mardi 5 janvier 2016

Buddha didn't say everything : what's up with the "Paradise of lapis-lazuli" ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

The real object of Buddha (the Indian Prince Shakyamuni) has never been reincarnation, and its often illogical laws. Himself lost disciples several times when asked if he believed in reincarnation : he took every time a long moment to answer that...he didn't know !
And this is very famous in the Chan school of buddhism of China (which became Zen buddhism in Japan).
In his time (VIth century BC), his aim was to reach the step of Samadhi (Awakening). By becoming a buddha, so an awakened being, he was reaching Nirvana.
This is known through his cousin Ananda, who was able to recite all what he said under the form of sutras. But Ananda couldn't really say what was the next step.

The state of Budha has got something to see with the "Paradise of Lapis-Lazuli".
This paradise is also called "the Western Paradise", and is rooted in a very old Asian belief - an antediluvian one.
For Antic Chinese people, this belief was directly connected to the Sky. And their emperors as sons of the Sky knew obviously about this secret.
In fact, the "Western Paradise" is populated of millions of buddhas, living happily overthere after their earthling death.
Anyhow, Shakyamuni as Buddha himself wanted more than just finding a way to escape the fateful human sufferings, usually explained with an unverifiable reincarnation.

Buddha never really described fully the radiant country of lapis-lazuli, called the "Western Paradise".
He just said you have to recite a word (a name) starting with "Am..." to go to this marvelous place. Amithaba is often quoted to help this awakening through the use of your sixth sense, if you have got one. But there is a more ancient one starting the same way which is extremely powerful if you have got seven senses. Another easier way is to take the hand of someone owning seven senses, and letting him/her leading you overthere, of course. But you have to find him/her then !
What is known about this fairy place is that it is full of very special trees, "gem-trees" !
It is the land your wildest dreams can become true almost instantly.
The existence of this curious idyllic land with marvelous beings and creatures was narrated before, in the antediluvian time.

It has to be known that the "Paradise of lapis-lazuli" is definitely forbidden to people who are full of pettiness and delighted with banter or tricky malevolence. To be saved spiritually, you need to be "saveable" !
Be careful, because the real length of a human life is just equivalent of a few minutes in a godly unit of time, even it seems long or sometimes very long on Earth !
Jesus knew that also, when he attracted the attention of people on divine redemption in the realm of the Sky, which wasn't really the one Saint Paul revised after his crucifixion, his resurrection and his ascension, by modifying his words.

To enter the "Western Paradise" is both easy for sincere and goodhearted people, and impossible to others who are untrue with very hypocritical attitudes or manipulative and too dogmatic morals.
It is a place where eternal youth is granted. Beauty,  love and fulfilment are reigning harmoniously in this place.
Haven't you noticed at the opposite around you the number of people who are aging very quickly, sometimes far too quickly for their age ? Having a few white hair and wrinkles when you are 19 is not very normal, for instance. A too dry skin also is not either a very good sign, even you are a bit older.

Beside the need of an aesthetician, cleaning their dust, and reciting holy chants calling for the divine help of "Nam" or "Nammu", some people have deep down to change their mind and their heart. A lot of them never noticed even, that "Nammu" is a Goddess name and not an interjection.
Whatever they might be reincarnated in an animal in fact and not automatically in a human being through the soul transmigration theory, the "Paradise of lapis-lazuli" is far to be easily opened.
If you can reach it, it means on the contrary this puzzling question of reincarnation is henceforth irrelevant !

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