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The unexplainable December 21st 2012 : from Aristotle's faults and limitations to Angels' blues !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Nobody knows what will happen from December 21st 2012 on Earth. So let's start from the beginning.
By introducing a flat way of thinking, Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) printed in human mind for more than 2300 years great limitations. He made our bicameral mind handicapped with the binary thinking, which totally excludes nuances. He also exaggerated about syllogisms, when you know it can lead easily to absurd conclusions.
Equalilly, the tiring opposition between religion and science is coming from him, as he didn't believe in Gods.
And very paradoxically, he can be seen both as the initiator of rigid dogmatism in theology, and at the same time the father of Atheism ! We musn't forget he was considered at his time as impious, and challenging towards the Gods with his "theory of four causes".
His way of thinking was certainly new and puzzling. But it also created a big mess in human mind for so long.

In that way, he alterated durably the human understanding of Nature (God expression), by deviating it from its natural interrogations and conclusions.
His persistent thought influenced a lot Christianity strangely, even he died far before Jesus-Christ was born. As a matter of fact, he inspired a lot the fathers of the Church who created a domineering religion. Jesus himself might have difficulty to recognize what he is thought to have said or sometimes wished, notwithstanding certain good points as an announced universal religion.
This is working a bit like a "springed devil".  It can be harmful if you are too much in it, because the spring can pierce one of your eyes, and damage or even kill you.
He made human beings almost totally blind for more than two millenii. And may be it's time to say : that's enough. It's like if his too often repeated words acted on brain as a tse tse fly, provoking dangerous tripanosomia, which confuses the mind before coma. He may have created a masquerade for the brain.

Aristotle as a man was rather intolerant, and he strongly believed in the superiority of the Greeks on other people (the "Barbarians" considered as backward). He totally and abruptly opposed his previous disciple, Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) far more broad minded than him in any point of view : Alexander absolutely refused to follow his harsh way of identifying conquered people to things or plants ; and he did exactly the opposite by promoting Persians or other people to high positions, by following his dream of fraternal and universal empire !
So that made Aristotle enraging : in fact, he was neither terribly generous nor kind as a man, but cool, narrow minded, and sometimes crual. He most probably ended in the Hades (Greek Infierno) !
As a matter of fact, he was considered by some as a criminal and regicide, just after the death of Alexander the Great, most probably poisoned. He could escape from being charged because of the protection of General Antipater, Regent of Macedonia, and his son Cassander - both of them conspirators of the same plot -, but died one year after.
So, it's a bit strange he is still so admired. Human beings in the West have really got a funny inclination towards bad people...if we follow the own principles of Aristotle, father of materialism !

So all together, because of his structural influence on human guided understanding, the scriptures have been partly misinterpreted and modified. And this was helped by human blindness. That's why nobody understands anything anymore.
The best example is about Angels the Greeks were calling "Daimons". The philosopher Socrates (470 - 399 BC) for instance had one inspiring him. But through time, after a big confusion to eradicate old Greek religion, the word "Daimon" was transformed in "Demon", becoming then a totally pejorative designation.
Above that, there is presently a too rigid distinction between Angels and Nephilim (the 200 fallen ones lead by Shemiaza, who just refused to bend down to Adam, a creature of clay). And nobody seems to have realized some of them have got a room in both camps at the same time. This originality cannot be fully understood, except by Angels themselves and obviously God - because all of them have always served his own will. Camael, for instance is not  considered at all as a fallen Archangel, while pertaining the Nephilim also. And he is not the only one in that case.
This kind of mysteries could be why the study of Angels is not encouraged by the Church, concentrating on only three (Michael, Gabriel and Raphael) ...or sometimes four (with Uriel or Phanuel alternatively).

Those points may seem quite abstract for a lot of people, but they have got their importance. In reality, December 21st 2012 could be first about Angels' common destiny, before the one of human beings. There is an alternative view of what might happen surprisingly and invisibly first, which is echoing the most clashing and controversial teaching of ancient Catharism. It has been kept secret by the mass destruction of the XIIIth century and the flames of Montségur (France, 1244) :  Lucifer (Shemiaza) who was once the lieutenant of God wouldn't be destroyed at all at the end, but forgiven by God.

For what reason, would this happen ? Well, it would be just because of the too frequently bad, hopeless and often useless behaviour of human beings coming from Adam and Eve : false, sticky, manipulative, malevolent, and stupid to each other ! The reality could be that Angels (all of them) have got blues about human beings and are fed up with this carry on, and so would be God : Shemiaza's initial disappointement would be understood then, opening to reconciliation and rejoining to the light.

Again the number of 144 000 elected ones often pointed out mainly by Protestants and other groups like the Witnesses of Jehovah or the Mormons, have in fact more to do with Angels (and Nephilim) than with human beings. As a matter of fact, 144 is the number connected to them in the Bible and not to man (number 666), at the exception of course of the Nephilim's descendants and those who sensed this unexpected reconciliation.

With Unity found back in the sky, the destiny of Earth and Earthians will automatically change.
A total recall would then occur after this reinitialisation, which consequences would certainly be huge even they are still totally unknown : chaos, crushing, light or blank, separately or all together ?
The other possibility is the GREAT NOTHING, with its double meaning !

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