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Space news III : Wow for Sagittarius ! Wow for Jupiter ! And Wow for Earth !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography

The signal "Wow" was registered by the radio-telescope of Ohio University on August 15th 1977 (day of Maria the Virgin for a Catholic follower) : it came from the constellation of Sagittarius and lasted for 72 seconds. The Big Ear as it is named was used opportuneously by the astrophysist J. R. Ehman for SETI program (Search of an Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, 1960), launched by Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996) : it was immediatly following OZMA Project concentrated on the listening of only one radio-frequency (~1420 Mhz), the Hydrogen's one, perceived a bit quickly as the most common in universe by Franck Drake (born in 1930).
This signal was named "Wow", because of the word of great shocking surprise written by Ehman beside the transcription of the signal using the range of Hydrogen radio-frequency.
It is recognized among scientists as the first and "only" time (?) Earthians were contacted by the cosmos.
Strangely, they would seem to ignore repeated signals coming from Jupiter everyday, when Jupiter is the master-planet of Sagittarius in Astrology .
It's hard to believe that only the Russians who identified this phenomenon in the sixties might have been contacted practically.
Nowadays, radio-telescopes are said to be able to detect a mobile phone on Jupiter with an accuracy of 2 meters distance only. We didn't know actually there could be mobile phones on Jupiter, but it means Jupiter is studied quite a lot including by America !

As a matter of fact Galileo US probe landed on Jupiter on december 7th 1995, which corresponds according to astronomical calculations to a very symbolic day, the anniversary of the mostly admitted birth date of Jesus-Christ (son of God the Supreme). And its mission (in cooperation with Germany) lasted till september 21st 2003 with the aim to study this planet and all its satellites like Europa : but Galileo was still limited as we know in 2012 that Jupiter has at least 66 satellites and not less, some smaller ones remaining to be discovered.
For memory, Galileo probe was named this way in honor of Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642), the famous Italian astronomer who observed Jupiter in 1609, which he discovered four satellites in 1610 he called "Medicées". He is famous in history and Christian religion for having been forced to follow the official beliefs of his time about the Sun and Earth.
Anyway, during those eight years (1995 - 2003), American astrophysists beside their strong interest for Jupiter's various radio-frequencies, observed a lot of unusual things amongst what was officially delivered to the public : an unknown superpowerful radiation belt stronger than the Van Allen belt, surprising abrupt vertical winds and strange thick clouds, a quite paradoxical good visibility yet, a thunderstorm activity quite different from Earth, and a unique and non uniform world... About water, the information was known before, just after the 21 thermonuclear explosions of Comet "Shoemaker-Levy 9" on Jupiter' southern hemisphere (from july 16th till july 22nd 1994).
What most people don't realize about Jupiter is that it protected Earth from dangerous asteroids or comets till now. Jupiter was called the great benefic in Antiquity, and this nickname was well deserved.
Jupiter (Zeus) in Greek-Roman mythology is also the King of Gods, reigning on our universe, from Olympus Mount in Greece.
To send its informations to Earth Galileo was using a band of 3880 Mhz.
By comparison, the plasma emitted by Jupiter produces radio waves ranging between 0.6 and 30 Mhz. But this is for Jupiter natural magnetosphere.
It means clearly the frequency of 1609 Mhz used in the sixties and detected by the Soviet Union astrophysists couldn't be a natural one.

What is important to know about SETI's research till now, is that it has been officially concentrated on the radio-frequency of Hydrogen (1420,406 Mhz), which seems the most adaptated to receive extra-terrestrial signals. So more numerous "big ears" have usually been set in between 1420,356 and 1420,456 Mhz to capture "messages", which appears quite arbitrary, extremely narrow, and self-limiting. And "Wow" signal never repeated since 1977.
But there is no doubt the scope has been widen discretely to establish contact, from a long time now. Human curiosity is far stronger than prejudice about a very doubtful supremacy and uniqueness in cosmos.
The "lonely Earth myth" has been abandoned anyhow, which is more clever.
It would be interesting then to know what astrophysists have been able to interprete from the Jupiter non natural signals in the range of 1609 Mhz, especially it was known as repeated everyday during 10 hours (so far more than 72 seconds) with a metallic sound working like a heart beat. To us it's easier to understand than the so-called "Kali Code" for dense stellar systems used in Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA).
As the 1977 signal was taken for an unexpected capture of a conversation between ETs, would the repeated Jupiter daily emission at the same hours be considered as a kind of "trans-cosmic" program then, if not a powerfully influential one ?
To be more precise, is it true that this Short Wave (SW) band of 1609 Mhz can affect human beings physically, as provoking a molecular skeleton regeneration and repair, especially when used in a certain supraconducting way ?
We must never forget Jupiter is 149 times bigger than Earth to understand and appreciate its enormous influence on Earth. So another "Wow" of enthusiasm might be privy to a very limited circle of people.

When astrophysists and radio-astronomers accept to concentrate on radio-frequencies different from the Hydrogen's one, they suddenly discover a lot of interesting things.
Of course, it automatically leads them to doubt and deny human uniqueness in Universe.
But what is the most important is the truth, and not to maintain a "suprematist" human prejudice of weak trembling predator.

Just imagine the huge number of signals existing everyday around us, when you stop concentrating on the range of 1420 Mhz for researching just a new very short "Wow".
The comparison we made with Jupiter, which started to be symbolic for human beings even before the Greeks is a striking example. And yet, it has got an obvious connection with Sagittarius constellation as its master-planet. De facto, in Sumerian time, Enki (Prince Ea, or Aquarius) was not considering planets as isolated celestial bodies, but as actual interlinked "living cosmic bodies" : the opposite simultaneous and interactive movements of "Lahamu" (Venus) and "Ki" (Earth, its sister planet), for instance.

In Sumerian Genesis ("Enuma Elish"), before mankind was created, there was the great disorder of cosmos created by a galactical war ; and this lead to the universe we still know presently, where certain planets have acquired a tremendous importance.
Without the gravitional "push"of Venus (so important in 2012 with its unusually accelerating "S whirlpool", provoking huge tornadoes on Earth as side effects), Galileo probe would have never been able to reach Jupiter in 1995. And who can say if the ceasing of Jupiter's daily emission on 1609 Mhz canal in 2012, coming with a structural subsidence, wouldn't mean the end of something very precious for human beings, their health and their potentially enriched life ?!

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