dimanche 29 avril 2012

Green sky over the world V : Moscow's surprise !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This editorial is a following of our saga "Ciel vert sur le monde" ("Green sky over the world") initiated on july 2nd 2009, in an article about economic, historical, and other changes - in Russia and France notably, and the world more widely -, for the blog of the French Newspaper "Le Monde" : "Green sky over the world : the unutterable Viking power ". It was followed by three other articles on our blog involving climatic change before (and after) the world summit of Copenhagen (Denmark) on the Climate change - from december 6th to 18th 2009. The two latter ones were also intricating our Cosmos view, and lead us to launch the concept of "Cosmo-geography".
And the present article is about a strange green cloud covering over suddenly Moscow area by surprise, without a definitive explanation.
As a matter of fact, when people awakened on last Thursday (Thor's day), the sky of the Russian capital was totally green, in the proper and not figurative meaning. And it may stay smoggy this way for about one month according to the Laboratory for Biology of Plants (Moscow State University). The population of Moscow doesn't believe really the story of pollen "spring wide spread" given by authorities, but no other clear reason is presently available.

The most down-to-earth think about an industrial explosion of a chemical plant which the power would hide. But authorities totally deny this, and it may be very true in the present occuring.
Then the most frightened ones rather wander if they are not under an hidden extra-terrestrial invasion, like in an Hollywood movie. They still remember the strange UFO (NLO in Russian), in the shape of a "flying pyramid" staying above the Kremlin for several hours in december 2009. Almost simultaneously there was the curious set of a blue-green Vortex in the sky of Norway (night of december 9th 2009). But both have never been explained officially either.
Yet, personally, we don't believe this green sky is connected at all to ETs : if they were discretely on Earth say from a long time, themselves would wander what Earthians have still done to provoke that ?!

Again, there could be other additional explanations, from clathrates sudden emissions (but nobody mentioned methane gas, even by smell of rotten eggs), to simpler ones involving the asteroid "2012 DA 14". 
First, a very very tiny piece may have detached from it to fall on Earth in Russia : this asteroid, discovered only one week after it could have hit Earth, is presently circling around Earth as a new very small moon since last february 16th. And it has to avoid narrowly (or hit ?) Earth next february 15-16th (2013).
Its size should actually be twice as much the one which damaged Toungouska area in Siberia (Russia), on june 30th 1908 early morning.
Second, the green colour may have been the one chosen finally to paint "2012 DA 14" by the NASA Rescue Team, before it's passing by Earth next february. It would mean then that NASA doesn't want to take any risk, and try to deviate its trajectory in connection with the sun reflection, even it officially denies a possibility of Earth collision. Nothing was said for its coming back then in 2014...as "2012 DA 14" seems to have become an additional Earth unwanted satellite.
But of course, it is just an added hypothesis as nobody knows exactly if the Rescue Team is already operating above Earth.

In conclusion, we would think about a mix between the pollen hypothesis brought by wind, as it's spring and new trees have been planted in Moscow area in the previous years, and the side-effect of painting falling from the sky because of unsaid and discrete Earth Rescue operations. As a matter of fact pollen is more yellowish or orange than green normally.

Allergy alone is unsufficient to explain why most people are affected by some difficulty to breathe normally. People allergic to pollen are between 10 to 30% of the adult population (40% for children), and the rest doesn't usually pay attention to it. But everybody is potentially sensitive to the chemical contents of painting...could it be green and possibly detached  from an "Earhly modified asteroid" !

"Fantastic realism" is probably a key to explain what is happening in Moscow with this scaring green sky : it's not so irrelevant.
Nonetheless, in this matter things are not probably so difficult to understand, if we try simultaneously two hypothesis : one is down-to-earth, and the second would become by simply falling or being projected from the sky !

Without referring to the green mysterious clouds of Mayas for 2012, it may be time for Earthians, and especially cartesians (so numerous in France for the post-mortem spite of Descartes - 1596 - 1650) to open the eyes wide : they musn't turn the face the opposite side of Cosmos by backwardness and ackwardness. 2012 is especially made for that, even in this occurence the associated God is Thor. And they have to integrate what they refused, or else it's them who will be refused this very time !

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