jeudi 9 mars 2017

Just science-fiction XVII : funny facts about flying saucers...and Mars !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

In the line of our mascot serie, called "Just science-fiction", we are going to talk about flying saucers... and Mars.
Narrating about science-fiction, this article has to be taken for a masterpiece of imagination, obviously...
So, just take it as a funny entertainment !


Officially, flying saucers don't exist. And it's alike for professional life on Mars : any good debunker will tell you that.
At the difference of "Martian recognized capabilities", the attempts to build those vessels by human beings were not terribly successful because of a lack of mastery and a low speed.
Above that, the human machines are far too unstable, and uncontrollable.
In term of flying saucers' building, it seems that human beings are strangely considered as "Neandertalians" - as long as Neandertalians were what we were taught, a bit quickly as it seems...

Astonishingly, it is often repeated that Americans couldn't replicate the performances of the German "Haunebu" (I or II). With a rotative BMW engine, Haunebu was able to reach the speed of 1 500 km/h (Haunebu I), or even 2 400 km/h (Haunebu II) on February 14th, 1945, above Pilsen and Prag (Czechoslovachia). And we are not talking about the Haunebu III, which performances were amazing for the time (mach 10) and its capacity to carry 32 people !
But the modern attempts of flying saucers' building on the American continent, reached just 120 or 150 km/h - officially. And a lot of them crashed.
It is puzzling, as Haunebus' plans which are not anymore secret, can be found sometimes over-the-counter, in some magazines specialized in famous war-planes.

What about driving an ET flying saucer then ?
ETs flying saucers are extremely swift, and very reactive to nice touchs.
Except for the symbols on the buttons, nothing is really desorienting inside them.
Often, the conception is minimalist but efficient.
If you are tall, it's better to choose one used by Rigelians (tall greys), or Vegans.
Normally, you wouldn't be permitted to approach a Procyonian one, or even a Pleiadian one, except if you have been abducted.

The ones unofficially possessed are mainly coming from Zeta Reticulians, who are small. So the pilot must be small also, or he has to find the "size reducer" button, and know how to put it off at the end.
So by security, it's better to find also the "enlarger button", not to look like a smurf  at the end of the session ! Women who are usually smaller than men, might have got an advantage to drive such vessels.
The "cigar-shaped" ones are obviously better for men, as their size is adaptated to the containance of a flying saucers' fleet.

Of course, America has been able in fact to build its triangular flying saucers (TR- 3B), and its huge flying cigars for the creation of the "Solar Warden" fleet, with Vegan pilots to protect Earth from some possibly hostile aliens - with a seemingly potential confusion nevertheless.
So it is really advanced.Without talking about "Solar Warden" Fleet, beside F-22 just watch a US warplane which existence is recognized like F-35 : despite some criticisms about its reliability, it has undoubtly incredible capabilities !
For instance, it can stay immobile in front of you !

Another possibility for F-35 is to move around its own axis, like the military Russian aircrafts, Sukhoï 27 and Sukhoï 35, or more commonly Mig 29 "Fulcrum" and Mig 35 for instance - the mysterious "Skal" which looks like a real flying saucer being also from the Mig family.
Normally, those incredible and performant flying machines wouldn't have finally to fight each other in air combats by the end of spring 2017 for geopolitical reasons, as tension decreased between the USA and Russia since the last US presidential elections.

However, a war could be started by dark blue Vegans, in connection with their mysterious and strong allies of Alpha Centauri  against the Earthling bases of Mars. Those ETs dislike the way the "Industrial Interplanetary Conglomerate" is exploiting Uranium and Cobalt, by mistreating manpower on the Red Planet since 1975 (Alternative 3 implementation).
On June 2015, the "British Interplanetary Society" showed too a great concern to the UN about this topic. It wants to protect the rights of workers on Mars.

So, there  might be some mess with the US "Solar Warden" Fleet : it could happen to be inoperative or opposed to its very mission. Don't forget most pilots are precisely Vegans, who have got their own values !
And, it's obvious the question of Mars is a serious issue for other ETs defending too human rights on Earth - like Pleiadians in particular who dislike unfair people : whichever the planet involved, Earth or Mars, they wouldn't just stay watching on both planets ! They will certainly have their powerful say !

lundi 6 mars 2017

The "hourglass theory" and the counter-theory of the "hoisting contortion" : the victory of mentalism !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D,
translated and adaptated from French language by himself

Here is an English translation and adaptation of our French article published on October 18th, 2010, and untitled 'La théorie du sablier et la contre-théorie de la "contorsion hissante" : la victoire du mentalisme !'. It is on the agenda more than ever.

The "hourglass theory" is often quoted by the behaviorist sociologists or the ultra-liberals englued into the limits of management. It seems to contradict the one of the society pyramidal organization. But in fact, it just comforts it. At the top, there would be elites, in the bottom the People, and in the middle - in the narrowest part of the hourglass, middle class or intermediary levels destined to be crunched because of the hourglass shape. So then, the middle position would be the hardest to hold. As a matter of fact, the sand pouring from the top to the bottom, there would be a natural trend to fall or to slip away, more than of ascending. Hence, the unavoidable idea of "social downgrading" would ensue, even it is still possible to do opposite by lifting up - if seizing the right time. If you perceive things in a diametraly opposite angle, on the contrary a stretcher median part can serve as a convenient running board to reach the top for a cliffhunger !

