jeudi 12 juillet 2012

Green sky over the world VI : the unfamiliar interactions from Africa and elsewhere !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Nobody knows exactly why, but the arid areas of South East Sahel and Ethiopia with the depression of Afar, have got a terrific importance for Earth future. This is true for climate upheavals : Katrina or Xynthia for instance, like most hurricanes affecting the North Atlantic area, started as quite ordinary thunderstorms above this region of the world, before their equatorial propagation to West Africa, depression growth, and finally their whirling move to the North Atlantic Area. But it is equalilly true for scaring geological matters.
As a matter of fact, since september 14th 2005, a great and long fault (or rift) has opened in the ground...and underground of Ethiopia, starting to split in two at least Africa from a place called Boina. This happened immediately after a seven days extra-powerful sunspot.
Scientists who don't ignore the phenomenon say it will take a long time yet to be cut in two fully. This could be true without the Sun impact onto Earth, but we don't master at all sudden sunspots : they can be so harmful for our planet, its geology, climate and communications, but also more directly for human life sake, that several categories are now existing to distinguish them. And the catastrophe of 2005 may occur again soon and accelerate this impressive splitting.

Above that, the African continent is presently very active by litterally pushing Europe from below on the Earth mantle : the mecanism is called "subduction". And it is a very important element of Wegener's theory of continental drift (refused in 1912, but admitted fifty years later because of the stubborness of facts).
We wouldn't say people should be careful at any ground faults, when they go to take train every morning for instance, including in Paris area. But there is a but. It is not so obvious to make the difference between soil "scars" and "cracks" caused by an heavy and nearby traffic, and a real telluric movement coming from the Earth mantle's shift caused by subduction.
Areas which are not really classified as sismic can now have certain bad suprises, like what happened a few weeks ago in the North of Italy.
And the problem is that below 4.9 on the scale of Richter, quakes are not commonly felt by human beings. So there is no warning.

In France, as usually such potential risks are considered to be concentrated on Nice area or in Alsace, and a little bit in the Massif Central mainly, people intend to ignore totally quake possibilities elsewhere. Paris area which underground is wide and porous, is normally excluded from this type of risk. Anyhow at large, earthquakes possibilies are not taken really as serious possibilities.
Earth was considered as a living creature by the Greeks, who called it "Gaïa". And in modern times, we have forgotten that, or if we know it, this rather makes us smiling.
The plate tectonics and the human constructions are rarely compatible. But it doesn't mean buildings behind stations for instance, would automatically be the first to collapse, just in case.

At the moment, the only strange thing this july for France and Paris area especially, is the temperature, which is around 5°C (or even some days 6°C) below the normal ones for the season. Normally atmospheric Depressions (centers of low pressure, with cold air) rather come from Greenland than from the Gulf of Finland.
And the Anticyclone of Azores (center of high pressure, with hot air) balances the weather usually, but it seems to be on holidays.
With a "g-spot" (g stands for gravity) based in La Baume-Cornillane (Drôme) near Valence, France is at the frontline for the European subduction provoked geologically by Africa. We don't know if it is totally certain this small nice village is the very point of junction of ancient "Pangea" (the "supercontinent" of Alfred Wegener - 1880-1930), but in that case any change in the continental drift wouldn't be neutral.

The universe is more and more clearly appearing to work with complete interactions. What affects the Sun has also consequences on the galaxy and hence Earth. And the process seems to be accelerating now on.

What to say about the refreezing of at least certain parts of Earth, which looks contradictive with the dogma of Global Warming ? The real answer is that nobody presently knows what is happening with Earth, beyond scientific paradoxical hypothesis !

So 2012 is more and more mysterious for all its living creatures, on the half-way leading still to the end of the year. It's sometimes so calm for an exceptional year !

Meanwhile, from last february the new tiny Moon of Earth, the asteroid "2012 DA 14" is circumnavigating around the blue planet. And it has to cross anew its trajectory by february 15th, 2013 normally, except not taken into account galactic factor !

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