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"A few at their rank will find they want to be" : message from an immediate future !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This article is an English translation of our French article published one year ago, on August 13th 2011 :
" 'Peu trouveront qu'à son rang veuille estre' : message d'un futur immédiat ! "
It is more valid than ever as an adaptation.

" 'Before long time everything will be ranged,
We hope a century really awkward.
The state of masks and the lonely ones well changed,
 Few will find at their rank they want to be !'
 This fateful quatrain of Nostradamus (1503 - 1566), seems to connect logically to the previous one quoting : 'For him, without faith and lawless people will die" (II, 9).
In any case, it is applying perfectly to the irresistible "reset" of this deeply perturbating and uncertain beginning of XXIst century.
It is rather clear to understand :  
"Before a long time everything will be arranged : we must expect an awkward century. The positions of the masked ones (members of secret societies, brotherhoods, etc.), and those of the apparently isolated ones at the opposite, will change swiftly and imperceptibly, just by swinging the mask. And a few personalities will want to stay at their rank - understated, to assume high responsabilities, too much overwhelming and stifling.
On this point, Nostradamus doesn't aim at the outside and frequently exaggerated opinion we have about those personalities, but on the contrary the inner way they will suddenly feel themselves the inanity and impotence of their impossible fiddle.

The states have from too long abdicated their power in front of Neo-Liberalism. What this current wishes fundamentaly is no less than the Nation-State stretching, to make it ridiculous if possible. The "free forces of the Market" (which are worth 600 trillion dollars, so around 24 times the conjugated GDPs of the USA, China and Japan), essentially consider the law of the strongest one, like the states they ape by mimicry : some are even specialists of the double language by dissimulating themselves - skillfully or not -, behind the "iron mask" of fundamental rights.
Except in that case, it's not only about individuals the State would usually declares itself impotent to protect with white lies (which end to come true by repetition). States have become themselves economically so easy and fragile targets. Often dismissive when they should protect public economic order, those unhappy entities are going to rack and ruin : by dint of having a vanishing action often nilly, those "outside forces" which are not blind find them totally useless now on and make fun of them. And it seems, they decided to darken their bad will, by playing a mocking "yoyo" : a small surge of fright here, and a small surge of terrified fear there, according to the stock-exchange volatility !
Besides, States consider themselves as suddenly embedded and caught in their own trap and failure, because of the frightening Debt crisis. As a matter of fact, they have become always consenting puppets, without opposing this perverse game.
All their efforts are leading them to please their new capricious and invisible masters, even if they are sacrificing blindly the real interests of the people. And yet they have never been elected for that, what causes a mistrust and a faintness growing and perceptible.
Only America seems to get one's back up against the unfairness of a double A attributed on last August 5th by the "assessing-notating" firm Standart and Poor's, instead of the usual AAA : a gross mistake of 2 trillion dollars amongst other problems, would have curiously melted in the projections of the analysts-accountants, provoking an immediate inquiry from SEC (Security and Exchange Commission). If it was proved erroneous, it would be right the USA to be reattributed quickly their triple A. That would be a first great victory on the Debt, before the great clearing.
But the USA are really an astonishing country, since the billionaire businessman Warren Buffett (born in 1930), and an important number of very rich people are asking to pay more tax to save their nation and the American dream.

It will come to France, even if it will be more timid by comparison with America. It is true that in this world where nobody understands anything anymore, it's not abnormal that certain politicians themselves look so lost. But in that case, they shouldn't continue persuading people of the opposite. They play tiredly on big words, ensuring they master everything when nothing is under control. Anyway, everybody realize it, as facts are coming quickly to deny their wrong speeches : we are now on in "Dreamland", like the one Aborigenes are talking about.
The "Coué" method doesn't work in economics, where facts are stubborn.
Even our humorists who are mocking at our politicians, are not anymore able to make us laugh :
they often seem too serious by comparison with their models.
In France, the famous "Henri the Second" to be (with the meaning of "saviour" or "helpful"), dear to Nostradamus may exist as a "tumult apeaser", but nobody knows who he could be exactly. And if he doesn't exist, or takes his time by distrust towards the human ingratitude, people then have to be patient and show abnegation by the meantime.
The World Bank just recently estimated the financial crisis of 2011 is of a completely different type from the one of 2008. And its analysis appears quite correct to us. Nothing known before is really applying to what's happening.
We are not entering a contra-cyclic era, but an "a-cyclic" one, out of time in a way. Everything looks so absurd and at the same time so actual.
One wanted to get free at all costs of the classic logic who has been successful in doing so.
We are living in the time of the marriage of carp and rabbit, the one of upside-down, and cock-and-bull. Cartesianism is dying, and the world it was supporting is disappearing very fastly in front of our amazed eyes. In this new opening world, only would count one-liners with their weight and magic. And except the image, the rest - it means tangible reality-, would be without importance apparently. Even !

Our universe is more and more the one of the Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711 - 1776), with the disappearing of causality, seen as a simple probability amongst others. It was inaugurated by the now defeated rationalists, lost in their downfall.
His "Enquiries concerning human understanding", published in 1748, are taking back all their valorous vigour.

Only the most resourceful and creative persons by now, will make their room in this new era, a bit like the rabbit or the hatter of "Alice in Wonderland" (1865). His British author, Lewis Caroll (1832-1898), was in reality a mathematician, and not only a storyteller. He would have adored our new epoch : its absence of coherence would have delighted him !

By willing to play stupid games, the protagonists of this change have created something which is escaping them completely : hence, their own life is really risking to go on absurdly like for anybody else. Their wish of uncontrolled and uncontrollable aberrations could be widely and suddenly fulfilled nilly-willy, by leaving them seriously lost and embarrassed. And the column the most appreciated of magazines or newspapers would be untitled "higgledy-piggledy", or better "the hare of March heading" !

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