In that way, our counter-theory of the "hoisting contortion" is based upon the axiom it is often possible to do better than common human mind - forcibly limited or more or less limitative. On a more down- to-earth point of view, it is only an observation.
As a matter of fact, human beings are essentially binary, and their logic is alike.
They stick quite easily to stereotypes, sometimes confused with non existent rules, leading them to be trapped in false reasoning or byzantine discussions. They can see the point but hardly the dash or what is surrounding or watching them with amusement.
To take again the image of the hourglass, it has to be noted that the speed of the sand flow is not uniform, and is diminishing along the process.
Moreover, when the sand has totally poured downward it becomes particularly easy to lean on the lower part, to hoist without obstacle in direction of the top, with flexible and wide moves (the "hoisting contortion").

It is sufficient then to think with creativity, to bypass easily and patiently what a human mind has conceived. As a matter of fact, it is usually oriented from top to bottom, and rarely opposite, or from left to right, and not in other possible angles. At that level, the experiment can become playful and amusing.
Applied to economics which is based upon a natural trend of free flow (stopping it can cause a big crisis or an economic tsunami), the counter-theory of "the hoisting contortion", can generate a "new dance".
You have to be able to make stylistic devices or dynamic movements without hesitation - rendered useless. The advantage is you can dance with another person, or even more. And being at least in twos is even better for what has to come, or to give the other one a leg up - and a boost among others : hence, you can combine business with fun.
This counter-theory can give somebody a good place to his mentalism, by becoming aware of the multiple possible overtakings of what wasn't able to design the human mind - often monistic and narrow.

What seems to limit us and to force us, is sometimes on the contrary what will allow us the free passage, in a prospect inverted of maximal use of the environment and whatever is its nature. Because our freedom of action lies in the fact of assigning it one never used until now, as a Creator of our own mental world. And what could have been a defeat at the human scale, can appear as a great victory of mentalism.
Under some pushy occurrences, an hourglass can also be arranged horizontaly, and not necessarily vertically, by allowing the passage in both ways. But at this stage, we are entering the world of quantic physics with its intermediate zone of traffic or contact there (a kind of "hatch" or interworld), between two parallel universes.
And as a stimulation for the mind, let's say simply that it is very naive on behalf of human beings (living in an already tridimensional world for what is visible) to believe that universe may paradoxically have only one dimension ! In reality, even our proximate universe can be quite astonishing and fascinating !

vendredi 3 mars 2017

New economic trend : what if more tourists were losing interest for Paris ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

Every year, we are repeated France is the number one destination of tourists in the world, except last year when it was America during the ending mandate of President Obama.
Paris particularly lost tourists, including rich ones for mansions.
Several years ago, there was a study to understand why the French attractiveness is seeming to decline, especially Paris which was counting so much till now for the very high number of visits.
As a matter of fact, this has got terrific effects on hotels, restaurants, shops and leisure attractions, representing billions of Euros.

About that, it has to be recalled that the industry of tourism is counting for around 7% of our GDP.
So losses or shortfalls should be considered, more carefully than it seems to be.
Imagine a minute, the meaning of a reduction of this figure to only 4 or 3.5% for instance : it would be called a "Contraction" or a "'Shrinking" in economics !
And it's better to be cautious in those troubled and chaotic times, when Standard and Poor's, Fitch ratings, Moody's, or Dagong, the new agency in the same field are watching the evolution of events.

In Paris, the causes of such a desinterest or disaffection can be various : fear of terrorism, aggressions, pickpockets, risk of paying twice or twice as much for the same thing, disorienting strikes, unpoliteness, coldness, lack of empathy, malicious humor, filth, high pollution with micro-particles, and lack of a basic civil behaviour to... quote the main ones.
Sometimes another observation is made about Paris, which is disappointing people in search of a romantic capital, and who discover with sadness and frustration it is not so much.

If you add to this, that some people have got the absurd idea to demolish "Sacré Cœur" in honour "Communards" who didn't need any "Father of the World", you can guess that there could be a real problem for the future, if not the present.
Symbolically, "Sacré Cœur" was erected to celebrate the Godly protection on France and Paris, after the defeat of 1871, in the French-Prussian war.
And every year, several million people are visiting this beautiful basilica.

Let's conclude on a positive mark, as people are normally wise enough to know what is in their interest !
Entering America being far more complicated since last January, an effort could be made in France and in Paris as well, to find new ways for welcoming nicely people.

France could rebecome n°1 for tourism. And for that purpose, a policy of "good surprises" should be encouraged and supported.
Parisians can do it, if they think twice about Paris' historical importance in matter of paradigm, and try to show what is agreable here, and why our way of life has sometimes been chosen by filmstars.

So then Paris can stay Paris, and think over its renovated brilliance over the world.
Pallas Athena is ready to help with her owl - if she doesn't undergo rebuffs - through the "Palladium" : her powerful and radiant statue brought back from Roma after Troy, and said to be in the bedrock of Notre-Dame de Paris !