mardi 2 février 2016

Space news X : a new Solar system for 2016, and yet a very old Universe !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

The (re)-discovery of an unknown planet in the Solar System, and not at all outside, is amazing.
So, because of modern astronomers (who are definitely not astrologers), we have been living for a great period of time in a totally erroneous Solar System. And nobody took notice at that !
This so-called "Ninth planet", which is said to be enormous, is yet still remaining invisible for the poor sight of human beings. Some people think obviously about the old Sumerian planet called "Nibiru", as it seems the astronomers of that time had amazingly the capability to see it ! Modern technology has really to catch up with the very old one of Sumer !

If we had to wait in reality for 7 900 years to recognize the existence of such a celestial body, imagine the time it will take for human beings to recognize other truths of nature !
But to be fair, it is true the super-huge "Ninth planet" was hidden by the very tiny Pluto, not even anymore considered as a real planet since 2006. Yet, Pluto would be 5000 times smaller than the "Ninth planet" !
It could be time to create a new price, the "Sumerian price for knowledge" of 3 million Euros, beside Nobel prices, don't you think ?

Anyhow, the works of Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin from Caltech in California (USA) deserve a big interest. As a matter of fact, it is extremely difficult on Earth to go against preconceived ideas ...especially when they were not received by consciousness !
The false supremacy of the modern and haughty knowledge on the ancient one, is certainly the main obstacle.
Just imagine that this unknown planet IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, has got four times the size of the enormous Jupiter !
In the past, we underlined already the weaknesses of human optical instruments for Space. Their software must absolutely be adjusted on Perception, and not on orange filters and un-Perception !

Since Neptun, discovered in 1846 by Urbain-Jean Le Verrier, and Pluto found in 1930 by Percival Lowell - which  is considered as a dwarf planet since its funny and disputable declassification of 2006, it is the biggest (re)-discovery made by human beings about Space.
Our over-competitive and boasting epoch, doesn't appear very competitive for fundamental and basic knowledge !

The "Ninth planet", a bit annoying for "professors of blindness", has been discovered because of mathematical calculations : it is the only way to explain the apparently erratic movements of six transneptunian objects in the far Space. Yet, those not so erratic moves seem astonishingly synchronized, with a similar inclination of 30° when compared to the eight other planets (the Moon and Pluto not being counted as planets).

But to be precise, in the nineteenth century already, the French astronomer who discovered Neptun, Le Verrier (1811 - 1877), was wandering about the existence of such a planet still further from the Sun.
According to Brown and Batygin, it would take the "Ninth Planet" between 10 000 and 20 000 years to make its full revolution around the Sun !

Astrologically, as Astrology was including Astronomy for Sumerians, the "Ninth Planet" would conjugate the deeply disruptive effects of Pluto, and the extremely powerful influence of a "super-Jupiter", by restoring what once existed over suddenly even it seems impossible. It should be the time when human beings wouldn't be anymore rewarded because they have only four senses and not even five, once they accepted to be lowered by transhumanism !

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