dimanche 29 avril 2012

Green sky over the world V : Moscow's surprise !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This editorial is a following of our saga "Ciel vert sur le monde" ("Green sky over the world") initiated on july 2nd 2009, in an article about economic, historical, and other changes - in Russia and France notably, and the world more widely -, for the blog of the French Newspaper "Le Monde" : "Green sky over the world : the unutterable Viking power ". It was followed by three other articles on our blog involving climatic change before (and after) the world summit of Copenhagen (Denmark) on the Climate change - from december 6th to 18th 2009. The two latter ones were also intricating our Cosmos view, and lead us to launch the concept of "Cosmo-geography".
And the present article is about a strange green cloud covering over suddenly Moscow area by surprise, without a definitive explanation.
As a matter of fact, when people awakened on last Thursday (Thor's day), the sky of the Russian capital was totally green, in the proper and not figurative meaning. And it may stay smoggy this way for about one month according to the Laboratory for Biology of Plants (Moscow State University). The population of Moscow doesn't believe really the story of pollen "spring wide spread" given by authorities, but no other clear reason is presently available.

The most down-to-earth think about an industrial explosion of a chemical plant which the power would hide. But authorities totally deny this, and it may be very true in the present occuring.
Then the most frightened ones rather wander if they are not under an hidden extra-terrestrial invasion, like in an Hollywood movie. They still remember the strange UFO (NLO in Russian), in the shape of a "flying pyramid" staying above the Kremlin for several hours in december 2009. Almost simultaneously there was the curious set of a blue-green Vortex in the sky of Norway (night of december 9th 2009). But both have never been explained officially either.
Yet, personally, we don't believe this green sky is connected at all to ETs : if they were discretely on Earth say from a long time, themselves would wander what Earthians have still done to provoke that ?!

Again, there could be other additional explanations, from clathrates sudden emissions (but nobody mentioned methane gas, even by smell of rotten eggs), to simpler ones involving the asteroid "2012 DA 14". 
First, a very very tiny piece may have detached from it to fall on Earth in Russia : this asteroid, discovered only one week after it could have hit Earth, is presently circling around Earth as a new very small moon since last february 16th. And it has to avoid narrowly (or hit ?) Earth next february 15-16th (2013).
Its size should actually be twice as much the one which damaged Toungouska area in Siberia (Russia), on june 30th 1908 early morning.
Second, the green colour may have been the one chosen finally to paint "2012 DA 14" by the NASA Rescue Team, before it's passing by Earth next february. It would mean then that NASA doesn't want to take any risk, and try to deviate its trajectory in connection with the sun reflection, even it officially denies a possibility of Earth collision. Nothing was said for its coming back then in 2014...as "2012 DA 14" seems to have become an additional Earth unwanted satellite.
But of course, it is just an added hypothesis as nobody knows exactly if the Rescue Team is already operating above Earth.

In conclusion, we would think about a mix between the pollen hypothesis brought by wind, as it's spring and new trees have been planted in Moscow area in the previous years, and the side-effect of painting falling from the sky because of unsaid and discrete Earth Rescue operations. As a matter of fact pollen is more yellowish or orange than green normally.

Allergy alone is unsufficient to explain why most people are affected by some difficulty to breathe normally. People allergic to pollen are between 10 to 30% of the adult population (40% for children), and the rest doesn't usually pay attention to it. But everybody is potentially sensitive to the chemical contents of painting...could it be green and possibly detached  from an "Earhly modified asteroid" !

"Fantastic realism" is probably a key to explain what is happening in Moscow with this scaring green sky : it's not so irrelevant.
Nonetheless, in this matter things are not probably so difficult to understand, if we try simultaneously two hypothesis : one is down-to-earth, and the second would become by simply falling or being projected from the sky !

Without referring to the green mysterious clouds of Mayas for 2012, it may be time for Earthians, and especially cartesians (so numerous in France for the post-mortem spite of Descartes - 1596 - 1650) to open the eyes wide : they musn't turn the face the opposite side of Cosmos by backwardness and ackwardness. 2012 is especially made for that, even in this occurence the associated God is Thor. And they have to integrate what they refused, or else it's them who will be refused this very time !

dimanche 22 avril 2012

The extraordinary beliefs of Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC) : a tremendous influence over the world still !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Alexander the Great wasn't influenced only by Aristotle (384 - 322 BC), his dangerous preceptor who finally gave the poison which killed him (white hellebore) to Cassander, son of General Antipater : this one was sent back by his father, Regent of Macedonia, to Alexander as his messenger and brought the poison from Macedonia to Babylon - present Irak -, the "World Empire capital". It was then administered in pure wine by his younger brother Iolas, cupbearer of Alexander. And everybody knows his sad end an agony which lasted on more than eight days. There is even a story telling Alexander wasn't yet dead on june 10th 323 Before Christ (he fell in coma), and that's why a part of historians have chosen the date of june 13th for his real death.

