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Living in a virtually exotic country : welcome to "hologramic" France in 2014 !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

France, or should we say "The Republic" like professionnal politicians who consider there is only one in the whole world, is seen more and more as an "exotic" country abroad. It just recently became "the country of scooter", before Italy.
A lot of foreigners intend to think a bit quickly that, what is not possible in their own land is permitted here. And consequently many visitors are coming for fun !
They want to see the funny land and get in touch with its eccentric autochtons, as Alice was visiting the Wonderland and meeting the rabbit of March.
Of course, they think mainly about Paris first for that purpose.
All their insurances in pocket, they can play a new kind of virtual life by not taking too much risks. They want also to discover French rhetorics, and to have the delicious pleasure to be always right even if they are wrong !
On the opposite, the French people who gets terribly nervous about everyday life is seeing it more like a crazy land : a majority of fellows now wish they could leave it.
But let's keep the foreign appreciation of exotism, it is more agreable at our ears for the time being.

France is worried now of a potential crisis of emerging countries which could affect the world economics - seriously ! It is said that foreign investors are withdrawing their assets from those countries.
Of course, it is just a feeling, a mind construction where commentators are making a strange mixture between the real members of BRICS (Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and "The Five Fragile" of Morgan Stanley's recent theory. Strangely when they translate BRICS, instead of China and Russia along with Brasil notably, you find them replaced by Indonesia, Turkey and Argentine. Beside the entertained confusion, nobody seems to have realized there are neither T nor A in the acronym BRICS !
In reality, last year the foreign investments effectively decreased dramatically of 77%, but it was in...France according to the last data released by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) on January 28th, 2014 ! Astonishingly enough, there was an average increase of 11% worldwide by the same time.
But who cares, when our economy is just seen as virtually as an hologram ?

And the three main investors worlwide are the USA, narrowly followed by China, and Russia as number 3.
About America, France will have difficulty in catching its economic recovery, and thus to participate the world economic growth. Above that, a part of the 4 200 US companies established in France are following the process of leaving our country for good.
Concerning China, France is becoming more flexible to attract its investments : the recent example of PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) welcoming an important participation of the Chinese company Dong Feng,  is showing it. But it is not yet totally finalized.
As for Russia, the saving of the Arcelor-Mittal factory of Florange (Lorraine) by Silverstal, in connection with a Belgian Group (CMI) was rejected in 2012.  Even the Russian iron company Silverstal would have had minority interests, it scared our country, which doesn't see Russia as a teddy-bear but as a big wild bear. That could be the reason why, to change the industrial sector, our Rafales are going to be modernized for a cost of $ 2 billion, in order to catch up the astonishing capacities of MIG technology. But it will be difficult to imitate those "armed ballerinas of the sky", if our engineers are not amators of ballets like Mikoyan and Gurevich were !

France is becoming more and more a crazy country. It is certainly what are feeling a growing number of people, either French themselves who feel pity and despair out of it, or a part of Foreigners who once admired the old fashioned Great Nation : they are not very keen on its new changes which are shocking them, especially the Russians and the Slav world.
Nobody understands anything anymore in the way we citizens are following as people made blind, whatever we can be men or women ; but say you ask the way to our leaders, men or women also, it would still be more unclear. That's the first data about what remains of the two squeezed genders, and the associated ideology that we can call "De-Gendrification" (confusion of genders, leading ultimately to a new and strict separation of genders in case of a religious revolution in 2015), to make a parallel with the movement of "Gentrification" observable in Paris.

Since 2013, a female baby is not anymore called "Mademoiselle" (Miss), ending up abruptly a millenary history. When just born, this very little girl is actually called as if she was already thirty, which means "Madame" (Madam) !
It can be very annoying for her, as many young women think their youth and their beauty are already leaving them around that precise age. It's like she is old at once, without having any free choice about it. Moreover, we men have absolutely no say in this autocratic and absurd process, because of the weird ideolology of "De-Gendrification" on march which instruments everything !
And we will have to wait for her to have attained the age of reason, to know if she really appreciated such a treatment, getting along with a brainwashing concerning our History.
Another unsaid point about "De-Gendrification" is that behind the easy pretext of equality, human beings whatever their sex, seem just considered as "biological computers" like in the picture of 1999, "Matrix". And this could explain why it is considered they can choose their sexual orientation like in a computer-game, their whole coming life being seen just as an hologram created by the super-computer controlling them.

But in reality, girls never needed the state to know they can play war like boys, while the boys would play with dolls. Funnily, nobody suggested that after war games between themselves, girls should offer nice flowers to boys, beginning then blushing !
Again, the question of dancing for boys like for girls is a non sense, as male dancers never asked the authorization to an authoritarian Big Brother to exist in the past. And about boxing or being wrestlers, nothing is forbidding girls to have a broken nose, blues or an eye in the black butter as a way of make-up if it's their deep wish, or their oriented choice. It's not terribly elegant, but the cause of extreme equality probably implies sacrifices to the denial of beauty. Even real Amazons of the past (along the Black Sea, along the Don River also, or in Ukraine) didn't go as far as that, but fake ones will probably do !
If France wants to survive the decade, it should really tackle with its economic and social problems now, instead of spreading chaos in people or children's mind.
It would be really wiser, not to finish as a simple hologram itself  !

Virtuality may sign the death of France as a once great and rich country in the world.
France, if it's still time, has to rebecome balanced and reasonable about its planned rules or orientations, or else it will collapse over suddenly almost without realizing it, and disappear dramatically from the beginning of the XXIst century.
As a test, open your eyes in the streets of Paris for instance, and just observe the amazing number of businesses which have closed down or are going to do so, to guess the almost written destiny of French GDP : bzerk !
But one thing is sure, the duty of our political leaders and the reason why they have been elected is to avoid the collapse of the country (not the opposite), and to truly solve the major problems of France, which are economic and social. They are benefitting from our sovereignty only for that purpose !
Just in case, it could be the time to make a prayer to Maria-Magdalena, Jesus' wife according to Saint John (Gospel, III-29 and XI-1-2) !

While France is walking on the head, it appears more and more worlwide as an exotic country.
And from outside, it is certainly often funny or weird.
The only good point about it, is that it may attract more tourists. So, France will be able to regain its n°1 rank as a touristic destination.

Instead of being considered as the country of human rights, which was already a mythological exaggeration, the country may have a second life as a great circus country and a paradise for clowns - not all sad -, or augusts.

Strangely in a way, France seems to remain "the navel of the world" (the way it is seeing itself), including for Foreigners who open more than ever wide eyes in astonishment.
In Shanghaï now, girls are dreaming of aesthetical operations to give their nose the shape of Eiffel Tower to attract success in their life !

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