mercredi 25 juillet 2012

Space news VI : from Confusion to weird and unexpected outcomes !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The number of senses we have got as human beings depend a lot on geography strangely.
If we are living in Western countries, we are admitted to have only five. But if we are staying in Orient, in India for instance or in Chinese Tibet, we officially have six.
It is a bit the same process with dimensions of our universe : it depends also !
In the USA, at the difference of France for example, Earth hasn't got three, but at least four, including time, and may be twelve (Michio Kaku's theory). And it's important to know that time computation has been set by Sumerians with the system of "Gesh" : Gesh means sixty in Sumerian language, and its representation is a great reversed cone, or the shape of a canine to be more precise historically.  It was fixed this way to recall the ancient God Nyarlathotep, the awful and unfaced one, who was said to be prisoner for millenii somewhere in Damas area (Syria), according to an ancient legend.
The figure 60 (Gesh) designates the number of seconds in one minute : so it cannot be 61, like what happened as an heresy for the Watchers of Time on last june 30th at midnight !

Gesh has something to do with the alignment of Earth with the Sagittarius Constellation (the center of our Galaxy). And trying to conjure this way December 21st 2012 to come very soon,  by cheating superstitiously the Earth Sumerian time by one second, is quite candid. This entertained confusion doesn't work : the same forecasted alignment will occur anyway nilling willing.
As a matter of fact, the strange Sumerian system which became the world one, is both sexagesimal and decimal : it's ours since 5500 years, if not 7900 years at least !
It is not based upon a dogmatic convention, because it's directly connected with the stars and the galaxy. So trying to be disconnected from what is happening into our galaxy is both superstitious effectively and useless.
There lies the human attitude, always so vain in front of the large universe, almost totally misunderstood.
The German-American Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), who wrote the famous Theory of Relativity , in which time, space, and matter have got a tremendous importance (E = MC²), was more humble. He even declared he realized that he was usually wrong 99 times upon 100 in his conclusions.

The origin of writing in Sumer again, was directly connected to mathematics, and singularly the necessities of trade and accountancy. This was the very first point of the Sumerian clay tablets historically, and nothing else. As a matter of fact, it appeared quickly necessary to dissociate clearly debit and credit in two facing columns, so it was easy to check the extinction of a debt.
Later the famous Code of Hammourabi (IInd millenium BC), was punishing accountants of merchants who were frauding with it, or cheating with the amount of a new one. And they were not only cut the right hand in public.
The black stela recalling Hammourabi's code, discovered in Irak in 1902, is presently in the Louvre Museum (Paris, France).
And we know because of archeology, that "Gaulois" - Celts in Gaule, before it was named France after the Franks - , were using the same system : ceramics - kilning accounts of potters - with such inscriptions have effectively been found in La Graufesenque, near Lodève (Hérault).
So our present world became awfully backward, and full of confusers, when you just compare with Antiquity. It's not astonishing then, everything is falling down catastrophically, and that confusers are totally and miserably lost  by mathematic reflection in the Confusion they created !

A very famous character disliked a lot deliberate confusers : Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC). After "seven months" of trickery and desinformation coming from Tyr (Lebanon), saying he was losing, he was finally able to enter suddenly the besieged town with his army (332 BC). With the unexpected help of "silvered shields from the sky" according to Arrian, which irradiated blue beams on its deep walls, those ones fell down at once. Alexander personally believed he was heard by his "father" Zeus (Jupiter), Master of Thunder and Flashes, who supported his efforts !

Blind people in the figurative meaning, to overcompensate the loss of sight, may smell more than ever, and a strange scent might enter their nostrils around December 21st 2012 - or December 23rd as an alternative date, if following some recalculations : raspberry and rhum, the identified odour of the Sagittarius Constellation after astrophysists (formaldehyde in fact). With a touch of Gamma rays, it would be another "WOW" signal coming from the same place in the universe, since August 15th 1977 (Maria the Virgin'day) !

At his time Saint John (Ist century AD), famous for his "Revelation" writings - "Apocalypsos" in Greek - didn't east much raspberries, and it is certain he couldn't drink rhum which didn't exist yet. But, he also wrote about a special odour at a forecasted fateful period of time, the one of "Absinth" (8 : 10-11) : it reminds more the smell of anise, nevertheless he identified clearly reddish colour.
At the first glance, it may look a bit different, but we will discover the answer very soon. And it could be the GREAT NOTHING, which has a double meaning !

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