is really known to defend precisely their cause nowadays.
Even unofficially, no invisible or underground movement seems to have been noticed in France and abroad, to follow a mysterious King of "New Chouans" to be, in the names of Saint Denis and Saint John.
That's why it can appear almost extraordinary, that a noticeable part of the French electorate (an hidden electorate ranging from 20 to 22% of voters, as an estimation) is feeling royalist or monarchist affinities, whatever they are men or women, and old or young.

Of course, this could be also connected to our hybrid political system since General de Gaulle (1890 - 1970), the Vth Republic having established a kind of "Principate" (See the "Preparatory Works" on the Constitution of October 4th, 1958), with its very strong monarchic presidency. 
Anyway, French People is not anymore ready to let itself taken in by pretence this time.
For all of them, the very sudden surge of nostalgy means hope and miracle !

Thus, this totally un-guessed and then wholly underestimated part of French voters might make, against all odds, the presidential election in 2017. Whoever will be finally elected President next May, he - or she ? - might owe them victory... without forgetting "Super-Goblin" !
This year, for sensitive people, is appearing to be perhaps the unique and last chance of a formidable renewal of French politics in a never seen manner, for a country which is refusing to die, eternal France !