dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Just science-fiction VII : the intertwinning of Earth and Mars !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This new article of anticipation has obviously to be connected to the previous ones, as "Just science-fiction" is our mascot series. Here we are plunging still more deeply into fantastic realism.

The  first mission "officially" inhabited to be launched by NASA onto Mars is planned for 2030.
We say officially because of the previous ones, which didn't happen officiously in 1962 and 1972, according to what should be known.
So Earthling beings never landed normally on the Red Planet, and no colony was established in the past from 1962. The intertwinning of Earth and Mars was just staying an original idea.
Again, the atmosphere of Mars is not at all liveable for human beings and no crops, and of course no town are existing presently on it. And obviously it is a "true" reality, even you start to scratch the thin orange film delicately stuck on the original pictures of Mars. If you can see finally life, both rural and urban like on Earth, it has to be a stupid error of parallax, of course ! Don't be silly, only the existence of water is now recognized !

In 1957, during the conference of Huntsville (Alabama, USA), three alternatives were defined for Earth future. With the first, nuclear devices had to be blasted in the stratosphere to create holes in order to evacuate heat and increasing pollution, while the second implied the building of a vast network of cities underground to conjure the world demographic explosion and rising pollution as well. The departure of Earth elite for Mars, with an impressive system for the selection of the persons to be saved, was called "Alternative 3" : it meant abandoning the old and quickly decaying planet Earth. And funnily, it never envisioned that people living on Mars were thinking to do exactly the opposite !
That's precisely what we are suggesting with the intertwinning of Earth and Mars.
So the year the Climate Change topic was launched worldwide (1957), getting along with a new promising science, Ecology, a crossed strategy started humorously. And some people of Earth might have already been unexpectedly surprised.

Coming back to the next mission to Mars, it is allowed to wander if there couldn't be a quicker way to go to Mars, than the future vessel "Orion" of "Mars-2030" : nine months to go if the astronauts are lucky enough due to the use of a Moon "push", and between two years and two years and half if they are still more lucky to come back.
As a matter of fact, the other way which is based upon the use of a kind of very secret mantra, may look too magical : just repeating a certain number of times "Oc Aurem Octe..." may seem effectively strange !
About that, you probably didn't notice we didn't write the full sentence. The reason is, we don't really know if it is so inefficient, or if at the opposite one can be actually teleported on Mars by accident without being prepared. As it could be a shocking experience, it's better to be careful, just in case... !

To conclude, another point to take into consideration very soon - in fact now -, with the recent events happening in the Galaxy, is the departure of the Greys from their Martian basis (among others) to Earth, to shelter from Procyon - Orion once again.

With more Greys settling on Earth very quickly, it is obvious that the intertwinning of Earth and Mars could be entering a very new phase. And the results of Cop 21 which has to be held near Paris, very soon also (November 30th - December 11th, 2015), might be of a great help.

Anyhow, the recent issue of Procyon (Orion) having an alliance with the USA, which got the green light about Mars, is certainly interesting. About it, it is quite amusing to realize the future Earthling rocket to reach and colonize "officially" Mars this time, is justly called "Orion" !

A message from Mars would take 12 minutes and half to reach Earth, and the same for an answer : so a simple exchange would need 25 minutes to a minimum and ...patience also. Only the above mantra "Oc Aurem Octe..." could be faster, and ....totally reversible as well with the right bracelet. Good heavens, one thing is sure : the future might not be boring at all for a fancy-free person !

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