samedi 10 décembre 2011

Space news : waiting for a mission launched with Vatican to prevent gossips against Earth !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

In a recent article, we attracted public attention on repeated optical problems about Mars observations. But this can apply to other planets of our solar system like Mercury or Jupiter, for instance.
It seems the Earthian equipment is not very reliable, because more and more frequently observers can see what they shouldn't normally, whatever they are polar woods or forests of "taïga" on Mars, flying non terrestrial spaceships a bit everywhere including over Mercury, or alive "hunters and balloons" on Jupiter (in the Red Spot)...
And every time it obliges specialists to dismiss the "wrong" observation with a scientific creative explanation. Optical equipments are quite causing serious headaches to them. Pfff ! Pfff ! Pfff ! What a repeating nightmare !
Earthians are not going into the Space, or sending satellites or space-telescopes like the Heliospheric-Imager 1 for instance, to discover disturbing "new neighbours". The Cosmos has to be empty, except from them. They have no outsider competitors : that's what is right !
But what can you do with such a precise equipment - with its "faults" - and everybody staring curiously at it always, and jumping so quickly on extraordinary images ? What a problem !

Personally, we are waiting for a mission launched by NASA in cooperation with Vatican. It would really be the day.
We don't mean it to joke but for a serious reason. As a matter of fact, since "the Enlightened Era" ("le Siècle des Lumières" in French, XVIIIth century), Science is said to have replaced the so-called obscurancy of religion, especially the one of the Catholic Church. Everything has been overwhelmed by this invasive, intrusive, and apparently almighty new power. But even this has got limits, carrying the names of excessive "dogmatism" and too frequent misinterpretations.
So then, strangely nowadays the past criticisms are applying in a funny u-turn to Science. If you ask people what is their belief in Science and scientists, you could have the surprise to discover they doubt a lot on them. And they don't always consider what they say as the very truth, whatever it's in America or somewhere else, especially for Space.
And on this very point, the Church with its special knowledge and the secrets files of Vatican, is appearing more up to date. Above that, through the "Osservatore Romano", its official press organ, it recognized accessibility of ETs to the word of Jesus Christ in august 2008. And it looks very much like a recognition of existence.
That's why it appears more broadminded on this point. Hence, logically, people may trust more what would say a "priest-astronomer", or why not "astronaut" !
And one of the most important novelties for 2012, could be that the XXIst century will see the bellying of the XVIIIth !

Let's imagine a minute what the "Earth's disturbing neighbours" may think about human technology, just by following what specialists say to deny them. They could be laughing at us, and be also quite gossipy concerning human real abilities.
And those repeated optical problems, unsolved since 1947, show how backward we could be in their mind. In terms of marketing and export, the human technology may appear really at wreck like the present whole economics.
Above that, the question of human cleverness and ability to see through could be totally questioned. No wander why the Earth appears so abandoned and isolated in the Cosmos!
They may just very simply think what is following :
"'The slow ones' are trying to take off from Earth to visit us, but it will take a lot of centuries before it can happen with their carts. Poor them, above that they are completely blind, it seems ! Hey, the Snales, move on more quickly if you can, and buy glasses !"
Imagine also they visit from time to time "the Blue Star" (the name given to our beautiful planet) like a zoo to amuse their children : it must be extremely surprising and funny for them that we refuse so strongly to admit we sometimes recognize their presence. Their father or their mother may also say : "Watch out son, they could bite you if you approach them too near ! Beware daughter, they took your little doll for a weapon !"

Are human beings concerned or not by what is surrounding them in the near Cosmos ? The answer is clearly yes for most of them. Let's recall, if not below the seas, it starts from the sky. Often ordinary people have a bigger sense of the extraordinary, at the opposite of the ones who think too much they are able to reach higher levels than others, nothing existing beside them.

Of course, our "disturbing neighbours" may think human beings are dangerous predators who are always talking of humanity, and not even able to apply and respect their bombastic words with their own people. And worse, they are often abusing and misusing morals to manipulate and to drive them, uselessly trying to rebuild the implosed goals of a strange hidden agenda.

They may also wander why human beings consider themselves so clever, if they are never able to communicate or even to try ? On this point, Vatican could be almost the only major actor which ever really tried its own way, in spite of some misunderstandings.

Human way to develop through crisis and chaos - often provoked by financial people and politicians -, could be at last something really puzzling for their straighter mind, if they exist. If they don't, complicated human beings may continue doubting their own greatness, without any problem !

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