Above all, Alexander was admiring Homer, the blind and supra-sensitive poet (ca. IXth or VIIIth century BC). When he conquered the known world and even more, an exemplary of Iliad and Odyssey was always remaining in his royal tent. He had a personal attraction for the hero Achilles, who actually was considered as one of his direct ancestors by blood.
And it was impossible for him not to think about him during his victorious incredible battles. But it doesn't mean he ignored and disregarded the crafty Ulysses in his still not fully understood strategy of the sickle and hammer.

As an initiate of Greek Mysteries, he was also totally integrating the principles of Pythagoras (ca. 580 - ca. 497 or  494 BC). And he knew intimately the ultimate secret words : "Konx Ompax". Pythagoras, initially an athlet before a "mathematician", made a huge difference between the common Mortal, the four degrees of initiates (applicant, neophyt, "acousmatician" or auditor, and mathematician), and above them the Hero like Achilles, and the Demigod. And for the followers of his philosophy (more a kind of brotherhood, and religion still discretly practised in reality), it was considered totally possible to reach the state of Demigod and becoming Immortal.

Himself called "son of Zeus" (Jupiter), the supreme God of Greeks - and later Romans too -, Alexander was totally fitting those beliefs. He never knew if he was really or wholly a son of Philip II of Macedonia (382 - 336 BC), because this one was partly rejecting him this way when he was angry. So he was part of those beliefs, or even they were part of himself. We may think this is over nowadays. But that's not true at all in fact. Him who created Occident, has still a tremendous influence on our soul and mind, and on the way we create history (historicity), in the Extreme-East included even as "protector of Xian" and the silk manufacturers.

When we admire for instance a famous champion, a charismatic leader, or a movie star, or again a terrific singer, we intend naturally to deify this person. He or she is becoming almost automatically an idol for people, would they be a few or a million, or even more than a billion. And the meaning is not only figurative, but quite proper actually. That's why a lot of people need to know more about their idol though medias or internet - even simple anecdotes which make them nearer -, to initiate a self-identification, by a kind of navigation to the esteem. Hysterical scenes surrounding those famous characters and uncontrollable fans behaviour are the best modern testimonies that Alexander's beliefs are still alive !

Alexander wanted to come back from death by resurrection to the world as it has become, to see how he was accepted and understood then.
He said it himself when he was navigating the Indus river with his pilot, Onesicritus :
"I'd like Onesicritus coming back to life for a short period after my death to see how human beings are reading present events. If they praise or accept them now, don't be surprised because anybody thinks that a fine method to attract my benevolence." [in Lucian]

This means clearly he already knew that his influence over the world was and would be exceptionnaly lasting. He was reading in a way the future, even people ignore he had also this unusual talent.
And it's obvious he was sincerely seeing himself in between a man and a God, like in Pythagoras religion. Above that, Pythagoras himself was teaching that his followers must first respect the Gods, and Zeus, "father" of Alexander the Great, was the top one in the whole family !

The Mysteries of Eleusis held in the honour of Demeter (Ceres), sister of Zeus (Jupiter), were - and are still - a transposition of Vegetal Immortality to Human Life.
It is well known that Alexander himself, the high initiate, admired a lot vegetal reign he was questioning a lot about. He was giving to plants a kind a soul, a proper intelligence and even a delicate sensitivity, in a certain opposition with the teachings of Aristotle.
Demeter (which can be translated by "Mother-Earth") was symbolizing fertility and abundance of Earth. She is still known in France without realizing it as "La semeuse" ("the sower"), and an early Christian square is recalling her hymn under an obscure allusion to "sowings" - till now : "Sator arepo tenet opera rotas !"

vendredi 13 avril 2012

From the Organization of American States to...France : poverty's challenge !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Tomorrow is opening for two days the VIth summit of the OAS (Organization of American States) in Cartagena (Colombia), under the lead of Barack Obama (born in 1961), president of the USA. The chart of this regional organization is dating from 1948. It has got 34 members from North to South America, but 30 countries are expected to be actually represented : Cuba wouldn't come and neither Venezuela, nor Ecuador or Nicaragua most likely.
The present General Secretary of this organization is the Chilean José Miguel Insulza (born in 1943).
The summit purpose will be to enforce new measures to stimulate integration in all the continent, for an expanded prosperity in the whole hemisphere. It is very ambitious and it can !
As a matter of fact the central theme is "Connecting the Americas : partners for prosperity".
The USA target is clearly to stimulate economic and social change in Latin America, as this area of the world is absorbing already 40% of their exports. Politically and economically, it would imply a rarely seen move to try eradicating extreme poverty. It is suggesting an important effort to actually lift the level of the millions people concerned by this everyday life drama of being poor.
In that way, access to consumption is considered as a key for this accelerated development policy.
A recurrent question will certainly be the full readmission of Cuba in the OAS, asked by Latino-American members to get the whole American family reunited, after the so far year 1962 .
Another topic would be the US continuing policy of struggle against drug cartels.
This summit will be quickly followed by the General Assembly of the OAS to be held next june (3-5) in Cochabamba - Bolivia.

In the USA, the poverty rate rose in 2010 to 15.1% of the population - because of the financial crisis of 2008 -, from 12.8% in the 1990s.
In Latin America, poverty was affecting around 31.4 % of the population in 2010 (it was 48.4 % in 1990). And the extreme poverty rate dropped spectacularly by half in those last twenty years from 22.6 to 12.3 %.
But if you consider France in Europe, you realize that the present figure of a bit more than 17% is quite astonishing and striking for a so developped country.
Indeed, with already more than 11 million poor people, France is taking the lead in Western Europe, in spite of complicated statistics not following the same basis as Eurostat and the use of alternative definitions of poverty. It's already 3 million more than in 2007, but the trend was already bad in the nineties. And it's a record it shouldn't be proud of, as its economy is at the moment healthier than the ones of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Malta, or the newly unsettled Hungary.
At the time of the French Revolution, officially made against the King Louis XVI (1754-1793) for the people's sake - but officiously launched for more greedy reasons by an anti-royal part of Nobles and the Clergy more than "bourgeoisie" of the Third Estate -, the percentage of poor people was between 13 to 15%. This was connected to the severe agricultural crisis of 1787-1789 and the ruineous consequences of the War of America (1776-1783). And in Paris the poverty rate was even higher (around 20%) : so a lot of people were disponible for agitation, in front of privileged people refusing to make the tax effort the King wanted them to do to save the country's finances.
And presently, a massive and accelerated pauperisation (impoverishment) is France hidden shame and worry again. It cannot certainly be solved by blaming the weak. And even in the hectic time of the French Revolution, only the strong were blamed at least.

When the French King was sincerely saying he was concerned by his peoples (note the plural), he was talking in the name of France and its still big empire. Because at that time, with the huge Louisiana possession from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico (sold by Napoleon in 1803 to the USA for 15 million dollars all together with New orleans) for instance, around one third of the present USA were French.
By comparison, modern France has shrinked a lot since, but not its structural problems.
If we don't doubt much the OAS can eradicate progressively a part of Americas' poverty by the troubled years to come, we are far less convinced for France. Catchwords or counter-productive measures might be launched, but that's could be all.
From the Revolution time, we French people are "fed" with beautiful (and unhappily empty) words more than good food and joy. It's time to wake up !
Modern France has accustomed too much to the unacceptable decay of its Social Security and welfare protective system, introduced in 1945 by the great General de Gaulle (1890-1970). Abroad, French tourists are recognized to their bad teeth if not bad eyes, and everybody chuckles at them.
And this decay didn't start at all with the recent Debt crisis, but far before for more ideological reasons, entertaining poverty and excessive health costs : this is depriving a growing part of the population of the most elementary protection and care in reality.
Is it still time to open the eyes and change before a quick France's collapse...for the sake of people whatever they are poor or rich ? The situation is ambiguous, and generous compromises will be necessary.

Everything depends on which ambitions are pursued : for the OAS, they are clearly to create and distribute wealth in the direction of the lowest classes of the American hemisphere...for the sake of a refound and needed expansion. And this American idea is becoming paradoxically "social". The summit motto could be "a bit of talk and immediate action !"

In France at the opposite, the motto would rather be "a lot of talks and inaction...or absurd and useless stigmatization" ! It shouldn't follow an ultra-liberal blind trend to be proficient.
The present financial crisis, whatever the name you give it ("Euro crisis" or "Debt crisis", or both before the Big one), is also a good opportunity to rethink our future for the best...and not for the worse. America was at least able to retain the lessons of the 2008 financial crisis.

We, people of France, will vote to elect our new president on next april 22nd and may 6th.
But after that, it will be the winner to lead us with courage, skill, and responsability towards our new common destiny.
Capitalism is able to change the face in the Americas, so why not in France ?
Then, let's say in advance to the happily elected one, we don't need great words but really powerful, efficient and generous actions !

lundi 9 avril 2012

"Katun Cauac" V (december 21st 2012) : from the end of Venus religion to new orbits, and Pangea recall !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Let's recall first for our saga, "Katun Cauac" means "the time of tempest (s)" in the language of Mayas. But till nowadays we don't understand why they made a distinction between four types of tempests, by giving them a different colour : white, red, black, or green (pale), a bit like the four knights of Apocalypse.
We can just understand it covers various realities, and not nice ones for Earth.
Everything has to start officially on next december 21st according to their calculations, or december 23rd if following modern recalculations. But the first real day of this "new zero era" is in fact december 22nd with Kukulkan's coming back. Paradoxically, it would mark the end of Venus religion and the start of the Pleiades' one.
It's certainly difficult to admit the return of this supreme God, also called Quetzalcoatl ("the feathered snake") around those dates, especially we are Westerners and not Mayas.
Yet, the religion of Venus exists also in Western countries under a different name, but it's very cleverly hidden behind old symbols, so visible in everyday life you don't even notice at them. Hence, it depends on the advancement of people to catch them or not. So then, just a few people happened to realize what they actually believed in, making funny various mixtures and confusions with Christianity. But not many people are even certain they know precisely what they really believe, in our masked Occident, including with the funny ideology of laicity : it became paradoxically a kind of "supra-religion" for atheists ! Everybody just follow the movement. And this can apply also elsewhere on Earth, of course.

Astronomically, the real question is about Earth orbital curse in connection with its sister Venus.
The problem is everything has already changed on last february 16th, with the coming of a strange asteroid called a week later "2012 DA 14" by Granada Observatory (Spain). It didn't hit Earth, neither blast on it, but it narrowly avoided the blue planet in a total ignorance of Earthians. Yet, it didn't go away at all, as it curiously remains circling over our heads.
As a matter of fact, it stays presently in the attraction of Earth, constantly sticking to it with an elliptical orbit at a quite high speed...till it crosses it - and miss it (?) - again officially on february 15th 2013. It may be a small part of rock detached from Mercury, ready for "a big kiss"!
In fact, it's circling around Earth in around 22 hours : astonishingly, this length of time was the one of Earthian day about 400 millions years ago.
Indeed, the asteroid "2012 DA 14" became a very tiny moon of Earth beside the far bigger Moon, temporarily at least.
A few specialists realized in this new interconnection, that the orbit of Earth may be slightly affected itself (it could even be the main purpose). And strangely a modification of Earth's orbit in the space was taken on account by the Mayas with the advent of "Katun Cauac".

This leads us to talk about another problem, the eventuality of Earth's continents' dislocation - and relocation -, equalilly in connection with Maya calculations.
This would imply a huge subduction of continents, and a terrific move of tectonic plates.
Let's remember what happened on december 26th 2004 from Sumatra (Indonesia) to Thailand and Sri Lanka : it was so powerful that it modified the axis of Earth rotation, even if specialists considered almost immediatly it may just have been slight... by intuition, more than calculations.
It echoed the equinox precession (slow change of Earth's axis direction) which occurs every 25 800 years, and was known by Hipparcos (IInd century BC).
When the German astronomer and climatologist Alfred Wegener (1880-1930) initiated his "theory of continental drift" in 1912 - initially called "continental translation" -, everybody laughed at him. And yet fifty years after, this specialist of Greenland (Denmark) became officially admitted.
According to him at the very beginning there was only one huge continent he called "Pangea", surrounded by a unique super-sea named "superthalassa". But through telluric and cosmic events it parted in several smaller continents 200 million years ago. But most parts are still connected above the seas and also below the seas, and attached through a main point, a kind of focal point for the whole Earth. For instance the Alps chain is connected to Asia.
This main point is considered nowadays to be situated in France, in the tiny beautiful village of La Baume-Cornillane (Drôme), which population is a bit rising since 1999 : it is appearing as a new Earth navel after Delphi (Greece) or Cuzco (Peru), even if most people ignore it except in Valence.

On next winter solstice, Earth has to be aligned with the Sun. It happens at this date every year, so most people consider this as a non-event. Nonetheless, what is more unique this year is an alignment including the Pleiades, as this far more rarely happens simultaneously in the galaxy.
And only two days after (december 23rd 2012), another alignment will happen between Earth, Venus and Jupiter - twinning the one of Earth, Mercury and Jupiter on december 17th -, which is sufficient to catch NASA attention.

There may be beautiful and dangerous cosmic phenomenons to watch and participate nilling willing. Nevertheless, at the difference of the Ancient ones most scientists don't attribute any power on Earth to the cosmic forces in game around those very days. Earth is considered as a "solid fortress" in the space, and absolutely nothing can influence it, according to their cartesian mind. Why should it ?

Obviously nobody knows exactly what happened to Earth a so long time ago when the same thing occurred, but there are some remains, traces and artefacts showing it wasn't much neutral. Actually, it seems it was rather shaky even. But we are not prehistoric men and women, so flegmatism should be sufficient to face the problem normally, shouldn't it ? !